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7 Of The Best Custom ROMS For Android You Can Install


Are you in search of the best custom ROMs in the market today? 🤔 When that is so, then you would realize the fact that there are tons of options at your disposal. Perhaps, that is the reason you were in search of a guide or review on the best ROMs. 

Well, you can thank your stars because you are in the right place. In this guide, we have provided you with the top 7 custom ROMs in the market today, after intense research. We understand and respect the fact that our readers have time constraints. 

Hence, we wanted to help you out by listing just the most popular ones. Let us begin with a small introduction on custom ROMs and then proceed with the list. Custom ROMs have been around for more than a decade now. 

If you have used them, then you most likely would have come across the name, if not used it, CyanogenMod. It was the most popular thanks to smooth performance, sturdy battery life, and ultimate features. 

It was as if your Smartphone got its life back from the unknown. CyanogenMod was a widely used Android custom ROM. Sadly, it has been discontinued because of some problems with its firm, Cyanogen Inc. 

Probably due to some internal problems. But, whatever the reason, the current crop is not bad either. We have custom ROMs like Lineage OS, Pixel, and Resurrection Remix, which is taking up the mantle boldly. 

Perhaps, you can find something familiar in them that reminds you of CyanogenMod.

Myths about Custom ROMs

So, why custom ROM? 🤔 Why do you require a custom ROM on a well working Smartphone? Perhaps, we can shed some light. This is a very debatable topic because it entirely depends on your usage. 

If you are a heavy user but are using an old model, then you can consider downloading a good custom ROM. They offer you an increase in performance and give you enhanced user experience. 

You gain more control and power over your Smartphone. It is as if it obeys your commands, which is its primary task. Many users do not believe reading that, only when they experience it, they truly believe the powers of the ROM. 

When you download the custom ROM, you do not become an android software rebel. However, there are few drawbacks. Your Smartphone can most likely hang and cause problems if you have downloaded an unspecified custom ROM. 

When your Smartphone is pretty old, then you may be able to find spare parts or a mechanic who would be willing to service it. Hence, you must take all precautions when downloading the custom ROMs

That is why we have made sure that these custom ROMs are reliable and not viruses. You might want to read guides or take the help of an expert who can guide you with the downloading process if it is your first time. 

When you are surrounded by tons of ROMs that make big claims but fail to live up to it, finding the right solution can be tough. We have filtered the exceptional ones from the rest and given them below. 

Best Custom ROMS For Android: Our Top Pick 👌

1. Lineage OS

Based on our research, we found that Lineage OS (Download Here) is one of the best custom ROMs for Android devices.

Why did we feel that the Lineage OS custom ROM is best for Android? Let us find out. After CyanogenMod ROM, LineageOS has all the qualities to claim that famed spot. 

Best Custom ROMS For Android

There are also codes like the LOS, that are used within the LineageOS. You can find LOS used as the main code for several custom ROMs.

They encourage openness as well as togetherness, and there is sufficient development within the community, as well as the overall experience using the android devices, is awesome. 

In the new updated version, you can find popular features like theme engine, equalizer, and root access. We felt that the custom ROM is extremely suitable for beginners. It comes with a wide range of mod knowledge and instructions for Flash.

It also comes with a powerful camera app, a compact launcher, and a few pre-installed apps. You also have robust RAM and free memory. You can increase or decrease the volume levels in your Smartphone. 

You have your privacy when using the custom ROM. Of course, the main benefit of using LineageOS is that your Smartphone runs as good as new. It is quite apparent that the custom ROM has adopted several features of CyanogenMod.

However, we did notice a few things that should have been there. For example, you will not like the fact that it comes without Google apps. Some users have also claimed that even if it did work, you might not want to have used it. 

You do not have the services of the play store. To make up for that, we found the installation process relatively simple. Once you are done, you can update your Smartphone.

Is loading the Android Custom ROM - LineageOS Safe for Privacy?

Thanks to this custom ROM, users worldwide can make use of a feature-rich camera, and a few, but useful apps that allow you to have ample memory free in your Smartphone. 

Yes, we would highly recommend the use of LineageOS on your Smartphone. Several users have claimed it to be similar to the working of CyanogenMod ROM, that itself is proof that it is a clear winner among the custom ROMs in the market today. 

However, before you download the custom ROM, you will want to take a backup of your data. 

2. Pixel Experience

The Pixel Experience (Download Here) is ranked second on our list. We felt that it deserves this spot. Yes, it does come with more features than LineageOS ROM, but its reliability factor is often a concern. Let us find out why it is almost on par with LineageOS. 

