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11 Of The Best Apps To Learn German – Reviewed


German is known to be one of the best languages in the world. You may have had it in your courses or study material either for your higher studies or just high school.

It has become very common these days where students prefer to learn German as their second language.

Technology has made everything a lot easier than one would think it to be. Learning anything online has become an easy task. Similarly, if you are looking to learn German, you can select from the list of best apps to learn german we have curated down below.

Well, these are not only german learning apps but also helps you learn any languages you want. Simply choose one that may seem perfect for your device and get started.

A lot of people may have said that learning a second language can be a little difficult since you are starting from scratch. This is where such apps play a big role as they make everything seem very easy and you hardly feel any difficulty at all.

Let us get started.

Best Apps To Learn German: Our Top Pick 👌

1. DuoLingo

When it comes to selecting a free app to learn the German language, we always recommend DuoLingo. It is free, the interface is excellent and you have everything you have been looking for while you learn.

Best Apps To Learn German

The entire process is fun and helps you gain points on the go. There are over 8M active learners on the app that are only learning German. You can enroll in it very easily.

All you need to do is download the app on your smartphones and make your account on it. There are no hidden charges so you need not worry as well. Choose the language you want to learn. Add as many as you would want all for free.

Start the course and spend any amount of time on it to learn more. As you progress, a lot of chapters or lessons will be unlocked like in gameplay.

After each lesson, you complete that includes vocabulary, phrases, speech, sentences, etc based on multiple categories such as Travel, family, food, etc the app rewards you with points to keep you encouraged.

In fact, if you are stuck on some words, this intelligent app allows repetition so that nothing is left behind. Furthermore, with the discussion panel, you can connect with other people as well and get your queries solved.


  • Free of cost for everyone
  • Excellent interface and learning experience
  • Learn vocabulary as well as speech
  • Helps you keep track of your progress
  • User-friendly and stunning design


Platform Availability

Android (Download Here), iOS (Download Here), Website


Free of Cost, and Duolingo Plus (ad-free)- $9.99 / month

2. Speechling

Have you heard of it yet? Speechling is yet another popular app that allows you to learn all the languages free of cost.

This app or the platform is very unique as it not only gives valuable lessons but also connects you with coaches or native speakers of the German language that will not only help you learn but also speak with you directly. There are 1000’s of coaches from multiple languages that are ready to get going with the process.

Speechling: Speak Languages Better

To learn any language you not only need to learn the words and the vocabulary but also need to learn how to speak in German. It is better for everyone who is traveling or students looking to study abroad.

There are 10 languages listed on the site that you can learn i.e. German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, English, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian. It is a non-profit organization and has been covering over 156 countries.

Also, the process starts as soon as you start listening to the professional voice instructor. After this, you would be recording your voice by repeating what the instructor said and sending it right away.

Your coach will then analyze it by correcting the grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc. Similarly, you can continue with this and learn a lot.


  • Excellent for pronunciation and diction
  • 1000’s professionals are available
  • Extremely simple and user friendly
  • Learn to speak the language quickly
  • Free of cost


  • Very few courses are available
  • Doesn’t teach grammar

Platform Availability:-

Android (Download Here), iOS (Download Here), Website


Free of Cost, and Premium- $19.99 / month

3. Drops

Drops have been one of our top recommendations for every other language you would want to learn. It is undoubtedly one of the best apps to learn german and you can learn a lot apart from just basic vocabulary.

Learning Dutch with Drops - Nelson Dellis Works With His Mom

Drops are available for both iOS & Android and you can easily download it without any hesitation. There are over 35 languages that you can select other than German. Tons of courses to learn from that are rich in vocabulary, grammar, and a lot more.

The most interesting aspect of the app is that apart from simple learning, it provides you with a fun way to learn the language using certain games.

To learn a lot more easily and conveniently, the app helps you connect with a lot of native speakers that will help you learn more on travel topics. Study new words & phrases with beautiful, mnemonic illustrations.

On the app or the website, you have been provided with a visual dictionary, where you can easily translate words from one language to another that will be great if you have been traveling to another German-speaking country and so you would not need a handy dictionary every time. Furthermore, all you need to do is spare only five minutes every day.


  • Cross-Platform Availability
  • 35+ languages to learn
  • Set daily reminder
  • Connect with native speakers
  • Visual Dictionary available


  • No basic info about languages on the app
  • Contains random unrelated words

Platform Availability

Android (Download Here), iOS (Download Here), Website


Free of cost, Premium Subscription: $9.99 (monthly), $69.99 (yearly), and $159.99 (Lifetime)

4. Wie Geht’s German

Wie Geht’s German is a superb application that will help you learn German in the best manner possible. It has been specifically designed for you to learn German at multiple levels i.e. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Grammar, Travel, Medical, and Business.

