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9 Of The Best CB Antenna For Pickup Truck –Reviewed

This is a complete buyer’s guide to Best CB Antenna for Pickup Trucks. 🤴

The best part?

We bought the 17 CB Antenna for Pickup trucks in the current market and reviewed them based on Type and Design, Length, Mount Location, Power, Bandwidth/frequency range, and Antenna build.

And finally, we came to 9 Of The Best CB Antenna for Pickup Trucks to our readers. 📗

So without further ado, Let’s dive right in. 🎭

For a truck driver, communication and getting clear signals are essential while on the road. While we can’t all have the best radios in our trucks, a CB antenna helps drivers stay connected, listen to the news and music, or talk over the radio.

On top of that, truck drivers need to stay in contact with other truck drivers to relieve stress on the road and make every trip fun.

Whether driving to the store or making a short trip, there is nothing like staying connected to others, especially pickup truck drivers.  Furthermore, having a CB antenna also means you can hear the distress call of a driver over the radio and offer assistance to them.

With so many antennas on the market, is having a CB antenna necessary, and what is the best CB antenna for pickup trucks?

Why do you need a CB antenna on your pickup truck?

You must have come across several antennas in your lifetime. But it would be best to have a CB antenna on your pickup truck for two essential reasons. 

The first reason is to get clear signals and uninterrupted transmission while on the road, which is impossible with a smaller or low-frequency antenna.

The next is to enhance the range of the signals received. A CB antenna can receive and send signals in every direction because of its range; it is also easier to communicate without too many interferences.

Best CB Antenna for Pickup Truck – Our Picks👌

1. Stryker SR-2K Center Load CB Antenna for Trucks

Best CB Antenna for Pickup Truck
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This is probably the most efficient and high-performance CB antenna you will ever use. Not only does it fit well onto most pickups, but it also works well, and you get two for one.

When you order this antenna, it comes with two different shaft lengths; a 5-inch and a 10-inch.

The reason for this combination is in case the shorter antenna doesn’t work for your truck; you have a 10-inch option that will enable you to receive signals just the way you want them.


  • It has a high noise-canceling feature with a low-loss coil for high-definition sound clarity.
  • The pack comes with an Allen wrench and sets of screws to make tuning an effortless process.
  • Very easy to install and use without any stress
  • It has a power of 3600 watts and a frequency range of 26 – 30 MHz

Overall, the Stryker SR-2k is undoubtedly one of the Best CB Antenna for Pickup trucks on the market, with outstanding performance, range, high talking power, affordability, and great value for money.

And while the product offers you a choice, you can be sure that the Stryker SR-2K will never disappoint you and is the perfect addition to your pickup truck.

2. Midland 18-2442 – best CB antenna for long range

9 Of The Best CB Antenna For Pickup Truck –Reviewed
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Midland is a household name when radios and antennas have been mentioned since 1972. The Midland 18-2442 is a center load antenna and one of the best in their product range.

Aside from the stainless steel 17-7 whip, it comes with a spring, relieving the tension on the antenna. This makes it durable, reliable, and efficient in capturing signals far and wide.


  • A plastic-coated magnetic-based increases the stability of the antenna, keeping it intact even as you drive through high speeds.
  • Easily mountable on any part of your pickup truck and comes already wired with connectors.
  • Simple tuning system by anyone who can loosen or tighten the screw to move the antenna up or down to get a better signal
  • Easy to install, and the rubber-coated magnetic portion enables you to affix it to your truck without damaging the paint job.
  • It is a super-sturdy and well-balanced antenna that remains in position straight as a tree trunk regardless of wind or speed. 
  • Quality construction, great value for money, with a 2-mile frequency range

Overall, the 18-2442 has shortcomings, as the stainless steel whip can start to rust without proper maintenance. However, this professional CB antenna will deliver accuracy and sound quality.

3. 4 Feet Black Firefly

Best CB Antenna for Pickup Truck

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This is the lightest, most versatile, and most receptive CB aftermath antenna on the market. While it is not all rosy with the 4-feet CB antenna, it does deliver excellent features hence why it is on this Best CB Antenna for Pickup Truck list.

Below are some of the features of The 4 Feet Black Firefly that earned it a spot in our list of Best CB Antenna for Pickup Truck.


