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21 Of The Best Apps For Instagram To Try Out

Well, who doesn’t know about one of the largest social media sites, Instagram? It is a place that has more than a billion users a month. If you are one of those who have no idea what I’m saying, let’s start this article with Instagram.

What’s the hype about Instagram?

Social media is one of the aspects that almost no one can live without. Instagram is one such social media platform that gained fame and became one of the largest growing networks on the planet.

If you are a social butterfly and want to unveil the magic of content creation then Instagram is the best social site for you. It is at its ar when coming not only at sharing videos and photos but also at enlarging your social circle. In recent times, Instagram updated itself and open a chance for its users to create short 15-second videos.

When using sites like Instagram, editing and filter options are always the priority of many content creators. That is what Instagram delivers to its billion users. All kinds of filters to make your day full of laughter.

Although Instagram is a full package, it doesn’t have the right tools to expand its businesses. The hustle of followers, likes, and comments is real so we have put together the best apps for Instagram that can help you in gaining popularity. 

Best Apps For Instagram – Our Top Pick 👌👌

The article begins with one of the best apps for Instagram so let’s get to know them in detail.

1. Boomerang

The Boomerang feature is already present on Instagram but if you are not satisfied with the feature Instagram is aiding you with then you can go for Boomerang, an official app created by Instagram itself.

Best Apps For Instagram

The Instagram Boomerang feature lets you click a video that will go on in a loop for 6 seconds but using this app you can create mini videos and not just a six-second video. The problem with the app is that it doesn’t let you edit previously clicked pictures or videos and have to click a new one to add boomerang to it.

If you can look over it then Boomerang can be one of your best apps for Instagram as only a single tap is required for Boomerang to start creating a mini video of at least 10 pics.

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2. InShot

InShot is a video editor and video maker app that can be handy if you are looking for some best apps for Instagram. The in-built Instagram video editor may not be of many people’s choice so InShot lets you edit your content with a never-ending list of features.

InShot Promo Video

If you want music, transition effects, emojis, filters, texts, or simply want to edit the videos by blurring the background then go for InShot as it has a friendly interface that lets you edit the content with ease.

Hearing your own voice in the content is mesmerizing and gives you a feeling of belonging so if that’s what you want then InShot has a feature that enables your recording to fit-in in the video. It let you have the power to trim or crop the video at 0 costs therefore we can consider it to be one of the best apps for Instagram.

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3. Framatic

You may have heard of Framatic, they make excellent college editors. There are multiple darts in their arsenals such as they make layouts for your Instagram, photo editing videos and pics, and many more.

Framatic, one of the best apps, is present for both iOS and macOS users but not for Android users. Its PicsArt feature has both honoring and criticizing comments yet is a great feature of Framatic.

Beautiful fonts, premade templates, witty stickers, and posters can be yours in a small amount but the free version in itself is enough to add charm to your account.

4. Editing Studio

A simple iOS app for Instagram, Editing Studio may not be as feature-rich as most editing apps but for the starting, it has basic options for its users. The app has more than 50 filters to edit the video.

Best Apps For Instagram 1

You have the options to add not h=just a single clip but more than that along with having the power to control the videos’ length. Slo-mo is dope and adding it to the content makes it more authentic and chic.

The designing tool lets you edit contrast, shadows, exposure, sharpening, and add music and voices to the video. Its features such as transitions, reverse option, and slideshow make it one of the best apps that allow sharing its contents easily on Instagram and other social media sites.

3 days free trial and then a max of $3.99 a month or $11.99 a year has to be spent from your pocket to buy the subscription.

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5. Canva – Best Instagram apps for posts

A solution for almost anything, Canva is thus attracting more than a billion users. The app is worth checking out as we ourselves have tested the collaborating, sharing, and presenting app. It offers the best deal to marketers.

21 Of The Best Apps For Instagram To Try Out

The app is available as a mobile app as well as a web app. Both have their unique features but you can have a long list of features in a web app as compared to a mobile app. canvas has an initiative interface that provides you guidance for easy understanding.

It has different categories such as presentation, social media, Video, Print products, marketing, office, and many more that hold subcategories such as Instagram and Facebook posts, posters, logo, flyers, blog, label, etc.

It has unlimited font styles, templates, emojis, audio, and elements, and if you can not find what you are looking for then you can also search it. Canva is one of the best free apps for Instagram but if you want to collaborate then investing some cash will allow you.

