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7 Of The Best Crash Pads To Buy in 2022 – Reviewed

Do you have the curiosity to know about the Best Crash Pads to buy in 2022? 🤔 You can easily Find out now in this definitive list with our detailed review.

Without any further delay, let’s find out. 👓

For some people, bouldering is their best sport, and you just might never know if you’ll enjoy the activity until you get out one day and get on with rock climbing.

The relevance of bouldering has been linked to different things nowadays, and it’s like if you’re not bothering, then what are you doing?

For instance, rock climbers, asides from having fun, are also developing their body fitness and agility. This is true since climbing up exerts certain force pressure on your hand and leg muscles. Thus, this sport could even be a substitute for some other gym activities that people engage in.

In other instances, it is a good way to relax on the weekend, after a busy week at your office desk. Note that bouldering also helps you build your ingeniousness and increases your ability to reason and think out solutions fast. So, we can rightly say this is the right game for the body and mind.

However, there are challenges and tasks involved with rock climbing, and protecting yourself is one of the key things you must always consider. Well, there’s almost no way you wouldn’t fall off those boulders at one point or the other- even if you’ve been bouldering since you were just a kid.

Consequently, the need for protective components for your bouldering cannot be overemphasized, and this is where the crash pads come in.

Bouldering crash pads significantly protect your body when you fall, making you feel more confident as you climb. There are quite a several crash pad options on the market nowadays, but then you should only focus on getting the best crash pads for your bouldering.

The best crash pads guarantee optimum protection for your back parts, and you now probably don’t need to be too careful.

Below is a list of some of the best crash pads for bouldering in 2022, together with their component features, as well as the pros and cons of each of them.

Note that the products have not been listed just randomly and in no particular order.

Best Crash Pads – Our Top Picks 👌👌

1. Mad Rock R3 Crash Pad

Best Crash Pads
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The Mad Rock R3 crash pad is one of the most appropriate ones that meet contemporary bouldering requirements and standards.

The product is made to guarantee user protection during rock climbing activities, and you can rely on this one to prevent you from having a direct impact on the ground- when you fall.

Note that the Mad Rock R3 pad comes with an all-around aptness- hence you can trust its ease of use tendency and its ever-true durability.

Firstly, you’ll find those strap holds on the pad useful since they help you firmly strap the crash pad to your backside.

These types of straps are important because they ensure no shift in the protective material. Hence you can be sure that the protective component on your back will always serve its intended purpose.

According to users and analysts of the crush pad, the Mad Rock R3 conveniently ranks amongst the pads for bouldering, partly because of the makeup materials.

The crash pad has baffles stuffed with EVA/PU foam materials that have been recycled and made most fit for this purpose. Although the foam is reasonably soft, it is yet dense enough to absorb fall impacts to the floor- that would have been borne directly by the user’s back.

The crash pad’s durability qualities have been conferred on it by the 1680 denier nylon shell part of the pad.

The Mad Rock R3 crash pad has a dimension of about 38 ×25 × 14 inches and weighs an average of 14 pounds. This crash pad is a valid choice any day, regardless of whether you’re new to rock climbing or have attained a master’s level.


  • The attached straps provide a comfy convenient feel to the user. Hence it stays smart on your back as you climb.
  • The soft recycled EVA/PU material ensures optimum protection is in place
  • It is one of the most durable crash pads you’ll find on the market now- thanks to its denier nylon shell, which puts it in our Best Crash Pads 2022 list.
  • Best crash pad for low falls in bouldering
  • It has easy and flexible to use features.


  • The Mad Rock R3 crash pad is relatively heavy at 14 pounds.
  • Not suitable for high-level falls.
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2. Asana Hero Crash Pad

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One thing you’ll love about the Asana Hero crash pad is its ability to retain its use relevance for a long period. Hence, its durability is still one of the highest you can rely on.

The manufacturer considers everything to ensure that the crash pad is easy to use and keep away after use. So, even if you’re not going rock climbing regularly, you can still keep the crash pad in the store without bothering about the possibility of it losing its functionality values.

