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11 Best Chrome Screen Recorder To Record Your Screen

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers of all time, and many people use it to create demonstrative videos and more. If you also want to record your Google Chrome screen for whatever reason, the best option always remains to use a standalone screen recording software.

However, there is a big issue with this. Google Chrome tends to use heavy resources on your PC/laptop and if you have a budget computer, then using the standalone screen recording software is not possible because you will face a lot of stuttering and lags.

In such scenarios, using a screen recorder extension can be a lifesaver. But the internet is filled with the best chrome screen recorder extensions, and each of them claims to be the best. If you are confused about which one you should go with, this article is going to be very helpful for you.

In this article, we will share a list of the best Chrome screen recorders with you. Along with that, we will also share a short review of the extension with pros and cons so that you can decide which one is going to be the best for you.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

Best Chrome Screen Recorder – Our Pick👌👌

1. Screen Recorder By Scre.io

Screen Recorder By Scre.io (Get Here) is one of the highest downloaded and the best Google Chrome screen recorder extensions on the Chrome Web Store. This screen recording tool has been designed and offered by Eric Behrens, an Italian front-end software developer.

This tool offers several recording options, such as recording the entire desktop, a specific window, your webcam, or just a single Chrome tab.

Best Chrome Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder has over a million active installations with superb 4-star ratings from over 2000 reviews. This is amongst the most popular Google Chrome extensions.

One of the main reasons this extension is so popular is because it is completely free. Not only that, but the tool is pretty simple and easy to use, and you don’t require any technical knowledge to use it.

Pros of Screen Recorder:-

  • Screen Recorder by Eric Behrens is completely free for a lifetime without any limitations. You can use any of the features of this extension for free. 
  • None of your videos will have watermarks.
  • There is no limit to how many videos you can record in a month. You can record as many videos as you want for free.
  • Along with videos, you can also record your audio and your camera footage which is a great thing for people who want to record educational videos.
  • Screen Recorder features a very simple and easy-to-use interface. This makes it a perfect choice for people who don’t want to get into technical stuff just to record their screens.

Cons of Screen Recorder:-

  • This Google Chrome extension lacks video editing features, meaning you need to use a different video editing tool to edit your videos.
  • All your videos will be stored locally on your computer. That means, if you want to share it with others, you need to upload your videos to a cloud platform first. Only after that will you be able to share your recordings.

2. Screencastify

Screencastify (Get Here) is another very popular Google Chrome extension for recording your screen. With over 10 million active installations, it is arguably the most downloaded screen recording extension on Chrome Web Store.

This Google Chrome extension boasts superb 4-star ratings from over 11,000 reviews. This shows how reliable this extension is.

Screencastify: Create, Share, and Assess

The best thing about Screencastify is that it is one of the few Google Chrome extensions that works very well with Google Drive.

In addition, Screencastify features a straightforward and easy-to-use user interface that makes video recording, editing, and sharing pretty easy. You can use this to capture your computer screen, web tab, or any selected area of your desktop.

Pros of Screencastify:-

  • The free tier of this extension lets you record your desktop’s screen in 1080p HD resolutions.
  • Even though Screencastify offers a premium version, there are no limitations in free versions like watermark or something.
  • You can record a browser tab, your desktop, your webcam, or desktop along with a webcam, and that too for free.
  • The screen recorder supports microphone connectivity as well, making it extremely easy to record educational and instructional tutorials.
  • It features an on-the-fly video editing tool that lets you trim, merge, mark, and add captions very easily.
  • Screencastify allows you to upload and share your recording to Google Drive and YouTube for free. You can also store all your recordings in local storage.

Cons of Screencastify:-

  • The video export formats offered by Screencastify are a bit limited.
  • The free version only allows you to record 50 videos of less than 5 minutes each in a month.
  • The video editing tool is pretty basic. You will need to use third-party editing software if you want to make your recordings appear professional.

