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9 The Best Color Label Printer in 2022 – Reviewed and Rated

The color label printer is one of the convenient and cheap substitutes for the desktop printer. Label printers that offer you color results do not have to cost you the moon. There are several of them available in the market in 2022. 

When you search for the best color label printer, you will want to know some factors that can affect the performance and the price. To help you make the right decision, the post contains some of the best color label printer for small businesses on the market. 

To learn more about the products, you must read the review below carefully. You see, any business requires sending products to your customers based in different parts of the world. 

That is not a fun thing to do. To ensure that the product reaches the right place, it has to receive the right kind of attention. That is possible when you use the right color label printer to get those effects exactly.

Additionally, when you use a custom printed label, you use a marketing source to ensure your business communication. The labels received from the color printer are not more expensive than what you get from the plain speech tags. 

We were quite impressed with some makes like the Epson TM-C3500. It can produce some exceptional labels without you having to break the bank. 

Benefits of using a color label printer for your small business

You can print labels quickly:-

Using the label printer, you can now print labels quickly. You do not have to wait for a long period to get one done. The units can print the color labels in a few minutes, saving both your time and money. 

You have the freedom to print:-

The color label printer enables you to create the kind of design you are keen on. You do not have to pay somebody to get those kinds of designs. Besides, you decide on the number of prints. If you outsource the color labels, there is a chance of a reduction in the quality. 

You have a cost-effective measure in your hands:-

As mentioned above, you can outsource the color labels, but the quality might be affected. Besides, it is an expensive proposition. Instead, you might want to print your color labels to ensure that it helps you save money. 

You can make your clients satisfied:-

If you can print remarkable color labels, you know that your clients will place more orders from you. Giving them a good impression is difficult in today’s world with technological advancements. 

You can customize your color labels:-

You can customize your products as and when you want. A small business must redesign its color label once in a while. You cannot use the same design and color. Hence, you will want to use several color combinations to get clients’ attention. 

Factors to beware of when purchasing a color label printer for small business

As a small business owner, you would know that having a color label printer at your disposal can be handy and easy to use. You can customize your color labels, make your designs, and use them as a marketing commodity for your firm. 

You have plenty of options in the market that are available for you to buy. Some of you may have a dilemma about choosing the best label printer. So, knowing a few things that can decide your printer will be helpful. 

Additionally, you will make a small investment in the printer, and it is perfectly alright to take your own time. It enables you to narrow your options in finding the right color label printer for your requirement. 

The workload of the color label printer:-

You may be a small business, a large organization, or want it for home use. The need of different people is not the same. Therefore, you will want to ensure that you are very sure about your needs. 

You can then decide to purchase a similar kind of machine. Besides, it will not help to buy a top-end unit when your requirements are minimal. These machines are designed to perform different functions and come accordingly. 

The printing speed of the printer:-

You need to know the speed of the printing of the label printer. It is proportional to the number of prints you need in a day. But you may also want to know the printer’s loading time and the processing time it takes. 

The cost of printing single, color label printers:-

How much it will cost to print is another important factor for you to consider. You will want to know the printing costs of the full-color label printer. When you are going to be wanting to print in small volumes, then it is ok. 

But you may want to see this closely when printing in large bulk. Besides, the kind of labels you will print also makes a difference. This helps to ensure the total cost stays as low as possible. 

You can have a trial before actually purchasing them:-

This one depends on the brand. Some products do not come with this feature. However, it is good for you if you know somebody who owns a color label printer and is willing to let you try it for a trial. 

You get to know more about the printer, how it works, how much it gives, and get the feel of the machine. Additionally, it helps you save a lot of time when purchasing your unit. 

The utilization of the printer:-

Different users are going to use the color label printer for different purposes. Some of you might want to use it for printing large volumes; some might need it for color printing. When the machine comes with useful features like saving data, then you have a bonus. 

So, you are doing yourself a big favor by knowing the layout of the printer and its sizes. It must be able to provide you with excellent performance, ensuring that your printing needs are immensely met.

The customer help offered to users:-

Like a good brand, customer support is vital for the color label printer. As a user, you must know more about the manufacturer. Spending a few minutes on product reviews will let you know what users feel about the machine. 