All you need to do is fold the crash pad into two- aided by the pad’s bi-fold build design. This tendency is facilitated by the pad’s gusseted closure form, which influences the inner foam material’s durability during and after use.

This 48×36×4 inches pad is approximately four inches thick- although not so thick, yet reasonably relevant.

The design of this product also qualifies as one of the most fanciful crash pads, so if you’re also concerned about having an aesthetically top-notch crash pad, then this one would fit well as an option.

Other add-on features that would be useful for you- one way or the other are the shoulder strap and the side metal cam feature for holding in items. The Asana Hero crash pad appropriately has high-density foam stuffing that facilitates its protective function.

Due to its reliability for bouldering and portability additions, among other features, the Asana Hero crash pad is likely to remain in the category of the best crash pads for a long time.


  • The crash pad is well built and easy to use.
  • It is useable for all bouldering purposes, but especially for low-level falls- so it’s good for you if you’re just starting with how to climb.
  • The crash pad can be easily packed up and transported from place to place
  • Has the ability to eliminate dead spots occurring on the pad after a long time of use
  • Its durability rating is impressively top-notch.


  • The shock absorption ability could be better.

3. Black Diamond Mondo Crash Pad

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People who’ve been bouldering for a while now would testify to the authenticity and superiority that the Black Diamond™ crash pads have on the crash pad market.

However, the Black Diamond Mondo crash pad is one of the most widely accepted, with record sales on the overall market.

You’ll love everything about this product and may be tempted to conclude that it’s the best crash pad that suits your own peculiar needs and rock climbing tendencies. Truly, this pad comes complete in all essence- with a great physical build and an importantly apt functionality.

This crash pad has a good landing structure base that conveniently holds the user when they fall. Hence there are no worries for you- even if the fall was massive with the whole of your back area.

This may be a good reason to say that this product is the appropriate crash pad for beginners, although professional climbers don’t think many better options match this one.

The 44 × 33 × 10 inches pad is beautiful and solid in design, and you’ll be proud of such an investment. The composite material is a rip stone polyester, while the stuffed-in foam density comes in a multilayer form- for optimized protective performance. Consequently, this is a good example of a highball top-purpose crash pad.

Other features on the pad area are a hinged component for easy folding and carriage of the pad and metal hooking buckles on the ends- which makes the entire crash pad hold together when you’ve folded it.

When making a list of the all-purpose bouldering crash pads amongst the best crash pads in 2022, then the Black Diamond Mondo crash pad should be on your list.


  • Top protective performance for all bouldering activities- thanks to the broad area of the crash pad
  • The base and sides of the Black Diamond Mondo crash pad are resistant to water and some abrasions.
  • Provides thick landing protection for users, courtesy of its five inches of foam thickness
  • The product comes with a closed PE foam layup on the crash pad top, while the button has a highly compressed PU foam.
  • Attached are buckles for holding the pad when folded, aiding its portability.


  • The crash pad has an average weight of about 20 pounds, which is quite heavy on its own
  • It is more expensive than a number of other options
Black Diamond - Mondo Pad "2min Cut"

4. Metolius Session II Bouldering Crash Pad

7 Of The Best Crash Pads To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed
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There are quite several reasons why anyone would love to go for this crash pad, and you’re right if you think so too. The Metolius Session II crash pad has an impressive design and function and would be good protective wear for your rock climbing.

Aside from the functional aspects, which are beyond average, this is also one of the cheapest bouldering crash pads with a remarkable performance compared to the pricier crash pads.

So, if you’re looking for a low-budget crash pad that does not fail to meet up with the standard hallmark, then you should consider this product too.

You’ll observe how smart and durable this product is, and we’ve heard a few users say it was the best crash pad they’ve used.

The manufacturer intentionally created a crash pad that would be at least a little better than many other products on the market by adjusting the features where the complaints are the most.

For instance, the Metolius session II weighs only nine pounds, making it one of our list’s light weighted crash pads. This trait is important because the user does not feel like they’re carrying an extra load each time they need to go bouldering.