Best Custom ROMS For Android

If you like to use Google apps and their service, then you would like to use Pixel Experience. The custom AOSP ROM can easily transform your Smartphone into a powerful device much to your delight.  

It comes with a barrage of features like icons, launchers, widgets, fonts, and others. The custom ROM provides less room for customization. As far as smartphones are concerned, that is a good thing, so that the originality is preserved. 

The first thing that hits you is the fact that your Smartphone is ably supported because it is extensive. Apart from that, the ROM is clean and lightweight. You can find it with the right amount of baggage. 

Few users felt that the user interface, though decent, is slightly off at times. That seems to be altered. The Google search bar is at last, and it changes color if you use the dark mode. You will love using the app drawer as it is almost similar to the Android pie counterpart. 

Some users felt that the clock and battery percentage position could have been placed better. The notification bar is new and comes with a bright look. Like most of ROM, Pixel Experience offers you a ROM that is free from unwanted junk.

That lets you download the data that you actually need. The performance of the battery was exceptional, and it runs for more than 8 hours. That is very good for a custom ROM. Perhaps, it was one of the best among most of the ROMs that we will be reading about. 

Some users preferred the display appearance on this version. Updates might happen shortly, and that means the display will only come improved. The Google tray feature in this ROM is a breeze to use. 

You can easily swipe from left to right.  Users are offered news feeds, so the chances of you missing them are rare. There are constant updates and changes. When you use a Google-based app, this is a common trend. 

Pixel Experience PLUS Edition Android 10 | Why its So Special ?

That is a good thing because you know that they are onto it and keep working to make your lives easier. With constant testing and research, ROMs like Pixel Experience is only going to get much better. 

With so many features available at your disposal, you might want to make a point to download Pixel Experience. Of course, please make sure that you take a backup of all your content on your Smartphone. 

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3. Resurrection Remix

You would know by knowing that custom ROMs can alter the course of your Smartphone. Hence, you must download and choose the right ROM. For some modders, the custom ROM is a daily driver. 

On that note, we will take a look at Resurrection Remix (Download Here). Though we have ranked Resurrection Remix after Pixel Experience and Lineage, it does not mean that this is less powerful or inferior in any way. 

7 Of The Best Custom ROMS For Android You Can Install

You would be surprised to know that it is a popular name in the custom ROM market. Two aspects make a custom ROM likable, one is the performance, and the other is battery life.

However, this one comes with smooth performance and a large online community to help you out. 

The bases are covered very well. The ROM uses the Android setup wizard. It means the user interface is quite easy and simple to use. Of course, you do not have anything attractive, but once you are inside the configurations menu that is present inside settings, you are in for a treat. 

The sheer amount of features in there can surprise you. Few users had claimed to become overwhelmed when they first downloaded Resurrection Remix. You can easily customize anything that you want. 

The smallest of details can be altered or modified if you want. For example, you can modify the animation feature when you like. Few other features in the custom ROM include an email client, web browser, music player, a file browser, and others. 

Another noteworthy feature we found in the Resurrection Remix is that it can easily support OMS substratum themes why we mentioned it here. Because most of the custom ROMs do not support it. 

Some of you may ask, is the performance of ROM impacted with so many features around. The answer to that is no. The battery life is also good. It depends on the kind of ROM that you intend to use for your Smartphone. 

From the above, it is clear that Resurrection Remix is one power-packed custom ROM. The ROM comes with several updates, and it has a large online community and several customization options that you can get to see. 

Best Features - Resurrection Remix

However, the simplicity of Lineage OS might undo the hard work here. With so many features, you do want to ask yourself, do you want to use all these extra features in the configurations menu. 

You can call it an upgraded version of Lineage OS, but having tremendous potential. In conclusion, we saw that the Resurrection Remix is one of the most feature-rich custom ROMs in the market today. There is no reason why you should not consider downloading it. 

4. AOSP Extended

Next on our list of best custom ROMs, we have the AOSP Extended (Download Here). If you have been hanging around custom ROM for a few years, then you would know by now that AOSP means the Android Open Source Project. 

7 Of The Best Custom ROMS For Android You Can Install

Users love the design of the custom ROM. It is light and very sleek. Not to mention, it gives a modern touch and feels. The performance also does not lag one bit, and you are offered a fluid experience. 

Before we forget, the battery life is also good with this custom ROM downloaded on your Smartphone. This is one of the most widely used custom ROMs thanks to the fact that you can download the app on several smartphone models. 