Best Apps To Learn German

It has a lot more lessons and courses that you will find in any other app. Some of the courses available are Meeting people, colors, family, food, human body, etc. All the words, numbers, grammar, etc have been mentioned.

The web app has a listing of multiple german trainers that are available to help you learn and speak german easily.

Also, it is not free and you may have to pay them on an hourly basis. In fact, if you know someone who is looking to earn some extra money and are excellent in a certain language they can apply here too as a trainer.

To save your progress, you can choose to sign-up on the application and then log in to continue further. Enroll in the course and start learning immediately. Well. everything is free of cost and you may only need to pay for the professional language speakers.

Based on the skill level, the app allows you to learn phase so that you have learned everything by the end of the day.


  • Free courses and training
  • Multiple course teachers available (Paid)
  • Number of skill sets based on experience on the app
  • Sign up to save all your progress
  • Easy to learn and navigate


  • The design could have been better
  • No visual dictionary is available

Platform Availability

iOS (Download Here), Website


Free of cost, Based on the Instructor (Paid)

5. HelloTalk

HelloTalk is a unique application that allows users to connect with native speakers from around the world. With the powerful concept, you can learn over more than 100 languages.

Join HelloTalk to Talk to the World, For Free!

As you know it is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices so that no user is left behind. Apart from this, there are over 18M+ members that you can opt to chat with from all around the world. Not only can you use the app to connect with coaches but also other learners.

If you are comfortable with any kind of communication, you can choose to text, voice recordings, voice calls, video calls, and even send doodles via the app to your speaker.

Searching for a suitable language partner is even easier using the app. Choose the right person from the list that involves professionals from all over the world.

The Moments section is perfect for you to write down a query about the language you are learning. All the native speakers are on the platform and can easily help you solve your query within seconds.

After you have downloaded the app on your smartphone, you can scan the QR code and start using it directly on your PC or laptop.


  • The interface is brilliant and ready to be used
  • Cross-platform app
  • Connect with a native speaker in seconds
  • Highly interactive
  • Chat via texts, voice calls, video calls, and doodles.


  • Hardly any course available
  • The free plan allows learning one language

Platform Availability

iOS (Download Here) and Android (Download Here)


Free to learn one language and $25/Lifetime

6. FluentU

We have another superb app that is perfect to learn German. It is available for all Android as well as iOS users easily. You can use it for free for only 14 days as a trial version after which you will have to buy the plan to continue learning further.

Learn a language with music videos, movie trailers, news, and inspiring talks!

In fact, not only does it allow you to learn German but every other popular language in the world. It has this amazing way to learn the language that is not limited to only courses or direct contact with the speakers.

The team has gathered a massive list of videos containing movie trailers, commercials, music videos, business, co0king, training, etc.

Anything that can interest is included in the list and everything is in German so that you can learn visually and learn how to speak or pronounce each word you may see or hear every day. Furthermore, all the words spoken in the videos have English subtitles so that the learning process is perfect.

It has a unique way of learning German vocabulary that contains visuals from real-life experiences. You can simply keep aside your dictionaries and books and learn German in the best manner possible.

If at all you are traveling and do not have access to the internet, you can download the Audio dialogues and learn German offline.


  • 1000+ videos to learn German
  • Videos contain subtitles in English to learn comfortably
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Platform Independent


  • Limited courses available
  • No verbal lessons present

Platform Availability

Android (Download Here), iOS (Download Here), Website

Pricing :

Free Trial (14 Days), Basic Plan ($20/month), School Plan (Customization)

7. Rosetta Stone

One of the popular apps that have made an impact with its approach and understanding in every language you can think of. Not only can you learn German efficiently but also English, Spanish, French, Japanese, etc.

Welcome to Rosetta Stone

Although it is not entirely free you can try it out for a few days, we would say the money is worth spending on. If you feel you are unable to afford it you can avail of special discounts on Student and Military discounts.

Rosetta has experience of 25+ years in helping people learn languages in very depth. The lessons begin with the letter that you will learn from scratch and progress further up with proper vocabulary.

If you are new to this, you will know that German vocabulary can be a little messy and so it needs proper understanding which you can easily see on this app.

There is no shortcut to learning so Rosetta has added the real-life experience in its vocabulary so that it is highly immersive and informative. 

Not only can you learn to practice the words but also how to speak them. There is no point in learning a language if you cannot talk in it the proper way or pronounce the words.

Some of the lessons found app includes German Phrases, modal verbs, expressions & greetings, pronunciation, prepositions, etc.


  • Excellent for beginners
  • Very intuitive app
  • The Interface is brilliant on both computer and Mobile
  • Online tutoring sessions are available
  • Immersive and very interactive


  • Repetitive content at times
  • Not for high-level learning

Platform Availability

Android (Download Here), iOS (Download Here), Website


Free Trial, Premium- $11.99/month (3 months), $9.99/month(12 months), $6.99/month (24 months), $199 (Lifetime)

8. Busuu

If you want to learn German on a rather intelligent application that uses AI integration, well there is nothing better than Busuu. We loved the app since it is cross-platform compatible and easy to download.

