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7 Of The Best Baby Monitor For Twins in 2022 – Reviewed

This is a complete buyer’s guide to Best Baby Monitor For Twins in 2022. 🤴

The best part?

All the Baby Monitor For Twins mentioned in this buyer’s guide is based on the Screen Size, Cameras, Night Vision, Range and signal, Battery Life, Durability, and Cost.

So without further ado, Let’s dive right into this Best Baby Monitor For Twins buyer’s guide. 🎭

The birth of twins brings a lot of excitement to the new parents and every other person. However, the thought of having to secure two babies at once can be intimidating.

Alternating between monitoring your babies and taking care of home tasks can be exhausting. Hence the need for technology that can help you watch over your babies while you handle the chores.

Thanks to the invention of baby video monitors today, parents can now keep an eye on their baby’s room from any location. You no longer need to be in the room compulsorily to see what’s happening to your adorable kids.

The big challenge is figuring out which monitor can serve your needs from the see of options available in the market. Against this background, we’ve carefully analyzed the market to understand everything happening there.

Having become experts, we’ve compared some of the best baby monitors for twins, looking at features like the signal, range, night mode, split screen, etc. 

Take a look at our top six picks of baby video monitors for twins.

Best Baby Monitor For Twins – Our Top Pick👌

1. DBPOWER Baby Monitor

For most people experienced in the tech world, it will not be a surprise to see that a product from DBPOWER has topped this Best Baby Monitor For Twins 2022 list. DBPOWER is quite popular in the tech world as a top manufacturer of baby gadgets.

It is not surprising that it has brought the level of quality that it is known for to the manufacture of this baby monitor. It is the perfect monitor for you if you want one with a large monitor screen.

Best Baby Monitor For Twins
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With a monitor larger than most 4.3-inches screens, you can expect a clear sight of your baby’s welfare.  Although each package comes with just one camera, the company has made provision for the addition of up to four.

This gives you a clear view of different angles of the room on its split-screen. It makes monitoring look like directing a baby movie of your own. 

One great thing about this monitor is that despite its size, it is still incredibly lightweight. Hence, moving around your home with it is very easy. With its 1000-foot unobstructed range, you can monitor from any range. 

When the light gets low, the night vision automatically gets activated. However, it reduces the screen’s display size to about 2 inches.

Additionally, you can record the display onto an SD card or a TF for a later-time playback. The monitor features a two-way talkback microphone that lets you speak to your little ones remotely if the need arises.

You can provide them a soothing lullaby, even without being in the room.  The presence of a 2.4 GHz wireless FHSS transmission also helps to protect your digital privacy. 

Additionally, the baby monitor comes with other features that may interest you. Features like a night light, room temperature, LED lights, and lullaby are all attached to improve usage. It also has an alarm system triggered when the battery gets low. 

DBPower video baby monitor review & demo!


  • Impressive monitor range 
  • Good customer service
  • Great recording feature.


  • Some customers have reported poor battery issues.

2. VTech VM321-2 Baby Monitor 

If you are looking for a baby monitor that works for your twins that sleep in different rooms, this is the stuff for you. Having your twins sleep in two separate bedrooms often means that you will need two cameras strategically placed in both rooms.

Best Baby Monitor For Twins

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Each set of this VTech baby monitor comes with two cameras and a parent unit, making it a perfect gadget for monitoring your twins across different rooms. In addition to the two cameras, the system is manufactured to be expandable by another pair of cameras

The automatic built-in night mode, coupled with the power, so feature makes keeping tabs with your little one a breeze. With this monitor, you can be assured of their safety. 

On the screen of the parent unit, you will see features that allow you to switch between cameras. You can also view what’s happening on different cameras with a split-screen. This feature simplifies the process of watching both babies at once. 

The unit also features exceptional audio technology. With popular DECT technology, you can be assured that background noises and unnecessary interference will be prevented. This is a feature that translates into a crystal-clear sound.

From the monitor, you can adjust the sound or filter out background sounds if it obstructs you from clearly hearing your baby. The system uses a 2.4 GHz frequency to translate videos and audio. This does a lot to ensure privacy and security.

Other features that parents find interesting about the set include room-temperature sensors, lullaby, and talkback features. The manufacturer claims that this device can comfortably cover up to 1,000 feet.

One downside of the system is the shortness of its wire. You will mostly need an extension cord to mount the cameras on your walls efficiently.

The camera’s zoom adjustment does not cover angles. Hence, the need to go to the nursery for such adjustments. 


  • It features a crystal-clear sound without background interruptions.
  • Impressive range reception.
  • A vibration alert helps you know when a feature is triggered or put off. 


