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13 Of The Best Countdown Apps To Prepare For The Events


Do you have the curiosity to know about the Best Countdown Apps To Prepare For The Events? 🤔

We got you covered in this Best Countdown Apps list guide.

So without further ado, let’s explore this.

Today, we will be recommending the best countdown apps that will help you plan and prepare for the different events in your life. This is not just for the fun of it, but it also helps you in setting and achieving SMART goals.

There is nothing as effective as a goal, plan, or dream with timelines and checklists to ensure that nothing meets you unprepared. Grab a seat and take a look at the most amazing apps that we have picked out for you to help with special events countdown. 

Best Countdown Apps: Our Top Pick 👌👌👌

1. Retirement Countdown App

The Retirement Countdown app has a simple design and functionality. 🎭

Retirement from active service and business activity is a must even though that sometimes you can be neck-deep in the excitement of work and business that you forget to plan for it.  

Planning for the retirement age is a guaranteed way of achieving mental, physical and emotional well-being in the future. The Retirement Countdown app was built to help you achieve this so it is necessary to install this application for yourself or your loved ones.

The Retirement Countdown app has some humor infused into it by the designers and this is what makes it a delight to users. You configure it “tired of working already and looking forward to retirement”? 🤔

Best Countdown Apps

On the app’s user interface, you can set the desired date, that is, the date of the commencement of your retirement age.

Just like the Countdown in Status Bar app, the Retirement Countdown app ‘s widget displays the countdown on the screen of your device in real-time and the process continues even when your device is locked.

Also, the app provides you with the option of customizing your interface with your choice of colors, font-style and much more. In addition to the countdown activity, the app helps you set and achieve goals on what you want to retire for.

The Retirement Countdown app is available for free download via this link below. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

2. Wedding 365 countdown App

If you are desiring or planning to tie the knot anytime soon, then this app was specifically designed to make your dream day a successful one.

Preparing for your wedding could be an uphill task for you and your spouse, so you need a tool that can help make your preparations easier. Sometimes, before the actual wedding ceremony, there are other important dates that you and your partner need to prepare for.

The Wedding 365 Countdown app is not just designed to count only the days before your wedding. The application also helps lovers keep track of how many days they have been together as lovers, how long before the marriage and post marriage.

Best Countdown Apps

The app provides a great user interface and experience and also comes with the widget features that allow it to display the countdown on the screen of your device.

The app also offers the user some custom privileges like installing romantic wallpapers from the device or uploading personal pictures with your name to personalize the countdown and get even more engulfed with anticipation.

Also, you can change the color themes and countdown format. The Wedding 365 app is available for iOS devices only and can be downloaded for free via the link below. Click on the link now and get started.

Download on Apple App Store

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3. Wedding Countdown Widget App

There is a whole lot to do in preparation for your wedding and we are wondering how you intend to remember and manage all that coupled with the fact that you weren’t giving time off at work to prepare for your wedding.

At times it can get crazy with the hustle and bustle of preparation for the big day.  You have a lot to accomplish and tick off your list – from choosing the color-theme of the day, deciding on the style and nature of the wedding, placing orders for flower bouquets and a host of other important things that cannot afford to be ignored. As if not to forget about expectations from family and in-laws before the day.

This amazing app has been designed with great features to help you to track the calendar and know how much longer you have before the day making it easy for you to answer the seemingly simple question “When is the wedding?“.

The Wedding Countdown Widget app provides you with awesome countdown experience in a variety of ways – kisses and heartbeats, minutes and seconds.

Best Countdown Apps 1 1

In addition to the countdown display on the screen, you can also insert a playlist of your favorite romantic songs to go with the countdown.

The Wedding Countdown Widget has a free version and a pro version with extended features.  For instance, with the free version, you get a 4 x 1 widget display format, while the pro version comes with a widget dimension of 4×4. 

The pro version also allows you to turn-off pop-up ads and customize your user interface with themes and pictures and even a slideshow. In case you are an android user, this app was developed for you. Click on the link below to get started with a stress-free wedding planning.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

4. Countdown in Status Bar

Countdown in Status Bar app is one of the most efficient countdown apps available. The app is designed to exact minimal effect on a device’s charge as a result of its low power consumption characteristic.

Also, it has a small size that does not consume lots of device memory and it works perfectly with the power conservation mode.