For example, you can use it on Samsung, Motorola, LG, Huawei, and Asus devices. Since this is a pre-rooted ROM, the need to use more space is not there. Not to mention, the Substratum Theme is fully loaded. 

You can also find extra settings that let you customize anything you want. This is useful for those of you who are particular about the way things should appear on your Smartphone. The battery life, which happens to be the most important thing, is good too. 

Users found out that they can easily use it for 6 hours on the go. Average custom ROMs can give you 4 hours of screen time. Another noteworthy mention here is the feature of dash charging, which lets you charge your Smartphone as and when you prefer. 

Finally, we take a look at its performance and camera. The animations on this ROM are outstanding. You do not have any crashes when using the Smartphone. Its camera is almost as good as the Lineage OS.

Users can take images in 4K UHD. When you are surrounded by tons of custom ROMs and are forced to make a choice, then it is this. It provides you with the right balance between the performance as well as the features, and that is very difficult to find. 

Though it cannot make your Smartphone on the same level with Lineage OS custom ROM, it is very close with excellent battery life, robust performance, good camera capabilities, and endless customization. 

If you download and use it, you won’t go wrong. 

5. Paranoid Android

Now, we will take a look at one of the oldest best custom ROMs in the market, the Paranoid Android (Download Here). It is not surprising to note that even today, millions of users swear by it, and hence it is considered as one of the most popular alternatives to CyanogenMod ROM. 

The ROM offers you a very smooth and shiny experience. Whether you are a novice or professional in using custom ROMs, you find yourself very much at home with it.

However, you cannot claim it to be with the likes of Lineage OS, but it comes close nevertheless. 

You will be amazed to know that it was the first custom ROM to have an ambient display. Not to mention, it also comes with pie as well as Hover mode. It is as if this custom ROM refuses to give up. 

The custom ROM has been around in the market since early 2012 and has been updated along the way. This one is based on the CAF or the code aurora forum. At times, users get confused between the AOSP and the PA.

The animation feature is the first thing that instantly hits you. The need to roam all over the custom ROM is not there because you can find everything present in the settings themselves. There is an update mode. 

Coming to its main features of immersive and pie control mode. It is the best, and you can navigate around the screen with a clear visual experience. There is also a gallery section where you can manage your photos with ease. 

It is safe to say that Paranoid Android is one of the highly researched custom ROMs to have been released in the market. Users have always liked Pie Control. The user interface experience is flawless, and it has the capability of providing you with a stable work solution. 

Users of the 6P are stunned by the fluid operation of their Smartphone having installed it. If you own a 6P, then you might want to do yourself a favor and download this custom ROM on it today

Did you like what you read about Paranoid Android? What are your thoughts on Paranoid Android’s comeback? Is it worth your time and effort? 

We have listed two more custom ROMs on our list. They may not be as good or powerful as the custom ROMs we just read about. However, they can be considered for those of you who are not heavy smartphone users. 

We will take a look at them briefly. 

6. Dirty Unicorns

Dirty Unicorns (Download Here) is ranked sixth on our list in search of the best custom ROMs. This is a custom ROM that enables you to focus on customizing without compromising on stability.

Best Custom ROMS For Android

Users are often spellbound by the number of customizable features offered on this custom ROM. 

The battery life is good too. Very often, it is compared with Resurrection Remix, thanks to its coders producing code from the start. You will also appreciate the fact that the developers of this high-performance app do not accept donations too. 

7. Bootleggers Rom

Let us read briefly, why you might want to download Bootleggers ROM. This is based on the open-source code project or GZOSP. We found that this ROM offers you useful features on your Smartphone.

7 Of The Best Custom ROMS For Android You Can Install

Not to mention, the ringtones, wallpaper, and fonts give your device a new look. The design of the ROM is good, and so is its battery life and performance. You can consider using it as your daily ROM for stability and flexibility. 


We hope that you found this guide on custom ROMs for your android smartphones useful. As you can see, we have tried to cover some of the most popularly used custom ROMs.

The CyanogenMod ROM was the best, but the rest seem to have taken over after its demise. 

We highly recommend the use of Lineage OS and Pixel Experience custom ROMs. They are almost on par with CyanogenMod ROM. With the help of these highly-rated custom ROMs, you can now revitalize your old Smartphone.

It is able to give smartphone makers a run for their money. Your older device need not suffer in silence with these custom ROMs there to help you out. They often fill up those gaps that your Smartphone so badly needs. 

It benefits everybody, and that is a good thing. Why don’t you give your Smartphone a second chance to outperform itself today and gain full control and confidence over it? So, download the best custom ROMs for your Smartphone.