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9 Best Apps Like TutuApp For 3rd-party Apps and Games

As technology advances and we move more towards the virtual and digital world, our dependence on different devices seems to be increasing by the day. We have become highly dependent on machines, appliances, and devices, and they have all made our lives easier and better. 

Now, that being said about devices, one device that we cannot seem to cut ourselves from is mobile phones. Smartphones are little wonders in our pockets, capable of doing almost everything.

From making a simple call to sending and receiving email, messages, and other communications via different sources and applications, to setting alarms, listening to music, tracking fitness, carrying notes, playing games, and this list could be endless; you can do everything on a mobile phone.

However, most of these things require you to have different applications which are downloadable from APKs and play stores. Now, while it is extremely easy to download applications from APKs, getting the applications that you need from the Play Store can be quite tricky and difficult.

First of all, there are different play stores for different operating systems. Android phones come with Google Play Store, Apple devices come with Apple Play Store, and Windows phones come with Windows Play Store.

Now, all of these play stores are different from one another, and what you can find on one play store might not be available on another. Additionally, some applications might be paid, even for the initial download and installation.

So, you face a lot of limitations when you download applications from the official Play Store. Now, this makes you wonder if there was one play store where you could get it all, everything, without any limitations and without a price to pay. Well, luckily enough, someone heard and paid heed to your wonders by launching Tutuapp.

Tutuapp is a play store application that you can use to download and install other applications and programs irrespective of your device’s operating system.

Moreover, the application is absolutely free, and you can download all the other applications without paying a penny either.

However, as useful as this application is, it is an ordinary thing that many users have run into some technical problems, issues, and difficulties.

But there is a convenient solution around that with many other apps like Tutuapp. Let us have a chance to acquaint you with some of the best of them.

Best Apps Like Tutuapp – Our Top Pick👌👌

Having a gateway to download and use any application on your phone without any restrictions or the need to pay for them is always great.

Tutuapp provides you with this gateway. However, it comes with its fair share of problems which are mainly technical issues in the running of the application.

Now, while there are problems with this app, there’s nothing that you can’t do to solve them, especially when you can find many other apps like Tutuapp.

Here, in this article, we have listed some of the best applications that you can use as alternatives to the Tutuapp. Let’s get to the list of the options you have without any further ado.

Please note that these applications are not mentioned in any order of ranking and are just some options for you to try out.

1. vShare App

If you are a gamer who wants to play paid games, however, without paying for them, then the vShare application is the solution that you will love.

Not only does this application helps you download paid gaming applications for free, but you can find any application or software on this app.

Once you do, all you need to do is click on the “Get” button, and the free version of the application shall be downloaded to your phone. However, before you can start using this application on your iOS or Android device, you will have to authorize it using a PC or laptop.

Best Apps Like Tutuapp

Once you have done that, there shall no longer be a need for authorization, and you can keep downloading and using free versions of this application on your device.

However, while the application is great to get an application for free, you need to know and understand that not all applications that you download from this tool shall work well on your device, especially if you have an iOS device. Moreover, constant use of this application can even lead to the blocking of your Apple id.

Besides that, many times, this application automatically logs you out, and then you have to reconnect it by doing the authorization through your PC. So, that’s another problem.

Also, since it is pirated software, you will have to change some settings in your device, which can lead to the leaking of your private and personal data.

Nonetheless, there is always a workaround with these applications, and you can maintain the security of your data even as you use this application.

All you need to do is be careful in your usage of this application, and it would turn out to be an excellent application to meet your needs and requirements for using other paid applications on your device free of cost.

2. AppEven

Another application like the Tutuapp that you can use to download free versions of paid games, applications, software, and programs is the AppEven application. This application looks just like the official Play Store, except that it’s quite difficult to navigate through it.

Nonetheless, the user interface of this application is pretty sleek and simple and quite like the other play stores only.

Best Apps Like Tutuapp 1

So, while the navigation is difficult due to the applications not being categorized as per their functions, purpose, and genre, you can go to the search bar and easily find the application you are looking for by typing its name in there.

Once you find the application, all you have to do is tap on the install button, and the application will get installed on your device. The best part about AppEven is that you don’t even have to create a separate account in it. You can directly start using this application. 

However, one small problem with this application is that it comes with download and installation limits.

So, you need to be very careful in choosing the applications that you are installing using AppEven and make sure that you only install the ones that are utterly necessary, and you have no other way of getting them except this tool.

