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5 Best Apple Mail Extensions To Simplifies Your Email Workflow

The mail application on macOS is equipped with all the essential features you need to do your daily tasks. However, Apple offers various extensions and add-ons that can help you boost the functionality, and usability and add extra features that might help you manage your mail more efficiently.

We have collated a list of some of the best Apple mail extensions for you that are lightweight and are sure to increase your productivity while using the mail app on your Mac.

Now let’s take a look at the list. 

Best Apple Mail Extensions – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. Moom – Move and zoom windows

If you are having trouble viewing things on your Mac, the Moom extension (Get Here) is one of the best Apple Mail Extensions. It is a window management tool that lets you quickly zoom in and out of the screen to view content better.

You can zoom the windows to quarter screen, half screen, or full screen set various sizes and locations, and save your layouts for easier access next time. 

Using Moom is very simple; all you have to do is hover the cursor over the green button on the top-left side of any open window. A small menu will drop down, showing various options to choose from, including resizing the vertical or horizontal halves of the screen.

Best Apple Mail ExtensionsFurthermore, if you hold down the Option key, you are presented with a lot more options like resizing the windows to quarter screen at all four corners along with arranging the window to the center of the screen without resizing. 

Moom also offers extensive resizing options; hover the cursor over to the green button on the top-left corner of the screen and select the empty box from the palette that drops down. 

You can now freely use the cursor to create new dimensions for your chosen window and release the cursor when you’re done. 

Moom’s snap-to-edge and zoom features are also pretty nifty; you can drag any window to the corner and release the cursor allowing you to resize the entire window with ease and very quickly. 

Additionally, you do not need to resize your windows manually every time, as you can save your preferred layouts on Moom and access them for better efficiency and functionality.

This feature comes in handy if you have a secondary external display connected to your Mac. Moom can automatically trigger the preferred layouts saved when it detects an external display has been attached or removed from your Mac. 

Furthermore, if you do not prefer using a mouse for all this, Moom also offers keyboard controls for the same. Allowing you to perform all the actions like resizing, centering, using the on-screen grid, and more using keyboard shortcuts.

For every Moom command, you can create custom global keyboard shortcuts that only work when the keyboard control is open.

Moom brings order to chaos

You can create custom segregations of various actions you use frequently and access them through the Menu bar. Moom also allows you to create custom commands that can be grouped together and then triggered using a single keyboard shortcut or command.

Moom can be used as a dock-based application or remain hidden entirely in the background and work from the shadows without interfering with any other application.  

2. Mail Steward – The Ultimate E-mail Manager

Mail Steward is not only amongst the best Apple Mail Extensions but also one of the best email management tools for Mac out there, with unique features bundled in that will make your mailing experience much more efficient and less time-consuming. 

How many times have you tried to look for a specific mail and cannot find it due to the sheer number of emails sent, and the one you want to find simply gets lost in the crowd?

Mail steward takes care of that for you; one of its features is using a single, searchable database to find all the emails easily you’re looking for. 

Best Apple Mail Extensions 1

You can also sort emails, export them, and save them in various formats that aren’t available on the mal app by default. Mail Steward has all the answers for your mailing problems, including archiving, accessing, and management issues. 

Other services like PostBox and Apple Mail are good enough for sending and receiving emails. Still, they don’t necessarily do a good job when it comes to archiving, accessing, or managing tens of thousands of emails. That is where Mail Steward comes from and why it is so essential if you deal with a lot of mail in your day-to-day routine. 

5 Best Apple Mail Extensions To Simplifies Your Email Workflow

You have the option to efficiently archive your mails along with the attachments and locate emails quickly from a massive list of emails using specific keywords, the name of the sender, date, and much more.

Once you’ve finished downloading and installing the application, you will need to give disk permissions to Mail Steward to access all of its functionalities and features. 

