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5 Of The Best Car Lift For Home Garage To Buy in 2022


Do you have the curiosity to know about the best car lift for home garage For Easy Auto Maintenance in 2022? 🤔 You can easily Find out now in this definitive list with our detailed review.

Without any further delay let’s find out. 👓

The car lift is an important part of a car owner’s essential must-have vehicle implements, and it is most advisable that you have a strong and reliable one in your home garage.

With this tool, it becomes very easy to carry out vehicle checks and repairs, without necessarily having to undergo extra inconveniences looking for a vehicle repair specialist.

A lot of car users with car lifts in their garages, usually talk of how feasible and convenient it is, to implement routine DIY car servicing.

Note that there are minor faults amendments to your car, which you can aptly carry out, in the comfort of your garage. In fact, DIY car servicing is a valid practice to helping you have way lesser problems with your vehicle, for both the short and long term.

Asides from this, they can be very pivotal in helping you save on repair and maintenance costs, by implication. You get to visit the auto repairs less frequently, and you consequently pay less for any issues affecting your car.

Now, car lift purposes are much more varied than you may have thought. They don’t just help you on matters relating directly to your car, but also in planning and organization of your available garage space.

You may not realize that you can actually park in your cars in your supposed small garage until you’ve added the use of a car lift in the implementation of this.

However, since there are different types of car lifts with different features and capacities on overall, it is important to know which ones are the bests, as well as if they are the right choice for your home garage.

Determining the best types of garage helps you come to the right decision from the best car lift for home garages that there are.

Best Car Lift For Home Garage: Our Top Picks

1. TRIUMPH NT-9 9000Lbs Two Post Floor Plate Lift

best car lift for home garage
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The Triumph NT-9 is definitely one of the top contenders for the best car lifts, for your home garage. This high-function capacity tool has a lifting ability of 9000 Lbs clear and seems to have taken a soft spot in the heart of car owners- because of its unflinching work integrity.

The car lift- with an estimated height of about 111 inches, allows home garage users to effectively manage their limited space. Hence, if you have a car lift like this one, you should not need to bother much on where and how to park your vehicle, even if your garage is well shared for housing other valuables.

Note that since the lift is a two-post lift, it is sure to use up even lesser space on your garage floor, and yet still perform its required function to the maximum. Another reason why the Triumph NT-9 holds so much prestige is because of its high hydraulic lifting power.

It is able to promptly lift your car within a minute or even less, and the major contributor to this is the machine’s 200 volts inbuilt power function. The advantage of this trait is that it helps users carry out emergency work that can be finished in the shortest time.

Thus, even if you’re so much in a hurry but need to check your car bottom, you can still do that without this process consuming any much of your time.

What’s more? The car lift assemblage is easy and does not take too many processes or formalities. In fact, a new user can effectively couple up the lift, without haven seen the manufacturer’s manual at all.

Although a really strong inefficiency function, the lift is less complex and easy to use for any under-car DIY activity.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The TRIUMPH NT-9 9000Lbs Two Post Floor Plate Lift that earned it a spot in our list of Best Car Lift For Home Garage to get in 2022.


  • The Triumph NT-9 car lift comes with a strong high-quality build structure, that guarantees its effectiveness which makes it the best car lift for the money.
  • The machine allows the implementation of various lifting speeds when underuse. This means its speed is aptly determined based on the weight of the subject car.
  • The manufacturing company has included an extension on the lift, suitable for use with trucks and heavier vehicles.
  • The accompanying speed it displays during use, is top-notch commendable.
  • It is easy to assemble, with almost no need for coupling instructions.
  • Effective for use in limited space


  • The car lift requires constant lubrication and greasing, to prevent difficulties associated with locking and unlocking the lift.
  • Triumph NT-9 car lifts are not ideally designed for outdoor use.
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2. BL-5000SLX by QuickJack

best car lift for home garage
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As far as car lifts are concerned, this is another force to reckon with. The QuickJack 5175376BL model is an ingeniously designed car lifting framework that looks small but is significantly equal to the task (don’t even judge it by its small build) it’s the best car lifts for small garages.

The car lift has a 5000 Lbs lifting capacity and can be used for lifting most of the everyday cars you’ll find. It is well portable and can be moved about from place to place, with the least hassle involved.

