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7 of The Best DJ Apps For Android in 2022 – Reviewed

You must have felt bored with specific work. It can be tedious office work, studies, household chores, etc. However, listening to music has never been so boring and uninteresting ever in our lives.

With the advancement in technology, there has been a good change in DJ technology too. You should keep a check on the changing technology. One such advancement in Djing is the development of different DJ apps on android phones. 

With the advancement in music technology these days, the platform for listening to music is also changing. No one is much aware of the widespread development in DJ software and DJ Controllers.

Most of us do not know which apps are out to date and which one is worth purchasing. Also, none tried to find if you should go for the first trial for it or not. What about the free DJ apps? 🤔

Here we have tried to find answers to all the above by presenting the best DJ apps for android users. Hold on to your breath for a beautiful and exciting lifestyle ahead with the best music through the best DJ apps. 

Best DJ Apps For Android: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Cross DJ

When it comes to the prominent DJ app for learning, Cross DJ is the best option. Mixvibes is the creator of this application. Usually, DJ apps available are different for different OS.

However, this cross-platform is the best choice for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. So, it is an all-rounder app of all time. This pro DJ application has different features that make it unique from all other applications. Know about some of them. 

Cross DJ for Android | Introduction

Features of Cross DJ:-

Beatmatching:-It is a beat matcher application that can track the waveforms of the beats running parallel to each other. It can sync all of them.

Stable Syncing:- Stable syncing does not let two tracks go out of phase. The best part of this feature is a one-press button that keeps your music on track.

BPM Detection:- It can accurately detect the music beat until it reaches the last decimal. Hence accuracy is the most crucial criterion. 

Custom Pitch range:- You can set the custom pitch rate accordingly you want. It can be 8, 16, 32, or 100% as per your preference. These are to ensure the best syncing of the tracks properly. 

Why Should You Come Across Using Cross DJ application?

“Cross DJ” falls among the best DJ apps for android users, and the main reason for choosing this application is its digital vinyl software available for the best DJ beats mixing.

Best DJ Apps For Android

It uses the right technology to play your music with proper syncing. The best is its availability for PCs and MAC platforms. Thus you can easily manipulate it by using the mouse or with a touchscreen option. 

One other advantage of using Cross DJ is to use CD collection mixing to come up with different results. The new iteration of the technology is to produce club mixes.

However, the best part of this application is that musicians can easily use old tracks to create new mixes. 

Download on Google Play Store

2. DJ Studio 5

Are you searching for the most prominent application to learn the DJ mixing of the tracks? Here is the best option available for you- DJ Studio 5. The developers are happy to launch a completely free application with no drawbacks to help in track mixing.

The best part is you can quickly introduce eight sound effects with ten sample pads. You can easily mix the recorded music with you for free. Hence DJ Studio 5 has always been the best DJ apps for android users. Learn more about its features.

Features Of DJ Studio 5:-

Free DJ Mixing:- The reason why DJ lovers are irresistible to use this application is free of cost. It does not cost you anything; only you need to download it and explore more. 

Android-Friendly:- Many of the DJ apps were only iPhone-friendly. However, DJ Studio 5 works well for android OS. The best part is you need not switch to the iPhone for learning through DJ Studio 5.

User-Friendly Interface:- DJ Studio 5 has allowed you to learn in a friendly and secure manner. Now amateur DJs will not have to face any issues with their fresh start with this application.

Easy To Share:- You must be fond of sharing your tracks with others every single second. Don’t worry; DJ Studio 5 is also there to help you. You can share what you want to go for it with the entire world. 

Sounds and Skins:- Smartphones have been shining these days due to customization. Thus DJ Studio 5 helps you customize your tracks wherever you like. It has features of the 8 most popular sound effects so that you can quickly learn track mixing and produce maximum effects for it. 

Why Should You Choose DJ Studio 5 For Sound Mixing?

Your search for a complete and clean DJ app is over with DJ Studio 5. All beginners and advanced mixers can use this application for free. Thus you get three samples along with eight sound effects with the best functionalities, including equalizer, tempo adjusts, cues, and many more.