3. Droplr Screenshot & Screen Recorder

The next Google Chrome screen recorder extension on our list is Droplr (Get Here). It is one of the top-rated screen recording extensions on Chrome Web Store, with superb 4-star ratings from over 222 reviews.

The company claims that Droplr has a user base of over 5 million people, using it to take billions of screenshots and screen recordings every day.

Droplr is a feature-rich Chrome extension with dozens of amazing functions that make taking screenshots and recording videos much easier and fun.

Best Chrome Screen Recorder 1

However, the biggest shortcoming of this Chrome extension is that it doesn’t have any free tier. You can opt for the free trial, though, after a certain amount of time, you either need to uninstall the extension or need to opt for a premium subscription.

Pros of Droplr:-

  • Droplr allows you to record your face while recording your screen. This is a great feature for those who screen record educational and instructional videos.
  • When you create an account on Droplr, you get access to a dashboard where all your recording gets saved automatically. You can use this dashboard to organize and watch all of your recordings.
  • Since all of your recordings automatically get uploaded to the cloud storage, it makes it extremely easy to share them with others. You can visit your Droplr dashboard to see all of your recorded videos, and you can generate short links to share them with your friends or colleagues.
  • It also features a quick video editing tool that can help you trim down lengthy videos.
  • This Chrome extension also offers a screen capturing tool that lets you capture your webpage in just a few clicks.
  • Droplr allows you to customize what part of the screen you want to record and whatnot.

Cons of Droplr:-

  • One of the biggest disadvantages of Droplr is that it doesn’t offer any free tier. You can opt for the trial version, but you need to opt for the premium tool after a while. In comparison, there are plenty of other tools in the market that offers the same functionality while being completely free.
  • The editing tool is pretty basic. Therefore, if you are planning to upload your videos to YouTube or other platforms, you need to use separate video editing software.

4. Fluvid – Screen Video Recorder

Fluvid (Get Here) is another great screen recording extension for Google Chrome. The best thing about Fluvid is that it is quite a feature-rich Google Chrome extension that not only helps you record your desktop screen but also allows you to stream online.

You can choose whether you want to record or stream your screen with or without your webcam.

Video messaging & screencasting tool for remote teams | Available on Chrome, Windows & Android

Fluvid is designed for everyone. Therefore, whether you are a teacher who wants to record lectures, a salesperson who wants to give a detailed product demo to your client, or a creator who wants to create educational videos, it offers features that will help you in your purpose.

Despite having such excellent functionalities, It is quite lightweight and doesn’t take too much of your PC resources.

Pros of Fluvid:-

  • Fluvid offers a lifetime free version that comes with decent functionalities for a basic user.
  • Fluvid allows you to protect all your recordings with custom passwords so that no one without your permission can access those files.
  • It comes with an analytic function that lets you keep an eye on who watched your videos and when. This feature also gives you a detailed performance review.
  • This chrome screen recorder extension supports social publishing and live streaming options. This feature becomes very handy when you want to give lectures or arrange meetings.
  • Fluvid allows you to customize the thumbnail of your videos while recording.
  • This Chrome extension comes with an in-built video editing tool that can be used to edit, trim, and merge your recorded videos.

Cons of Fluvid:-

  • The free version of Fluvid restricts you from recording a maximum of 50 videos in a month.
  • The video export and convert formats are very limited compared to other screen recorders.

5. Screenity

Screenity (Get Here) is an open-source screen recorder extension for Chrome designed and maintained by Alyssa X. This Chrome extension enables you to record your screen and add annotation on your videos to make them more informational.

Being an open-source extension, it is completely free, and therefore, if you are looking for a free Chrome screen recorder, this would be a great choice.

Screenity is a feature-rich tool. It comes with all the essential functions that you might need for recording your screen or editing your videos.

Record and Annotate your Screen with Screenity

You can also enable recording from your webcam and microphone along with your computer screen. If you are a developer, you can get the code of this extension from GitHub and modify it to add more functionalities.

