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17 Of The Best App For Architects To Boost Your Productivity


Are You Looking For a Best App For Architects which will help you to manage the project better than before? 🤔

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Time is by far the most valuable asset a person has and most of them owe their success to the availability of this limited resource.

For architects, most of this resource is wasted on studying different digital design software. The most important responsibility of an architect is to design models that help the clients in visualizing the buildings they would love to live and work in.

Nevertheless, a lot of time is spent by them in an outdoor environment as they need to study various locations and determine the ways in which environmental issues create an impact on the constructed buildings.

They have to go on-site visits for meeting their valuable clients but most of the time is wasted in traffic, the printing of the sketches, interpreting them on the site, accounting for the expenses and writing the various field reports.

This indicates that they need to have access to all their work-related documents at any given time. Also, mobile technology has been undergoing advancement on a large scale in the last few years to fulfill this requirement.

Software related to the cloud permits the architects to have easy access to their documents irrespective of their location. Any design can easily be created within the office but accessed with the help of a tablet or smartphone to show them to the clients present on-site. Data can also be collected from a site and relayed back instantly to the office.

This helps the architectures to carry their toolkits right in their pockets. The most important need of the hour is to make the most of the advanced technologies by implementing modern apps in daily work by the architects.

Deploying the help of the most suitable app in boosting productivity by almost 200% and frees up adequate time which was earlier getting wasted.

Thus, a large number of apps have been tested for the benefit of the construction businesses and architects and their reviews have also been analyzed.

Making the most of these apps will help the architects in saving their precious time and gain a competitive edge giving them the opportunity to work in a smart way. Thus, some of the Best App For Architects useful for this industry have been discussed below.

Best App For Architects: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. BIMx

While deploying ARCHICAD, one must use the BIMx app from Graphisoft which permits the architects to share or present their designs to the contractors and clients.

The app helps in controlling the BIM projects providing a cloud interface to work on-site. It also assists in bridging the gap existing between the construction site and the design studio saving on the time which is usually spent on printing out the different plans.

It is compatible with Google Cardboard VR permitting an immersive and richer experience of designing on Android smartphones and iOS. The Bimx app ranked number 1 in our Best App For Architects list that you should download.

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2. A360

The AutoCAD Software has a cloud-assisted version known as AutoCAD 360. This provides access to the different features of the software used by people on mobile devices.

The measurements can be adjusted while working on the site and the drawings can also be annotated. Since the software is cloud-based, it allows the sharing of the work and documents with the other members of the team.

One can also subscribe by paying the Pro app fee and have access to the different editing features as well. On subscribing, the software gets timely updates against the fee. The A360 app ranked number 2 in our Best App For Architects list that you should download.

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3. Concepts

This app helps the architects in creating visualizations for their ideas in no time. It acts as a calculator for the architects as it utilizes span-to-depth ratios relevant to the industry for making its calculations.

These ratios are applicable to various materials like woods, steels, and concrete. The app is helpful in calculating the structural outcomes for any idea that pops up in the mind. The Concepts app ranked number 3 in our Best App For Architects list that you should download. 

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4. Architect’s Formulator 

Novice students and architects fund formulae to be problematic area but Architect’s Formulator comes to their rescue. It comprises of a number of formulae associated with structural analysis.

It hosts a number of formulae related to different architectural fields like carpentry, acoustics, and plumbing. On the whole, it comprises of more than 400 formulae.

Some of them can also be edited for the usage of non-standard units. The ones that are used once can easily be saved and they will pop up when the app is opened again. The Architect’s Formulator app ranked number 4 in our Best App For Architects list that you should download. 

Download Here

5. TSheets

The time that is dedicated to a particular project determines the amount of money the contractors and architects will earn from that project. It is important to track this time accurately ensuring that the hard work is well paid.

Best App For Architects

This app helps in tracking the time devoted to a particular job and thus easily sends and creates precise invoices. A detailed report on time helps in clear accounting of the invested time. The TSheets app ranked number 5 in our Best App For Architects list that you should download. 

6. Morpholio Trace

This app is available free of cost and assists the architects in creating solid sketches with the help of current designs. It also helps in importing multiple background images or templates within the app.

Best App For Architects

It provides a number of drawing tools and with the help of a mobile device, one can add new drawings to the existing ones. The sketches can also be distributed with the help of the app making it the most popular app within the market. The Morpholio Trace app ranked number 6 in our Best App For Architects list that you should download. 

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7. 3D Viewer

This app is much similar to that of iRhino 3D as it permits viewing of a model irrespective of the architect’s location. The major difference lies in its compatibility. It is capable of displaying different types of files when compared with iRhino 3D.

Apart from supporting 3DM models, it also supports various formats of AutoDesk files like 3Ds and DWF. It is not possible to edit any of the models belonging to the app.

Nevertheless, it is the best app for displaying the models to the respective clients when working on-site. The 3D Viewer app ranked number 7 in our Best App For Architects list that you should download. 

