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11 Of The Best Audiophile Headphones For Gaming in 2022

The days are gone when FPS gaming used to be easy. Nowadays, if you want to give tough competition to your opponents, you have to invest in gaming gears to help you perform better.

And when we talk about high-performance gaming gears, what could be a better investment than audiophile headphones? The best audiophile headphones for gaming can offer you the highest quality audio listening experience.

The extremely precise audio produced by these audiophile headphones can help you detect every single movement of your enemies so that you can prepare yourself accordingly and have the upper hand during combat.

Using these headphones will not make you an FPS gaming pro, but it can give you some slight advantage in the clutch moments. And therefore, if you are serious about gaming, you should invest in good gaming audiophile headphones.

But picking the right headphones is not easy, especially when we have 100s of options in front of us. But you guys don’t have to worry about that because here, we have created a list of the best audiophile headphones that can help you find the best set of cans for you.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started on the Best Audiophile Headphones for Gaming:

Best Audiophile Headphones For Gaming 👌👌

Do note that these headphones mentioned in this list are only designed for one purpose – to produce high-fidelity audio. These are designed for audiophiles who don’t want to compromise with audio quality, and the price is not a concern. Therefore, the pricing of these sets of cans would be a bit on the higher side.

Further, you most likely won’t get fancy features such as a built-in microphone, flashy lights, hundreds of control buttons, and other stuff in audiophile headphones. But you will get a fantastic high-fidelity sound that you can never get with even a 1000$ gaming headset.

So, with that said, here is our first pick, and it is –

1. Audio Technica ATH-ADG1X Open-Air

Without a doubt, Audio Technica ATH-ADG1X is my favorite pick of the best audiophile headphones for gaming. Yeah, it is a gaming headset, not headphones, but it is my overall best pick because of the premium quality audio it produces.

Best Audiophile Headphones For Gaming
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Obviously, you cannot compare its audio with other premium Audio Technica headphones lineups such as ATH-AD2000X and others. But this headset offers the best price-to-performance ratio, and that’s why it is at the top of our list.

Talking about the audio quality, the 53 mm drivers installed in this headset produces a fantastic range of crisp, clear, and premium quality audio that provides you extremely clear mids, which could give you that extra advantage in FPS and other games.

The highs and lows are equally great, but when we talk about gaming, we need solid mids, which is the USP of this headset.

The open-air design used in this headset makes it highly comfortable while maintaining peerless crystal-clear sound quality. This headset is built with high-quality materials that offer robust build quality.

The improved 3D wing support system with incredibly soft earpads is made to give hours of comfort for extended gaming sessions. On top of that, it comes with Audio-Technica’s state-of-the-art directional microphone that can be controlled with a one-hand controller.

This headset is the cream of the crop for the best audiophile gaming headsets. It is specially designed for gamers, but you can also use it to enjoy high-quality music.

It has probably got everything that one might expect in an audiophile gaming headset. Therefore, I highly recommend you to go with this if you want an overall performer that offers the best value for money.


  • Immersive Soundstage
  • Well-balanced mids and highs
  • It comes with a microphone
  • Highly comfortable design


  • Slightly expensive
Review: Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X Open-Air Gaming Headset

2. Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro

Next, we have premium headphones coming from one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, Beyerdynamic. It seems that it has no flaws except the pricing, but that is the price you have to pay if you are an audiophile and don’t want to compromise on the audio quality.

Best Audiophile Headphones For Gaming 1
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Most of the build of these headphones is made of metal. It makes the headphones very sturdy and highly durable. The earcups and headband are made of high-tech textile leather and filled with memory foam that offers extreme comfort. The click-in-place design makes it easily adjustable as per the shape of your head and size.

The overall build appears very premium and eye-catchy. Despite having a metal build, these headphones don’t seem heavy at all.

What impressed me the most about these pairs of cans is that you can replace literally everything attached to the headphones. However, you won’t have to do that since these headphones come with two years of warranty.

For audio production, DT 1990 Pro comes with 45 mm dynamic Tesla neodymium drivers that reproduce a frequency response ranging from 5 Hz to 40 kHz.

This extremely diversified frequency response lets you listen to every bit of audio very crisp and clear. The drivers produce brilliant highs, very detailed mids, and extremely precise bass that helps you get the upper hand while gaming.

And not only for gaming in general, but even if you are a professional music producer or an audiophile, these headphones by Beyerdynamic are not going to disappoint you at all.