Create a new database file when you’re ready to start, and name and place it wherever you want. Next, if you use Apple Mail, Mail Steward will automatically select all your email accounts and archive them in a database. However, if you use PostBox, you need to head over to the settings panel and change it from Apple Mail to PostBox. 

Once everything is set up, click on the Archive button, and a date window will drop down from the top. Mail Steward automatically picks the beginning date as the date of your most recent archived email that is found within the database.

After choosing the beginning and ending date, Mail Steward will begin the process of archiving the emails that fall under that date range into the database. 

3. Mail Butler 

As the name suggests, Mail Butler does actually what a butler for your emails would do. It is a brilliant application that allows you to manage your emails and add additional information like notes, to-do items, and reminders. Mail Butler also allows you to schedule outgoing emails at a stipulated time and date. 

5 Best Apple Mail Extensions To Simplifies Your Email Workflow

Besides that, it also offers a feature known as email tracking, which shows you insights into how many times, where, and when the email links sent by you have been opened.

It is basically like a blue-tick mark for emails that ensure and tells you if the recipient has opened the email or not. All of this takes place in real-time as well; this means that as soon as the recipient opens the mail, you will get a notification alerting you of the same. 

Mail Butler is also very user-friendly, and the email tracking feature is integrated within the inbox of Apple Mail, and you do not need to learn any new software to operate it.

You also get additional options like when and how many times the recipients opened your emails and on which device they were opened. 

5 Best Apple Mail Extensions To Simplifies Your Email Workflow

The smart scheduling features of Mail Butler are very useful if you do not want to send emails right away. This allows you a lot of flexibility as you can work on emails when you have the time and then schedule to send them at a later date & time. 

This is perfect for people who work with clients in different time zones and want the communication to remain professional throughout. Just like the email tracking feature, you will find a small button for scheduling emails right alongside your inbox, allowing you to access it quickly. 

Additionally, Mail Butler offers features that no other email client does, including smart recipient-based email scheduling that calculates the best time to send emails to that particular recipient depending on the previous tracking history it collects from the recipient’s mail address. 

This feature is automatically activated every time you schedule a mail; the Mail Steward will give you a specified delivery time for the mail that is most likely to improve the communication speed between two people. 

Furthermore, all the scheduled emails are stored and archived in a separate folder until they are sent out, allowing you to easily access them, edit, choose a different scheduling time, and a lot more.

This will give you complete control over the scheduled emails, reducing the chance of errors or wrong emails being sent out to the wrong recipients. Mail Steward also offers you various templates to design emails that look beautiful and inviting. 

Inbox Zero in no time - Mailbutler for Apple Mail & Gmail

4. Mail Suite

Mail Suite is a collection of plugins for Apple Mail that includes four different plugins, namely, Mail Tags, Mail Act-on, Mail Perspective, and SigPro. 

Mail Tags are used to arrange mails using specific keywords and organize them using projects, importance, color, due dates, and more.

Its smart mailbox integrations allow you to locate emails quickly, and the MailTags data is neatly displayed alongside the email with various colors to easily view and recognize them based on importance, project, or an upcoming date.

You can also create some automation features like automatically assigning specific tags to all your incoming emails, adding tags to emails while you’re in the process of writing them, and, last but not least, combining the features of MailTags with other plugins from Mail suite. This interoperability and modularity are what make Mail Suite special.

5 Best Apple Mail Extensions To Simplifies Your Email Workflow

Moving on to Mail Act-On, this plugin allows you to create and use templates for repetitive emails and quickly reply to emails. You can use the inbuilt composer to enter when the messages are delivered, where the sent emails are supposed to be archived, and also outbox features. 

Outbox rules allow you to automatically CC and BCC emails depending on the specified criteria, ensuring you always use the correct account for every email you send. You can also delay email delivery, add special headers, and more. 

Mail Act-On allows you to build efficient workflows for your emails that eliminate the need for you to write the same things over and over again. This saves you a lot of time in the long run and allows you to focus on things that are actually important and require your immediate attention. 

