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17 Of The Best Apps For Nurses To Make Your Work Simpler

Are you in Nursing Field and looking for the Best Apps For Nurses To Make Your Nursing Work Simpler? 🤔

Then This Compherensive list is For You Only.

Without any Further Delay, let’s Explore this guide 🙂

We are almost advancing towards the end of the first quarter of the 21st century and one cannot think of an app-free life. There exists an app for almost all activities, tasks,s and various other choirs. You name it and you will surely find one on PlayStores.

There are applications to teach you to cook, discover your lost vehicle in a jam-packed parking area, and even training apps on how to hunt for witches.

In this tech-enabled routine life, smartphones act as our extended self. Phones are not just a talking device and a means to stay connected on social media, but a lot can be achieved by this tiny device.

Almost all the business and educational fields have been bombarded with various apps with varied functionalities. The nursing sector is not any different. These applications make your nursing work simpler by helping you refresh your memory, plan your work routine, and study for tests.

We have jotted down together the best apps for nurses that keep you to stay concentrated on your basic task of caring by giving you access to basic reference materials and tools.

To assist you with finding the finest nursing applications for your requirements, we have narrowed down 100’s of applications and placed here the finest among them.

These apps are not just limited to remind you of giving medicine to patients but can accomplish hundreds of other tasks as well.

This article will be helpful to make the life of working and studying nurses a lot easier by providing a list of essential apps that must be installed for a smooth and easy life.

Best Apps For Nurses: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Diseases Dictionary

One of the must-have app for every nurse that has data for all sicknesses and conditions you may experience at work – regardless of the fact that whether the condition is a typical one or very common.

Best Apps For Nurses

It has an exhaustive listed detail of treatments and medicinal signs of the illness in a very descriptive manner. One just has to type in the symptoms of the patient and the application will present a convenient rundown of potential diagnoses for you to peruse.

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2. Epocrates Medical References

Numerous nursing attendants consider Epocrates to be extraordinary compared to other reference applications available today in the medicinal stream.

The free form of the application gives medical attendants access to a regularly growing accumulation of medication data (like dosing method as per prescription, the safety of the patient, and possibly destructive characteristics with different medications), clinical practice rules, zonal and national medicinal insurance service formalities, and information of identifications of different pills.

Epocrates for Android

What’s more, Epocrates also offers an assortment of tables meant for clinical calculations which they can use to rapidly refer to any rules or medication data that they have to know.

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3. Medscape

This application gives a large number of indistinguishable functionalities from the above-mentioned Epocrates.

17 Of The Best Apps For Nurses To Make Your Work Simpler

Most remarkably, it also has a medication reference feature that enables you to look into meds and their endorsing data (along with how would they react with other medicines), reference tool for illness and its related condition, various therapeutic calculators for different dosage calculations, healthcare company related documentation.

Apart from all these mentioned features, Medscape also gives an abundance of publication content, including bit-by-bit informative articles news from the medical fraternity, other procedures, rending technology, and access to member-created content by the Medscape user base.

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4. MPR

This new smart app for nurses can be the definitive manual for all drug-related information. It contains recommending data for varied OTC and Rx items.

17 Of The Best Apps For Nurses To Make Your Work Simpler

They have been sorted based on various factors to make simpler search results. One can also filter searches by brand name, sickness, organization, and generic name of the pharmaceuticals.

Not only just regular news and updates, but the application contains over 150 graphs and charts for reference and more than 125 calculators related to medicine formulas.

The best part is that you need not have to bother with an internet connection to access the data as this feature could be extremely useful, particularly in the event that you work in an area with weak signals of internet connectivity.

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10 First Aid Mistakes Explained by a Professional

5. Taber’s Medical Dictionary

This is one app that the user shall not hesitate to pay a subscription fee. Just for a nominal charge, one can expect to have a ready reference for more than 66,000 medical terminologies, over 1250 color diagrams, 125 explanatory videos, over 650 case studies, and 33,000 audio files for training.

Best Apps For Nurses

It also comes with varied information on nutrition, short forms, acronyms, symbol, and units of medicine measurements, diagnosis and first-aid basics, immunization schedules, alternate therapies, and a lot of other features. This is one of the resources with a vast database of information.

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6. Skyscape Medical Library

This application is popular for its decision-support system for all nurses and healthcare staff. Even though the application is 20 years old now, it is still going strong in the market for its superb features.

Skyscape Medical Library App - SmartSearch Tutorial

The free app incorporates a large number of generics and popular brands together with associations of over 450 integrated calculates for measurements, and a medicinal calculator bundled with 250+ intuitive tools helpful for various processes.