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6. Sprout Social

A tool that can very much manage your social network, Sprout social is a loaded tool. Any content creator would look for managing apps that can handle their accounts. And that managing app can be Sprout Social.

The app has the ability to open your account full potential of not just your marketing skills but every single aspect. The app has free trials for you to select your choice and then it is a paid service.

Sprout Social, one of the helping apps for Instagram is proud of its usability, ROI, customer support, satisfaction, and user adoption facilities. It collects actionable insights and on-trends for brand and business planning.

7. Avatan Photo Editor

Avatan Photo Editor brings you 4 resources to edit and a whole set of features for making the picture ready to gain likes, comments, and shares. A social photo editor, Avatan not only allows you to edit the image but also lets you have a conversation with people like you, editors.

Best Apps For Instagram 3

You can use frames, stickers, textures, and backgrounds to get your dream picture and if the image is not of your choice then you can also use its face retouching and shape adjustment to make the picture up to your taste and standard.

The app is available for both Andriod and iOS operating systems so go and check out. 

8. Later

Later has a partnership with Instagram and can be your tool for scheduling content for your account. This app is an all-in-one tool that helps in tracking and scheduling as well as analyzing your performances on Instagram. 

It thrives to boost your account and wants you to grow by providing you affordable prices, and tools to ensure remarkable content, and is a tool that both amateur and perfectionists can use. The app is a gift for more than 4 million content creators, large and small enterprises alike.

Knowing which post on your account is gaining fame and attracting followers can be an asset for your account and that’s what Later does, it turns your account into a mini-website so that you can have an eye over the post attracting the most traffic.

No doubt Later is a famous tool among Instagram content creators and not only Later is off Instagram users’ help but you can use it for any other social media also.

9. Hyperlapse

The Instagram official app, Hyperlapse is the tool to create a time-lapse video without the interference of a third group. The iOS-based app has a feature that does not let your movement come in the way of capturing time-lapse videos.

The app has a simple interface that lets your creativity flow and the new version has improved their bug and has better performance so without any further ado, check out the app that can let you capture time-lapse videos. 

Download the App on Apple Store

10. PicMonkey

Instagram and Facebook are social media where only the best of the best content gets viral and PicMonkey is one such app that can help you in creating authentic content that guarantees you likes and comments.

Welcome To PicMonkey YouTube!

It is at its par for marketing professionals so you can edit your one photo from the camera roll or can select from their stocks, can tweak exposure, touch up portraits, and can also add effects to your content.

The followers and their engagement are boosted with the help of this app for Instagram as you can have eye-catching ads, posters, covers, images, and hots tips to boost your followers, likes, and comments.

11. Iconosquare

In the market, Iconosqaure is among the best Instagram and Facebook analytics tools therefore one of the best instagram apps for business. The web app is free for 14 days and then you can buy its paid version to start with an actionable social media tool. 

The easy-to-understand and advanced analytics have attracted 10,000 brands. The app provides you insights such as the best tie to post, user tagging, geolocation, and many more.

It is the ideal tool if you have multiple accounts but don’t want to use a number of tools. It will help you to follow the statistic of your account, number of likes, comments, shares, and traffic.


Giphy has invented GIPHY CAM for users who are interested in the short version of videos, Gifs. The app lets you have the choice to make a gif for your Instagram out of pre-existing videos or freshly captured images. 

Best Apps For Instagram 4

Special features such as stickers, doodles, texts, heading, and in recent times audios are there for you to integrate within Gifs thus having a large number of users monthly. The created Gifs can be stored in your camera roll to use whenever you want to.

Giphy Cam is hoarded with Gifs so if you are looking for the best apps that can let you use Gif and create them then go for it,

13. Piktochart

Stats is your main content? If yes then Piktochart should be your go-to place. The app is known for infographics, presentations, and report makers and has a user-friendly interface that does not take much time to get used to.

It is the best tool for marketing purposes as you can create a post using the color of your business logos, and fonts and Piktochart’s huge library makes content creation easier than it ever has been.

It makes stats more interesting than they would be without the content created by Piktochart so we can conclude that Piktochart is of great help as any other app.

14. Hype Type

Not the one for complicated things and looking for something minimal that can do the task then Hype Type is the ideal deal.  The iOS app has the best marketing tools that help in creating authentic content for your Instagram.

21 Of The Best Apps For Instagram To Try Out

It let you have styled typography that makes your stories stand out and motion graphics are completely free for you but if you want to have a full experience of one of the best instagram apps for bloggers then you can go for its subscription. 