This way, you can find out more about their customer support. Then you are a winner. Otherwise, it can get pretty complicated. You certainly do not want your printer to decrease speed after a few days of usage. 

The above were some crucial pointers that can help you make your ultimate decision. We can assure you that you will choose the best color label printer this way.

Best Color Label Printer – Our Top Pick 👌

We have ranked them depending on their features, reviews, and ratings on Amazon. We have also tried a few of them, and given our thoughts on them, perhaps you may find the machine you are looking for.

1. Epson TM-C3500 

Epson TM-C3500 is ranked first on our list of the Epson color label printer. The machine is called ColorWorks 3500 and is a phenomenal printer from Epson. You will be amazed that small businesses and firms adore the color label unit.

Best Color Label Printer
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Users have felt that using the color label printer is one of their main strengths. You can print labels, tickets, and tags as well. You can print labels in a barrage of colors. We were quite happy with the print speed of 103mm/second. 

That was one of the quickest in the market as of today. It also comes with ethernet and USB connectivity for the exceptional transfer of data sublimely. This is a pigment-based unit that operates with an inkjet print head.

You will like it because of the slim design that does not need to occupy much space. Besides, it can flawlessly print 4″/sec. The width of the label can be between 1″ to 4″. As you can see, several kinds of color labels can be printed immediately. 

We liked the warranty as well as the customer support. You stand to receive a replacement unit in 2 business days. Users have commended that its software is durable compared to others. 

You can also use the maintenance box to reduce ink wastage and get rid of the ink that is stored on the head cleaning. The Epson printer is priced at less than $2000, which is acceptable for its embedded features.

A user based in California has this to say about the product. She was looking for a color label printer for her small business and was surprised to see the pricing of $2000. The user loves to use Epson hardware, and this is not her first product from them. 

She is mightily pleased with the product and the support she receives when facing issues. The warranty and support from them are top-notch. She highly recommends it to others, and so do we. 


  • It comes with a 4-cartridge system design that can save you ink. 
  • The printer comes with a compact design. 
  • The unit can help you print instantly more than 100mm/second. 
  • It has adequate ethernet and USB connectivity for flexibility. 
  • The warranty and customer support are outstanding. 


  • Unfortunately, it can print more than 4″ in width. 

Epson TM-C3500 is an all-rounder in the color label printer’s category. It is this when you search for a printer with outstanding features, good printing speed, and an affordable price. 

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Epson TM-C3500 Demo and Durability Tests (1 Year Underwater!)

2. Epson TM-C7500

Epson TM-C7500 is another worthy addition to our list of the best color label printer. You can find a barrage of color label printers in the market, but none may not be able to compete with this one. 

Best Color Label Printer
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It is called ColorWorks C7500 and is suitable for producing matte-based labels for businesses. You will be happy to know that you can create labels without a smudge on them. Those firms producing a large volume of products daily may want to use the unit. 

It also offers you a decent speed of 11.7″/minute. The label printer has a resolution of 1200 dpi and a width of more than 4″. It uses the CMYK color model on which the ink cartridges are bigger for being productive and offer continuous prints. 

Besides, users have commended the printer for its low maintenance and costs. It enables your firm to save money. The need to replace the printhead is not required because it is designed for enhanced durability. 

This is suitable for a mass color label printer in medium to large firms. You can also use the setup disk so that the drivers can support BarTender, the CODESOFT, and NiceLabel label software.


  • The printer is compact in shape and not too heavy. 
  • You can easily print more than 100000 labels in a month. 
  • It has four ink cartridges for heavy printing requirements. 
  • Its print head can last forever on the machine. 
  • It is affordable when compared to others. 


  • Sadly, the printer, when not in use, the nozzles can become clogged.

Epson TM-C7500 is suitable for firms that have large volumes of printing requirements and color labels. When you search for a hassle-free product for your business, you know what to do with its main flaw. 

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3. Primera LX500 

As a small firm, you can seek a budget color-label printer. If that is the case, we feel the Primera LX500 would suit your requirements. This is the best printer as far as the budget goes. 

