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11 Of The Best Apps For Vocabulary To Improve Your English


Are You Looking for the best apps for vocabulary to improve your English word bank and become more confident and command over the language?

This list is for you only.

Without any further delay, lets explore this guide

We belong to the digital age where technology plays a pivotal role in every sphere of our life. Various applications provided by this escalation of technology has definitely made life simpler and better.

Learning new things and upgrading yourself is the new mantra and people are plunging to learn the unexplored things in an unconventional manner too.

There is a sea of application on diverse topics available on ones android phones or tablets by simply downloading the application of their interest. Mobile learning apps promote self-learning outside the classroom.

A few simple downloads open the doors of unlimited and profound learning. Even a simple search on the best apps for vocabulary leads you to an endless list of user-friendly vocabulary apps.

Using the app makes you free from being dependent upon attending the stipulated lecture in a fixed time and in brick and mortar structure. It is an improved version of learning and best suited for our fast-paced lives.

Books are no doubt a treasure but it often disengages the readers as they find it boring and lifeless. While the colorful display and usage of animations by the applications make your learning more interactive, likable and fun.

Learning is provided by these apps in a flexible and revamped fashion to instill deeper interest in the subject. Sometimes it takes hours to find the exact word that suits your fancy and gives appropriate meaning to your phrase. Instead of wasting time over wrecking your brains, the better and easier solution is to rely on vocabulary applications.

There are a plethora of apps that are the best solution for enriching your vocabulary and also providing scientific strategies to remember and retain learning made through these wonderful apps.

Best Apps For Vocabulary: Our Top Pick

1. English with Lingualeo

This app is available for both Android and IOS users. This app is great as it aids in making you learn new words on a daily basis and also brushes your grammar skills through intensive exercises which coach you mend your errors.

Best Android Apps For Vocabulary

It teaches the correct usage of words with plenty of definitions and examples. Here you get the chance to read wonderful articles that will broaden your vocabulary horizon and you can also watch TED talks with easy subtitles.

You can learn as per your convenience and liking. There are no deadlines to meet which makes learning all the more interesting. This app should be surely tried as it gives a big perspective to the English language through which a lot of learning is involved.

English with Lingualeo app ranked number 1 in our Best Apps For Vocabulary list that you should download.

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2. VocApp

English Flashcards are still used and are high in demand as they genuinely teach and update your vocabulary in a simple way. Its custom-designed and you can choose your preferred difficulty level and start from there.

Best Android Apps For Vocabulary

It gives you in-depth knowledge and complete clarity on every single word that is been taught. Every word is clearly defined, pronounced and even set in examples to eradicate any doubts of the learner.

You even have the liberty to make your own flashcards for a customized learning experience. This app is recommended for all the people who like flashcards and who want to convert their learning into an exciting experience. VocApp app ranked number 2 in our Best Apps For Vocabulary list that you should download.

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3. GRE Vocabulary Builder-Test Prep

This tops the list of the best vocabulary apps. It adds around 1200 new words to your glossary and you qualify to prepare for the GRE test. It enables a free GRE vocabulary game for Android users.

It trains you for the GRE test through quizzes and the correct audio pronunciation involving the 1200 important words selected by the expert trainers.

The course is divided into basic, intermediate and expert vocabulary segments. You can even keep a tab on your progress as you learn. The special feature of this app is that it allows you access to the comprehensive SAT, GRE and TOFEL quizzes and you can even update your progress status on the web and compete with others.

It gives you the best knowledge of the English vocabulary and trains you like none other, it is worth using this app. GRE Vocabulary Builder-Test Prep app ranked number 3 in our Best Apps For Vocabulary list that you should download.

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4. WordUp VocabularyApp

WordUp Vocabulary is a perfect vocabulary enhancing the app. It provides a list of new words every day for you to remember. The meaning of the word along with its proper usage in a sentence is provided.

The app asks you the meaning of these words the next day. If you provide the correct answer, it presents you with a list of a new set of words. In the case of multiple wrong answers, it again shows you the previous lessons.

This app highlights the courses comprising of English vocabulary, phrasal verbs, grammar and clues and tips for learning words easily.

Learning through this app makes you fit enough to appear for word-meaning based exams. Equipped to give you the best learning solution this app is a one-stop application for vocabulary seekers. WordUp Vocabulary app ranked number 4 in our Best Apps For Vocabulary list that you should download.

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5. Vocab App

This application gives you access to read the daily newspaper articles and enhance your vocabulary and grammar in the most simple and impressive way. It tops the list of useful apps for grammar.

It works on Vocab24 which gives you an array of choices to cover Hindu editorial and daily idiom, quiz, quote, verb, game, root word, a homophone of the day. It also includes daily vocabulary enhancing video and the national and international editorials.

You read and learn from the best newsmakers like the Economics Times, Times of India and Hindustan Times and any difficult word can be instantly explained by tapping the word and thus no time gets wasted.

You can play the daily quiz for a morale boost as you get all India rank for your scores. Download this impressive app and get going. Vocab app ranked number 5 in our Best Apps For Vocabulary list that you should download.

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6. Galvanize Test Prep Ultimate Vocabulary Builder

This application is one of the most liked and frequently downloaded app in the Google Play Store for its salient features and benefits.