Pros of Screenity:-

  • Screenity is an open-source screen recording tool, and therefore, it is completely free to use.
  • There is no limit to how many videos you can record per day or month.
  • This screen recorder allows you to record your webcam and microphone along with your screen. This is a great feature for those who want to record instructional videos.
  • Screenity also features an on-the-fly video annotation feature which is again great for instructional and educational videos.
  • The video editing tool offered by Screenity is quite powerful and functional.

Cons of Screenity:-

  • One of the biggest issues with Screenity is that it is not very stable.
  • The video export formats are somewhat limited.

6. Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder

Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder, aka Nimbus Capture (Get Here), is one of the most popular screen recording Chrome extensions out there.

It has over 1 million downloads on Chrome Web Store with a superb 4.8 stars rating from 15,871 reviews. These figures are pretty amazing and impressive, and one of the main credits for this goes to the functionality and features of this extension.

Nimbus Capture features a light video editing tool that allows you to make basic changes in your videos, such as trimming, cropping, and more.

11 Best Chrome Screen Recorder To Record Your Screen

You can also directly upload all your videos to multiple social channels, including YouTube, Nimbus Note, and more. Overall, Nimbus Capture is a pretty solid and amongst the best chrome screen recorders that you can get.

Pros of Nimbus Capture:-

  • Nimbus Capture provides a free version to its users with limited access to functionalities.
  • Nimbus Capture allows you to record your entire screen or just a specific part of it.
  • Nimbus Capture features long screenshots of a webpage, meaning you can scroll your webpage while capturing.
  • The video editing tool is quite powerful and functional.
  • Nimbus Capture is one of the few screen recording chrome extensions that support screen recording to up to 4K resolutions.
  • There is no length limit for videos. You can record a straight 24-hour long video if you want.

Cons of Nimbus Capture:-

  • The user interface is relatively confusing for beginners.
  • The free version of Nimbus Capture is quite limited.

7. Video & Screen Recorder for Work – Covideo

Next, we have another best Chrome screen recorder by Covideo (Get Here). It is a very powerful screen recording tool designed for businesses in mind.

This video recorder lets you record your screen and webcam and share them instantly with your co-workers, customers, and prospects. However, the thing to keep in mind is that the Covideo screen recorder isn’t a free tool at all.

How To Use Covideo's Gmail Add In - Chrome Extension

Covideo costs around $49 a month if billed annually, and at that price point, it is surely not a cheap solution. However, it is a feature-rich Chrome extension, and the features completely justify the pricing.

For example, it doesn’t only give you the ability to record your screen, but it also offers unlimited cloud storage to save all of your recordings.

Pros of Covideo Recorder:-

  • It isn’t only available as a Chrome extension. Instead, it has native apps available for both Android and iOS platforms, while you can access the web version whenever you want.
  • Covideo allows you to embed your screen recordings directly to emails. Along with that, you can also share your videos through social media platforms.
  • You can use Covideo to record both your screen and webcams simultaneously. This feature really helps in creating educational tutorials and videos.
  • It features a very strong video editing tool that lets you trim, merge, and add annotations and captions very easily.
  • This software gives you access to unlimited cloud storage to store all your recordings. This also makes it very easy to share them with others directly through the link.
  • Covideo also allows you to create a landing page for all your videos. Along with that, you can add call-to-action buttons at the bottom of your videos.

Cons of Covideo Recorder:-

  • Covideo screen recorder doesn’t offer any free tier. You can opt for the free trial, though, sooner or later, you either need to opt for the premium service or have to uninstall the extension.
  • The premium subscription of the tool is quite costly.

8. Screencast-O-Matic

If you are looking for a free and the best Chrome screen recorder, Screencast-O-Matic (Get Here) can be a good choice. You can use the free version of Screencast-O-Matic for a lifetime, but you will be restricted to recording a maximum of 15 minutes long videos.

To be frank, 15 minutes long videos will be more than sufficient for most individuals whose main goal is to create informational videos such as tutorials.

Best Chrome Screen Recorder 3

Free users will also have limited access to cloud storage, but that will not be a big deal since you can save your recordings in local storage.

