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19 Of The Best Apps For Samsung Smart TV To Download

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Smart TV is one of the most prominent and trending technology in the realm of electronics and the consumer durable world for the past two decades. With every passing day, newer and better features are incorporated into the tech device.

With Samsung entering the Smart TV war, the scene has totally changed since then. Not just a smart television but play stores are flooded with the best apps for Samsung Smart TV.

Is Smart TV really Smart?

The TV was actually typed cast as idiot-box for years. They just used to receive signals and broadcast on the screen, with the user having no control over the type of program to see. They were left to view what is being aired. 

Smart TV is an amalgamation between the internet and a normal cable TV. Initially, a wired cable service provider or the satellite channel service provider used to deliver multiple channels and you were bound to watch what was being streamed.

With the handshaking of the internet with a normal TV, you have the ‘real’ remote control in your hands. One can now easily access various programs and content that are available on a huge network of the internet on the same TV device.

This content ranges from streaming services of videos like Amazon Prime and Netflix, digital photo-sharing platforms like Instagram and Picasa, networking websites for socializing including Twitter and FB, and lot many other features like sports, news, weather with many other programs.

With Smart TV, one can now enjoy the plethora of online content on a big screen which was limited to just handheld devices and laptops only. 

Benefits of Smart TV

Owning a Samsung smart TV is not a luxury anymore but a lifestyle. It gives easy access to the entire world of the internet on your TV screen while you enjoy your couch.

It does not need too many devices, wires, and other stuff as compared to media boxes or Blu-ray players and such.

In fact, few smart TVs are compatible with advanced features that are yet to be out in the market. These users will enjoy those new updates without exchanging their existing sets for new ones.

Being the proud owner of a new smart TV, you must also be aware of the best apps for Samsung smart TV that can make your life sail smooth. Samsung platform has upgraded to Smart Hub embedded with various high-end apps and programs.

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Smart TV vs Streaming Device

With new apps getting approved and released almost every day, it becomes difficult for one to filter the finest apps for download. This article gives a concise list of the finest apps for smart tv that you can download and use for best use.

Best Apps For Samsung Smart TV: Our Picks 👌👌

1. Netflix

With regards to services for online streaming video, Netflix has been the best name since it created the entire idea almost 10 years back way back in 2018.

Not just the streaming service, Netflix is investing heavily in its exclusive shows and series in English and many vernacular languages. With respect to the content quantity, Netflix is the prime leader with no nearby second competitor.

Is Netflix STILL Worth It?

However, as Netflix serves globally, the content quality varies from the nation. If video streaming is a new thing for you, look for no other place and simply subscribe to Netflix. It is undoubtedly one of the finest online video service providers. 

Download Here

2. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon was never into video streaming before but was into B2B and B2C selling. With the trend and growth in this field, it decided to jump in. Very soon, it captured a large portion of the market and giving good competition to Netflix. 

Best Apps For Samsung Smart TV

Apart from exclusive shows, this app from Amazon is a hub of wonderful collections of movies, dramas, and web series. Shows for audiences from different countries vary.

However, the good point is that it does not necessarily make you have an account in order to view the videos. All Amazon Prime members are entitled to log in to the Video are and access the entire library.

The entire collection is available on the official website and one can browse the titles before opting for paid subscriptions. 

 Download Here

3. Hulu

In 2017, the subscription for Hulu was updated and this move placed this app for Samsung Tv at par with Amazon Prime and Netflix.

It had recently offered two levels, free assistance bolstered by advertisements and a limited content pool, and a payment-based service that offered an extended service. However, ads still appear on that version too as of now.

The user has multiple options to select the service from Hulu. First is the free subscription that airs lots of commercial ads. Another one is the robust one that provides limited advertisements to the users. Finally, the Live TV bundle offers an ad-free zone and provides pure entertainment. 

What Hulu truly sells, is, however, its elite contributions that incorporate shows like The Handmaid’s Tale, Bob’s Burgers, and The Mindy Project.

Netflix Vs Hulu 2019 (Honest Review)

Simply be cautioned that regardless of which level you end up buying into, few shows and webcast series will in any case show advertisements – irrespective of the fact which tier you opted for.

Download Here

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4. Vudu

There are many apps that one can install on their smart TV for full-day entertainment. Vudu is one of them. One may think why Vudu when there are apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

Best Apps For Samsung Smart TV

The basic difference lies in the fact that Vudu does not ask to pay for any subscription. One can enjoy hundreds of movies and drama shows for free or can even rent a movie for a high-quality picture.

The best part is that it does not have any subscription offer and neither binds under any commitments. 

Download Here

5. BBC Media Player 

The BBC has a special repo for delivering probably the best shows of TV as of late, for example, Doctor Who, Killing Eve, and others for Samsung TV users. These programs are easily accessible through the devoted Player application. 

An important note here is that the BBC just makes shows accessible for only 30 days, once they are broadcasted.

This means you’re probably not going to ever have the option to go through an evening watching a whole series at one go.

Download Here

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Are Smart TVs Worth It? Why Are They So Popular?