  • Battery life may not be as you would want.
VTech Safe & Sound Video & Audio Baby Monitor VM321 Unboxing
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3. Babysense Video Baby Monitor 

Only very few brands can stand up to Babysense in producing baby gadgets. Having produced excellent gadgets for years, one can only expect the best from them.

Again, they’ve translated the quality they’ve become famous for into producing a top-notch baby monitor. The Babysense Video Baby Monitor comes with impressive premium baby monitoring technology designed to give parents rest of mind while in different rooms from their baby.

7 Of The Best Baby Monitor For Twins in 2022 – Reviewed
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With an impressive range of about 1000 feet, one can only expect the best when it comes to user experience. The monitor offers outstanding features that allow you to keep a safe and personal connection with your little ones, despite not being in the same room. 

The crystal clear audio quality of this system is also worth commending. With its working, you can hear your infant’s voice free from unnecessary obstruction.

As if that is not enough, the system has also been fitted with a top-quality LCD that gives you a clear video display of your baby at all times. This video display system helps you monitor your baby around the house during sleep and when they crawl around. 

There is also an infrared night vision technology that automatically turns on when the light is deemed. With this, you can expect a clear vision of what is happening in the darkest spots of your baby’s room. That translates to uninterrupted monitoring. 

Like most others in this list, the Babysense Monitor also comes with pre-programmed lullabies that you can switch on to help your baby sleep. The alert feature also lets you set up medication, feeding, and diaper-changing schedule, so that you don’t forget.

Although relatively expensive, this baby monitor features a lot to keep your baby safe, sound, and comfortable. 


  • Feature an exciting selection of lullabies 
  • Crystal clear audio quality
  • Night mode to help uninterrupted baby monitoring.


  • Relatively expensive.

4. Moonybaby Video Monitor – best baby monitor for twins split screen

This is one of the baby’s video monitors that does so much for so little. With this monitor, you can monitor your baby’s sleep and their movement around the one.

The system is well-equipped with incredible features to help guarantee your baby’s safety. Two cameras are paired in each package to enable a proper view of different angles.

7 Of The Best Baby Monitor For Twins in 2022 – Reviewed
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Like most other products in this review, however, you can take the camera number up to four for more coverage. With so many cameras, no part of your kid’s movement would be missed.

You also would not need to bother transferring the camera into a different area as your infant moves about. You will find shortcut buttons on the screen that allows you to handle different functions, like changing views between different cameras. 

Its digital wireless technology is one significant feature that draws people to this camera. This means you don’t have to deal with wires that may cause harm to your babies.

The camera features a 2.4 GHz interface-free signal that allows you to see what’s happening across rooms and lets you hear your baby. Unlike most others, the Moonybaby Video Monitor does not need internet installation. 

With the Talkback button feature, you can speak with a partner or your infant.

On its battery life, the monitor doesn’t perform as well as users would want, but it is not as bad as many others. With a decent 12 hours of life in power-saving mode and six hours of continuous video, you would finish many chores before recharge. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Moonybaby Video Monitor that earned it a spot in our Best Baby Monitor For Twins list.


  • Automatic night vision allows proper display during the night. 
  • Reasonable price 
  • Wireless


  • Battery life may be smaller than what you want.
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5. Infants Optics DXR-8

If you want to maintain your twins in the same room, then this is a monitor system you want to try. There are only very few monitors that can feature the quality that the cameras of this monitor have.

The camera is pretty amazing and comes with a unique control system found on the handheld monitor. With the sharpness of its control system, you can sit for hours, panning, zooming, and tilting the lens. 

Best Baby Monitor For Twins

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As stated earlier, only very few cameras in this category can perform at its level. From the quality of its connection to the clarity of its signal, you can tell that everything in the pack was built to perform.

The possibility of adding up to four cameras to this system makes monitoring your baby even better. With that, you can view different parts of the room when the cameras are strategically positioned. So that monitoring your baby’s movement wouldn’t be so much of a problem. 

With its decent-sized 3.5-inch display screen, you can expect a bright, crisp image during every real-time video stream.

You will not need to squint to see exactly what your adorable kid is doing, as everything is presented clearly to you. This system’s battery is also decent enough to last you through chores.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Infants Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor that earned it a spot in our list of Best Baby Monitor For Twins to get in 2022.


  • Clearer view than most competitive brands
  • A bigger monitor screen allows for better sight
  • Decent battery life.


  • Relatively expensive. 

6. The Motorola MBP43-Two

Motorola is a very popular brand. It is perhaps the most popular brand on this Best Baby Monitor For Twins 2022 list. However, few people know that they do anything outside mobile phone production.

They bring the quality they are known for in the mobile phone world to the children’s tech industry. With the manufacture of a top-quality video monitor, you can expect that taking care of your baby will be pretty straightforward.

