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Best Budget Bluetooth Earbuds for the Gym ( Detailed Guide)


The rigours of workout sessions require a lot of physical and muscular involvement. For some people, workout sessions are also periods for mild intellectual activity. To ease up both neurological and muscular activities, we have become accustomed to a new workout companion: Best Bluetooth Earbuds for the Gym.

With these tiny accessories, we can listen to music, our favourite podcasts, and even receive calls. These Earbuds are designed to fit securely into the ears, withstand sweat as well as the rigors that accompany workout sessions.

The following is a list of Bluetooth Earbuds that provide the optimal performance for workout sessions at remarkable prices.

Best Budget Bluetooth Earbuds for the Gym


Best Budget Bluetooth Earbuds for the Gym

While Bluetooth earbuds provide convenience and greater quality, they also come in a form that makes it relatively easy for us to misplace them compared to traditionally corded earbuds. With the regular corded earbuds, we can take them off to receive an announcement or engage in a discussion with no worries of losing them.

SoundPEATS alleviates this concern by integrating the advantage of traditionally corded earbuds in its pair of magnetic Bluetooth earbuds. SoundPEATS Bluetooth Earbuds are designed with cords connecting the ends of each pair so they magnetically clasp together and stay bound on the neck when not in use. So you don’t have to worry about losing them when you have to engage in a chat or listen to an announcement.

SoundPEATS earbuds are also designed in a petite format and are a strong appeal for those looking to maintain a more discrete look. Designed with silicone materials and ergonomics ear hooks, you are not likely to feel any hurt using them for long periods. These materials ensure they don’t hurt your ears even after a whole day of use.

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Aside alleviating your worries of losing them, the manufacturers of this remarkable piece had other ideas in mind. SoundPEATS earbuds are designed sweat-proof to withstand the ultra-intense activities that accompany workout sessions. Another idea the manufacturers of SoundPEATS earbuds had was an earbud that are sweat-proof.

These unique earbuds are equipped to provide over seven hours of talk/music time (this playtime can vary depending on audio content and volume level). SoundPEATS can also provide up to a hundred hours of standby time. They are also designed to support phone calls.


Sporty: earbuds in the SoundPEATS product line are designed in formats ideal for sports use. SoundPEATS earbud are portable for workouts, intense exercises and jogging.

Affordable: Available at less than $30, SoundPEATS earbuds are among the most affordable wireless headphones you will find in the market. This earbud is one of the cheapest accessory you would find with recent bluetooth versions, and good wireless range.


Mediocre Quality: For most products, price is a marker for quality, and SoundPEATS earbuds are not an exception. Compared to other products in its category, It’s earbuds lack the best build quality and durability.

Substandard Sound Quality: It seems the manufacturers of SoundPEATS are really looking to provide a stable workout experience rather than excellent sound quality. Compared to similar devices, this earbud has subpar sound quality.

No Varieties: The product range from this manufacturer also lack variety. It’s current headphone releases are mainly in-ears and earbuds with just one official over-ear design.

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We live in the jet age. The era of fast cars, fast food and of course “fast lives”. Living on the fast lane can be really demanding. One of the down sides of living on the fast lane is our acquired penchant for putting off small, but important tasks.

Phaiser understands our weaknesses and have designed an earbud that can accommodate our fast paced lifestyles with little consequences. Phaiser earbuds have a relatively long battery life to make up for the times we become too forgetful to charge it.

These remarkable headphones will enable you listen to music and make phone calls in your entire eight hours at work and also let you ease up your workout sessions with your favorite playlist when you get to the gym later in day without requiring you to charge them again. Phaiser Bluetooth Headphones are equipped with an eleven hour battery life; long enough to provide playtime will outlast your time in the gym.

Designed sweat-proof and water resistant, the Phaiser Bluetooth Headphones can survive diverse situations such as sweat, snow, rain and sleet. They are designed in a way to keep them in position and firm. Their design also makes it easy to wear them around your neck.

The Phaiser Bluetooth Headphones also feature up-to-date Bluetooth technology and are also designed to connect with a variety of devices such your TV, tablet,  IPhone, laptop, and other Bluetooth devices.

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Perhaps the most unique advantage that comes with the Phaiser is its battery life. Its eleven hour battery life makes it a strong appeal for those with ultra busy schedules. With a budget of $27, the Phaiser Bluetooth Headphone more than compensates with a good sound quality.


Although the Phaiser offers good sound quality, they are not audiophile quality headphones. However, its sound quality is good enough for use in sports and workouts.

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Mpow Flame

Best Budget Bluetooth Earbuds for the Gym

Although headphones like SoundPEATS and Phaiser are designed sweat-proof,and can withstand situations such as sweat, snow, rain and sleet, they weren’t designed to support aquatic activities.

This is where the The Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphone carves its niche. These earbuds are IPX7 rated, and are designed to survive aquatic exercises such as swimming. But surviving aquatic life is not the only need the manufacturers of Mpow Flame were looking to meet. This unique earbuds are also designed with remarkable battery life, making them active for up to nine hours. The manufacturers were also looking to firm, steady experience when they integrated comfortable and sturdy hooks to prevent it from falling off during intense workout sessions. Aside the hooks, these earbuds come with a flat cable that connects each pair of ear bud.

With a remarkably affordable price, the Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphone offers up-to-date Bluetooth technology. The Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphone is capable of making and maintaining a connection to a Bluetooth-enabled device as far as thirty-three feet away.

Available for only $20, The Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphone offers earbuds that far outweigh its price. The design of this earbuds shows that the company pays attention to small details, making the unique accessory ultra competitive in the market.

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Water-Proof: It’s waterproof quality stands out as its most significant advantage. The Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphone can withstand aquatic pressure and can be submerged to about a meter under water.

Long Battery Life: another feature that makes the Mpow Flame earbud stand out is it’s remarkable battery life. This earbud supports up to nine hours playtime. It’s long battery life means it can accommodate a whole week of workout sessions before requiring additional charging.

Aesthetic Qualities: With a toned red and metallic design, The Mpow Flame also has a remarkable aesthetic qualities with a strong appeal.

Remarkable Sound Quality For $20: The Mpow Flame is amongst the really few earbuds that you will find in the market for $20 offering the kind of sound quality it offers.

Ease of Use: Designed with soft ear hooks, the Mpow Flame is also comfortable and convenient to wear.


Reduced Sound Quality at Higher Volumes: The quality of sound seem to diminish with increase in volume. This may be due to the fact that it’s drivers are struggling to deal with the increase in bass production. Although this doesn’t seem to be an issue with less bass-heavy tracks.

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Goutoday stands out from the previously mentioned earbuds as a totally wireless headphone. Compared to other headphones in the totally wireless headphones category, Goutoday, comes at a considerably lower price. This totally wireless headphone is ultra lightweight and small and a great appeal for those that prefer to pack lightly.

This earbud is also sweat-proof and designed with silicone ear tips to keep it conveniently fit in the ear.

Although Goutoday has approximately three hours of playtime, it is equipped with a portable magnetic charging box, capable of charging it anywhere. The box can charge the earphone up to five times before requiring any charging.


  • Good Sound Quality
  • Totally wireless
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Added Charge Box


Relatively Short Playtime

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