Best Color Label Printer
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There is no surprise to know that many small firms are utilizing the unit. It has a maximum print resolution of 4800×1200 dpi and a maximum print length of 24.” The printer makes use of a single tri-color ink cartridge.

That may not be beneficial, but it is a compact device weighing less than 8 pounds. It comes with the guillotine label cutter, which the printer can quickly dispense the individual labels. When you have to publish 400 labels per month, you can get 4″ using the LX500. 

It makes use of a Bar Tnader Ultra-Lite software compatible with any OS. You can use it for promotional products, food packaging, product labeling, medical labeling, retail labels, manufacturing, etc.

The Primera color label printer is priced at less than $1400. A Philadelphia user said he found the printer simple to set up and is satisfied. Though he is not convinced about the speed, he is extremely impressed with the results. 

He felt that the price was a bit high. We can only agree with him on that. But if you look around, other color-label machines are priced higher for lesser features. The specifications are remarkable, and it provides you with immense flexibility. 


  • It is lightweight, and you can set it up anywhere. 
  • The compact design is a bonus for a small firm. 
  • The print resolution is phenomenal, and so is the print length. 
  • You can use it with several printing labels. 
  • It is affordably priced. 


  • To print more labels, you will have to purchase ink cartridges. 

Primera LX500 is a good choice for those searching for a flexible color-label printer. We were delighted with the weight, resolution, printing speed, and affordable price. Today is a good day to change your color label printer. 

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Primera LX500 Label Printer

4. Brother QL-820NWB Professional Label Printer

Brother QL-820NWB Professional Label Printer is a product from the makers of Brother. They are known for their stable and durable printers in the market. Is this the best brother color label printer? 

Let us read on to find out. We choose this label printer because it is suitable for small firms. You can print more than 2000 black and 800 colored designs using a single battery charge. 

9 The Best Color Label Printer in 2022 - Reviewed and Rated
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We were stunned by the compact design as it weighs only less than 2.8 pounds and measures 5.7x5x9.2″. The color label printer effortlessly can support die-cut continuous label media for more than 2.4″ wide with a 2″ printing area for printing banners more than 3 feet in length.

You can use the nine resolutions ranging from 100 to 600 dpi to your advantage. Besides, you can easily print 100 at 300dpi labels/minute. It does not have a cutting feature, so you will have to cut it after the print is done. 

The battery life was amazing, giving you more than 2 hours. We liked wired and wireless networking, Wi-Fi Direct, and Bluetooth connectivity. You can easily print labels using a device without waiting for their turns.

When you use the rechargeable battery, which is optional for you, operate the standalone label printer anywhere you want. Users are quite satisfied using the Brother printer for their printing requirements. 


  • The design is compact and lightweight, ideal for a small business. 
  • You can get print labels for 100/minutes.
  • Users can manage the tools effortlessly using the printer. 
  • The need for ink or toner is not required. 
  • The printer comes with a 2-year limited warranty and exchange service.


  • Few users felt that the drivers for Windows were not properly optimized.

It has an outstanding design; it is lightweight, has good printing speed, and is cheap.  

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5. Primera LX900

Primera LX900 is another product from Primera that has left a mark in the segment. It is an exceptional unit that is ideal for small firms.

When you search for the best color label printer with a 25-50% label coverage on label sizes between 2×2″ and 4×4″, it is worth it. 

9 The Best Color Label Printer in 2022 - Reviewed and Rated
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Additionally, it offers you outstanding print quality compared to most printers in the market. It works on individual CMYK ink cartridges with dye or pigment inks. The color inkjet printing can function up to 4800 dpi.

The printer can offer you a semi-permanent print head and a USB cable. Using a machine that is compact in design, you can have it for your personal use. The unit can help you to get prints at the rate of .8″ per second when used in the best print quality mode.

It has four separate ink cartridges in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black colors. Though you may lose the colors, the need to keep purchasing another is not required. You can reduce the saturation of the ink present in the color label printer. 

One user based in New York has this to say about the Primera LX900. She was apprehensive about spending close to $2000 but once purchased, her small firm benefited immensely.

