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5 Best Alternative Apps Like Self To Build Credit & Savings

The world has come a long way from where it started and it continues to stride further with an insane rate of development. There are a lot of aspects that decide the flow of the world and one of them is the economy. The 21st-century world and its financial flow are one of the best things one can learn about.

However, no matter how big an economy gets, the fact that individual financial decisions of its people are what decides its course stays unchanged.

The financial flow of the world is greatly dependent on transactions happening all the time across the globe, and currently, most of the transactions happen online.

There are several apps like Self that provide financial services to people worldwide and that is precisely our topic of discussion in this article.

Self: What is it and how does it work?🤷‍♂️

Self primarily is an application that gives people who use it a chance to raise their credit score. A credit score is an estimated measurement of your creditworthiness.

Having a good credit score will mean that you’ll be eligible for loans, you can get a credit card, you’ll be offered a low-interest rate while applying for loans, your credit card limit will be higher, your loans will be approved faster, your visa application would gain more value and it is a perk beneficial for your future.

Now, the question arises, how to raise credit score? The answer is simple, you need to pay your bills on time, maintain a low credit utilization ratio, pay off your loans on time while not taking multiple of them at once, avoid defaulting on loans and credit cards, etc.

However, all of that is easier said than done. That is where services providers like Self come in. 

As mentioned earlier, Self is a service provider that helps you to raise your credit score so you can avail more services and benefits.

It is totally free to use and the concept it makes use of is quite easy to understand as well. Self gives small, personal loans to people, and when they pay back, their credit score increases.

Simple right? You can use Self to build your credit by taking and paying off these small personal loans on time. Self is a great way to build, maintain and even improve the credit score of a person.

How Self works is pretty interesting. Rather than delivering your loan to you, it is held in an FDIC bank account. It stays there until you’ve paid it off entirely and only then will the loan held in that FDIC bank account be released to you.

Upon completing the entire payment of a personal loan, a report is forwarded on behalf of you to the credit bureaus by Self which may result in your credit score going up.

Self gives out loans for a term of 1 year or 2 years that depends on how a person decides to pay per month. Your credit score is likely to increase if you make sure that the payments of each month are being completed on time.

Raising a credit score is a really good thing and Self is a great way to achieve that, however, the fact that our loans don’t get released before we have entirely paid them off is a con, and many people might consider using other ways to increase their credit score. 

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at service providers or apps like Self, that are great for credit building and maintenance.

Best Apps like Self – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. Possible Finance -- Borrow Money Fast & Build Credit

Possible Finance is one of the best apps like Self, basically, a loan lending service provider that works with a narrative different from other service providers of the same category.

What makes this app a great way to build credit is its method of working. Using the Possible app, one can apply for installment loans and for payday loan alternatives as well.

The main purpose of using a credit card is to use money from the bank that we can pay back later with interest.

Best Apps like Self

However, some money lending authorities or payday lenders tend to trap customers in payday loan traps where loan terms can be quite hard to deal with and APRs can be in the 1000% range. Moreover, borrowing money from them and paying it back on time rarely has any impact on credit score.

People targeted by such payday loan lenders are often those with low credit scores that believe their credit score may improve once they pay off their payday loan on time.

Possible Finance works differently from such payday lenders and doesn’t practice ways that don’t value financial fairness. What makes Possible Finance a great credit builder is the fact that people can pay off their loans a lot more easily when compared to other leading service providers.

Possible Finance and its app Possible work like a charm and are quick to lend payday loan alternatives  & installment loans. With a fairly competitive APR and easy ways to make the payments of the loans, Possible Finance ensures the financial well-being of its customers.

One of the best features that you get in this app is that you can extend the due payment for up to 29 days in the Possible app in case you find yourself unable to make it on time.

One can easily bring their credit score up by availing these payday loan alternatives/installment loans and paying them off gradually over the course of a year or two. These short loans are easy to avail of and to pay back as well.

Possible Finance contacts concerned bureaus and informs them every time someone pays their payment on time which causes their credit score to gradually go up. Loan repayment on time is basically what matters the most when it comes to raising a credit score, and this tool helps you achieve that in a fairly convenient way.

Using Possible Finance gives you a way out of a ruthless debt cycle where your credit score stays low and you keep wondering why it isn’t going up. It doesn’t charge any fees or interest whatsoever.

It doesn’t matter what your credit history is, you can always get a loan of up to 500 USD in this tool that you can pay in small installments, and the app even lets you delay them for a set time period. this app does have its prerequisites though.

A driver’s license and a steady cash flow are needed to avail a loan from this self alternative. Possible Finance is best for people with a low credit score and gives them an opportunity to increase it in an efficient way without getting involved in troublesome debt cycles.

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2. MoneyLion

MoneyLion is a vast service provider that isn’t just limited to being an aid for increasing your credit score. It is a very similar apps like Self that offers a number of financial services that let users bank digitally.

Aside from getting a credit card, you can also open savings and a checking account with this self alternative.

In simpler terms, MoneyLion is a massive digital banking service that works quite efficiently and keeps the charges/fees fairly limited.

Best Apps like Self 1

Using MoneyLion as your primary banking service would mean that you’re going entirely digital which has its own set of perks. What makes this app special and unique is the fact that it comes with certain rewards with its facilities that are really helpful.

This includes debit card rewards and much more. In terms of features, MoneyLion offers a variety of them, but an early paycheck and a cash advance service are what make this tool a leading financial service provider.

The early paycheck feature lets you get your paycheck two days earlier. The digital banking services MoneyLion provides have very limited fees on them which is a great thing.