Our next pick is somewhat not the same as the other available video streaming service providers on this rundown.

Rather than streaming recordings from assistance, PLEX enables you to create your very own assortments of videos on a media server and stream it to whichever gadget you need. All things considered, while PLEX is accessible on almost every gadget, it looks great on Smart TVs offered by Samsung.

19 Of The Best Apps For Samsung Smart TV To Download

So why introduce PLEX in the case that you have likes of Amazon and Netflix or any of the other such service providers on this rundown? One simple reason, PLEX does not charge a penny.

There is no month-to-month expenses for the basic application, which enables you to create, store and stream your own localized video streaming server.

In the event that a DIY video service seems like a ton of work and a not exactly perfect understanding, it will astonish you to realize that the PLEX has truly improved over the most recent couple of years making it ultra-simple to install and inconceivably flexible as one of the finest service provider in the field of video streaming. 

Download Here

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7. YouTube

A smart TV is not smart until it has installed the YouTube App. In its initial days, YouTube was limited to personalized videos of dance, cat love, winter picnics, etc.,

but with time, it has become one of the largest databases of videos on the internet with the full movie, drama, and documentaries being streamed on its server.

Best Apps For Samsung Smart TV

It is no more a platform for novice to upload their general videos but people have started to hire highly paid professionals to create good-quality videos to put on YouTube channels.

You name a topic, and one will find a dedicated channel for the same, be it cooking, gardening, science tutorial, self-help, or ways to earn online.

It also has a section for movies on rent apart from free service. The YouTube app ranked number 7 in our Best free Apps For Samsung Smart TV list that you should download.

Download Here

8. Spotify

Spotify is the first variant of any music streaming service provider and a go-to application for anybody looking to play music on their smart TV.

Here, one needs to sign into their login account and access the entirety of similar tunes, libraries, and playlists as if you generally play on your computer or cell phone.

Covering over 40 million tunes, and thousands of songs included each day, Spotify is surely the most strong music streaming app available for smart TVs.

Best Apps For Samsung Smart TV

Spotify has however still retained the crown for the best app for streaming music. It comes pre-installed with most of the Samsung smart Tv and in case it isn’t with any of the models, one can get it from the Samsung hub.

Prior to Spotify, Pandora ruled the Hub as the web radio station. It is not justice to these apps to call just streaming apps as they are smart to play as per your mood, choice, and feedback. Once you skip a song, it will remember and not play often.

However, if you play a song a few times, it will be considered among your favorite, and similar songs of that type will be played quite often. The Spotify app ranked number 8 in our Best Apps For Samsung Smart TV list that you should download.

Download Here

9. TED

In the case that you appreciate TED Talks, presently you can easily watch all the talks from the solace of your sofa or most loved seat utilizing the TED application meant for smart TV.

19 Of The Best Apps For Samsung Smart TV To Download

The application is not subscription-based and is absolutely free of cost. With the ted Account, one can get hold of over a thousand recordings of business pioneers, performers, technical geeks, restorative specialists, and a lot more who offer edifying bits of knowledge and points of view on an incredible scope of subjects.

The Ted app ranked number 9 in our Best Apps For Samsung Smart TV list that you should download.

Download Here

10. Facebook Watch

If you are bitten by the Facebook bug and love to watch videos and feeds of live news, then Facebook Watch is the perfect app made for you.

Along similar lines to Insta Video and YouTube videos, this app too permits users to see videos generated by users. It’s fun to enjoy these videos on the big screen of your smart tv.

The recordings are categorized into simple to-explore classifications which incorporate Live Videos, Videos You’ve Shared, Videos Shared by Friends, Videos You’ve Uploaded, Videos from Pages You Follow, Facebook Watch Originals, and that’s just the beginning.

You can likewise watch plenty of live news channels from sources too. The Facebook Watch app ranked number 10 in our Best Apps For Samsung Smart TV list that you should download.

Download Here

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11. Shout Factory TV

If by any chance, you are a die-hard fan of movies and such entertainment stuff, install Shout Factory TV App immediately.

Shout Factory TV gives access to incredible substance films, documentaries, science fiction, and works of art. It has a collection of vast web series too. 

19 Of The Best Apps For Samsung Smart TV To Download

You can even marathon watch old TV shows. There is additionally a lot of unique programming and other extraordinary substance. Watch it for nothing.

However, the main drawback is that movies move in-out intermittently, so if you discover something you like, simply watch it before it’s out of the list. The Shout Factory TV app ranked number 11 in our Best Apps For Samsung Smart TV list that you should download.

Download Here

12. Veoh

Veoh is the perfect alternative solution to the YouTube app. It not only has a similar UI but a lot many features to resemble the same. One can smoothly navigate, select and play the videos available on the Veoh server.

It contains content submitted by its global audience and other selected sources. The filter option available on Veoh for narrowing down the selection is very strong with features like video length, video quality, and even language. Veoh is gaining popularity as currently, it shows no sort of advertisements.

Download Here

13. Pluto TV

Pluto TV comprises 2 novel highlights that are lacking in most other similar applications. The first one is on-request streaming of movies and the other one id option to watch Live TV for multiple channels.