That said, these headphones have one big drawback, and that is these headphones are a bit power-hungry. If you want to unleash the best potential of these headphones, you have to invest in the hardware for them.

Plus, these headphones are already a bit costly, so you need a big budget if you are going with this.


  • Premium sound quality
  • Robust build
  • Replaceable parts
  • Comfortable design
  • Two-year warranty


  • Power-hungry
  • No noise cancellation
  • Pricey
Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro Review: Big, Built, but TOO Bright??

3. Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR

If you are on a tight budget and looking for the best bang for the buck, Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR could be the perfect choice for you.

These sets usually get sold for under $150, and I doubt you can get anything better than these headphones at this price point. Plus, it comes from a brand that has gained a good reputation in recent years.

Best Audiophile Headphones For Gaming 2
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To make these headphones cost-effective, Philips has compromised the build quality of the headphones. Mostly, these budget-friendly audiophile headphones are made of plastic, but it feels pretty dense and robust.

To make it sturdier, they have added some touches of metal that make it slightly more durable than other cheaper headphones.

However, due to the excessive use of plastic and to make it more sturdy, Philips has made it a bit bulkier in design. If you are used to wearing gaming headsets, you won’t feel any difference, but if you have used any premium audiophile headphones, the design might disappoint you. Overall, design-wise, these Philips headphones are okay.

But the section where these headphones really shine is the audio profile. The sound output of these headphones can easily beat any top-level gaming headset.

The 50 mm neodymium drivers with Philip’s Layered Motion Control diaphragm used in these headphones produce a well-balanced and accurate audio output.

It offers a very neutral sound profile with exceptionally crisp and flat mid-range, making it suitable for various genres, especially gaming.

Although the headphones lack a bit of low bass and the treble range is uneven at some points, these are not going to be a deal-breaker, especially when you are primarily looking for audiophile headphones for gaming purposes.

If you are tight on budget and still want to experience audiophile headphones, this is the perfect option for you.


  • Balanced sound profile
  • Comfortable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Large soundstage


  • A bit heavy and bulky
  • Gamers with big heads or glasses wearers might feel it a little tight

4. SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you must be aware of how big a fan I am of these gaming headsets. It is very safe to say that these are probably my favorite gaming headsets of all time.

I bought this headset in 2018, and these headsets just took my heart. So, pardon me if you feel that I am getting a bit biased for these wireless sets of cans.

Best Audiophile Headphones For Gaming 3
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The frame of the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless gaming headset is made of lightweight steel and aluminum alloy. The earcups and rest of the build are made of high-quality plastic and aluminum alloy, while the headband is a mix of steel and premium woven ski goggle fabric.

The overall build of these headsets feels very strong and sturdy to withstand multiple accidental drops without any issue.

Earpads on the headset are made of athletic-inspired performance fabric named AirWeave that keeps your ears cool and dry without causing discomfort during prolonged gaming sessions.

The headset comes with two CR2 batteries housed in the right ear cup. On the left ear cup, you get an Arctis ClearCast bidirectional microphone that boasts a noise cancellation feature.

The batteries are capable of offering 20 hours of juice once fully charged, resulting in providing you with an interruption-free gaming session for longer durations. Plus, 2.4 GHz dual-wireless technology offers you a rock-solid lossless gaming audio experience.

The headsets can also be connected to mobile devices using Bluetooth, which is another trait of these audiophile headsets.

The sound profile of these headsets is pretty accurate and linear. It produces a very flat and excellently linear mid-range, making it a great choice for gamers.

However, the best thing about these headsets is that they let you tweak the equalizer according to your liking. For that, you can install SteelSeries Engine companion software that allows you to enable presets and customize graphical EQ.


  • Comfortable and durable design
  • Excellent audio and microphone performance
  • Impressive battery life
  • Two different wireless connection options – USB transmitter and Bluetooth


  • Poor noise isolation
  • Pricey
Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless - Best Gaming Headset in 2021?

5. SENNHEISER HD 660 S – Best closed back audiophile headphones for gaming

Sennheiser is probably one of the oldest manufacturers in the Hi-Fi electronic business. They are very good at understanding the needs of their users, and then they produce audio gears accordingly.

Although the open-backed cans from Sennheiser I am talking about are not flawless. It has some shortcomings, but still, these headphones are some of the best studio headphones that you can find in the market right now.

Best Audiophile Headphones For Gaming 4
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Let’s start with the build, these headphones are mostly built of plastic. It is a major drawback, in my opinion, but the plastic feels very premium and gives it a very sturdy design overall. It feels like it can survive some severe accidental drops without any issue.