As mentioned earlier, this app is a vast service provider, and that becomes obvious when people learn that they can use this self alternative as an online broker too. Yes, that’s right. MoneyLion provides personal investing services as well, and that too with zero management fees. 

As for the credit building part, this app is known for providing these credit building loans themselves as they’re a digital banking service after all.

Similar to Possible Finance, your loan doesn’t get released to you immediately. However, a part of it is made available to you which makes this tool more similar to Self.

A checking account in a decent state is what’s required to be eligible for such a loan from MoneyLion, and the maximum credit builder loan one can get can be up to 1000 USD.

The three crucial credit bureaus, TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax are the authorities responsible for keeping track of credit scores and their fluctuations.

Any credit score builder loan and its repayments are reported to them and that is how a credit score increases or decreases. MoneyLion does the same. It reports timely repayments of a loan to the three credit bureaus and that is how credit scores of borrowers begin steadily going up.

One of the best perks of using this app for credit building is that they don’t look at a person’s credit when they apply for a loan, so even someone with a poor credit score can avail of a loan with ease.

This is really convenient for those people with poor credit scores who wish to raise them. Like any other lender, there are some prerequisites that you need to clear before you can avail of a credit-building loan from this service.

One should have a history of successful payments and a consistent income flow with a checking account that is older than 60 days. These are the only criteria that a person needs to meet. 

However, there is one thing to take note of while using MoneyLion. You need to pay a membership fee to access these credit building loans, and you’ll need to pay an additional sum of money along with your repayment of the loan. This makes the loan repayment a lot more expensive.

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There are a lot of ways to build up your credit score and maintain it, but there are some really creative ways of doing it, and using LOQBOX is one of them.

The way this app works is really unique and may appeal to many who wish to save and raise their credit simultaneously. To begin with this creative way of saving and building credit simultaneously, you are first asked the amount you wish to save on a monthly basis.

A loan account is opened for storing your money, and your saving payment per month goes into this account. The loan itself comes with 0% APR, and your loan repayment is actually the money that goes into your savings account.

The amount you decide to save per month is your loan payment, and with every successful loan payment, a report is sent to the three credit bureaus.

LOQBOX provides users with a creative and efficient way to save and grow their credit scores. People can notice the improvements in their credit score if they make sure that they continue to pay their monthly ‘savings’ without fail. 

However, it is crucial to take note that LOQBOX also keeps holding your loan for the decided time period, and it charges a rough amount of about 40 USD to transfer it to any bank account of your choice after you’ve repaid the entire amount of your loan.

Also, you should be aware of the fact that you won’t be getting any interest for the saved money, which you would have earned if you opened a savings account in a bank.

Aside from that, failing to pay the loan repayment will hurt your credit score, and you’ll fail at saving the decided sum of money that month as well.

LOQBOX is really secure, trusted, and has its own perks, but in the end, it is one of the best apps like Self to that offers loan lending services.

You’ll have to ensure that you complete your monthly repayments unless you are sure that you can risk getting your credit score a bit low and recover from it soon enough.

4. Grow Credit

Grow Credit is yet another super creative way to increase your credit score significantly. Rather than lending a loan, this app helps you raise your credit score by making use of the payments for your monthly subscriptions.

Sounds amusing right? Using Grow Credit to boost your credit score can help you avail of many financial services including loans a lot easier.

Best Apps like Self 2

Using this platform is a piece of cake. All you need to do is make a Grow Credit account, add your monthly subscriptions to it, and make sure to pay them each month using this self alternative MasterCard debit card.

It is a totally hassle-free process where you don’t need to borrow a loan, and worry about repaying it on time on a monthly basis to raise your credit score. 

Grow Credit has services for over a hundred subscriptions, all you need to do is select yours among them and pay them from this service MasterCard.

Just like any other credit-building application, Grow Credit reports every successful payment to the three credit bureaus which aids in steadily boosting your credit score.

Grow Credit offers its services in a total of 3 plans, where you can avail yourself up to an 1800 USD annual limit, and each plan covers numerous subscriptions and other services.

You need a bank account, SSN, and a bunch of other formalities to qualify for availing of one of Grow Credit’s plans. The only con of using Grow credit app that can change your views about it is that it also reports late fee payments that can hurt your credit score in more than one way.

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5. Kikoff – Build Credit Quickly

There are many loan lending and financial apps like Self that claim to offer low-rate loans.

As we discussed earlier, these lenders target people with poor credit scores and trap them in a vicious debt cycle where their credit score won’t budge a bit even though they make regular payments. However, with Kikoff, building credits has become a lot easier than it ever was. 

This app targets the aspects crucial for deciding a credit score and is really efficient at boosting it. Kikoff offers loans that get approved quickly and have low rates & charges.

5 Best Alternative Apps Like Self To Build Credit & Savings

People using this platform get the option of using their debit card to pay their monthly repayments, and upon every successful repayment, this app reports it to the credit bureaus responsible for managing credit scores.

However, there are some cons to using Kikoff as well. The first and the most important one is the fact that people can only make purchases from the KickoFF store.

The loan limit is capped at 500 USD, and this service deducts 5% of monthly repayment when a person fails to pay it on time. It has its pros and cons, but it is a great way to build your credit score if you can manage to complete your payments on time every month. 

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A credit score is of great importance to every individual with a credit card, and maintaining a healthy credit score is even more crucial. A good credit score will be your ally in multiple situations where money is of primary concern.

Among the many ways to raise credit score, using apps like Self have their own perks. In this article, we learned about applications and service providers similar to Self that help you grow your credit score efficiently while providing you with some other rewarding services.

With that being said, we’ll be wrapping this article up with hopes that you found your ally for growing your credit score.