  • The black Firefly CB antenna is a 4-foot black good receptive antenna with a reasonable price tag. The Firefly can communicate with four trucks, with the signal jumbling up.
  • It comes loaded with NOAA emergency weather notifications to alert you about the atmospheric condition ahead while on the road.
  • Although one of the heaviest antennas on the market, it is super easy to install with impressive sound clarity. It is also easy to tune (use your hands)
  • It handles up to 200 Watts of power and will stay in tune even in shady weather, allowing you to get signals.

The 4-feet Firefly is a heavy-duty antenna that will remain active regardless of the day’s conditions.

The one setback is you have to purchase other necessary accessories like the coax cable, PL 259 connectors, spring, and mirror mount for the durability of the Firefly antenna.

4. K40 K30 35 – best CB antenna for semi

Best CB Antenna for Pickup Truck
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If you are looking for a good quality CB antenna for your pick truck, you can’t go wrong with the K40 K30 antenna. It is built to last. This antenna offers a simple magnetic mount with 15 feet of shielded coax cable.

To ensure proper balance and unwavering signal interference when driving, it comes with a sturdy PL259 connector in the pack to assemble it easily and remain intact on your truck.

Below are some of the features of The K40 K30 35-Inch CB Antenna that earned it a spot in our Best CB Antenna for Pickup Truck list.


  • It comes with a 10-inch strong magnetic base for a firm mount and 15 feet coax cable that connects with your radio.
  • When mounted and tuned right, the K40 K30 will receive and transmit signals within an 8-mile radius.
  • A 35-inch whip antenna made from stainless steel will comfortably handle up to 300 watts.

Overall, the K40 K30 is the perfect addition to your truck; it is set up easily, has excellent performance, and the size is just right with impeccable clarity. 

If you are looking to purchase this CB antenna, not only will you enjoy the build, but how easily it fit seamlessly into your pickup truck?

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5. FireStik FL3-B 3-Foot FireFly Antenna

Best CB Antenna for Pickup Truck

The FireStik is an all-American product and the perfect balance between strength and flexibility to deliver the best signals while on the road for your pickup truck.

The antenna is made from a flexible fiberglass tube hence its endearing lightweight nature. The whip is coated in copper to prevent the antenna from the elements but doesn’t affect the reception.

Below are some of the features of The FireStik FL3-B Antenna that earned it a spot in our Best CB Antenna for Pickup Truck list.


  • This 3-foot 3/8 inches with 24 threaded bases makes tuning the antenna very simple.
  • An anti-rust rubber ring that holds the adjuster firmly after tuning it to your required setting
  • It comes with 18-foot fire flex coax cables for easy installation and connection to the radio.
  • It can handle up to 200 watts of power and has the best CB top-loaded antenna that will also send you weather alerts for the road ahead.

Overall, this all-American flexible CB antenna allows you to drive under trees or into your garage without bothering to break the antenna. Its super-flex quality enables it to bounce back even after a ridiculous bend.

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6. Wilson 305 – best magnetic CB antenna

9 Of The Best CB Antenna For Pickup Truck –Reviewed
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Popularly known as lil wil, the 305-38 is the best magnetic antenna with a broad range frequency allowing you to get more from your antenna.

The Wilson, a baseload antenna, is a 36-inch 17-7 PH stainless steel whip capable of handling up to 3000 watts of power and a heavy-duty CB antenna that will keep you connected on the road.

Below are some of The Wilson 305 – 38 Magnetic Mount CB Antennas features that earned it a spot in our Best CB Antenna for Pickup Truck list.


  • A strong magnetic base with heavy-duty 14-gauge copper coils makes it one of the clearest antennas on the market.
  • Offers a manual head start on how to tune it properly to CB frequency
  • The antenna offers incredible sound quality and performance frequency range due to its extra length
  • A no-scratch, sturdy magnetic base allows it to stick firmly on your truck and remain in place regardless of how much wobble the vehicle undergoes
  • Lightweight, aerodynamic design enables it to move around in the wind and still provide clear signals
  • Very easy to install and comes with a full detailed instruction manual showing you every step of the process

Although the Wilson 305-38 is undoubtedly one of the best CB antennas on the market, it is also the most expensive, and while it sits on your truck firmly, it tends to slip from the position when it rains.