The lift comes with a dual position safety bae lock, that automatically engages once the machine is in car lifting mode.

This QuickJack product allows users to customize or determine their intended lifting power, based on the three volts strengths it offers.

You can make use of either lifting strengths of 220V, or the 240V alternate current provisions, while the third option is a 12V direct current input.

The lift is made of thickened steel on the upper lifting surface, and other rubber block attachment trays, all functioning to build an efficient lifting synergy.

Once the lift has been properly placed under the car, the next thing to do is just press the push button on the provided hand-held control.

The result is remarkable, and analysts have rated this particular model, as one of the strongest car lifts yet available in its category.

One of the most notable uses of the QuickJack 5175376BL car lift is for activities revolving around simple repairs and maintenance- such as the changing of the car tires or for fine-tuning the car chassis.

People who have used this car lift for their home garage, say it has all the desired ease locked up in its lifting frames which makes it fit in our best car lift for home garage 2022 lists.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The BL-5000SLX by QuickJack Lift that earned it a spot in our list of Best Car Lift For Home Garage to get in 2022.


  • Top-quality product with a near hundred percent satisfaction rating.
  • Impressive remote control access for most operations
  • The car lift is remarkably lightweight, and can even be carried in your car trunk (hence, it is used for outdoor purposes).
  • Requires very little setup space, when you set it up in your home garage
  • Dual safety lock for ensuring that all activities during the car lifting are kept safe for the user.


  • The maximum height of the car lift is put at about 21 inches, hence it may not be suitable for higher cars.
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My New Garage Lift! // QuickJack BL-5000 SLX Review

3. BendPak Portable Mid-Rise Scissor Lift 

best car lift for home garage
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The BendPak portable mid-rise scissor car lift is a 6000 lbs capacity lift, with a length dimension of about 81 inches, and a collapsed height placed at four and three-quarter inches.

It displays an impressive work method and allows you to carry out minor repair and maintenance procedures in your home garage.

This car lift comes with a remarkable design that is compact enough to utilize the smallest space available which makes it the best portable car lifts for home garage in 2022.

Hence, there are no worries as regards how much space this additional tool would be eating up in your parking space. In order to facilitate its ease of use, the car lift comes with a set of adjustable arm frameworks and multi-location safety lock bars that facilitate car lifting in a convenient and secure way.

The BendPak portable car lift is powered by a one-phase motor, that produces less noise as you make use of it. It can lift cars for heights of up to 53 inches and can be used for both low height and pretty high car lifting.

The added hydraulic hose is a major plus on the tool, and this may be considered as one of the germane components on the top grade lift.

Note that this scissor lift serves well as an alternative to either of the two-fold or four-fold car lifts, and it has even lesser components that are likely to get damaged. They are also one of the most portable car lifts, and you can easily fold them up once no longer in use.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The BendPak Portable Mid-Rise Scissor Lift that earned it a spot in our list of Best Car Lift For Home Garage to get in 2022.


  • Highly portable car tool; it can be moved conveniently and hence, suitable for outdoor purposes.
  • Requires less space for both installations, as well as storage after use.
  • The BendPak portable mid-rise scissor car lift is a valid alternative, that can be used instead of either of the two and four-fold car lifts.
  • Multiple safety locking positions ensure the safety of the user while the machine is being used for car lifting.
  • Suitable for emergency uses since it lifts a car to maximum height, in 45 seconds only.


  • Although the machine can be moved from place to place, it is actually quite heavy, and this may make it a less preferred option for emergency outdoor use.
  • Installation is not that easy, and a user may require some time to study the product manual before they can effectively use it.
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My new Bendpak MD-6XP scissor lift - Setting up and first use
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4. Auto Lift Car-Park-8-Plus Extra Tall 

best car lift for home garage
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This is an important four-post car lift, with remarkable use advantages for your home garage. It is a great tool that optimizes space usage, hence it is worth every buck that goes into its purchase.

The car lift has an impressive ability to lift and carry up to 8000 pounds weight, thus making it suitable for almost any car you can think of.

Note that the Auto Lift car park 8 model is specifically built to act as a storage lift, hence it functions in maximizing limited space- where the needed space might have been quite enormous.

For instance, you can host a car on top of the lift, while another stays beneath it. This method of car storage allows you to make you of a single parking space, but for two cars instead.

