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5 Best console games of all time


Consoles and console gaming are a huge part of the gaming industry and have been for decades. In fact, the part of gaming community dedicated to consoles is so big these days, that half the big gaming hits are only made for consoles.

This was something that PC gamers found hard to swallow, but it doesn’t change the fact that playing games outside of PC do have its charms.

With that in mind, let us go through some of the consoles’ greatest hits, and see which games are the best for this type of gaming. Make sure to take notes, since these are some of the best games of all times, and all of them are available on consoles.

1. Halo 2

5 Best console games of all time

The Halo series is probably the most responsible for making consoles as great as they are today. They defined this type of gaming and brought a lot to the gaming community as a whole. Not only that, but Halo 2 brought things like vehicle jacking, dual wielding, and even the energy sword. All of these things change the way gaming works, and for that, this game will always be remembered fondly.

Not to mention better graphics and the plot that was amazing. All in all, this game may be considered old nowadays, but it has definitely become an instant classic that every console gamer should revisit.

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2. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Best console games of all time

Ever since the first Star Wars movie trilogy, this trend has touched everything that could have been touched. Naturally, it came as no surprise when that also happened to the gaming industry. Many would argue that the Knights of the Old Republic is the best Star Wars game to date, and they wouldn’t be wrong. You get to travel the galaxy, explore planets, help people with all kinds of interesting quests, and yes – use the Force.

You are a Jedi, after all, and using the Force in combination with your lightsaber is something that makes every battle memorable. Not only that, but there are also major secrets to uncover – about your character, about every new place, and of course – the universe. Definitely a great game, worthy of checking out.

3. Red Dead Redemption

Best console games of all time

This is definitely a game that the fans of the western genre should check out since it is easily the best game ever when it comes to this setting. In the game, you get to play from a third-person perspective and control a character by the name of John Marston. Without any spoilers – you complete multiple missions related to the game’s main story, and you also get to explore the open world in between.

And that’s where the fun begins. The world of this game is amazing, and so perfectly crafted, that losing yourself in it is the easiest thing in the world. The characters are great, you get to interact with your environment in multiple different ways, and of course, there’s a lot of shooting. Not to mention that this is the first game where the horses actually look and behave as horses. It’s a masterpiece of gaming, and definitely not a game that you should skip, as a true console gamer.

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4. God of War

Best console games of all time

God of War is, without a doubt, one of the most classic console games that were ever produced. So many different things served as an inspiration for making this game, like the Greek mythology, the movie Clash of the Titans, and even Raiders of the Lost Ark. With all of that put together, we get a demigod, Kratos, who is on a path of vengeance, and more often than not, covered in the blood of gods.

The game is played in third-person, and it features a fixed cinematic camera. The combat mostly consists of hack and slash, with additional use of magic, and special powers that are acquired throughout the game. There are a lot of puzzle elements, which help achieve some deeper purpose and make gamers work for it. All in all, it is a great journey with a lot of mature content and modified myths that serve the game perfectly.

5. InFamous Second Son

5 Best console games of all time

InFamous Second Son is a very imaginative game that follows the main character, Delsin Rowe. In the beginning, he is just a regular kid, with parkour-style climbing skills. However, pretty soon, he discovers that he is a Conduit – a superhuman with many amazing abilities that allow him to manipulate different materials from his environment.

What’s special about this game is that it provides us with some pretty entertaining powers and effects. They can be weaponized and used to kill or to only subdue the enemies. Also, all of the powers need recharging from the very same elements that you get to control. Not only that, but depending on your choices, your reputation changes, and it can go to both good or evil. This is a great game that will also tell you a lot about yourself, based on the choices you make. The story is interesting, and it also poses a certain dilemma, since you are constantly hunted for what you are. In the end, it’s a pretty fun game, so go on and try it out for yourself.

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Hope my article “5 Best console games of all time” helps you to identify best console games of all time.