She felt the print per savings, speed, and overall diversity are missing out on most machines. 


  • It can print up to 4800 dpi.
  • It has an incredible print quality with a photo-realistic print.
  • The printer comes with four separate ink cartridges.
  • The unit can print full-color labels at 4.5″ per second.
  • The machine can offer you a print of width 8″.


  • Unfortunately, it consumes more ink to produce a quality color print. 

Primera LX900 makes use of high-resolution inkjet technology for printing color labels. When searching for a color label printer with a low cost of ownership, this is one of the best color label machines on the market. 

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6. Brother VC-500W Color Label Printer

Brother VC-500W Color Label Printer can give you some matchless prints that come in the glossy color label from 9mm up to 50mm in width. The print labels can be 5m long.

It is done with the ZINK Zero-Ink printing (full CYM) utilizing heat for activating color crystals.

Best Color Label Printer
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You will be amazed at the quality of the print. The photos can now be printed on the labels when you want to do photo IDs and tags. The unit can get full width. Its print speed is also good coming at the rate of 8mm/second.

Besides, it can cut the label from the other end manually. The printer comes with several connectivity features for you to print directly. You also set it using a passthrough mode for connecting to the Wi-Fi simultaneously. 

Additionally, you can download the app on your android or iOS unit. They are quite simple to use and operate upon. A Michigan user said she was immensely happy with the product. She was able to design stickers in many quantities.

Her business deals with gift IDs and tags for the cheer squad is doing great business, thanks to the Brother VC-500W. 


  • It comes with a sleek design.
  • It is portable and lightweight for a small firm.
  • The print label comes to 50mm and is close to 5 meters long. 
  • The unit makes use of Zink technology to print labels.
  • It is affordable and priced at less than $150. 


  • Sadly, the cost of the print label is higher. 

Brother VC-500W Color Label Printer has all the features you can ask for. The print label’s quality and speed are sufficient to complete the job. We highly recommend it as the best color label printer. 

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How to set up the Brother VC-500W Colour Label Printer

7. ROLLO Label Printer

ROLLO Label Printer is the best color label printer. We were highly impressed with its features and review. No surprise that shippers mainly use it for printing labels. You can use it for the direct thermal label. 

9 The Best Color Label Printer in 2022 - Reviewed and Rated
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A notable thing about the color label printer is that ink is not needed. It functions using thermal technology and has a robust design. That makes it reliable, and the printer won’t get damaged easily. 

The printing speed is also good at more than 150mm/second. This is much better than its competitors. The printer also comes with an automatic label identification feature. The installation was easy, and it had a user-friendly guide.

A user who purchased it from Amazon had to say this about the ROLLO. He found the setup quickly and felt it is compact. He loved the gray color and design of the unit.

The machine is quite friendly to operate, and the website comes with vital information regarding the product. 


  • It is lightweight and comes in a lovely color. 
  • The design is robust and compact. 
  • You can get more than 230 labels in a minute. 
  • It has a simple-to-understand manual. 
  • It is extremely affordable, priced at less than $300. 


  • It does not have a label holder.

ROLLO Label Printer is your run-of-the-mill printer. It is priced cheap at less than $300 and comes with top-notch features only found in high-end models. The product has flair and capabilities that are very hard to ignore for a small business. 

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8. Brother QL-700 Professional Label Printer

Brother QL-700 Professional Label Printer is another outstanding product from Brother.

This is a versatile product, as you can use it to print a barrage of labels. You will also be delighted with the resolution of 300×600 dpi.

Best Color Label Printer
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As you can see, it is not only useful for home and office use but a convenient tool for instantly printing quality labels. With the color label printer, you can now print more than 92 labels per minute. 

It comes with a starter roll of 100 labels and continuous tape. If you purchase the replacement rolls, users can gain more than 300 labels which should be enough to take care of the color label printing you have planned.

Using the Brother QL-700 color printer, the width of the labels is 62mm, along with several varieties below that maximum. All kinds of print sizes are available using the color printer. It makes the unit versatile and flexible for meeting your needs. 