Best Android Apps For Vocabulary

It imparts the best teaching and is equipped with interactive functions in a gaming mode which makes the learners addicted to it. It works on human psychology and has planned their course structure accordingly. Challenges pop up and you keep progressing ahead by clearing these challenges.

This method keeps you aware and excited all the time. On a serious note, it eliminates all doubts and gives a detailed explanation of various English jargon to enable you to take up the GRE. This app is best suited for those who love overcoming challenges and pushing their boundaries. Galvanize Test Prep Ultimate Vocabulary Builder app ranked number 6 in our Best Apps For Vocabulary list that you should download.

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7. Fortitude Vocabulary Builder

This is a very good app and helps you to learn and improve your English vocabulary in a consistent way. The best part about this Fortitude app is that it works offline, so there is no tension of draining money on getting a data connection.

Best Android Apps For Vocabulary

It has a rich vocabulary bank of 1400 words which are nicely and clearly explained along with examples to make the subject absolutely crystal clear. Audio pronunciations are cited to improve your diction.

Visual graphics are also displayed to engrave the words permanently on your minds. Even beginners can opt for this course and can learn it in a very systemized and effortless manner.

Different levels are available as per your learning status and regular updates are provided to get a glimpse of your learning scores. If you are scouting for a simple and organized app that can take your learning to the next level, then this app is surely for you to try.

Fortitude Vocabulary Builder app ranked number 7 in our Best Apps For Vocabulary list that you should download.

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8. English Vocabulary Builder

English Vocabulary Builder application is excellent, reliable and user-friendly for everyone ranging from the beginners to the experts.

Different categories like important words, antonyms, synonyms, etc are marked to make you understand the word in detail. You can keep testing your vocabulary and later collect the answers for the wrong ones attempted by you and save it to a personalized list to revise them again.

There are no complications and it is a rather very simply designed app with the target to assist the learners and provide quality teaching to all. It is highly recommended for beginners as they can reap the maximum benefits from here. English Vocabulary Builder app ranked number 8 in our Best Apps For Vocabulary list that you should download.

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9. Test Your English Vocabulary

This app is a chosen one for all the people preparing for English proficiency tests and are looking for adding complex English jargons to their vocabulary.

Best Android Apps For Vocabulary

You can browse and explore thousands of words required for the English proficiency test that takes place all around the world. You can test your skill and knowledge by attempting different exercises like linking the words with their definitions and even vice-versa.

If exhausted, you can take a break from the learning and even play a few word games. The best feature about this app is you can use your mother tongue to explain the English words till you are fluent in the language.

Support of vernacular language or international language has been the finest feature that makes this app stand out from others. Beginners can use this app to its fullest and can soon build a command over the language. Test Your English Vocabulary ranked number 9 in our Best Apps For Vocabulary list that you should download.

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10. TOEFL English Vocabulary Cards

As the name of the app suggests, it is another English vocabulary app using flashcards, but it is a perfect app to be spotted by those who are preparing for TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) to join a reputed university who takes English speaking students.

Students aspiring to study in these universities need to fetch good grades in TOEFL and hence needs proper and specialized training to improve their English. This app is a lifesaver for all these students during their TOEFL preparation.

It has an exhaustive list of endless vocabulary words that have been specially selected and approved by a TOEFL tutor, digital flashcards come handy and help in understanding the words better.

Apart from the TOEFL students, intermediate and advanced level learners can also opt for the app and get a thorough knowledge of the world of words in the English language.

TOEFL English Vocabulary Cards app ranked number 10 in our Best Apps For Vocabulary list that you should download.

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11. English Vocabulary by picture

This app is apt for the people who love visuals and love graphical presentations. The bond of pictorial depiction and English language though sounds unusual but it has been made into a possibility by oCoder.

Each word from the endless vocabulary list of this app is categorized into broader heads and comes with a clear image and an audio clip too. You can browse, explore the long list of words and also use the test function to access yourself.

This app also provides an extra feature of translating English words into your chosen mother tongue to simplify the learning process.

This is an app that comes with plenty of features and can be enjoyed by all. English Vocabulary by picture app ranked number 11 in our Best Apps For Vocabulary list that you should download.

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12. Vocabulary builder by Rishabh

This is a very nice app for empowering your English and adding multiple words to your vocabulary. You get a chance to grasp multiple things like you can take a multiplayer quiz and learn more in lesser time.

This app is very useful and plays an important role in training and guiding a person who is preparing for GRE, SAT, etc. You can even get to attempt a personalized quiz and work upon your weaknesses.

You are also given the choice to pick your quiz source, topic, and frequency of questions. Vocabulary builder by Rishabh app ranked number 12 in our Best Apps For Vocabulary list that you should download.

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These apps are to be surely given a try to understand deeply their wonderful method of teaching the users.

An adept vocabulary makes you confident and allows you to express your ideas clearly in an impressive way. An easy way to fulfill this is to update your vocabulary through the above-discussed apps which let you learn 24*7 every day.

Times have changed, and definitely for good, as you dont have to be scared of mugging up all the English jargon at one go or befriend the English dictionary to improve your vocabulary.

Thankfully, the available best apps for vocabulary are a far better choice for building your English word bank. So get going and choose an app and let the world of words unfold before you.