Paid subscribers of Skyscape Medical Library get hold of various reference journals and books like Barkin’s Emergency Consult, The Merck Manual, Davis’s Guide, Fitzpatrick’s Atlas, Netter’s Atlas, and Taber’s Dictionary.

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7. Nursing Central

Nursing Central application is sure to make you work towards being progressively productive. This iOS-only application enables nurses and students to streamline numerous assignments by giving detailed data on medications, ailments, procedures, and tests.

Best Apps For Nurses

You can question the database anytime with your queries. It offers a vast resource in the form of 5500+ listed drugs, 60,000+ dictionary entries, 100’s diagnostic and laboratory tests, and other latest news of the respective field.

The exclusive ‘Grasp’ study system helps to search the PubMed datastore for additional information. Nursing Central is a nursing essentials app.

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8. Nurse’s Pocket Guide

best anatomy and physiology app for nurses

This exceptionally exhaustive application has numerous highlights. We particularly love the delightful way every diagnosis posting incorporates a definition along with related variables, characterizing qualities, organized activities, and much more.

Highlights of Nurse’s Pocket Guide includes over 450 nursing diagnosis with health conditions, guides, and plans for patient care, an updated database of all medical terms, NOC and NIC labels, bookmarking favorite entries, UIS for ease access of to articles, and many other features which make it put in our Best Apps For Nurses list.

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9. MDCalc

MDCalc is credited to enjoy the best rating with the most recommendations by the users. Nurses not just use them but highly prescribe them to their fellow members.

17 Of The Best Apps For Nurses To Make Your Work Simpler

The calculator program is very helpful and provides hassle-free access to medicinal equations, score estimations, and other calculative options. MDCalc can also be used without new connectivity and its quite fast and can be easily used during emergencies when time is very critical.

This application is capable of effectively ascertaining titrations and pediatric dosages making a personal list of frequently used formulas for instant access.

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10. CDC Vaccine Schedules

If your role is to manage immunizations and vaccines, this app is a must-have for you. This application grants access to each CDC-prescribed immunization and vaccine plan.

17 Of The Best Apps For Nurses To Make Your Work Simpler

App auto-updates the schedules with regular patch releases. You’ll have the option to get vaccination calendars and proposals for newborn children, youngsters, and youths.

You’ll likewise have the option to get vaccination suggestions for grown-ups depending on their health condition, age, gender, and other factors. CDC Vaccine Schedules app ranked number 10 in our Best Apps For Nurses list that you should download.

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11. MyDuty – Nurse Calendar

As the name suggests, this can be an extremely convenient little app that assists you with following and dealing with your daily work routine. It also checks the centralized database and can update you about the co-worker scheduled to work with you on any particular day.

MYDUTY - Nurse Calendar

This application enables you to make forums for your specific team or association, and can even speak with one another by means of the common chat feature.

Along with various duty-related tasks, it also notifies you of the remaining holidays to be enjoyed under your working schedule. MyDuty – Nurse Calendar app ranked number 11 in our Best Apps For Nurses list that you should download.

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12. NCSBN Medication Flash Cards

For all those who are planning to appear for NCLEX, this is the ultimate app that you must install. The application impersonates the reviewing process of flashcards enabling you to test yourself for any nursing information.

17 Of The Best Apps For Nurses To Make Your Work Simpler

With the application, you can look for information with a drug name or drug category as a search phrase.

Your search list items will furnish you with the accompanying data: fundamental depiction and usage of drugs; instances of medications found in that classification; and any extra data about your objective pursuit that is either useful to know, great to know, or significant to know.

The application additionally enables you to create your very own learning methodology; for instance, you can mark or flag any info to review it at a later stage.

You can also set a Countdown Timer for the next NCLEX test, and you can likewise get to the online network of NCSBN to get support and forum advice from different medical attendants who are pursuing some of the other courses.

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13. Eponyms

Eponym signifies any object or person from where the name is derived. It generally refers to the founder or discoverer. This is a well-known fact that the medical fraternity is full of a such eponym.

17 Of The Best Apps For Nurses To Make Your Work Simpler

Hence, the Eponyms application is incredibly convenient – both for nurses who are practicing and students who plan to become one.

It gives short depictions of around 2000 eponyms including not-so-common ones as well. The application enables you to do a full content search on the off chance that you realize what eponym means, or one can peruse through 26 categories to follow.

There is an option of “top choice“. i.e, bookmarking any term for you to read about the same in your leisure time. It’s important to note that the app is free for students but charges a subscription for professionals. Eponyms app ranked number 13 in our Best Apps For Nurses list that you should download.

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14. Resuscitation

As we all know that practice makes one perfect and the same is applicable to this app too. With Resuscitation!, you are supposed to do the same by incorporating all the information and aptitudes you are forming while training, in a safe and restricted setting of a virtual simulator.