Therefore, I will not criticize these headphones over their build as I think the build will not be a deal-breaker, especially when you look at other pros of these headphones.

Excessive use of plastic makes it very lightweight, and the open-back design allows airflow to the ears, keeping your ears dry and cool during long sessions.

The ear cups are relatively larger than average and filled with very soft cushions, making them very comfortable and breathable. The same cushion has been used in headband padding, resulting in supreme comfort even when you use it for hours.

The sound profile of these headphones is very crisp, the mids and the highs are very linear, and they offer a very neutral audio output. The treble of these cans is equally remarkable, but the bass is just okay.

The bass is good, consistent, and punchy, but it lacks a bit of thump and appears a bit muddy. These are indeed not the best audiophile headphones when it comes to bass, but it is one of the best for gaming.

That is because that additional thump of bass muffles finer details, and as a result, you get a confusing sound movement in FPS games.

But since the thump on these headphones is a bit linear, you can easily hear distant gunfire, footsteps, and reloading sounds from nearby players.

Therefore, I would highly recommend Sennheiser HD 660 S if you are looking for audiophile headphones for FPS gaming.


  • Excellent lows, mids, and highs
  • The sound performance is crisp and clear
  • Large soundstage
  • Highly comfortable


  • Sound leakage due to the open-back design
  • Bass could’ve been stronger
  • Slightly pricey

6. Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

Next, we have another headphone coming from the lineup of Beyerdynamic. However, this one is primarily designed for people looking for a budget-friendly option for audiophile gaming headphones from a reliable brand like Beyerdynamic.

If you are on a tight budget, these headphones can be a great choice as you can get this pair of cans for just less than $200.

Talking about the build, these headphones feature a closed-back design. The headband and frame are made of spring steel, ensuring that the headphones remain lightweight and very comfortable to wear without compromising their sturdiness.

11 Of The Best Audiophile Headphones For Gaming in 2022
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The ear design makes the headphones sit easily over your ear without causing any sort of discomfort.

The ear cups and headband are cushioned by a very soft, foamy fabric that allows you to wear these headphones for long periods without any soreness or discomfort.

The cushion material used in the ear cups and headband is breathable, resulting in stable airflow throughout that keeps your ear and head dry and cool.

The headphones come with three different impedance options, 32, 80, and 250 Ohms, allowing you to choose the headphones according to your specific needs. The 32 ohms are perfectly fine for non-amplified devices such as mobiles, tablets, and laptops.

In contrast, you can buy 250 Ohms for professional usage, but you will need additional power to get the best performance.

Sound-wise, these cans are incredibly great. It produces a very clean, crispy, and balanced audio output. The mids are solid, and the lows are great, but the sound gets blown out a bit when it comes to highs.

The highs are clear and balanced, but it lacks the crispiness, and it feels like you are pushing it too further. However, if you use a good sound card or DAC, you will not feel much difference.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro that earned it a spot in our list of Best Audiophile Headphones For Gaming in 2022.


  • Premium build quality
  • Impressive audio reproduction
  • Multiple impedance options
  • Very comfortable


  • Highs feel washed off a bit
  • Leaks audio at higher volume
DT 770 Pro 80ohm Review: STILL my Favorite Closed Back Under $200

7. AKG 712 PRO – Best open back audiophile headphones for gaming

AKG is another audio equipment manufacturer that has been in the industry for a very long time. It was founded back in 1947, and since then, they have been offering its expertise to the world.

The headphone that we have picked is from their professional headphones lineup. This headphone was initially introduced to the market in 2013, but it is popular among audiophiles even after eight years.

Best Audiophile Headphones For Gaming 6
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The build quality of these headphones is decent. It is certainly not the best you can get at this price, but it is not too bad either. Most of the body is made of premium plastic. The plastic quality is good; it feels sturdy, strong, and nicely designed, but it is a bit flimsy.

The good aspect of the design is that it features the detachable cable option so that after using headphones, you can detach the cable and put the case in a good place. Overall, you have to treat these headphones with care.

But if we talk about the comfort aspect, these headphones are incredibly comfortable. Because of the excessive use of plastic, these headphones are very lightweight.

As a result, the headband doesn’t pressure your head. The earcups are a little too large, making it an excellent choice for people who wear glasses or have big heads.

However, a section where AKG 712 Pro gives tough competition to its rivals is sound performance. These headphones deliver exceptionally great mids and highs, with a broad and spacious soundstage.