This means that Countdown in Status Bar will only use about 2 percent of the total battery power during the period when your gadget is operational. This is what makes Countdown in Status Bar exceptional. In other words, the app is almost non-existent on the device. 

For the app to go live, you just need to launch it once, set the desired timeline and initiate the counter. You can customize each event or task differently by assigning different colors to them for easy distinction.

The countdown operation will still be active and visible even when your device is locked. This saves you the stress of always needing to unlock your device to see the reading. You only need to glance at your lock screen.

Countdown in Status Bar is a free app but it also has a pro version. The Pro version provides you with more color options for the countdown customization and it is free of pop-up ads.

The pro version comes at a little subscription fee. You can download the Countdown in Status Bar app for free via the link below. However, it is only available for Android devices. 

Download on Google Play Store

5. Exam Countdown Lite App

Ever been in situations where you lost track of what course you were meant to prepare for during exams? It is a very terrible place to be.

You may have tried to avoid such situations by having your exam timetable written down in your notes, but how effective has that proven to be in this fast-moving digital age when we are more attached to our smart devices than hard copy books.

The Exam Countdown Lite application is the delight of every forward-thinking student in this digital age. Keeping track of your exam dates and courses has been simplified with sleek countdown features to make your exam preparations effective.

Best Countdown Apps 2

Knowing how boring exams and school activities can be, the developers of this app have tried to spice it up for you to make exam preparations and planning more fun.

On the user interface, you can choose and set any beautifully designed icons from the options available. The app is also designed with a user-friendly interface that enables you to set a different color for each exam date for easy distinction and recognition. 

Also, the app provides you with add-notes features ensuring that you don’t forget the other important details of the upcoming exams like venue or areas of concentration.

Fortunately, the Exam Countdown lite is available for both Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded for free via the link below.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

6. Christmas Countdown App

Christmas is one of the most interesting holidays we look forward to and sometimes, it appears to have come upon us suddenly. The developers of this application are very much aware of this and have decided to proffer a solution to it. A great one at that.

So, on our list of the best countdown apps is the Christmas Countdown application. As expected, every season, beginning from November, offices and public outlets like parks, malls, have commenced the decoration of their space with Christmas-themed designs and arts, malls have launched special Christmas sales at discounts.

Best Countdown Apps 4

You need to keep track of this time with the Christmas Countdown widget. It will keep you abreast of the times and not allow the season to come upon you unprepared by letting you know how much time you have left to get ready.

The app is also designed with Christmas themes – a snowman, reindeer, Christmas spruce and the usual suspect himself, Santa Claus.  These lovely Christmas symbols will create exciting feelings while waiting for the big day, making the countdown process a lot more fun. 

The Christmas countdown app is displayed as a widget on the screen of your device and once the countdown is initiated, it continues even while the device is on lock. 

The Christmas Countdown app can be kick-started simply by turning on the app. This beautiful app is available for download for free on your Android device. Click on the link below to get the app on your device now.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

7. Christmas Countdown!

Just in case you are wondering, there is something for the iOS users. On our list, today is another Christmas countdown application that is specifically designed for Apple devices. 

This app will help you keep track of the anticipated Christmas holiday. The season is upon us already and this is one app you do not need to hesitate to download. Christmas is in the air already!

Best Countdown Apps

This amazing countdown app comes with lovely Christmas songs and hymns alongside with the counter feature to throw you deep into the mood of the magical season.

The app is also designed with custom Christmas themes and symbols such as the snowman, Santa Claus and the magic fairy. The developers of the application did a great job of infusing the theme in the widget to spice up the countdown experience. 

The Christmas Countdown! App has a free version and a pro version with extended features. The Pro version comes with additional characters and symbols, but they do not make it any better than the free version. The full countdown functionality and experience are also available in the free version as well.

Looking forward to Christmas in the company of this amazing app in seconds and minutes will make the countdown very exciting and fun. Christmas is here already, click on the link below now and start your countdown.

Download on Apple App Store

8. Vacation Countdown App

Next on our list of the best countdown apps to download is the popular Vacation Countdown App. 

This is the best vacation Countdown App available to Android devices in 2020.  The app is designed with great custom capabilities like choosing and setting your favorite theme for the background of the user interface. 

Countdown Apps

In addition to that, you can also choose to use beautiful pictures of holiday destinations as the background image

The vacation countdown app also allows the user to select and set their preferred countdown style and it also has features that help you with the planning of your vacation to ensure you don’t leave anything to chance.