17 Of The Best Apps For Nurses To Make Your Work Simpler

It works in a very simple way. The application provides you with a dummy patient case study and expects you to provide proper care to the patient.

It is important that you can also get some free cases on the application. Notwithstanding, if one plans to gain more experience or wishes to concentrate on a specific and specialized field, you will need to pay somewhere in the range of $4 and $10 to get access.

Resuscitation app ranked number 14 in our Best Apps For Nurses list that you should download.

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15. MedPage Today

This app is useful for multiple reasons. It brings breaking medicinal information and news, free CE/CME credits readily available, with day-by-day inclusion of more than 30 to 35 specialties and inclusion of more than 60 gatherings. You should be enrolled with MedPage Today in order to utilize this application and access all its features.

Nurses, in general, take their work home with them as physical or mental stress. Finding a decent work-personal life balance is very much a necessity and the following app is a good start to begin.

There is huge mental pressure on nursing individuals. Thinking about patients is their prime activity. Though they are exceptionally prepared to deal with stress, however, it’s just common that troublesome cases can influence you here and there. The way to decrease pressure is by rehearsing unwinding techniques.

MedPage Today app ranked number 15 in our Best Apps For Nurses list that you should download.

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16. Headspace

Another incredible method to lessen pressure and improve concentration is meditation. Headspace is structured explicitly in light of individuals like you (read: occupied individuals who lack extra time).

17 Of The Best Apps For Nurses To Make Your Work Simpler

The app works as a personal coach for meditation in virtual form. Simply inform the application about how much experience you have with meditation, what you mean to receive in return (e.g., better rest, less pressure, and so forth.),

when you need to relax, and voila, you’re set for the new peaceful life! The duration of each meditating session varies from 5 minutes to an hour. Option for manual or guided sessions is available.

Headspace has also made a series of 10 parts as a Basic course for novices who may just want to have an idea about what meditation is all about before they jump for an Advance paid course. Headspace app ranked number 16 in our Best Apps For Nurses list that you should download.

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What app do nurses use?

Epocrates -Clinical Care Assistant is one of the most popular apps used by nurses, known for streamlining searches for information on all types of prescription drugs, pill identification, and drug interactions. As a nursing student or staff, you can prevent some of the biggest mistakes, and provide the right treatment while taking care of your patients.

What is the best drug guide app for nurses?

Drugs.com Medical Guide App is one of the best drug guide applications available for nurses, and offers an easy and quick way for nurses as well as nursing students to get access to one of the most comprehensive databases of drug information.

What is the best medical dictionary for nursing students?

Known as “the most trusted medical dictionary of the world”, Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary is an excellent app trusted worldwide by both nursing students as well as nurses.

What social media do nurses use?

Just like other social media users, nurses also use popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, as well as various blogging websites and professional forums.

What should nurses not post on social media?

Nurses should always avoid posting even the basic details of admitted patients, various nursing processes, drug information including uses and interaction. Additionally, nurses should also not post inappropriate photos or negative comments about colleagues or employees.

What nurses should not post on social media?

Anything that may be considered as discriminatory, does not preserve the respect and dignity of patients receiving care, does not recognize individual choice should always by kept away from social media. Nurses are very responsible citizens of society and they must stay humble even while using social media.

Which social media platform do nurses use most?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are among the most popular social media platforms used by nurses around the world.

Can a nurse take a picture of a patient?

No, nurses or even other healthcare providers cannot take photographs of admitted patients without written permission from the patient or thier attendants. Yes, they of course can take pictures of documentations related to treatment, that too, only for the purpose of sharing with other healthcare professionals in the same hospital or facility, taking maximum care of the confidential details.

Do nursing jobs look at social media?

Yes, just like any other type of jobs, social media is one of the most reliable platforms to find jobs related to nursing as well. Majority of recruiters and employers engage with candidates on social media before sending the actual interview invitation.

How should nurses act on social media?

Nurses should be extra careful while using social media platforms. They must take care of the responsibilities given by them as the special individuals of the society. They should always focus on sharing basic details related to health to other users, and help them live healthy.

Why do nurses use Twitter?

Using Twitter can be very effective for providing support and knowledge for nurses quickly, and at maintaining a sync in the entire nursing community to ensure better healthcare services to patients.

Conclusion on Best medical apps for nurses

Nurses are relied upon to constantly perform at their best. Taking part in a consistent learning procedure is one path for that to occur. The good part is that technology is the help. Utilizing it the correct way can keep you refreshed with the most recent advancement in the process of the nursing care process.

With these best apps for nursing, one can be assured of the plethora of information at their fingertips and can enjoy the task they love most, i.e. taking care of patients in the most efficient way.