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Best Bitcoin Wallets For Purchasing Bitcoins In India 2018


For all those people who have no clue of what a bitcoin wallet is? In simple words, it’s a place where you can store your Bitcoins or even use it as a transaction for buying and selling BTC.These wallets are linked to your personal bank to complete a transaction just like your bank wallets.

To keep your bitcoins safe and secure these wallets are encrypted with private keys which allows you to purchase or sell your bitcoins.

In the real world, we can say that it’s an application on your device or a website to handle the private keys of your bitcoin.

Hope you got my point about what a bitcoin wallet is! The next question which comes to your mind is that how to find which is the best bitcoin wallet/exchange for purchasing bitcoins in India?

As trading Bitcoin in India is quite challenging sometimes as you have no clue that which website or wallet is safe to buy bitcoins due to its popularity among new investors.

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Here’s a list of the best bitcoin wallets in India whom you can trust for buying BTC in 2018 


Zebpay is one of the most popular and best bitcoin wallets in India which was founded in 2012. One can easily convert his/her Indian rupees into Bitcoins and can even sell it whenever wanted.

To make transactions in zebpay, verification documents (KYC) is a must.


You can download Zebpay App on both Android and IOS mobile phones for trading bitcoins easily.


Accessibility: Access your wallet from your own Mobile phones whether it’s an Android or iOS-based smartphones.

Quick Transfer Of Funds: This makes easy and fast to transfer your Indian rupees in zebpay with express payment options.

Bitcoin Price Alert: You can opt for alerts or notifications for bitcoin price change.

Statement of Account: You can check the details of each and every transactions taken place within Zebpay app.

Note:- I have written a post for people looking for the best laptop for trading, do read it If you are interested.


This exchange is launched a few months back and therefore has less traffic then zebpay.


Through Koinex exchange, you can purchase bitcoins directly with Indian rupees and it supports various other cryptocurrencies as well:-

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Ripple
  4. Litecoin
  5. Bitcoin cash
  6. Iota
  7. Ether

Koinex uses Google’s 2-Factor Authentication for securing your funds and doesn’t allow anyone to trade anonymously for security purpose.

Koinex only has the Web Platform to purchase bitcoin and other altcoins for its users.


  • It shows you a Live Price list of its cryptocurrencies.
  • It provides you a Referral Program to earn free money.
  • Registration Process is quite simple.
  • Fast transfer of funds with low fee.
  • Supports various Cryptocurrencies along with bitcoin.


Unocoin is also a popular bitcoin wallet and is user-friendly for buying/selling bitcoins on this platform.

New users can easily make transactions and can purchase/sell comfortably with unocoin.

The negative aspect of this wallet is that it bears a huge difference between buying and selling price of bitcoin as compared to other wallets.

It even charges 1% fees plus taxes while making a transaction.


  • It supports Indian rupees to buy/sell bitcoins.
  • One can easily Send/Request Bitcoins.
  • You can see your Transaction History anytime.
  • Users can even recharge their Mobile/DTH devices.


Coinsecure is a trading bitcoin exchange for Indian users. It offers a very low fee of 0.3% while making a transaction to purchase or sell bitcoin.

It also offers various deposit options like NEFT, RTGS, IMPS and direct deposit of cash.


  • It is a fully controlled Bitcoin wallet in India.
  • It offers Very low transaction fees.
  • It also offers Video service guidance for its users.

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

Mycelium is an outstanding mobile Bitcoin Wallet that involves various benefits and innovation for its users.

It was founded in 2008 by hardware engineers and its support team keep its wallet up to date.

It is a secure wallet that allows you to trade bitcoin using the address of the account and you can even store or send your bitcoins.

Mycelium Wallet is easy to understand and is very simple to use, as one can trade in bitcoin through his mobile devices instantly.


  • Bit ID (open protocol)
  • It offers Single Address Account for its users.
  • It handles Only its user Accounts
  • It offers to trade through mobile devices.


The above list contains the best bitcoin wallet/exchanges for BTC trading in India.

All these wallets have their own way of working and keeping your accounts safe and secure by using KYC or 2 step security by google.

I would suggest you use any one of these exchanges if you are new or totally a beginner. As these wallets work with various platforms and technology like android or IOS.

My personal favorite is zebpay because of its demand for Indian users and security. Now it also offers to trade its users in bitcoin cash and litecoin.

So if you are new to this market and want to learn then start with zebpay as you can purchase bitcoins with a minimum of 1000 rupees which is affordable for even students who want to enter in the crypto market.

On the other hand, the remaining exchanges and wallets listed above are also worth to try so finally the decision maker is you (The Indian Audience).

You can choose any wallet from the required list according to your personal experience or preferences. Want to know more?

Here’s a list of top 10 decentralized exchanges for trading in 2018

For all my NRI Indian users, here is a list of websites from various countries like China, U.S.A and much more that supports the purchase of bitcoin in 2018:

  1. Cex.io: It is quite expensive as compared to other websites but they allow you to make payments through credit card.
  2. Changelly: Let you buy any altcoins using credit/debit card.

If you find this article useful, do share it your views.

If you want me to add any other Indian Bitcoin wallets on this list then let me know in the comment section below.



  1. “Great article, didn’t know there were more than one hardware wallet worth looking at.
    Have you any thoughts on the app-wallet “Bitcoin.com” on IOS?
    I’ve been using it for some months, but never really thought about “evil update” and now you gotten me to think about a swap to an open source.

  2. It’s difficult to buy Bitcoin with PayPal because most conventional exchanges don’t accept PayPal because:

    Bitcoin is non-repudiatory and PayPal is not. This means that if I sell you my Bitcoin for PayPal, and you decide to lie that you didn’t get the Bitcoins I sent you for the money you sent me via PayPal, you initiate a Chargeback , PayPal reverses that transaction but I can’t reverse my Bitcoin transaction so I’m left holding the bag – you get to keep the money in your PayPal account and the Bitcoins I sent you.
    Using PayPal to buy/sell Bitcoin violates PayPals terms and conditions so if I sell you my Bitcoin for PayPal, I risk getting getting my account closed or my funds frozen.

    It’s therefore easier for these exchanges to stop accepting PayPal.

  3. Great article, didn’t know there were more than one hardware wallet worth looking at.
    Have you any thoughts on the app-wallet “Bitcoin.com” on IOS?
    I’ve been using it for some months, but never really thought about “evil update” and now you gotten me to think about a swap to an open source.

  4. I for one am glad there are so many hoops to jump through to get there. If I could type in one URL and browse the listings for uppers, I’d be doing it right now. I’m confident in my abilities to not be able to figure it out, though, so I’ve no need to worry!

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