The low-end performance has been improved by 3dB for better and more powerful sound imaging. The bass it produces is surprisingly great, especially for open-back headphones.

All in all, I would say that AKG 712 Pro has a few drawbacks, and those are mostly related to its build. But on the other hand, these cans feature a lightweight design that is super comfortable for prolonged usage.

The sound output is among the best in the market, and most importantly, you can get these premium audiophile headphones for just $350. What else do you think you can get at this price, eh?

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The AKG 712 PRO that earned it a spot in our list of Best Audiophile Headphones For Gaming in 2022.


  • Great audio reproduction
  • Very comfortable design
  • Extra-wide soundstage
  • Very powerful and clean sound


  • Build quality could’ve been improved
  • It leaks audio a lot due to the open-back design

8. Audio Technica ATH-AD700X

The following headphones are again from Audio Technica, but this one primarily targets an audience who wants budget-friendly audiophile gaming headphones. At less than $120, these headphones offer the best price-to-performance ratio.

Plus, this set of cans looks very premium, feels great to wear, and provides the most comfortable audio listening experience.

Best Audiophile Headphones For Gaming 7
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The headphones feature an open-back design that looks identical to Audio Technica’s ATH-ADG1X. It gives a feel of using premium headphones.

However, the thing that caught my eye is the Bobbin-wound CCAW voice coils that Audio Technica has used in these headphones. The power requirement of these cans is just 38 Ohms, meaning that you can use these headphones with literally any device.

The frame of the headphones is made out of flexible metal tubes with two pads holding headphones to your head, very similar to what you see on AKG 712 Pro. However, the earpads are large and very well cushioned, which feels very comfortable and breathable.

The overall build is decent, and it could handle some minor drops. However, you have to be gentle with the headphones.

The sound profile is very similar to Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR. The 53 mm audio driver delivers very balanced mids and highs with a very crisp treble. The bass looks faded.

Although it is a drawback from the point of view of an audiophile, on the bright side, it is a major plus point for gamers.

We don’t need much bass invasion in FPS gaming because it can drown out footsteps and gunfire sounds. Therefore, if you are primarily looking for audiophile headphones for FPS gaming, the bass output should not be a deal-breaker.

But if you want a headphone that would be best at everything, it would not be a good choice for you.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Audio Technica ATH-AD700X that earned it a spot in our list of Best Audiophile Headphones For Gaming in 2022.


  • Great sound quality
  • Massive soundstage
  • Lightweight design
  • Extremely comfortable


  • Weak bass


EPOS and Sennheiser both are highly reputed names in the audio industry, and they introduced these headphones to the market when they were tied up together.

This product is a high-end gaming headset that works perfectly fine with a wide range of devices, including PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, smartphones, and various other gaming devices.

EPOS| Sennheiser Game Zero is not primarily audiophile headphones, but it is capable of producing hi-res audio with extremely high precision.

Best Audiophile Headphones For Gaming 8
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The sound profile delivers extremely flat mids and excellent highs. The bass output is very linear and doesn’t distort the audio much, especially in FPS games.

However, if you play bass-heavy games such as Far Cry or Just Cause, you may feel minor distortion caused by bass. The mids are still very clear, though.

On top of that, this gaming headset comes with a passive noise cancellation feature that most audiophile headphones lack. Since it is a headset, it comes with a microphone which is another trait of buying this gaming headset.

The headset is mainly built of high-quality plastic material. Due to that, it gets a bulkier design, but it looks very premium. The ear cups are way bigger than usual and comprise two layers of memory foam with a very premium leatherette finish. It makes it very comfortable for gamers with big heads or the ones who wear glasses.

This headset features a collapsible design that means you can completely fold it and put it inside the carry case or your bag. Despite having a bulkier appearance, it is very lightweight and super comfortable for longer gaming sessions.

However, due to the leatherette finish, you may experience a bit of sweat issue after prolonged use, but that is not a big deal.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The EPOS | SENNHEISER GAME ZERO that earned it a spot in our list of Best Audiophile Headphones For Gaming in 2022.


  • Impressive sound quality
  • Extremely flat response, best for FPS gaming
  • Collapsible design
  • Very comfortable even for a prolonged gaming session


  • Not good for music
  • Not suitable for big head gamers or glasses wearers

10. HyperX Cloud 2 – Best budget audiophile headphones for gaming

Lastly, we have one of my all-time favorite gaming headsets. This one comes from HyperX, which is a leading computer peripheral and gaming products manufacturer.