7 Of The Best Baby Monitor For Twins in 2022 – Reviewed
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The product comes with dual cameras in its pack, which is vital for mothers who may need to watch over two babies simultaneously. With the monitor, there is just so much to see and track.

For instance, the large display screen helps you see everything without straining your eyes. You can also zoom, pan, and tilt the imaging in the parent unit. Hence, getting you the best perspective for your baby.

The screen offers a range of about 600 feet, which is not exceptional compared to the other products we have on this list. What it lacks in range, however, it gives in looks and functionality. 

The system comes with up to 5 lullabies, which can be very useful when you need to calm your baby. Just select your choice lullaby, and the system goes on to send your baby to sleep. 

The system also comes with a sensitive mic, which gives a clear sound to your baby when you need to talk to your baby.

One feature that most mums have praised is the low battery alarm sounds, which come on when the battery reaches a particular level, reminding the parents to recharge.

Buying Guide:-

Features to Look at When Buying The Best Baby Monitor For Twins

Having talked so much about the different top-quality video monitors available in the market, let’s now look into some features that will determine your choice.

These features would decide if your choice would meet your need; hence, you need to consider them during your purchase.

Screen Size:- This might seem insignificant to many people, but it is essential. The size of your screen determines how many details you can see – meaning that larger sizes guarantee more details and more viewing area.

With bigger screens, you will be able to check out the movements of your baby without stress. Note, however, that there are times when smaller screens would be equipped with clearer pictures.

It is up to you to look at the specs of the different screen sizes available for each product and choose the one that meets your needs the most.

Cameras:- Of what need is a baby’s monitor if it doesn’t have a working camera? This is something to watch out for because it is the component that determines how well the whole system serves you.

I would want cameras that can be controlled from the mother unit because it helps you quickly turn the camera to different angles of the room.

This is especially useful when your twins may be sleeping at night since you wouldn’t want your movement to wake them up. Additionally, the quality of your camera also directly impacts your image quality.

Night Vision:- Of course, you would want to keep a constant eye on your twins – whether at night or during the day. You won’t want your system to obstruct you from this.

Hence, the need to have it as an essential feature to look out for when making your purchase. Many video monitors feature infrared night vision, allowing you to see what is happening, even at the darkest times of the night.

With this, you wouldn’t need to worry about what’s happening in your babies’ room when the light goes off.

Range and signal:- The distance you can go with your monitor is crucial, but what’s even more critical is how clear the images appear. When purchasing a video monitor system, consider how far away from your baby it allows you to move.

Different camera monitors feature different range amounts. Ideally, you should purchase one that is above 500 ft, so that you can move around the size of your home freely.

If you are taking care of a baby, then you will appreciate the need to know what is happening to your baby when you stay in the garden for too long. 

Battery Life:- This is an essential feature for most gadgets. The last thing you want is to own a monitor that must always be charged, interrupting the view.

It defeats the whole purpose of the monitor. Stick to one that has a good life. If you do not understand how battery specs work, you would want to go with a technician to make your purchase.

Durability:- This one is a no-brainer. You do not want a monitor that the wound needs repair it changing in just a few weeks after purchase. You need to look for one that can soldier through a few bumps without any issues.

Inevitably, and unfortunately so, there will be a few times when the system will drop from your hand in your rush to juggle through the different tasks. In such cases, it’s the durability of your monitor that keeps it going. 

Cost:- Having twins already means you need to spend on so. Why drag a high-priced camera monitor into your budget when there are cheaper alternatives that feature the necessary specifications you would want in a monitor?

You should compare the prices of different monitors and choose the one that offers you the best price and specifications.

How To Safely Use Baby Video Monitors 

Apart from looking out for durability, you would also need to keep the monitor safe if you want it to last long. You would also want to keep it safe from harming your baby.

Here are a few safety tips to help you set up your baby monitor without putting your adorable little one in harm’s way. 

Avoid placing the monitor on the crib:- This is one major mistake many parents make. The monitor is not a toy and should not be used as one.

The device should not be on your baby’s crib, even cordless. Instead, it should be placed meters away from where your baby’s hand can reach.

Secure cords away from the crib:- Irrespective of how safe and coated any wire is, it still tends towards being dangerous.

With this in mind, you should ensure that your cables are placed at least 3 feet from the bed, where the hands of curious children will not reach. Don’t forget the need to adjust the positioning of the wires as your kids grow.

Keep the system away from water:- Ensure never to put the system in areas prone to water. Water would not only damage the system but would also make it prone to electrocution.

There you have it, a review of the best baby video monitors in the market. We’ve also added a buying guide to help you make the right choice for your needs. With the information in this article, you can buy the best baby monitor for twins.