3. PPHelper

PPHelper is yet another on the list of the best Apps Like TutuAppand a Chinese application that allows you to download free versions of different software and applications on your Android and iOS devices.

The application is pretty sleek and easy to use unless you run into difficulties with the language barrier. Since it is a Chinese application, its entire user interface is designed in the Chinese language. Nonetheless, you can fix this problem by using some common Windows operating system tools.

9 Best Apps Like TutuApp For 3rd-party Apps and Games

Once you’re able to fix the language barrier, you can easily search for the applications that you wish to have on your device and download them from this application.

One thing worth noting about this application is that all the applications that you get from here are hacked versions of the original paid ones.

So, it might be possible that those applications wouldn’t get updated or would just stop working on your device after a certain period of time.

However, it’s still a good time you shall have with those applications. Something is always better than nothing, after all. If getting the paid applications is a problem, then trying this application to get the hacked version for free would definitely be a good deal.

Another thing that you need to remember when using the PPHelper application is that you need to be patient. Sometimes the application may run into difficulties, and your downloads and installations shall not begin instantly.

In such scenarios, give it a little while and then try again. The applications will get downloaded then and shall be ready to use.

4. AppValley

If you are the user of an Apple device like an iPhone or iPad, you know how frustrating it can be to find the right applications for your needs and requirements.

The Apple Play Store comes with many restrictions as to application downloads. Additionally, most of the applications on the Apple Play Store are paid. Now, App Valley is a viable solution to all this trouble.

AppValley is a play store application specifically cut out and designed for Apple users so that they can have access to any application they want and that too without having to pay even a dime for it.

This application can replace the Apple Play Store in its entirety, and that too for good. The application doesn’t need any registration or even your Apple id or jailbreaking. You can directly start downloading and using the applications from this tool for free. 

The application has a clean and sleek user interface that is much in resemblance with the official Apple Play Store. This adds to the ease of using this tool.

With all of this, you get an edge since you are no longer restricted from downloading the applications on your Apple devices. Additionally, you never need to pay for them. So, it’s a win-win for you.

In addition to this unlimited access to applications for free, this tool also comes with a VIP status that you can use to block unwanted and unsolicited advertisements.

Besides that, you can get regular updates for the applications and other functionalities like clearing cache memory to keep the storage space optimal.

With all of this, we can say that AppValley is the most feature-rich app like Tutuapp, with almost no drawback whatsoever, and if you are an Apple user, you shall love putting this application to use.

5. BlackMart Alpha

Another great play store application that can give you free access to your favorite paid applications is the BlackMart Alpha.

The application is built and designed for Android users, and the great thing about it is that it seems even better than the official Google Play Store application.

This application has a very clean and sleek user interface, with all the applications divided into different categories as per their type and genre. With that, it’s easier to find the application that you are looking for.

Best Apps Like Tutuapp 3

Additionally, you can readily and instantly start using BlackMarket Alpha to download free versions of paid applications. There is no need for any account creation or even registration. That saves you a lot of time and effort.

Another great thing about this application is that its developers constantly keep working in the backend to come with new features, functionalities, and updates.

So, there is always something new to look forward to in BlackMarket Alpha, and it just keeps getting better with time.

The only possible problem that you might encounter with this application is that it doesn’t pass all the applications that you are trying to download from it. As such, you may face difficulty getting free versions of some applications.

Also, sometimes, this application acts up, and the downloads don’t get initiated instantly. This can happen regardless of the fact that you are in a perfectly good network connection zone.

So, you may have to wait for the installation to complete and, in some cases, even abandon the installation process and begin it again. So, you need to be very patient as you use Blackmart Alpha.

Nonetheless, if you have figured out being patient with using the application, then it’s a perfectly good application for you, especially when you want a way to try out paid applications before you buy them, or you can probably decide to not buy them at all if you are content with the free versions that you got from BlackMart Alpha.

6. Appcake

Another great application for Apple users to get paid applications for free without jailbreaking is Appcake. This application is clean, sleek, and simple. With its extremely user-friendly interface, anyone can master this application in a matter of a few minutes.

The application has a variety of free versions of paid applications that you can download and start using.

9 Best Apps Like TutuApp For 3rd-party Apps and Games

The applications are all divided into different categories, so navigating through them and finding just the application that you are looking for is easy too. Moreover, you can use the search options to look for the applications of your need.