You need to set the dimension of the print label, and it does the work. The drawback of the printer is that it cannot be connected wirelessly.

It comes with the USB 2.0 connectivity option, and you may need to use the USB 3.0 cable to connect to the latest devices. 


  • The design of the color label printer is exceptional. 
  • It can effortlessly print more than 92 labels per minute. 
  • The cutter is automatic and cuts the labels equally. 
  • It can be used to print stamps too. 
  • The printer does not consume too much ink, unlike other units. 


  • Unfortunately, the stamp printing option can be used without a USB connection.

Brother QL-700 is one of a kind color label printer. It comes with just the right elements to be worth a color printer suitable for a small business. It has brand value, has ideal printing speed, and is priced well. 

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Which printer is best for label printing?

The top printers for label printing are Rollo Label Printer, Brother VC-500W Versatile Compact Color Label, Photo Printer, Leoity Thermal Label Printer, Brother P-Touch, Dymo 4XL, etc.

Do thermal label printers print color?

Thermal printers are excellent for getting documents, presentations, pictures, etc., printed. They are also capable of printing colors that will not fade over time. You can use it to print over different materials and not only paper.

What is the best machine for making labels?

The best machine options for making labels are Brother P-Touch PT-D210 Label Maker, DYMO LabelManager 160 Label Maker, DYMO LT-100H Plus Label Maker, Brother P-Touch PTH110 Label Maker, etc.

Which is better for labels, inkjet or laser?

In most instances, inkjet is believed to be a faster option with better resolution than laser printers.

Are inkjet printers good for labels?

You can expect higher-quality printing with inkjet printers. You no longer have to worry about the fine details, multitudes of text sizes, color variation, etc. The quality is ideal for Barcode printing.

Can any printer print labels?

All you need is standard paper and a printer for the labels. No particular label maker is required for printing the labels.

How a color label printer helps a small business? 

This is a common question asked by owners of small businesses. The color label printer comes with print labels in good color. They are very important for the functioning of small businesses.

Using a good label is essential for promoting products for your business. The printers help you by offering several color label printers suitable to you, which come with their benefit of use. 

What is a small business’s best color label printer? 

The best color label printer in 2022 is the one that enables you to meet your requirements easily. We felt that the Epson TM-C3500 is a top-notch printer with the right features. Additionally, it helps you get high-quality prints. 

On the other hand, users will have to decide on their requirements and needs. When you feel that you need a black & white-label, then you can make use of it. You can also have the color label printer for your output based on the required results. 

How much does the color label printer cost? 

The color label printer can cost $1000 or more. That is upon the features that are present in your unit. It is also on the make of the device. If you are looking for a simple color label printer, it will come to around $100; when you want a higher model, it can run to $1000. 

It depends on the specifications that your small business or home needs. The more features are embedded, the higher the cost of the printer. When you require a low-cost product, you can opt for lesser features infused with the printer. 

Is there any Wi-Fi color label printer? 

Yes, you can find Wi-Fi color label printers in 2022. However, you will need to do a bit of searching there. Printers with Wi-Fi connectivity enable you to access the PC or the smartphone flawlessly. 

It is beneficial as you do not have to plug in anywhere. Whether you want to access your smartphone or PC, you can do so with the help of a Wi-Fi printer. As connected to the printer, thousands of labels are printed in a few hours. 

Bottom Line on the best color label printer list

As you read in our review, there is an abundance of color-label printers in the market. You can make use of them for your small business. You agree that choosing the best color label printer from their barrage is difficult. 

They are good in their ways and come with distinct features that might help you. Nevertheless, we highly recommend that you go with Epson TM-C3500. It is a durable brand and offers you a sublime printer. 

It can easily meet your tag requirements and is priced affordable. We have also given you several more choices for your preference. You can choose them likewise. We assure you that they can meet your small business or home needs flawlessly. 

Of course, we have covered some of the best in the post, but you never know what you might stumble upon on the internet. You may want to consider all the factors before purchasing the color label printer for your small business. 

So, what are you waiting for? You can catch up with some research and choose the color label printer that you feel can help your purpose. Did you like what you read in the above post? If then, do communicate with us about it in the comments section.