The best part which makes this application unique is turning off ads. You need not buy any premium version for this reason. However, it is something that is very rarely available to us in the free version. 

Download on Google Play Store

3. edjing Mix

Here we are introducing you to one more among the best DJ apps for Android, which is edjing Mix. It is a powerful DJ application with a bunch of features in it. The highlights functions of this application are the local library with 16 samples to work with.

Introducing edjing Mix - the world's #1 DJ app

Also, you can start by syncing two different tracks together and looping them. Thus it helps in customizing the layout a bit more. Learn about different features of edjing Mix in detail. 

Features of edjing Mix:-

  • This application provides the best support to amateur kids who are first into the DJing platform. They can try their hand at it. 
  • The best feature for edjing Mix is its free base application. Kids get a chance to have pleasure in learning with premium services too. 
  • It is the best platform for the kids to explore something very new to them. As there is no tour guide within the application for its usage, children will work on various features by them.
  • Kids get the best chance to unleash their inner DJs. Thus, it helps them play different songs and create their own by mixing several loops. 
  • It helps start loading your favorite tracks and makes your magic replete using some special effects in the application. 

Thus edjing has proved to be the best djing application for amateur kids. Parents can help their kids to grow to a reasonable extent. 

Why Should You Choose the edjing Mix Application for DJing?

If you have been searching for a pro-level DJ application for professional and personal use, there is nothing better than edjing Mix. Both amateur and professionals can work with it to mix different tracks and form a better synchronization with it.

Plenty of options available with these applications like SoundCloud, cloud storage, Deezer, and a local library make it unique and exciting always.

The brand new user interface with the best DJ controls makes it the pro-choice to start learning DJ with sound mixing. It has all the essential features that a DJ application must possess. 

Download on Google Play Store

4. Music Maker JAM: Google Editor’s Choice App 🤴

Are you planning to learn DJing? Music Maker JAM will guide you entirely with a new learning platform. It is one of the most popular DJing apps for mobiles and for those who are beginners to this platform.

FREE Music creation app for iOS & Android | Music Maker JAM

Music Maker falls in the category for the best DJ apps for android users with which you learn to create your beats and record your pleasant voice. Start syncing two different waveforms with each other with this best application.

However, unlike other applications for Djing, this app is quite expensive but is quick to use. Learn more about its best features to work with.

Features of Music Maker JAM:-

  • For a djing app, you need to start with mixing different tracks with synchronization. 
  • You can quickly start with Maker Mixer JAM if you don’t have any prior experience in DJing. You can easily mix and arrange the loops to produce a new beat and a song. 
  • This application has more than 100 style packages. Hence you have a good range of genres, including hip hop to dubstep. You have thousands of options to work with. 
  • It features an easy-to-download application with new raps and sounds. Also, you can integrate them into the productions. 
  • You can easily access any application section directly from the home screen. 

Why Should You Choose Music Maker JAM for DJing?

For those who want to start with DJing and want to focus on music, creation can choose Music Maker JAM for this beginning step.

You have better options to mix the music and thus create beats with it. The best option is to record your voice and then add different effects to it to create your music. 

Another best option is plenty of soundtrack options available in it. However, you need to pay for the different DJ apps and those that are very expensive. But beginners in this field, need to start with the free features and then move to premium purchases. 

Download on Google Play Store

5. Djay Free

Djay Free falls among the most popular and the best DJ apps for android who want to start with learning Djing to the next level. The release of this application on android started with a big deal.

Best DJ Apps For Android

This application has been working well on this platform. The best part is this application has integration with Spotify and allows auto-mixing of different tracks with new effects. This application offers what you need for a DJ application.

People love using this application for Spotify integration it. It is the next generation DJ app to learn and grow with the best djing features. Learn more about the functioning of the DJing application.