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8. MagicPlan

MagicPlan helps in creating rapid estimates for any project and is best suitable while working on floor plans as it helps in quick calculation of room measurements.

Thus, it helps in creating in-depth floor plans. The best part is that it does not require any drawing on part of the architect. One just needs to click a few pictures using the mobile camera and the rest is dealt with by the app.

It saves on time which was previously used up in taking the indoor estimations. Thus, with the help of this app one can design the entire floor plan in just no time which makes it keep in our Best App For Architects list.

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9. ArchiSnapper

It is an equally good app for the architects but is not much of use for the students because it focuses mainly on on-site activities. It assists in accumulating the site data and writing of project reports.

It saves a lot of data and creates reports without the help of any paper. The key advantage is that it saves all the reports on the cloud and makes use of the camera of the user’s mobile. This saves the architect from the burden of carrying much equipment to the site. The ArchiSnapper app ranked number 9 in our Best App For Architects list that you should download. 

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10. Autodesk Formit

Autodesk Formit just like many other apps assists in creating many on-site models. The data can be used for creating a 3D design for buildings while traveling.

It comprises of an entire library depicting various shapes. One can design easily and use a few gestures for changing the shapes as required.

Formit just like other apps also makes use of the cloud for saving the quickly thought of designs and also share them with concerned people. The designs can also be accessed while working from the back office.

Download Here

11. Sun Seeker

Sun Seeker is quite an interesting app as it helps in finding the best possible sunlight sources. It enters both the sunrise and sunset times and incorporates other data related to solstices.

It plays an important role in determining solar paths as per hourly intervals. It is quite useful in taking the design decisions associating with building lighting. The data can also be used for incorporating real lighting conditions within the modeling software. The Sun Seeker app ranked number 11 in our Best App For Architects list that you should download. 

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12. RoomScan Pro

The largest competitor of MagicPlan is RoomScan Pro. It helps the architects in creating in-depth floor plans in no time. The best feature of this app is that it does all this in the blink of an eye.

Best App For Architects

One just needs to tap their phone against every wall of the building while running the app. It will then generate the floor plan as per the accumulated data. The app is user-friendly and some of its features have also been updated recently. The RoomScan Pro app ranked number 11 in our Best App For Architects list that you should download. 

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13. Pixlr Express

It is a basic app similar to most of the tools used for photo editing usually pre-installed in most of the mobile devices. Nevertheless, the app has a lot more to offer than simple editing tools. It can use for adding masks and overlays to the photographs.

It also features a number of options for the addition of other styles to one’s photographs like a color splash and focal blur. 

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13. PadCAD

PadCAD, available in both iOS and android version, is usually used as the starting point for creating a simple design. It is quite helpful for a home extension, site surveys, and minor re-modeling.

Its user-interface is quite simple and helps in knocking together a CAD drawing right at the spot. The drawing can then be imported to professional software for adding additional touches.

Download Here

14. Buildings (iOS and Android)

Most of the students choose the field of architecture as they are passionate about it. Thus, this Building app is suitable for such enthusiasts.

It utilizes GPS technology for seeking interesting architectural examples near one’s position. It guides the architecture to the building and also has a huge collection of information acting as a useful tool for the students.

It also guides students to sites that have architectural significance without wasting time on unimportant information. Thus, this app is a good one for the one who is passionate about architecture.

15. SketchBook

Today, it is the most superior sketching app available in the field of architecture. Its user-face is user-friendly and quite easy to use. Thus, it is quite an easy app for the architects for making quick drawings without using a number of tools.

It also comprises of innumerable features. One can go through a number of sketching tools and also alter the size of their canvas as per the requirements. The app also has multi-touch support and one can easily save their sketches in an in-app gallery to be accessed at a later date.

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16. SketchUp Mobile Viewer

One such popular designing software commonly used by architects is SketchUp and an advanced version named SketchUp Mobile Viewer has also been launched by the company.

Best App For Architects

Its functioning is similar to that of iRhino 3D. One can easily view and access the SKP files irrespective of their location. The app connects the user to the SketchUp 3D Warehouse making it easier to download any number of models with just a click of the mouse. However, the app does not permit editing now.

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17. Isometric

The key feature of the Isometric app is its simplicity. It cannot be used for creating detailed models but is best known for its simplified set of tools that help in creating beautiful models.

One just needs to tap this app a number of times for placing the rhombuses and related shapes on the isometric grid. It facilitates quick designing in no time. Thus, it is best suitable when the architect is in a hurry.

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The mobile apps discussed above all have their unique features and are user-friendly at the same time. They help in saving the energy and time of the architect while working on the site.

The apps are quite helpful in easing the process of choosing the designs, creating sketches and designing quick models. They negate the use of paper and all the work is done on the mobile device.

One need not look through innumerable blueprints to start working. A lot of money is also saved which can otherwise be spent on different materials.

Thus, these are the best architect apps and perfectly complement the traditional style of digital designing. As such, they are the best apps for architects and you must not forget to download some of them today.


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