The paid version removes ads for you so you can enjoy content creation without needing to be interrupted by ads every minute.

15. Afterlight 2

A feature-loaded app, Afterlight  2 is in the market for iOS users, and unfortunately not for other operating systems. After light offers advanced filters that you can use to make your picture worth followers’ time.

The new filters are added every Saturday so you can have a new collection of filters. However, it comes with compromises. The biggest one is no features to edit. If you are not interested then you can also go for the previous version, Afterlight.

16. A Color Story

The most famous app among Instagram users, A Color Story has over 15 million users using it daily. If you want to grab the unlimited features then there is no better deal than A Color Story app.

Best Apps For Instagram 6

It has its priority when it comes to soothing colors and trendy editing styles. It has over 400 carefully crafted filters, more than 100 astounding effects, and a set of free tools that no doubt will help you create mind-boggling content.

It also lets you preview how your post will look on Instagram so your ID will leave an impression on your followers. If you want you can also opt for their premium version that will unblock all their tools, unlimited filters, and accessories. 

Android and iOS users can take advantage of the app.

17. Fotor

Looking for the best apps and not clicking Fotor is not the best choice. A free mobile app that uncovers video editing and designing features is a must to check out. It lets you edit the pic, make a collage, and create designs.

The feature that attracts most of its users is the RGB spectrum curve tool that most apps do not offer. A full package app has a long list of features such as a Beauty retouching tool making you look like a celebrity, attractive posters that you can make or use pre-made posters, and collages with beautiful layouts.

If you are a person who likes to select from multiple options then Fotor provides you with a large selection of fonts, umpteenth numbers of stickers, drop shadow, clone, align, transparency, color pickers, and many more.

18. VSCO

VSCO claims to be the best editing tool out there if henceforth it offers you a 7-day free trial and then asks you to pay up for their services. It is a place where expression is given a high place so if you want to make the images more expressive then VSCO is worth your time and money.

It has a user-friendly UI that makes it downloading easier and faster to get hang of it. The app offers modern video and photo editing tools along with the chance to join their large community. They have weekly photo challenges exclusive to their users.

19. Photoshop Express

There is no doubt that you have heard about Adobe and its quest to conquer every single field therefore we are presenting you Adobes’ Photoshop Express, one of the best tools for Instagram or any other social site.

Photoshop is updated over time and is now faster, easier, and more advanced than ever so you can use the tool to edit photos, and create digital paintings, graphic designs as well as animations. 

An artistic person can use the app for refining their image to its finest by making the image colors pop out, blurring the unnecessary background, retouching, recoloring, making expressions stand out by tweaking the image, and many more features.

It can turn your imagination into reality with its tools, the app thrives to ensure creativity for all as you can have thousands of customs brushes or can make your own. Photoshop thus tries to put the largest collection at your reach.

Playing with colors and making top-class posters, images, packaging, banners, and websites can be yours if you go for Adobes’ Photoshop Express. Your content is accessible at any time of the day as it is saved on Clouds for you.

20. GoPro Quik

Well if you are looking for something that is loaded with photo and video editing features then GoPro Quik should be among the best apps for Instagram. It is a simple tool yet has all the right tools to help you edit videos as per your choice.

You can add audio, text, filters, and themes to make your video Instagram-ready. Adjusting the speed and timing of the video is also necessary so GoPro Quik lets you handle super slow, fast, freeze moments in your video. Overall, GoPro Quik can be one of your simple yet best apps for Instagram.

21. Clips

Well, no iPhone user would want to let go of this app for Instagram, Clips. It is the official site of iOS that lets its users edit their pics for Instagram or any social site.

21 Of The Best Apps For Instagram To Try Out

Any content creator would like their content to be authentic and eye-catching and that’s where Clips comes in handy. It has a collection of new stickers, posters, and filters that is monthly updated. It is the best tool to keep your inner artist fresh.

Aint adding titles with your voice in the content the coolest feature? If yes then Clips’ Live Title style will be at your service. Full-screen animated posters are also there. Looking for more artistic ways to capture a moment. And that can be achieved by immersive camera effects and the TrueDepth camera feature.

It may not be any help to Android users but it is absolutely free for iOS users. The app comes under one of the best apps for Instagram as the edited content is saved in the iCloud so you have access to it whenever you want. 

Hopefully, we have helped you to find the best apps for Instagram.