Features of Djay Free:-

  • This application is for both amateur and professional DJs that allow easy mixing of songs and different tracks. 
  • You can use this application to connect to external hardware devices for better synchronization results. It is professional software with added new version features. 
  • The best feature of the Djay application is the integration with Spotify, which turns it into a Pro application. The application integrates with the Spotify Premium account. 
  • You can easily create a curated playlist on this application and find music as you want. Thus you can search for any music stored in your device.

Why Should You Choose Djay Free?

Djay Free is the next-generation application that completely turns your android device into complete DJ software. Also, it has a controller that lets you integrate music from Spotify.

Thus you can easily spin some live songs and recorded mixes that enable party-friendly mixes for you. 

The best functioning is the looping and cue points of the application with automatic detection for the beat. No matter if you are a beginner in using this application or you are a master in it, you always have the best experience in it through your Android Device.  

Download on Google Play Store

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6. DiscDj 3D Music Player – Best virtual Dj for android

If you are searching for the best user interface in the virtual 3D world, there could be nothing better than DiscDJ 3D Music Player. It is one of the virtual and the best DJ apps for the android version of 2.3+.

DiscDj 3D Music Player for Android - Be the Dj you always wanted to be

You can experience a different music player with this application and hence enjoy a unique DJ party at your home with your friends. This music player has efficient DJ application features to enjoy a mini DJ mixer app. Learn more about its features and functioning.

Features of DiscDJ 3D Music Player:-

  • 3D DJ has a different user interface that allows real song mixing in the virtual DJ platform. You become a big fan after the beautiful output with this. 
  • You can allow the mixing of the different DJ apps just by scrolling it to different angles. There is the availability of the look and reset feature in the top-right corner if you want to reset the music to its original form.
  • You can easily use the controls to play, pause, and turn to a previous part of the music on the two discs very quickly.
  • There is a feature of Autofade, also known as Automatic Crossfade, which is best for adjusting time and also ON/OFF functioning. 
  • There is a function for manual song-shifting sliders to move from one song to another in one click on the slider. 
  • You can easily browse different music through albums and hence play music from different folders, artists, composers, playlists, and use other advanced options.

Why Should You Come Across Using a DiscDJ 3D Music Player?

DiscDJ 3D is the first-ever virtual application for DJs with ten different equalizers and hence it is one of the best DJ apps for android.

You can efficiently work with it with the DJ push button and the sliding and bring it to a beautifully animated ten-band equalizer for those who have an android version of more than 2.3. Thus you can give reasonable control and hence bring better accuracy to it. 

The most important reason and the function that makes it unique is that this application has six sound samples with three modes of playing it. You can record your voice, perform mixes, and prepare remixes for the old songs into a completely new beat. 

Download on Google Play Store

7. Mixfader DJ – Best android Dj controller

People who take djing very seriously learn it, Mixfader DJ falls in the category of the best DJ apps for android users. If you want a real feel of Djing, you can buy an external device called Mixfader and thus connect through Bluetooth on your phone.

Mixfader dj app: the dedicated app of Mixfader

Hence it gives a feel of actual Djing with the real vinyl around you. Most probably, this application is for scratching the live performance rather than having digital mixing software. Therefore, it is the best music mixing software to start with. Learn more about its features and functioning. 

Features of Mixfader DJ- Digital Vinyl:-

  • With Mixfader, you can efficiently work on the local library’s songs with Deezer and SoundCloud. You can easily add eight different cues for each deck you want. 
  • You can adjust every feature you want to work with. It can adjust vinyl speed with the crossfader curve. 
  • Also, Mixerfade DJ allows you to use audio vinyl and timecode along with it. It is more important than professional use, so it could be difficult for beginners to begin with and use it. 
  • You can quickly try to use this application with the best practice if you want to build a good career in DJ. 

Why Should You Come Across Using Mixfader DJ- Digital Vinyl?

Mixfader application gives a real-time experience of DJing at your home. You can access different hardware connections to this application for a better learning platform.

People who want to make their career in DJing can prefer this application for future reference. Thus Mixfader is to provide the real vinyl in front of you.

