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Best Android Apps For Eye Exam and Hearing Test


All sorts of health information is now a few taps away on your smartphone, from how many steps you take — to how well you sleep at night. But what if you could use your phone and a computer to test your vision and Hearing?

Eye Exam

Android only  ( Download Now )

Eye Exam won’t fix any serious eye defects you might have, but it will tell you whether a visit to your local opticians might be in order.

Open the app, then scroll down to see all the app’s available tests. Some tests – such as Dry Eye and Cataract – are questionnaires designed to help you self-diagnose a potential problem. Others – like Visual Acuity and Color Blindness – include actual tests you’d get at opticians

(see an example from the color-blind test in our screenshot above).

To get accurate results, hold your phone fully at arm’s length with the top of the phone level with your forehead.

Hearing Test

Android only Download Now
It’s not always easy to know whether our a hearing has deteriorated over the years, especially if the decline has been gradual. Free Android app Hearing Test lets you check just how good (or bad) a job your ears are doing.

The idea is to connect the earphones that came with your phone, because the app will detect the type of phone you have and modify the volume of its tone to
suit those specific earphones.

Connect your earphones, tap ‘New test’, then ‘Bundled headphones’ to start the test. Tap OK, then tap ‘I cannot hear’ or ‘I can hear’ depending on whether or not you can hear anything (see screenshot above). The aim is to reach a

The aim is to reach a point where tapping ‘I can hear’ makes the tone shift to one you can no longer hear. At this point, tap ‘I cannot hear’, then ‘Barely audible’ to test a different
frequency. Once you’ve done this for all seven frequencies, the test will switch to your other ear. When you’ve finished, you’ll see a chart that indicates any potential hearing defect.

If you can’t find your phone’s original headphones, you’ll need to enlist the help of someone with excellent hearing. Connect any headphones you have, then tap ‘Other headphones’ and have your friend follow the instructions to calibrate the app. Afterwards, take the test again using the new settings.

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Hope my article “Best Android Apps For Eye Exam and Hearing Test” helps you to test your Eye and Hear.


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