However, this application is not built for you to use paid applications for free for a long time. This is just a way for the users to get a free trial of paid applications before they finally buy them.

So, if you are looking for a solution that will grant you indefinite free access to paid content and applications, then Appcake might not be the solution for you. 

The application was only built with the purpose of allowing users to try paid applications, and any prolonged usage of these free versions of applications can lead to copyright infringement actions that come with civil charges.

So, unless you want to end up paying a lot of money for wrong application usage, you shall have to be careful while using this application and download only the applications that you plan to buy in the future.

And if you are not satisfied enough to buy them, it shall be only wise on your part to cut off the usage of the free version downloaded from Appcake as well.

7. Aptoide

If there is one application that is the most similar in its features and functionalities and fits in the category for the best apps like Tutuapp, then it is Aptoide.

This application consists of almost every feature of the Tutuapp, and this very fact makes it the most convenient and usable app like Tutuapp.

This play store application allows you to easily download and install the applications of your choice without needing to pay even a penny for them.

9 Best Apps Like TutuApp For 3rd-party Apps and Games

Additionally, this application shows you the apps that you already have on your device and whether or not there are any updates for the same. 

But that’s just not it about the Aptoide application. In addition to offering you applications for usage, this application even serves as a platform for the developers to market and promote their applications.

Any developer can register their applications on this app and leave it for use by the users. Considering this marketplace functionality of the Aptoide app, it is not at all surprising that it is a store of more than seven hundred thousand applications, and the number keeps growing with time.

In addition to different applications, Aptoide also has different stores created by the developers. You can subscribe to the stores of your choice and get regular updates of new applications being introduced within those stores.  

With that, there is no limitation to the number of applications that you can use and download from Aptoide, and one thing with the usage of this application that you can be assured about is that you shall never get bored.

Considering all these factors, Aptoide seems like the most robust and feature-rich application that you can use as a great alternative to the Tutuapp.

All you need to do is download the application, register yourself on it, and start using it as per your comfort and convenience.

8. Tweakbox

Another application designed for iOS users to get different applications free of cost is Tweakbox. This application is built with unique features and functionalities and offers multiple options to use the applications without needing to pay for them.

The application has free versions of most of the paid applications in the Apple Store. You can simply download those free versions from Tweakbox and start using them.

Additionally, Tweakbox comes with its own parent applications that you may not even find on the Apple Store. These applications offer you a good outlet to try something new and entertaining.

9 Best Apps Like TutuApp For 3rd-party Apps and Games

Moreover, you can even get the basic applications with advanced features on Tweakbox. These are applications like Whatsapp, Youtube, etc., and in Tweakbox, they are tweaked for their features and functionalities so that you may enjoy them in a better fashion.

For instance, you can even look at the deleted messages on Whatsapp, or watch the deleted stories, etc.

Also, if you are a gaming enthusiast, then you shall love this application considering the fact that it offers hacked versions of different games, and you can get them all for free and even with some more advanced features and functionalities.

The only problem with this application is that it requires prior registration, which can be pretty time-consuming. Additionally, there are not really many applications in Tweakbox, and you may miss out on a lot of applications that are easily available over the Play Store.

So, basically, the application directory of this platform is shorter, but you can just get through if some applications with newer functionalities and features are all you fancy. For the rest of the applications, you can always rely on the official play store.

9. 9Apps

Now, this is not exactly similar to the apps like Tutuapp; however, with its unique features and functionalities, it’s still worth a mention. This application is designed to help you know the applications on the play store that are worth your time. 

9Apps scans through the free applications in Google Play Store and creates a filtered list of options for you to try out.

This list is created based on user preferences and other reviews of the application. So, whatever suggestions you get from this application are worth a download.

Best Apps Like Tutuapp 7

However, a list of suggestions is all you get from 9Apps. Once you click on the suggestions, the application redirects you to the official play store. So, if you are looking for a solution to get free versions of applications, then this might not serve your purpose.

Final Words

So, these are all different apps like Tutuapp that you can use to get your favorite applications for free. Of course, there are always some limitations, and some of these applications may even pose a risk to your personal data and information.

So, as you use these applications, you may want to be careful. Nonetheless, it’s good exposure for trying out paid applications, and once you are satisfied, you can probably get the paid versions from the official app stores!