You can easily mix over 50,000,000 songs on SoundCloud, Deezer, and the local mp3 player. Thus you can easily create multi-source playlists using all your favorite songs as you want. You can quickly sort out different songs by their duration or by BPM. Also, the best part of this application is to record in the .mp3 format.

Download on Google Play Store

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📗 Frequently Answered Questions

What is the best free DJ app for Android?

DJ equipment can be expensive; however, some of the best DJ apps for Android users are Cross DJ, djay for Android, DJ Studio 5, Music Maker JAM, edjing Mix, etc.

What app do most DJs use?

The popular apps that DJs use are Pioneer DJ rekordbox, Serato DJ Pro, Native Instruments Traktor Pro, Ableton Live, Atomix VirtualDJ Pro, Algoriddim djay Pro AI, Mixxx, etc.

Which Virtual DJ is the best for Android?

Some of the best virtual DJ apps are Cross DJ Free, DJ Studio 5, edjing Mix, edjing PRO LE, Music Maker Jam, djay, DiscDJ 3D Music Player, etc.

What apps do DJs use to play music?

Some best DJ apps for iPhone, iPad and Android users are Pacemaker (iOS), djay (Android), Serato Pyro (iOS), edjing (Android), djay PRO (iOS), Cross DJ (Android), Traktor DJ (iOS).

What DJ app is free?

Cross DJ is the answer to this. It is a powerful app by Mixvibes that is a professional DJ software creator. It is one of the rare free apps available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

How do DJs get their music?

Most DJs get their music from resources like DJ pools which are both paid and free. There is a subscription scheme that works on a monthly or yearly basis. Some also allow downloading music legally.

What is the easiest DJ software to use?

The easiest DJ software includes rekordbox, Pioneer DJ DDJ-400 Controller, Serato DJ Lite software, Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX DJ Controller, Algoriddim djay Pro DJ app, Traktor Pro 3 software, etc.

Can I DJ from Spotify?

Some applications instantly allow you to mix millions of tracks from different sources. For example, Beatpad 2 allows mixing from sources like SoundCloud, Tidal, etc. However, Spotify does not allow this compatibility as of now.

How can I DJ without a laptop?

There are several ways to DJ without a laptop. One can use a USB-compatible set-up, iPad, or Phone. Using a laptop is one of the many ways to be a DJ.

Is there an auto DJ app?

Djay app offers seamless integration of your music library. You get access to millions of songs and all songs on your device. Now, you can remix tracks or enable the Automix mode to allow djay to create a seamless integration.

 Is it possible to use Spotify with DJ applications on android phones?

 It is an excellent collaboration by Spotify for supporting DJ applications to run smoothly with a better experience. It started working with different DJ applications on July 1, 2020.

However, along with this, you even have a choice of using SoundCloud, Deezer, and different services for music streaming as available on DP applications. It depends upon the application which supports the services.

Can you use these best DJ apps for android to conduct live performances?

Some of the DJ apps listed above are best for enjoying live performances; you can plan a get-together with your friends and have a different experience through this application. So, pick the best one you want to start with, and it must suit the mixing style you want.

Is it possible to record different music tracks or record your voice through DJ apps?

Some of the DJ applications offer the choice to record your voice for different track mixing. Many DJ apps offer you this option for free, but other applications ask for upgrading to unlock the account with the premium services to unlock these services


Final Verdict

Buying a DJ could be very expensive for a while. You may need to buy different types of equipment for learning to create awesome beats and music. However, these best DJ apps for androids can help you even in a better way at cheap rates.  

So are you ready to turn your surroundings into a DJing platform? Be a DJ for yourself by listening to exciting music. The top listed ten best DJ apps will surely change your lifestyle. None can stop you now.

It’s the right time to create beats, record your voice, and add real-time effects. Now you have tons of choices for yourself to start with. Those who want to make their careers in DJ and music will surely get the best assistance from these applications.

So are you ready to rock your career with the best help? Record your voice and keep promoting it with different effects.