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9 Of The Best Animation Apps To Fulfill Your Creativity

Do you have the curiosity to know about the Best Animation Apps To Fulfill Your Creativity? 🤔 You can easily Find out now in this definitive list with our detailed review.

Without any further delay let’s find out. 👓

Ever wondered how those favorite cartoon networks you watch all the time were made?

Do you have sincere love for cartoons that you are overwhelmed by how those funny little creatures talk, walk, and behave generally? 🤔

Well, in those days, one will always wonder what magic was used in creating them and even make them talk. But in recent times, you must have discovered that the only trick there is animation.

Those cartoons we see on TV are called animations, and no magic was put into creating it, rather than technology. As the world advances, you must have realized that the smartphone isn’t just for calls, text messages, or chatting alone.

So many things can be done using your smartphone, and so many apps can be incorporated into your smartphone that you can use at any time.

Why use your computer for your animations when you can easily have the app on your phone and use it to create something beautiful anytime and anywhere? Somebody might be wondering why there is a need to have an animation app on the phone.

After all, it’s just for cartoons. But there are various reasons why you can have an animation app on your phone.

The animation app may not be fun for everyone, but you can surely start a lucrative career with it. Watching cartoons may be your hobby, or you love to watch and wish you could also make these cartoons someday on your own.

Well, the time has finally come because with these drawing animation apps at the tip of your finger, you can put your creativity into action. Animations can also be used for entertainment, advertisement, education, and advertisement. So when it comes to animation, there’s no limit to how far you can get using the app.

The app comes in handy at any time; hence, there are lots of them available for download on the net, which makes it challenging for animation lovers to know which is the best app they can download.

But this article is going to save you the stress of exploring various animation apps to get the best, read further, and discover the very best animation apps that you can use to fulfill your creativity.

Best Animation Apps – Our Top Pick 👌👌👌

1. Animation desk

When it comes to drawing, sketching, and animating, the animation desk app is one of the best apps that you can use.

It provides you with every necessary tool that you need to create something beautiful. The app offers an easy and friendly platform that makes you enjoy creating your animations.

Intro: Animation Desk Cloud Android - Animate Your World


  • It has a friendly user interface
  • It provides a realistic scene for your animation creation
  • Using the app, you can easily create and blend various animation scenes into one.
  • It comes with multiple painting tools that are sensitive to pressure — tools like a fountain pen, pencil, crayons, and three different types of brush and eraser.
  • You can give life to your work by using its color selection pallets that have over a hundred multiple color selections.
  • You can easily manage every stroke you apply to your drawings by adjusting your brush to a more comfortable size.
  • The app provides you with various backgrounds that you can use in animating your ideas
  • It has a thumbnail mode that you can easily use in managing your files.
  • The app also comes with four different sets of frame rates supported that you can choose from to make your animation smooth.
  • It comes with a frame manager that you can use in editing, copying, and deleting frames with ease.

One good thing about the animation desk is that you don’t need to be a professional animation maker or have long years of experience in animation making before you can use the app.

When the app was created, they had beginners in mind, so even if you just discovered your love for animation, you can go ahead and download the app as it will be beneficial for you.

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2. Toontastic 3D

Who says animation creation is meant for adults only? Even kids love cartoons and will like to create their idea of their favorite cartoon network. With the fantastic 3D, your kids can have fun creating their animations.

Best Animation Apps

The app is straightforward to use; all you need do is tap on the screen, move your characters around, tell your story, ad allow toontastic to record your voice and animation. Once you are done recording, it automatically saves as a 3D video on your device.

The toontastic app can be used to put your creativity into action playfully. You can create anything from a family album, video game designs, breaking news reports, and other ideas that you can imagine.



  • It comes with a giant box that contains lots of pirates, evil villains, transforming robots, and many more characters that allow children to take their imagination to a whole new level.
  • It comes with 3D tools that you can use in designing your favorite character
  • You can help yourself to your creative adventures with custom colored characters and photos
  • It comes with inbuilt songs that you can use in creating soundtracks that fit your animation
  • For digital storytelling, you can choose between classic, science reports, and short stories.
  • The videos you made can be exported to your gallery so you can share them with your family, friends, and loved ones and know what they think about your creation.

The toontastic app is said to allow kids to express themselves through their drawings. And using the app, they become their driver and direct themselves on which way to go when drawing or sketching.

Most parents love the app because of how it helps to develop the language skills of their kids and bring out the artistic abilities in them.

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3. Animate free!