This antenna comes with 1.25 SWR on channel 19 and 1.7 SWR on channels 1 and 40.

7. Tram 3700 Trucker CB radio antenna for truck

Best CB Antenna for Pickup Truck
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If you are looking for a robust, sturdy, and rugged antenna that will take the abuse of the element and still stand tall, then this is it. The Tram 3700 will check all these boxes and even more.

The Tram 3700 is a thermoplastic round coil holder with excellent noise-canceling features and less interference when communicating, even when the network is congested.

Below are some of the features of The Tram 3700 Trucker CB Antenna that earned it a spot in our list of Best CB Antenna for Pickup Truck.


  • It comes with a static dissipation tip that helps quiet the receiver and reduce the chances of a lightning strike.
  • A frequency range of 26 to 30MHz capable of handling the power of 3700 watts in the 61-inch stainless steel whip with a 6-inch shaft
  • Seamless, uninterrupted transmission in any weather condition
  • Install on the roof of your car and receive or transmit an error-free signal

This sleek and heavy-duty CB antenna will go the distance with your truck. It has also gotten plenty of excellent reviews from customers who have used the antenna, and based on experience; the antenna offers the best signal that a pickup truck driver needs on the road.

8. Cobra HGA 1000 Magnetic Mount CB Antenna

9 Of The Best CB Antenna For Pickup Truck –Reviewed
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Cobra is not a new name in communication devices, and the HGA 1000 is a product created for pickups and truckers. The HGA 1000 is a small magnetic mount with a frequency range of 26 – 30MHz.

Below are some of the features of The Cobra HGA 1000 Magnetic Mount CB Antenna that earned it a spot in our list of Best CB Antenna for Pickup Truck.


  • Although designed to handle 100 watts of power, this CB antenna can conveniently work with 300 watts of power at 30MHz.
  • The Cobra is a stainless steel whip that includes an SO239 connector
  • It has a 4-inch magnetic base that stays put as long as you want
  • Easy to set up on the roof or trunk of the truck with an excellent sound clarity

Overall, Cobra is a powerful and decently priced CB antenna for pickups and all other types of trucks. It is the ultimate versatile CB antenna and is great for small cars too.

Furthermore, mounting the antenna on different pickup truck parts doesn’t affect the reception or signal quality.

Best CB Antenna for Pickup Truck: What To Consider

Type and Design – Do thorough research on the varieties on the market or ask a friend with a pickup truck what brand they are using and how reliable it is before purchasing one for your pickup truck.

The Length – the longer the antenna, the more reception and clarity you get. The ideal wavelength is 102 inches or 8.5 feet. Choose a suitable length that will suit you depending on what your pickup truck is used for and the distance it goes.

Mount Location – antennas can be mounted on any part of the truck, but the higher the antenna is seated, the stronger the signals you get.

So CB antennas are either roof or side mount but remember that the antenna must hang halfway above the roofline of your truck for proper reception.

Power – the higher the wattage, the clearer the signals; while there are good CB antennas with low wattage, power wattage is crucial when choosing an antenna.

Bandwidth/frequency range – despite the area, you should be able to communicate with others on your wavelength. However, the higher the bandwidth, the more channels you can receive.

Antenna build – antennas are made with different materials; fiberglass, whip, truckers, magnetic mount, and no ground plane antenna.

📗 FAQs on Best CB Antenna for Pickup Truck

Below are a few queries on the best CB Antenna for Pickup Trucks that everyone expects to answer, and I did include the same for my readers.

Is a longer CB antenna better?

Yes, taller is better for range of distance when it comes to an antenna, and the optimal antenna length is 1/4 wavelength.

Where is the best place to mount a CB antenna?

Center of your roof

Are dual CB antennas better?

Yes, With antennas on both sides of your vehicle, you're much less likely to have large dead spots because the antenna system can see more.


The CB antenna is one of those products that are taken for granted, and most times, people remember an antenna when something goes wrong rather than settle for cheap antennas that will get knocked off by the wind or fail to receive and transmit clear signals when you need them.

These CB antennas are some of the best on the market, and whichever you choose will suit your pickup truck perfectly. Now you have a guide, make your choice.