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11 Best Biology Apps To Study Biology Effectively

Biology has always been one of the most interesting subjects for learning as well as teaching. And, modern approach with a combination of innovation and technology can make things even more intriguing.

There should be a clear line between creative learning and babysitting strategies. For students to be successful in the field of biology, teachers must be aware of different ways of making it meaningful and exciting. Thankfully, we have now endless options for doing just that! 

There is an abundance of resources, tools, websites, eBooks, add mobile applications to learn and teach biology in a very exciting and effective modern way.

To get both students and educators started, I have listed 11 extraordinary biology apps to spice things up while tutoring and learning the subject.  

Best Biology Apps – Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. BiologyMaster – Biology for YOU

Enjoy learning biology in a very simple and interesting way with undoubtedly one of the most unique biology apps to date! BiologyMaster inspires you to learn and teach biology thoroughly and comprehensively.

11 Best Biology Apps To Study Biology EffectivelyFocusing on almost all the topics of the subject is as simple as it gets with the app. With a unique concept of a modern approach to learning a centuries-old subject, the app takes you through a very fascinating journey to go deep, add come out informed like a pro!

If you are willing enough to spend some time regularly and go with a holistic approach to learning, the app has got a lot more than what you can imagine! 

Topics like cell junctions, cell life cycle, forms and functions of organisms, classification of living person digestion, gaseous exchanges, nervous system, reproduction, genetics and evolution, add more – all are there in the app.

And, it’s not only about listing these topics in a detailed way. BiologyMaster trains you to master the subject at your own speed. So that you are more than ready to face your next biology exam with so much confidence and complete knowledge of the subject.

What about taking on some challenging quizzes? There are some to test your knowledge, and of course, track your progress. 

Features of BiologyMaster – Biology for YOU:-

  • Dozens of biology topics to learn 
  • Test your knowledge with different quizzes 
  • Showcase your talent by sharing it with friends 
  • Very simple and easy-to-understand explanations 
  • Tested and trusted by a lot of educators 

Devices – Android and iOS

Ratings on Apple Store – 5.0 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.6 / 5 

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store 

2. Biology Today  

How about having one of the most popular biology magazines right at your fingertips? Biology today is one of the top competitive magazines published exclusively by MTG Learning Media Pvt limited and is a fascinating source of information, especially for those who are interested in biology.

And, when you get the chance of exploring the magazine right on your iPhone, it becomes even more easy and full of fun.

The app is designed to improve the overall quality of biology education, enhancing the interest of students in the subject, and helping them to become successful professionals by fostering their thinking and analytical ability. 

Best Biology Apps 1

With the app, you constantly get supplies of essential learning material such as valuable texts, previous years’ papers, sample papers, memory tips, flow charts, and more from some of the most legitimate sources.

If you are planning to master the subject for examination purposes, or even you are simply interested in the subject to enhance your knowledge, biology today can be the ultimate app for you!

The app has already helped a lot of medical and engineering aspirants, and there is no reason why you can’t be the next! 

Features of biology today:-

  • Explore one of the most popular biology magazines right at your fingertips 
  • Check out the latest research and events 
  • Allows you to save your favorite portions of the magazine 
  • Access quickly by bookmarking the pages of your interests 
  • Share the most fascinating facts on social media 

Devices – Android and iOS

Ratings on Apple Store – 5.0 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 3.9 / 5

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

3. Human Anatomy 4D-Mixed Reality

Here is one of the leading apps especially if you are interested in the anatomy branch of the subject.

Human Anatomy 4D-Mixed Reality is not just another anatomy app, but is a lot more! With the app, you can experience the human body just like it is right there in your living room, laboratory, classroom, or study room, only with the blink of an eye!

Take yourself through the anatomy of the human body just like you are walking around a physical character in a real-life! Look up and down, check out all the body parts, interact with the organs, and learn about anatomy in any one of the most fascinating ways! 

Human Anatomy 4D Preview in mixed reality, virtual reality and agumented reality

The cherry on the top, the app works perfectly in all the known immersive platforms of popular augmented reality, mixed reality, virtual reality, add more! Want something more?

You get all these features without paying a cent! The app is more than ready to perform out of the box. Simply install it on your smartphone, follow the easy instructions right on your screen, add immersive yourself into a wonderful world of anatomy.

The app is not only designed for anatomy or biology students. People from other walks of life including teachers, medical professionals, researchers, and even kids can use the app without any problem. 