It has a vacation checklist and vacation games to spice up the application. You can download this app and also share the countdown with your loved ones or your team in cases of corporate vacation. 

Download yours now via the link below for a great and effective vacation planning.

Download on Google Play Store

9. Ready Set Holiday App

For iOS device lovers, the Ready Set Holiday is the best app for your vacation planning and countdown. It has proven to be a very effective and simple vacation preparation software.

With this application, you have options of choosing from a list of recommendations for tours and holiday activities in your preferred holiday destination and you can secure your slot in advance.

The app’s user interface is designed with simple and cool countdowns features that help you keep track of the weeks, days and hours left until the much-anticipated holiday/vacation.

Best Countdown Apps 6

Like the previous app we talked about, this app also helps you with effective planning with its vacation packing checklist feature that ensures you don’t forget anything. 

For additional excitement, you can also share your experience with your friends. You can share the countdown experience with your friends via social media platforms like Facebook and more and also customize your experience with your preferred theme and background image.

The app provides you with a pool of beautiful background options to choose from. 

Click on the link below to download this app for free now and start counting down to that dream vacation.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

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10. Birthdays for Android

This app is a must-have for everybody because we all have birthdays or need to remember the birthdays of special people in our lives?

Remembering the birthdays of the special people in your life like your lover, boss, a family member is a subtle way of cementing relationships and showing people that you care.

This amazing Birthday app is designed specifically to help you leave up to that expectation without stress and it is available for your Android device.

The app functions in a very simple structure. All you need to do is to launch the app open and set the birthdays of the special people in your life into the app log and it will remind you of them.

Best Countdown Apps 4 1

The app is designed to also connect to your phone book or contact list, to leave no stone unturned.  With this app, nothing is left to chance. Your contact list will set a reminder with the person’s name into the app itself.

To avoid loss of data, Birthdays allow you to fully backup up your data during synchronization. This means that, even if you misplace your device, you will not lose track of the list and the remainders you have created. Isn’t that amazing?

Aside from the fact that the app connects with your phonebook, you can also sync the app with your social media channels, by so doing, the app will also have access to your social media networks and connections and all data will be set just like it has done with your phonebook.

Now you can wave goodbye to the days of forgetting the birthdays of special people and feeling terrible for it. Click on the link below to install the app now. 

Download on Google Play Store

11. Big Day Lite App

This is one of the best countdown apps designed for iOS devices. As the name implies, Big Day Lite is designed to help you keep track of the days and time to big events in your life.

Like most iOS applications, it has a great user interface and experience with cool animations and it has no limit to the number of countdowns to events you can set.

Big Day Lite has a widget feature that enables you to view the countdown on the screen of your device. This way, you don’t need to worry when your device is on lock.

In addition to special events countdown, you can use this app to set important goals and tasks to be achieved with timelines and deliverables. It can be a project, presentation, birthday or wedding date. Each of these events can be customized differently. So, you can also identify one event from the other visually.

Countdown Apps

You can share your anticipated big days and countdown with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and so on. Expectant mothers find this app interesting a lot.

It helps them keep track of the days before the birth of the child and this feels special, and they also share the moment with friends and well-wishers.

Big Day can be set to prompt you with reminders in preparation for the special event. That is, it can remind you of the presentation you have to deliver the day before the meeting and so on. The app is simple and convenient to use.

Click on the link below to download your free version of the Big Day Lite.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

12. Time Until App

The last but not the least app to make it to our list today is the Time Until Countdown app. Time Until is one of the simplest and general countdown apps designed to keep track of any date you set in the future.

 The countdown app goes live when you set the event and timer and keep track of the number of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks or months that are standing between you and the anticipated event of your choice.

One of the key selling points of this universal countdown app is the fact that it allows users to select many events to keep track of. The app is designed to make the events display in an orderly fashion on the screen of your smartphone or desktop.

Also, The Time Until countdown app provides you with the option of choosing and setting any image or theme you like as a background image. You can also decide to set a different background for each event or allow the application to do that for you by default. 

Like most of the other Countdown apps we listed, Time Until allows you to set reminders to prompt you in preparation for the event and also share the experience with your friends via social media channels. This is the only app that also shows you the time elapsed since the last event.

Download on Google Play Store

Hopefully, you find our list helpful and take action now to begin tracking and counting down to all those magical events and special days in fun and style.


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