This gaming headset is my favorite because it offers the best value for money, and it can easily fit into anyone’s budget. Plus, it comes with both wired and wireless options.

11 Of The Best Audiophile Headphones For Gaming in 2022
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The design features arching hinges that appear very similar to what you get in Beyerdynamic headphones. The build quality of these headphones is outstanding.

It is based on a durable aluminum frame, and it is flexible enough to fit different head sizes. The overall build quality is very sturdy and capable of handling some severe drops without any issue. It appears slightly bulky, though, but still looks pretty premium.

The size of the headband and ear cups is pretty big and roomy enough. The headband and ear cups are well cushioned with premium memory foam and covered with a very soft, pliable leather fabric.

Plus, the headset feels pretty lightweight, making it a perfect, comfortable choice for long gaming sessions. However, it has a closed-back design, and the use of leather can obstruct airflow. So, when you use it for a prolonged session, you may feel a bit of warmth around your ears.

But when it comes to audio, these gaming headphones can beat any other gaming headsets or headphones from this price range. The headset is suitable for neutral listening and maintains a very balanced sound profile throughout.

The bass is excellent, the mids are very well balanced, and the highs and lows are okay, but the treble reproduction is inferior. Due to the closed-back design, the soundstage is not spacious either.

The mix of a very affordable price, outstanding sound quality, and premium appearance makes HyperX Cloud 2 an excellent choice for gaming. It is a value-for-money product that is specially designed for budget-minded gamers.

However, you cannot compare its audio performance with top audiophile gaming headphones such as Audio Technica ATH-ADG1X or Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro. HyperX Cloud 2 is just the best for what you pay for it.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The HyperX Cloud 2 that earned it a spot in our list of Best Audiophile Headphones For Gaming in 2022.


  • No latency
  • Great audio reproduction
  • Very robust build
  • Highly comfortable design


  • Poor noise isolation
  • Slightly bulky
  • The soundstage isn’t spacious


Should you get audiophile headphones for gaming?

Yes. If sound during gaming is your priority, getting audiophile headphones is a great investment. Audiophile headphones can deliver defined and accurate sound quality to help you gain a great gaming experience.

What is the best headphone for music and gaming?

For music and gaming experience, getting a pair of noise-canceling headphones can be an enriching experience for you.

Some of the best headphones you can get are Bose Quiet Comfort 35 series, Beyerdynamic BT 1990 Pro, Meze 99 Neo, Sennheiser Game One, Sennheiser HD 599, and Phillips Audio Fidelio X2HR.

What headsets do audiophiles use?

Several headsets provide all-around peripheral audio with an enriching experience for the users. You can opt for Grado SR325x, Sennheiser HD 820, Beyerdynamic Amiron, Grado SR80x, Focal Clear MG, and Shure Aonic 5. Currently, these are the highest-rated headsets in the market.

Which headphone has the best sound quality?

You can opt for Sony WH-1000XM5, Bose 700, Bowers and Wilkins, Sennheiser Momentum 4, Apple Airpods Pro, Apple Airpods Max, Grado GT220, and Master and Dynamic MW08. These headphones have the best sound quality in the market for music and gaming. 

What headset do most pro gamers use?

Most pro gamers like to use Razer Blackshark, Logitech G635, Arctis 7P, Creative SXFI, HyperX, Asus ROG, Elite Atlas Aero, and Astro A50 headsets due to their quality and peripheral audio quality.

Are audiophile headphones worth it?

Even amateur gamers can identify quality sound during a game. Audiophile headphones are worth their price because of the all-around peripheral audio that makes the gaming experience enriching.

Do audiophiles like Sennheiser?

Sennheiser is one of the top choices for pro gamers and music lovers. Sennheiser builds quality headphones with professional equipment for music production that makes the users obsessed with the products. There are many high-quality headphones from Sennheiser to cater to the market.

Final Verdict

There you have it – a list of the ten best audiophile headphones for gaming.

The list contains some of the best audiophile gaming headphones you can buy, especially for FPS gaming.

Audiophile headphones have always been famous for their highly spacious soundstage, neutral audio listening experience, and overall stable sound profile. But the major issue with these audiophile headphones is their premium pricing and lack of fancy features.

Audiophile headphones are not for everyone, to be honest. If you are a music lover or a serious gamer, I highly recommend you give these headphones a try. These headphones will change the way you consume music, and on top of that, they will provide you with a slight advantage in gaming.

With that said, here I am wrapping up this article. I hope you found it helpful. If you have any questions, please share them with us in the comment section below. We will try to respond ASAP.