Features of Human Anatomy 4D-Mixed Reality:-

  • 4D anatomy in a completely different way 
  • Check out all the human body parts and organs like never before 
  • Equally good for students, teachers, and healthcare professionals 
  • Beautifully covers all aspects of human anatomy 
  • Compatible with mobile AR 

Devices – Android and iOS

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.8 / 5 | Ratings on Apple Store – 4.4 / 5

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

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4. Cell Biology

Interested in learning some of the most fascinating aspects of cell biology? Here is the app designed especially for that! The cell biology app has got everything you are looking for in the stream of cell biology.

Whether you are a beginner, an advanced level student, a researcher, or even a teacher, this app is going to be proved mighty handy for you. The app works like a medical dictionary but is a lot more than just that.

One of the most unique apps designed for students, teachers, hobbyists, and even professionals. Cell biology app is no less than an ocean of knowledge that helps you master the subject in a very comprehensive way. 

11 Best Biology Apps To Study Biology Effectively

There are more than 7500 definitions of words, terms, and sentences used in the subject of cell biology. All the definitions and meanings are collected from very reliable sources, and you can completely trust them as far as the quality of the content is concerned.

And, when it comes to the overall user interface, the app is right there with some of the best. Features like the advanced search function, why search, and auto-complete, and learning and teaching cell biology become so easy and full of fun with the app.

Whether you are looking for a simple tool to enhance your knowledge of biology, are you want a tool for quick reference, the app is more than handy for you! 

Features of Cell Biology:-

  • Packed with more than 7500 terms, characteristics, and definitions 
  • Ideal for students, professionals, and even hobbyists  
  • Advanced voice search function with autocomplete 
  • Allows you to work offline 
  • An excellent tool for quick reference 

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.6 / 5 | 50,000+ Downloads

Download the App on Google Play Store

5. Cell World

Exploring various aspects of the human cell is always astonishing and full of surprises! The deeper you go, the more complex things get to do to the mysterious science behind the formation and structures of building blocks of the human body.

You can never get bored learning about different parts of human cells, their structures, functions, and importance in the human body.

Cell world is one such app that takes you on a hypnotic journey inside the human cell. You get to learn various minute details related to each part of the cell.  

Best Biology Apps 3

From the mind-boggling structures of the cell membranes to the formation and development of the nucleus, mitochondria, ribosomes, and other parts, the app enables you to know about cells in a very unique and interactive way.

Getting ready for the next experiment in your school’s biology lab? How about experiencing stunning navigation inside the cell?🧐

You can immerse yourself in the extraordinary interiors with stunning graphics and unbelievable details. Check out the app, and surprise your teacher with a detailed knowledge of the human cell!   

Features of Cell World:-

  • A detailed explanation of different parts of the human cell 
  • Stunning graphics depicting the minutest of details 
  • Visually appealing structures for an immersive experience 
  • The very tiny app, easy to use 
  • Makes learning interesting and full of fun

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.6 / 5 | 5,00,000+ Downloads

Download the App on Google Play Store

6. Virtuali-Tee by Curiscope

Let’s explore an ultimate way of learning biology with Virtuali-Tee by Curiscope! The app perfectly works in conjunction with a unique augmented reality tee shirt and makes learning lively, interesting, and very inspiring.

Whether you are a teacher or a student of biology, this app is going to be more than enough for you with a detailed and realistic simulation of the subjects.

11 Best Biology Apps To Study Biology Effectively

You have the option of isolating individual physiological systems performing all the extraordinary functions. Learn in detail about the bloodstream, small and large intestines, lungs, liver, heart, brain, and other organs like never before! 

Thanks to the modern 360-degree VR experience, you can easily check out the minutest of details related to the human body. What more?💁

The app is also packed with some highly interesting features including the heart tracker, google cardboard compatibility, an animated and smart doctor, etc.

Stunningly clear graphics and a user-friendly interface are two other fascinating aspects of the app, add make biology learning and teaching full of fun and interesting.

So, whether you are a student of biology, teaching the subject in a school, or you are simply intrigued by the subject, you should definitely have a look at the app. 

Features of Virtuali-Tee by Curiscope:-

  • Instantly see inside your body 
  • Experience the anatomy and physiology of the human body like never before 
  • 360-degree view for enhanced learning 
  • Stunning graphics to check all the details 
  • User-friendly and quick interface 

Devices – Android and iOS

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.5 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 3.7 / 5

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

7. Molecular Biology

Next on my list of the top apps is the free application of molecular biology. The user-friendly app is especially known for its very beautiful, simple, add highly interactive user interface.

If you are always interested in finding biology terminologies and their meanings, molecular biology is more than a suitable app for you, which works as a tiny but very comprehensive pocket dictionary.

11 Best Biology Apps To Study Biology Effectively

With the app, you can explore one of the most fascinating ways of mastering the difficult words and terms used in biology, and also learn their meanings.