Moving on to the third plugin on the list, Mail Perspective offers a smart way to always be aware of what’s happening in your inbox. Naturally, you won’t be checking your email 24/7. However, suppose you still want to keep a lookout for any important emails that might be sent to you.

In that case, Mail Perspective offers a compact window design. Your email account will always be visible and visually available on the screen but never try to garner your attention when it’s unnecessary. 

Many of us have several email inboxes that are just as important, if not more, than others; mail Perspective allows you to create small perspective windows for all your inboxes and display them neatly on the screen. Additionally, you can also set up multi-paned windows and expand & hide them if you need to with the touch of a button. 

Now let’s move on to the last plugin within Mail Suite, SigPro. As the name suggests, this plugin is used to create signatures that can be used in all accounts. You can also add various elements within the signature like email address, account name, and username.

That’s not all; effectively, you can add whatever text you desire to the signature and then use it. You can also compile a list of witty quotes(if you choose to), and then SigPro will randomly insert them into your signatures one by one. 

5. Spam Sieve 

Spam Sieve allows you to effectively sort out and delete spam emails from your account. It is a filtering plugin that takes advantage and works on the principle of bayesian interference, which is basically the mathematical equivalent of an educated guess determined from the words and phrases found most frequently in your mail. 

Keep in mind that Spam Sieve is nearly twenty years old and is still widely used due to its efficient mechanics and overall ease of use. 

5 Best Apple Mail Extensions To Simplifies Your Email Workflow

Spam Sieve learns as you go, and over time its accuracy will reach a hundred percent. It scores each word along with images, determines how frequently they appear in your mail, and then filters them out. Over time, the accuracy of Spam Sieve keeps increasing, and it gets better at recognizing spam emails from actually important ones that you want in your inbox. 

Spammers have also designed several ways to counteract the bayesian interference algorithms, using parts of unrelated texts at the bottom of the mail to trick the software into thinking that the particular mail is essential.

Spam Sieve also has another option to block all HTML encoded that is designed to be unreadable to normal people until it is viewed in a browser. 

Spam Sieve, as mentioned, is an adaptive software that mostly follows an “install it and forget it.

“ principle. However, you do need to train the software first to recognize which emails should be marked as spam and which should be allowed in your inbox. It is akin to training a police dog only since it is a computer application; it is much quicker and requires minimal effort from your end. 

A nifty little trick you can use for Spam Sieve is saving a couple of spam emails, say about 250-350, which helps prime the Spam Sieve algorithm and then providing about 600-700 good emails.

Doing this will ensure that Spam Sieve knows the difference between spam mails and the good ones that are to be kept in your inbox. Once this is done, you will rarely need to open the application again, as, over time, it will only improve its accuracy and never diminish. 

You can also manually change the settings if Spam Sieve incorrectly identifies a mail as spam or junk. You can use a keyboard shortcut to undo the action, which updates its databases allowing it to increase its accuracy further while also adding certain words and phrases to its blacklist or whitelist depending on the activity performed. 

Spam Sieve is one of the best plugins for filtering spam from your email. We will never eliminate spam entirely due to the evolving nature of spammers and various techniques implemented to bypass the algorithms.

However, this two-decade-old software and its bayesian algorithm are still able to keep up with the change. Spam Sieve is still an important tool that is widely used as the first line of defense against annoying spam emails. 


The Apple mail extensions above will surely increase your productivity regardless of your use. Some of the plugins mentioned above should be installed by every user, like Spam Sieve. As spams are something, all of us deal with daily. 

There are also several other notable plugins that we’d like to mention, including Herald; which is a grouping plugin for Apple Mail.

We have MailHub; which is designed to arrange and manage your emails based on an AI engine that learns over time. Another one is GPG suite; which is a mail encryption software allowing you to encrypt, decipher and verify emails. And a lot more similar extensions.

That’s it for this article folks, we hope you found something useful in the list that we’ve provided.