This type of lift is recommended for persons having limited home garage space, but with multiple cars that need to fit in. Another good thing about it, is that you can determine the height you want it to reach, and this would only take a maximum of 90 seconds to attain.

Considering the function of this lift, it has been built to possess such great holding strength, with safety-proof features that make it safe for use.

It comes with a redundant ladder lock feature that activates automatically, in the event of a cable failure on the lift control system.

The power system for raising the car is a 110 volts single motor. Its width between runway distance is placed at about 37 inches; making it suitable for most cars. Usually, this lift comes with a poly caster kit made available at no extra cost to the buyer.

Other accompanying features are drip trays for collecting any dripping fluid from the car, steel approach ramps, and the jack tray for use during minor repairs.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Auto Lift Car-Park-8-Plus Extra Tall  Lift that earned it a spot in our list of Best Car Lift For Home Garage to get in 2022.


  • This type of lift is built and effective for long-term vehicle storage. This means you can leave your car packed on it for a long time.
  • It helps in creating more space for packing more cars, and this is a real advantage of this lift.
  • The model structure is designed with every sense of safety precaution being put to mind.
  • It is safe for both the user, as well as his /her automobile properties. Note that the redundant cable lock serves as a security emergency kind of framework- in the event of a failing system function.
  • Easy to operate and requires less time to function
  • The lift is well adjustable to suit the users personal and vehicle needs


  • This car lift is well expensive, and you must have really decided that you need it, before you venture to buy it.
  • The assemblage is not that easy, even with the provided instructions.
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4. TRIUMPH NSS-8XLT 8000Lbs 4 Post Storage Service Lift 

5 Of The Best Car Lift For Home Garage To Buy in 2022
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This is another top-notch four-post storage car lift, with all the befitting features that qualify quality. The Triumph NSS -8 remains one of the most sought-after car lift storage devices, and it definitely holds a major stake in the prevailing markets right now.

The product is a massive 8000 lbs holding car lift, and it’s a good one since it helps in ensuring that all your vehicles get a parking space to rest.

The capacity height for the lift is placed at about 94 inches, an overall length of about 190 inches, a99 inches runway width, and a runway that is 180 inches long.

Accompanying component features of the car lift, are three drip trays for collecting dripping fluids, a jack tray, two-vehicle loading ramps, the caster kit, a 110V power motor, amongst other features.

If you thinking of how to create more parking space in your home garage, then this lift is definitely one of the first options to consider.

One notable improvement to this model by the Triumph™ company is the fact that it comes with improved convenience traits, hence leaving the user with multiple options of use.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The TRIUMPH NSS-8XLT 4 Post Storage Service Lift that earned it a spot in our list of Best Car Lift For Home Garage to get in 2022.


  • The Triumph™ NSS-8 car lift storage is established to be effective for maximizing home garage storage space.
  • It provides optimum stability for your car, via its 8000 lbs holding capacity, and its four-post structure.
  • It allows the user to carry out all the repairs and checks that need to be done, underneath the parked car.
  • Easy to operate and move from place to place.


  • The car lift is well expensive and may be considered a major investment for many people.
  • It is not easy to assemble- especially if the user manual is not available.
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5. Dannmar MaxJax Portable 6,000-lbs

5 Of The Best Car Lift For Home Garage To Buy in 2022
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The Dannmar Maxjar portable car lift is a 6000 lbs, two-fold car lift, with top-notch car lifting qualities.

It is a good option if you’re considering portability and safety in a two-fold lift. This best portable car lift remains one of the best car lifts in its category, and there are a number of exciting features to look out for if you’re buying it.

MaxJar provides the required space needed to enable you to work on your car by yourself, while also providing the stability that ensures your safety while you work underneath the car.

The product price is on average, and you may want to consider this a reasonable option as well.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Dannmar MaxJax Portable 6,000-lbs Lift that earned it a spot in our list of Best Car Lift For Home Garage to get in 2022.


  • The car lift is easy to install, and a newbie can almost carry out the installation without the use of a guide.
  • The lift allows enough space for a user to work conveniently
  • It provides reasonable stability on every car mounted on it, thus ensuring the safety of the working owner.
  • They require less space and are easy to pack away after use.