However, if you are an advanced user, I won’t advocate settling with the free version of Screencast-O-Matic, as the premium version unlocks many great benefits. But if we keep that aside, Screen-O-Matic is truly a powerful free screen recorder for Chrome.

Pros of Screencast-O-Matic:-

  • The free version of Screencast-O-Matic is quite powerful and will be sufficient for a majority of basic users.
  • The user interface of Screencast-O-Matic is very simple and neat, making it very easy to use, even for beginners.
  • Even the free version of the extension gives you online storage and sharing options, which is impressive.
  • Screencast-O-Matic offers dedicated mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms.

Cons of Screencast-O-Matic:-

  • The video export formats are very limited.
  • It lacks some advanced features that you can see on other screen recorder extensions such as Covideo and Droplr.

9. Loom – Free Screen and Cam Recorder

Loom (Get Here) is another free screen recording extension that you can get for Google Chrome. It is a very functional and feature-rich screen recorder that gives you the ability to record your Chrome browser as well as the entire desktop.

You can select whether you want to record your webcam, screen, or both altogether. You can also enable or disable audio recording through the microphone.

Record Your Screen and Camera with the Loom Chrome Extension

Loom Screen Recorder is quite popular too. It has been downloaded over 5 million times and holds a superb rating of 4.9 stars after 10,049 reviews.

However, Loom isn’t completely freeware. Instead, it is a freemium Chrome extension where you get limited access to the features of this extension for free. If you want to get unlimited access to the features, you need to opt for the premium membership that costs $8 per month.

Pros of Loom Screen Recorder:-

  • Loom offers a free version with limited access to the features.
  • Loom allows you to record your screen and webcam together. You can use this feature while recording lectures or tutorials.
  • The extension’s viewer insight feature gives you a detailed report of who has seen your videos and other stuff.
  • The instant editing feature is quite powerful and functional.
  • You can manually add transcriptions and closed captions to all your videos.

Cons of Loom Screen Recorder:-

  • The free version restricts you from capturing a maximum of five minutes long videos.
  • With the free version, you can only record a maximum of 25 videos.

10. Video & Screen Recorder for Work – Drift

Lastly, we have Video & Screen Recorder by Drift (Get Here). It is another great screen recording tool for Chrome, and the best part about this extension is that it is completely free forever.

That said, there is a premium version, but that just unlocks additional functionalities such as secure private video sharing, unlimited cloud storage for videos, and HD quality video recording.

Best Chrome Screen Recorder 4

The free version of this Drift Screen Recorder gives you access to cloud storage with a 100 videos archive limit. You can record as many videos as you want without any time limit.

The free version also gives you access to a powerful video editing tool that you can use to trim videos, merge them, create animated GIFs, and more.

Pros of Drift Screen Recorder:-

  • The free version of Drift Screen Recorder is completely free for a lifetime. Plus, you won’t get any time limit or restrictions that could affect your experience.
  • You can use the free version to record, publish, store, and share your videos directly from cloud storage.
  • Even free users will get access to secure cloud storage where you can store up to 100 videos.
  • You can configure the privacy protocols to manage who will have access to your videos.
  • There is also an in-built video editing tool that you can use to trim your videos and remove audio from them. You can also create GIFs using this editing tool.

Cons of Drift Screen Recorder:-

  • The video editing tool is quite basic.
Closing Comments

There you have it – a list of the best Chrome screen recorders.

Hopefully, this article has helped you pick the right Chrome screen recorder extension for you. Each of the Google Chrome extensions mentioned in the list has its own pros and cons. Therefore, we recommend you choose the one that fulfills all your needs.

The best thing about these screen recorders is that it doesn’t take much space on your PC. Even though most of these screen recorders feature an in-built video editing tool, these editing tools will be pretty basic. Therefore, keep in head that you might need to use a professional video editing tool to edit your videos.

With that said, here I am wrapping up this article. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot them in the comment section below. Our team will try to respond ASAP.