This is reasonably another reason why the Metolius session II could also be your favorite of the best crash pads.


  • This is one of the least expensive crash pads that still provides good bouldering protection.
  • With an average weight of just nine pounds, it is one of the lightest you’ll find- making it relatively easier to carry about.
  • This crash pad comes with a shoe cleaning carpet provision
  • The product is made with the best materials, and thus it has a reasonably good rating for its durability
  • Good crash pad for starters and amateurs to rock climbing.


  • The attached buckles may be difficult to fit on tight or loose as required.

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5. Mad Rock Mad Pad

best crash pads snowboarding
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As far as bouldering in 2022 is concerned, the Mad Rock Mad Pad remains one of the top crash pads for bouldering. This is a model product for many upcoming crash pads and the brand to beat.

The Mad Rock company has ingeniously developed this product to significantly improve on the inadequacies of other bouldering crash pads that have not impressed the generality of users.

Asides from the satisfaction derived from the Mad Rock Mad Pad, it has also become the rock climber’s choice because of its relatively low price.

This crash pad has successfully proved that the most useful bouldering crash pads are not necessarily the most expensive.

Before using this pad, the first thing you’ll likely fall in love with is its sturdy and beautiful presentation. The Mad Rock Mad Pad usually comes in either blue or black colors, so you can choose which color attracts you more.

Again, this is the pad for all categories of bouldering- since both amateurs and professional climbers have successfully used the pad for their peculiar climbing.

This pad is notably suggested for high falls because of its peculiar stiffness and thickness.

Consequently, many bouldering tutors have adopted the crash pad for their tutorial classes since it reasonably prevents user impact on the floor.

However, note that its stiffness possibly does not have much relevance for low falls, hence making it more relevant for highball bouldering.

The Mad Rock Mad Pad has a dimension of 37 × 12 × 25 inches and an average weight of about 12 pounds.


  • This crash pad offers one of the best protective features for bouldering.
  • Its stiffness and thickness make it a good bouldering crash pad for highball climbs.
  • It is relatively light weighted and more portable than a lot of others
  • This is one of the cheapest yet most valuable pads
  • The Mad Rock Mad Pad guarantees you value for money


  • It is not easy to fold up and pack, affecting its portability tendencies.
  • The crash pad is hinged.

6. Petzl Bouldering Crash Pad

best crash pad for sleeping
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The Petzl bouldering crash pad is a pad that combines convenience with essential protection for bouldering users. The pad has many improvements compared to the everyday crash pad, and you can rely more on the appropriateness of this product.

Although the pad is placed within the mid-range price category, users are assured of optimum value for money. Fortunately, the Petzl crash pad works well for both low and high falls.

This means you can graduate from the low-level fall to the high-level fall and still conveniently use the pad. Hence, if you’re just learning to climb, but to get to the highball level, then this is not a bad option.

Firstly, the pad has a total thickness of 5 inches and a dimension of about 41 × 24 × 11 inches. It is made of water-resistant, ultra-durable crash pad fabric materials.

Note that the crash pad notably has three layers- all of which comprise the 5 inches’ total thickness.

The Petzl crash pad has a market advantage over others because of its hinge-less design. This means that when you fall, you will not be landing on some attachments that could cause slight pain to your back, like in some crash pads. The product’s weight is put at about 13.5 pounds on average.


  • The hingeless design of this product is a plus for the user, as against the hinged crash pads.
  • The foam’s three layers offer optimum protection when you come crashing down.
  • Authentic, durable fabric that is also reasonably waterproof.
  • There’s a zip to hold everything in after you use it, and it is ready to keep away.
  • The Petzl crash pad is relatively light-weighted- especially when you compare it with heavier crash pads.


  • The attached straps for carrying the pad are not extendable to reach torso length.
Petzl Bouldering Pads - Alto, Cirro, Nimbo

7. Mad Rock Hera Crash Pad

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This Mad Rock product has significantly met the requirements for listing in the best crash pad category.

The product comes with a robust bouldering use option for users, and just like the other Mad Rock bouldering crash pads, this one also has an obvious durability tendency.