  • They are not suitable for long-term car storage
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MaxJax Installation Demo for the BMW X5


Categories Of The  Mobile Car Lift For Home Garage

Now, as much as most people know the relevance and uses of car lifts in the home garage, it is also important to know that these essential tools are basically classified, and are not all the same.

The differences in their classification affect such characteristics as their functions, lifting power or ability, pricing, amongst other important traits.

Thus, before opting for just any car lift, it is important to decide which category you would like to buy from- and as a foremost consideration.

There are three groups of car lifts, although there are other few alternatives- some of which are equally useful.

The three categories are:-

  • Twofold car lifts
  • Fourfold car lifts
  • Scissor shaped car lifts
Twofold Car Lifts:-

The two-fold car lifts as the name implies, are built to lift up cars using two-foot stands on both of two sides. Hence, one fold is on the left, and the other is found on the right.

While some people may think this is a less useful car lift as compared to the fourfold lifts, several two-fold lifts have shown so much significance in car repair and maintenance works.

In fact, some of them are currently listed as the best on the overall ratings for car lifts. However, some of the reasons why people may go for lifts in this category is because they are relatively cheaper and are found to occupy even lesser space.

Although for most times, they are found to be less effective than the fourfold lifts. For instance, two-fold lifts tend to carry lesser weights than the fourfold lifts (although products from companies like Triumph™ have proven that certain two-fold lift structures can also match at par with the four folds lifts).

But then, twofold lifts are not suitable for long-term storage of vehicles, as they do not have the bearing capacity to do this. In fact, they are only recommended for use with relatively lightweight cars.

Fourfold Car Lifts:-

The fourfold car lifts are a more advanced option- in terms of holding ability and mechanic repair use. They provide the best stability option for your car, hence making them qualify as the best car lift option for long-term storage.

All four-fold lifts basically provide a runway drive where the car climbs on before they are being raised to specific heights- depending on the model and its specifications. Fourfold lifts are very important in terms of space creation and maximization, overall.

A reasonable number of people who buy these type of car lifts, do so because they need to maximize their limited garage space- that would have contained maybe just a car. With the four-fold lift, the user is able to park one car on top, and the other on the bottom.

But as you would expect, they are more expensive, with a reasonable price difference on some. Many of the manufacturing companies for this type of lift have implemented standard methods of ensuring safety for the users.

Scissor Shaped Car Lifts:-

As the name implies, this type of lift is scissor in shape, to provide high-level support for the mounted cars.

They are sometimes referred to as the last option, although they are appreciated for their ability to confer reasonable stability. For this, their relevance in car repair and maintenance works, cannot be overemphasized.

However, although they are used mainly as repair and maintenance lifts, they do not provide the kind of convenience and space that you would find when using either of the four or two-fold car lifts.

How to implement Maintenance of the car lifts

For every such device like these ones, usage maintenance is key. If you want to enjoy the use of your car lifts for as long as the manufacturer’s suggested lifespan, then regular maintenance routines must be adopted for the lifts themselves.

There is a list of best car lift for home garage in 2022 which is ideal car lift maintenance practices that every car lift owner- whether four or two-fold, should find useful.

They are about the most important requirements for achieving this. They include:

  • Regularly adjusting the lift cables

Since these lifts are automatic energy-powered devices, it is important to always put to heart, the importance of every attached cable in the overall system operation.

One of the most germane routines in car lift maintenance is regular checking and adjusting of the cable wires. Prolonged use of the lifts may cause the cable to shift and stretch from time to time.

As a basic maintenance rule, you must ensure to check for this if it happens and bring the cables back to pristine.

  • Lubrication of moving parts

Another thing to consider in lift maintenance is the regular lubrication of moving parts. This is important because if the parts become stiff, then the general function of the lift is impaired one way or the other.

Some of the ill effects of failure to carry out required lubrication are certain noise from the lift parts, as well as increased wear and tear of the parts.

  • Keep off every unused car lift

Prolonging the lifespan of your car lifts may include that you keep them away safely when they are not underused. It is not proper to leave your lifts outside unused under the elements, as this directly impacts on their efficiency- for the immediate time, or later.

According to trend information and statistics, car lifts would continue to be of relevance to car user. This is especially true because people who can afford a second car would need places to park them. And there is the increasing costs of acquiring land assets, for which building or expanding garages are seemingly off the option lists.