In addition to the dictionary, you can also go through some very useful and informative biology articles and descriptions. 

The app is more than just useful even when you are not online or struggling with a weak Internet connection. Except for photos, you can have complete access to all the content on the app including terminologies, descriptions, research articles, and more.

Searching for descriptions on the app is very simple, easy, and doesn’t take much time. You can manage the list of your favorite topics, the topics are articles you have already explored, words you have checked, and a lot more.

Add an unlimited number of notes in the favorite section, and never forget what do you have noted while learning. 

Features of Molecular Biology:-

  • A wide range of content including terminologies, articles, and descriptions 
  • Allows you to easily create and manage bookmarks
  • Very simple, fast, and easy to use 
  • Favorite section for creating a limited number of notes 
  • Share your learnings with friends 

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.5 / 5 | 50,000+ Downloads

Download the App on Google Play Store

8. Khan Academy – Best biology apps for students

Khan Academy will automatically find a very respectable place in most of the reviews for educational apps. This is not primarily a biology app but can be more than a reliable platform for biology enthusiasts.

Whether you are a student, an adult trying to return to the classroom, a homeschooler, a teacher, all simply a friendly alien trying to go deep in the subject of biology, the app has got more than something for you.

11 Best Biology Apps To Study Biology Effectively

Study cell biology, genetics, molecular biology, reproduction, human anatomy, physiology, the biology of the animals and plants, and more – all at one place with Khan Academy. 

You can sharpen your biology skills with a wide range of practice exercises llama tests, and quizzes with step-by-step hints and instant feedback from the experts.

In addition to following what you are learning in school, you can even learn the subject at your own pace without any problem. Get in touch directly with some of the world’s most popular educators and scholars, add prepare for your exams like never before!

Explore interactive exercises, in-depth articles, expertly created videos, community discussions, and more! In short, Khan Academy can finally be your ultimate body to get friendly with your favorite subject.

Features of Khan Academy:-

  • Explored dozens of biology topics for free 
  • Interactive exercises for smart learning 
  • Detailed articles, videos with community discussions 
  • Sharpen your skills with well-labeled diagrams 
  • Track your progress and learn on the go 

Devices – Android and iOS

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.4 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.4 / 5

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

9. Biology By Open-Education

Biology by open education is one of the most impressive apps specially designed for students of both school and college levels. From lessons to quizzes, flashcards, and glossaries, there is everything you look for in a biology learning app.

The app features multi-semester biology courses perfectly designed for science majors. The content in the app is based on an evolutionary approach to learning biology and enhances the ability of students to learn biology not only for career purposes but for various everyday applications as well. 

Best Biology Apps 7

Biology perfectly meets the requirements of modern students and teachers, and most of the content is strategically condensed to maintain an overall scope as well as the maximum coverage of traditional texts in some of the most popular biology books.

If you are a teacher, the app provides you with some of the best ways of customizing the teaching experience by adopting a healthy and flexible teaching approach.

In the app, you also get a very innovative art program that is designed to incorporate the critical thinking of learners and trains them to understand and apply the basic concepts. 

Features of Biology:-

  • A wide range of lessons, quizzes, glossaries, flashcards, and practice questions 
  • Enables you to track the learning progress 
  • A powerful combination of modern learning and traditional texts 
  • One of the best ways to prepare for examinations 
  • Very simple, enhanced, and clean look 
  • Suitable for both students and instructors 

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.4 / 5 | 50,000+ Downloads

Download the App on Google Play Store

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10. Complete Biology – cell biology apps

Complete Biology is one of the finest apps for students who are looking for a handy reference guide. The app exclusively focuses on high school, secondary, and graduate students, as well as biology teachers.

More than 35 topics are covering almost everything related to the subject and can be more than effective for competitive exams.

11 Best Biology Apps To Study Biology Effectively

You get a chance to learn the subject very interestingly across eight different categories dealing in tutorials, possible exam questions, dictionaries, practical manuals, various formulas, etc. If you are a lover of biology subject, I am sure you are going to admire the app for various reasons. 

Topics like the organization of life, the concept of living things, cells and their environment, respiratory system, tissue system, cell properties, animal nutrition, reproductive system, the biology of heredity among others are listed in the app.

All of these topics are dealt with exclusively in detail. The educational content is collected from highly reliable sources and uploaded on the app after repeated studies and verifications.

It doesn’t matter what type of exam you are preparing for; you can definitely get some much-needed help from the app, and that too, without spending a penny. 