If you need a crash pad that covers the ground you’ll be landing on well; then the Mad Hera should find its way into your list.

The crash pad seems to have been built to suit delicate climbers- such as beginners and female participants.

According to the manufacturer’s intention, this crash pad is aimed at assisting in the fight against ovarian cancer. Hence, every Mad Hera product pays $6 for this cause. The crash pad comes with a softer foam, which consequently causes the pad to become lighter.

When opened, you’ll be particularly impressed with this pad’s 48 × 36 × 5 inches dimension, which is wide enough for you to land safely.

The pad has a beautiful design and is about 12.5 inches, making it quite easy to transport from place to place. The pad thickness is 5 inches maximum and can be folded at the hinge.


  • The crash pad is softer and lighter, hence comparatively easier to carry about
  • It sells at a moderate price compared to other pricier models in its category.
  • It is wide enough to contain the landing climber, so they don’t need to worry about falling on the uncovered ground.
  • The Mad Hera crash pad is easy to utilize any time and anywhere
  • It is comparatively thicker, at 5 inches thickness


  • Some users say the foam is too soft, and may not be suitable for highball

Best Crash Pads: What To Consider

Haven knows some of the best crash pads for weightlifting, but it is also important to know how to choose the one that suits you.

It is not ideal for picking just any product without considering the factors determining how much use satisfaction the user would get. This is true since there are different rock climbers and their styles and tendencies are also different.

The following are some of the factors to decide on before buying a crash pad:

  • Size and thickness of the crash pad

This is one important feature that must not be undermined in choosing a crash pad for bouldering. The concern is particularly that you do not choose a small-size pad because it may significantly not serve the purpose that you’ve bought it for.

While a low-level climber may still manage a small-sized crash pad, a highball climber would injure his/herself if they tried to use a small-sized crash pad.

While considering the size, don’t forget to see the thickness. Usually, the thicker the pad, the better. If you go for a thin crash pad, you’re not likely to feel the effect of the ground on your body when you land.

According to recommendations, it is advisable to find and use a larger-sized crash pad- if you’re a beginner. This is because you’re just learning the basics of how the sport works, and you may need some real landing space if you’re not going to get yourself injured.

  • Portability of the crash pad

Now, there are lightly weighted crash pads and very heavy ones. This factor may not be as important for some people since it is assumed that the heavier the crash pad, the thicker the foam content.

However, it is possible to find good pads that are not so heavy, and this is what you must put in mind.

Finding a portable crash pad is even important for people who always engage in the activity, and this is one factor you may need to consider carefully.

  • A material used in manufacturing the crash pad

The material used in manufacturing the crash pad has a say as to how effective the cushioning effects of the pad is, as well as its durability of the same.

A crash pad with poor material makeup would expose you to the possibility of getting injured, while a good material stays strong no matter how hard you jump on it. You may need to find the strength and durability of a material used in making a crash pad before you finally pay for it.

Finding a crash pad that has been made from good durable material saves you from having to buy another crash pad in a fortnight.

  • The price range of the product

Since there are different brands and models, you can also expect that there would have different price ranges and variations. Note that price tags do not necessarily signal the quality of a crash pad, and just as you’ll find very good medium-priced products, so would you find pricier models that are equally good.

Although there would always be little differences here and there, always find the products that fit into your determined price categories.

📗 FAQs

Below are a few queries on best crash pads that everyone is expecting to answer, and I did include the same for my readers.

Do you need a crash pad to Boulder?


Can you sleep on a crash pad?

A crash pad that would be good for bouldering would be too stiff to sleep on.

How many crash pads do I need for bouldering?

Large pads are 60

How thick should a crash mat be?

Choose from thicknesses of 1.5, 2, and 2.5 inches. The 2.5-inch-thick mats offer the most shock absorption.

Conclusion on best crash pads list

The good thing about crash pads, in general, is that more products are designed and released as the days go by.

So, even if there’s a feature that you think should be added to your best crash pad, just be patient because you may find out soon that the manufacturer has made those additions in a news release.