With the animate free app, anybody can animate. You, too, can have a manikin that was made by you on the screen of your phone and be proud of it. It is also easy to use, especially for kids, just like the toontastic app. using your finger; you can touch and drag.

And with two fingers, you can have a standard zoom. If you are a student, a professional animator, game developer, or storyboard artist, then this is undoubtedly the right app for you.

Animate It - 3 characters!



  • The app comes with a creative, editing, and opening scene. With information about some characters and used land that is available for your use.
  • It comes with up to 32 clips and twenty files that you can use in creating and editing your animation clips.
  • Each animation clip you create can be played on the spot, or performed while editing it. Because for every clip, there is a set of number cycles and an amount that is added automatically in-between frames for complete smoothness and playback.
  • It comes with a character selection feature that you can use in selecting any character of your choice
  • It also comes with a skin selection for your characters.

The app is a lot of things in one. Your kids can use the app to learn so many things, and you can also use the app to master lots of skills and moves. Use the characters provided in the app and create an animation that will be unique.

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4. Looksee animator

The looksee animation uses time-lapse and slow-motion animation technology that allows you to transform any picture made from your phone into an animation video.

You can either use your rear or front camera, and it comes with lights, exposure, focus, effects, and color balance that you have complete control over.

Wooden guy working out

You will also be able to capture frames using a timer, motion detection, sound triggering, proximity sensor, or just simply clicking a button.


  • The looksee app comes with a remote that you can use in connecting the app to another device, and you can also use the remote to control it over Bluetooth.
  • It permits you to share your video once you’ve been able to capture your frames, preview, edit, and create your animation
  • The app allows you to convert a video into various scenes of still images. And you can also remake them into multiple videos with different effects.
  • The looksee app is free, but it has a pro version that you can upgrade to and enjoy some exclusive packages like the Looksee encoder.

Upgrading to a pro version and buying the looksee encoder is not a compulsory thing to do, because you can still create your animation without the encoder.

The app is easy to use and a fun app also. With its numerous features, you are sure to create great animations using your picture. You can also share your unique creation once you are done on any social media platform.

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5. Stickdraw animation maker

If you are a novice, when it comes to drawing, inevitably, you will also love this app. The only difference is that now the drawing isn’t done with your hands and a sketchpad.

Instead, it is done using the app on your phone. With stickdraw, you don’t have to be perfect in your drawing. You can draw a stick-like man and turn it into an animation video.


  • With stick draw, you can draw with your hands
  • It comes with multiple graphics, freeform, lines, rectangles, circles, and many more shapes for your use.
  • It comes with advanced copy and pastes options
  • It has multiple background pictures that you can insert your drawings into.
  • After drawing, you can convert it into a video or turn it into a GIF
  • It has a simple user interface.

Using stickdraw, you don’t have to be a professional; you can create good animation videos by producing men or squiggles. The app permits you to learn how to do things with the app easily.

The app is free but has some annoying ads that keep popping up every often, so if you want to get rid of those apps, you can upgrade to the pro version. You no longer need to draw on paper, use the app, and turn your ideas into creative pieces of art.

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6. Flipaclip: Cartoon animation

Have you ever thought of taking up animation as a profession, or you love to make your cartoons? Then the Flipaclip is perfect and the right animation app for you. Using the app, you can create clips of short comics that you can make frame by frame.

 Animation Apps

With this app, you don’t just design unique and exciting short cartoon clips, but you will also have fun while at it. The community of people using the flipaclip is growing every day.

And you can join the astronomical community in either sketching, storyboarding, animating, or even learning, whatever you decide to do, be assured that flipaclip app is your go-to app any time any day.

FlipaClip App - Draw. Animate. Share.



  • The Flipaclip comes with some practical drawing tools like brushes, lasso, fill, eraser, ruler, shapes, and you can also insert multiple texts on your drawing with various fonts, styles, and colors.
  • The supported stylus is sensitive free
  • It has a custom-sized canvas of up to 1920x1920i
  • The flipaclip supports the sonarpen and Samsung s pen.
  • It offers up to three layers of animation for free
  • It has a frame by frame animating feature that is easy to use, and it also comes with a timeline and some practical tools
  • It has the onion skin animating element
  • You can overlay grids to protect your animation
  • It comes with six free audio tracks that you can use in adding audio clips to your video
  • With the voice recording feature, you can add dialogue to your animation
  • If you don’t want to use the audio provided by the app, you can easily import your audio track, but for a price
  • You can import images to be included in your video, or you draw on top of the video
  • Your animations can be posted anywhere you want to post it.