With such an option, you can begin the movie from any point or watch it live again. On-request motion picture highlights will encourage you to view movies instantly of your choice.

You can observe a wide range of topics including comedy, science fiction, romance, comedy, thriller, and so forth.

Download Here


The introduction of the NatGeo TV app for smart TV was one of the coolest things in favor of kids. One can now watch the entire episode in the full length of most liked shows. All the shows are free.

Best Apps For Samsung Smart TV

One can keep himself abreast with the latest info in the field of science, wildlife, and general knowledge. All the wildlife series that you were waiting to see at the scheduled time hour are now on your app on a smart TV to be watched at your will.

Watching science documentaries on a large screen of smart TV enhances the overall experience. 

Download Here

15. The ESPN

The ESPN App for TV has revolutionized the concept of smart tv. One can watch a live stream of games, check the latest points tally of ongoing league matches and replay the highlights again and again. 

19 Of The Best Apps For Samsung Smart TV To Download

Quick access to scores for your preferred teams is what will get hooked to this app. It keeps a record of the top rounds of the day so you can keep up on the NBA end of the season games or the MLB’s most recent contentions. 

One can get access to Streaming games on ESPN systems, including MLB, NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball match-ups and that’s just the beginning. Sign in with your TV Provider to begin! You can likewise buy into ESPN+ for significantly progressively content. 

Download Here

16. Dish World

DishWorld App holds the position of number 1 for live service for International TV. This free application, enables you to watch the finest games anyplace, whenever on your Samsung gadget, your TV, tablet, telephone, or PC.

One can Watch DishWorld Sports for just a minimal subscription of $10/month. Highlighting beIN Sports, Willow Cricket, One World Sports, Trace Sport Stars, and the sky is the limit from there. 

19 Of The Best Apps For Samsung Smart TV To Download

Besides! With DishWorld Sports, one will additionally get a free module of Entertainment Extras, which includes 15 channels of famous International TV.

Interesting highlights incorporate DishWorld’s 8-day Replay that auto-records contents from every channel so you never miss any game and a Family Plan option that permits concurrent review on up to three gadgets.

At the time of free subscription, the app does not ask for any SSN, credit card check, or minimum period. 

Download Here

17. Flag Story

Do you realize what number of nations exist globally? As per Wikipedia, there are around 196 nations. This flag app known by the name of FlagStory is an application that helps you relate the country with its national flag.

Kids can play games, take quizzes, and learn the names of different countries along with its flag. Currently, the app is available in English and Korean language.

Very soon, the app also plans to roll out the capital city names along with country and other features. Very easy-to-use interface for kids to learn and enjoy the app on a large screen.

Download Here

18. Math Magic

If you are unable to remove your kids from the idiot box screen then install this app. Math Magic uses a mix of your decision of dynamic hues, basic interface, and a reward arrangement of stars to support and show kids between 3 years and 8 years to play around with math.

The kid basically needs to tap on a query to take care of the issue. Math Magic gives you a chance to modify the levels to tweak them for your kid. This app is sure to generate the love for math in your kids with its colorful and interactive user interface.

Certainly, better to learn some match in front of the TV and waste time the entire day when they watch the same repeated episodes of cartons. 

Download Here

19. AccuWeather

Get the exact and local climatic forecasts directly from your Samsung TV with the help of the AccuWeather app.

Utilize your remote control to get to 5-day forecasts, serious climate alerts, satellite pictures on request, and switch between numerous areas, so regardless of where you are or where you are voyaging, you can get the climate you need.

AccuWeather: Weather for Life - Android

Though this may be a perfect app for your mobile device while traveling, it is equally important to check the app during your free time to enhance your knowledge about the climatic conditions of various places sitting on the couch.

These forecasts are available in 12 popular languages of the world so as to provide benefits to maximum people.

Download Here

An additional feature that one can use of Smart TV

Internet streaming is not the only difference between and dumb TV set and a smart TV. Some of the most recognized features include Screen sharing and the Miracast option that enables the user to handshake their compatible devices and share the screen.

Is your smart TV spying on you? BBC News

One can see the content displayed on mobile or tab to a large screen of a TV. However, there are better models of TV that are capable to do the reverse as well where the TV content can be viewed on smaller compatible gadgets. 

Don’t Let Smart TV Spy on you

There may be some privacy issues every time you use the smart feature of smart tv. It keeps a log of internet sites you visited or the type of movie you recently watched on Netflix.

This info can be visible to another member of the family having access to the same tv. Make necessary changes and tweaks that keep the video cam off, and do not record in case of any unauthorized hacking of the gadget.

How to stop your smart TV from spying on you

One shall always make a purchase of apps via a controlled hack-proof device and sync the data with smart tv rather than providing the credential data over tv which is less secured as compared with your laptop or mobile.

No matter how advent mobile apps become, but when one sits in front of a TV on a couch with a bowl of popcorn, the world seems the best place to live.

What can one expect more from life if you have the Best Apps For Samsung Smart TV installed and spending good quality time with your friends watching the finest program of your choice? So chill and have a great time.