Best Apps To Learn German

Moreover, its basic idea is to help you connect with native speakers from all around the world or those that are near to you. As of now, you can learn as many as 12+ languages along with German. Why settle for one when you have so many options as well to go for.

With the use of machine learning technology and AI, expert linguistics have created over 1000+lessons such as personalized study plans and speech recognition.

There are tons of courses that are free of cost but not entirely since you need to pay for the subscription for long-term association. As we had said you can even connect with the native speakers and also other learners to solve your queries about anything.

Simply give 10 minutes of your time every single day and that is all. Use the app to schedule your time to learn German and it will notify you like an alarm so that you do not miss out on the learning time.

Moreover, there are different levels that you can achieve i.e. Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, and Upper-Intermediate. You can even track your progress as you complete each course and reward yourself likewise.


  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Powered by AI and machine learning
  • Easy to schedule learning time
  • Multiple level learning
  • Tons of courses and lessons available


  • The free plan has too many limitations
  • Cannot shut off notifications

Platform Availability

Android (Download Here), iOS (Download Here), Website


Free Trial

Premium Plan- € 9,99 / month, € 5,83 / month, € 5,41 / month

Premium Plus Plan- € 10,99 / month, € 6,66 / month, € 6,24 / month

9. Brainscape

If you wish to learn German verbs in the best manner possible you can download the Brainscape app that uses flashcards to help you through.

11 Of The Best Apps To Learn German - Reviewed

The algorithm used on the app is scientifically optimized that will produce flashcards based on your answers and the confidence you have while you work on it.

Each verb has been taken in all forms with proper meaning. You can even get the English translation from the very basic to advanced.

Once you have started to learn on the app, it constantly gives you necessary feedback and visualization tools that help you keep track of your progress and improve further.

German Verbs contains over 2,200 flashcards across 8 decks organized on the app for your convenience. Although it is not entirely free, you can simply try it out for some time to get an idea and buy the plan for full access.

In fact, if you are an educator, you are free to apply on the platform and connect with learners from around the world and make your own flashcards.

Not only will you find verbs but also nouns, colors, driving, lifestyle, and everything else one can learn. There are millions of learners on the site who are learning simply German.


  • Card repetition is useful
  • Create your own cards for convenience
  • User-interface is very easy to use
  • Create your own course as a teacher
  • Great for beginners as well as professionals


  • Not free of cost
  • Not easy to add multimedia to cards

Platform Availability

Android (Download Here), iOS (Download Here), Website


Free Trial and Pro Plan- $9.99/month (monthly), $6.99/month (semester), $4.99 (Yearly), and $129.99 (Lifetime)

10. Babbel

Babbel is an exceptionally amazing app to learn German and the design is great. There are a total of 12 languages that you can learn including German.

It combines all the features that you are looking for. You can learn from the courses and lessons but also connect with other native speakers or professionals to learn from them as well.

If you are a person who travels a lot. It is highly beneficial to learn how to speak in different languages and not only understand.

11 Of The Best Apps To Learn German - Reviewed

The free course has very limited access to the courses you have opted for. Only the first few lessons come under the free version after which there is a paid plan that you need to choose from.

There are 1000+ lessons based on realistic scenarios so that it is easier for every learner to connect with what they are learning. Apart from this, the interactive dialogues will help you prepare for a more conversational tone.

You may not take more than 10 minutes of your days since the courses are very small and very interactive as well. Simply log in or make your account and sync all the data.

If you log in on any of the devices you can start where you left off. You will love speech recognition therapy as well here that allows you to learn how to speak in German apart from just the courses making it a lot more realistic.


  • Easy to use and learn
  • Great design and interactive
  • Sync all your data across devices
  • Advanced use of technology
  • Takes on 10-15 mins each day


  • Free for the only first lesson
  • The interface isn’t the best

Platform Availability

Android (Download Here), iOS (Download Here), Website


Free for the first lesson, Subscription- $12.95/month, $8.95/month (3-month package), $7.45/month (6-month package), and $6.95/month (1-year package).

Final Thoughts

You can easily learn German using the apps above. There are a lot of best apps to learn German free such as this where it is super easy to learn as many languages as you need.

Some are free to use entirely while some may need a small deposit to get you started. It can help you interact with native speakers and connect you to people around the world.

If you are a traveler, it is always better to know other languages as well since the natives love when they get to speak with people who can understand them.

Furthermore, the apps do not cost a lot if that is what you are thinking. Being a student who is looking to shift to German-speaking countries, learning or trying to learn German is an excellent thing since you will be spending a lot of time there, and doing your daily activities makes it easier since you will be connecting with native people every day.