Do you know you can participate in a cartoon contest? You don’t need to worry about being laughed at, with this app, you can seamlessly create beautiful and fantastic cartoon short clips, and people will be amazed.

With the many features and functions of this app, you can create great animations and become a professional in no time. The app is free, but if you need more than three layers, then you can purchase it.

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7. Stick fighter

Would you like to relive your childhood memories where you always fight with a fake weapon? When you watch cartoons like Voltron, power rangers, batman, etc.

you will start drawing your favorite cartoon character on a book, with a weapon in their hands, trying to mimic what you saw on TV.

9 Of The Best Animation Apps To Fulfill Your Creativity

This app has come to remind you of those good old days. Now you don’t need to sketch on a paper; instead, you outline using your smartphone through the app.


  • The stick fighter app enables you to create a frame-by-frame animation with only a simple touch on the screen.
  • It comes with many weapons like an axe, gun, sword, bow, and arrow, etc.
  • You can change the size and color of your object if you wish to.
  • Your animations can be edited and saved on your phone, so you can relax and watch your creation at any time.
  • You are free to share your animations with other people who have a stick fighter on their phones.

With the stick fighter app, you can easily create your cartoon fighter by giving your images a weapon from the app. It has a simple user interface, and on top of it, you will enjoy creating your cartoon, and it will look like the type you read on a flipbook.

Download on Google Play Store

8. PicsArt Animator – GIFs and videos

Animation Apps

The PicsArt animator has been named one of the best animation tools on the Google play store because it is simple to use, very entertaining, and provides you with maximum functionality.

With the app, you can make cartoon videos, animated GIFs, and some funny doodles with ease. You don’t have to be a professional or have any advanced skills before you can use the app.


  • It comes with animated stickers that you can use in adding customized movements to your creations
  • It permits you to draw a frame-by-frame animation
  • Use its animation timeline to go through the frames provided
  • You can duplicate, insert, and delete frames using the app
  • It comes with advanced drawing and sketching tools that you can use in drawing
  • If you want to do a complex animation, then you can use multiple layers.
  • You have the power to control the length and speed of your animation
  • You can share your animation as video or GIFs and share on any social media platform that you desire.
  • It comes with a ME feature that you can use in making your emojis
  • For your animations to have sounds, you can record the sounds or voice-over.

If you are looking for an animation app that is a little advanced, then PicsArt is the best for you. Not only is it sophisticated, but it is also simple to use and completely free with no ads and no hidden charges. You can also have fun drawing on your photo and animating your selfies using the app.

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9. Stop – Motion Movie Creator

The stop–motion movie creator makes it quite easy for you to make your stop-motion movies using Minecraft mini-figures, and bringing your favorite Steven and other creepers to life on your device.

Animation Apps

Once you can build your set and put your casts in order, the stop-motion movie creator will transform your device into an animation studio. And it will give you the power to record whatever you can imagine using one of its magical frames at a time.

Below are some of the features of the Stop–Motion Movie Creator app that earned it a spot in our list of Best Animation Apps for android.


  • The app provides you with a recording and editing feature, which you can use to record, edit, and also save your stop-motion videos frame by frame.
  • It has an original music track and sound effects from Minecraft that you can use in customizing your movie.
  • It comes with filmmaking tools like onion skin and an on-screen movement guide, which you can use in making the best movie that you possibly can.
  • Use visual filters to enhance your movies and add at the end of your video, you can add customize credit.
  • You can also create an original poster for your movie using the app
  • It includes a demo video recorded by the Mojang team that you can use as an inspiration for your stop-motion movie.

With the stop-motion movie app, you can bring your favorite Minecraft characters back to life. And the original Minecraft soundtrack that comes with the app will make your movie original. Don’t just make Minecraft movies, have fun while doing so.

The app is entirely free, and all the tools that come with it are also free. When you are done producing your movie, you can save it on your device.

Relax and watch your blockbuster animation movies later. You can also share it with your friends and let them tell you how great your film is.

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Animations have become an advanced technology that is being used in schools, business places, offices, and as a hobby. Some people have taken a career in animation, and it has become a lucrative business.

The app encourages its users to create simple to complex animations and cartoons using videos, audio, GIFs, frames, scripts, and timelines. With the various animation apps available for you to download, you can put your creative ideas into practice.

If you feel you have a passion for making animations but don’t know how to go about it, you need not worry because most of the animation apps listed above are perfect for beginners.

The apps come with a step-by-step guide on how to go about creating your cartoons and animations. They are simple to use. Download any of the above animation apps today, and become a pro in animation making.