Features of Complete Biology App:-

  • Designed for students of all levels as well as teachers 
  • Makes biology learning simple and full of fun 
  • Highly informative content collected from reliable sources 
  • Deals all the topics in detail with pictures 
  • Helps you to prepare for various competitive exams

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.2 / 5 | 5,00,000+ Downloads

Download the App on Google Play Store

11. Full Biology Questions

One of the most useful apps designed especially for high school students who want to make their career in biology.

Full biology questions are a one-stop destination for high school students who want to get better in the subject with the proper approach to learning. The app covers almost all the topics in a very unique add innovative way.

11 Best Biology Apps To Study Biology Effectively

There are so many questions dealing with the minutest of details related to the most common aspects of biology weather detailed solutions. As a student, you can finally start scoring decent marks in your monthly tests or even semester exams. 

If you tend to forget the terms of their meanings, are you are always afraid of developing an incomplete concept, having this app on your smartphone can be proved game-changing.

You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of time searching for topics of your interests in the subject. Because, the full biology questions app covers everything expertly, and make learning as simple as it gets for you.

Thanks to an exclusive biology dictionary right in the app, you can check out the meaning of unfamiliar terms whenever and wherever you want.  

Features of full biology questions:-

  • An excellent source of biology questions with solutions 
  • A dedicated practical biology section 
  • Detailed illustrations with diagrams and labels 
  • More than handy for high school biology students 
  • Covers both theoretical and practical parts of biology

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.1 / 5 | 1,00,000+ Downloads

Download the App on Google Play Store


Which app is best for biology class 11?

BiologyMaster is one of the best applications for biology for students of all classes and levels, including class 11. The app features very simple and easy to learn explanations, dozens of amazing biology topics, along with quizzes to test your knowledge.

What is the best website for biology?

Nature.com is the best website for biology, especially for educational purposes. Other decent biology learning websites include doodle.com, oup.com and frontiersin.org etc.

Is there an app for biology answers?

Yes, Biobrain is one of the most reliable applications to get all your questions answered related to biology. The app doesn’t only offers detailed explanation offers detailed explanation with comprehensive diagrams, but also enables you to test your knowledge with quizzes.

What is the best way to learn biology?

Understanding the concepts is more important than memorizing words. Making daily routine is also very crucial, and you even have to use various active study methods along with fleshing out notes regularly.

Why is biology so hard?

The massive syllabus is one of the reasons of biology being so hard. Additionally, highly complicated interactions between different living systems along with unfamiliar concepts and terms make biology hard to learn. Students also find biology challenging because it needs an in depth basic knowledge along with broad perspective.

How do I study biology last minute?

There is no “magical stick” you can use and prepare for your biology exams last minute. Comprehensive study along with regular revisions throughout the season makes a lot of difference. Yes, you can surely revise everything you have learn, but without putting your life to pause!

How do you get an A in a level biology?

Proper understanding of concept, regular revision, learning through notes, practicing diagrams, as well as taking care of your writing are some common yet highly effective ways to ensure you get the grades of your dreams in biology.

Can I self-study biology?

Yes of course! You can self study biology at any stage of your life, as there is no age limit to learning anything. Reading printed articles, checking out various scientific content, participating in seminars, workshops, forums, and listening to podcasts are some very highly efficacious ways of studying biology yourself.

How do I study for a biology exam in one day?

There is no shortcut to shortcut at all to prepare for your exam in one day! However, you can try making your last day more productive by memorizing important terms, checking out summaries in the textbook, making mind maps, graphs, charts, and diagrams etc.

How do you complete 5 chapters in 3 hours?

Highlighting important aspects of each chapter, checking out all the summaries, giving special attention to important terms are some practical ways of preparing 5 chapters in three hours.

How can I cheat in exams?

No need to do that! Cheating is never, never a good idea! Work hard, keep studying constantly, and keep preparing for your exam every day! It’s better to fail rather than passing through cheating! Because failure teaches you so much, and cheating makes you coward, weak, and of course, a cheater!

How do you remember 100 pages in a day?

Remembering 100 pages in a day is neither practically possible nor you should try to do that! Studying 100 pages in a day, and more importantly understanding the concept you get from that is what you should focus at rather than trying to remember those many pages!


Biology is like an endless ocean of knowledge, and once you are in for exploration, you will only go deeper with some of the most fascinating and mind-boggling facts and details.

The old-school method of learning is surely the way ahead as well. At least, that’s how I think as a lifetime learner! But, there is nothing wrong if we get some help from technology as well.

These are my best biology apps available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store and are designed to add that definitive touch to learning and teaching biology.

I would recommend you to try most of them if not all to experience a brand-new way of learning probably one of the most interesting subjects in the world.