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11 Of The Best Drawing Apps For Chromebook

Most of the work has been done by different computer software nowadays. It does not matter whether you are an amateur artist or a professional graphic designer. We use different software to fulfill our different needs.

A computer, tablet, or a laptop with Chrome Operating system is known as Chromebook. People often think that Chromebook does not have quality applications when it comes to creative stuff such as image editing, painting, and drawing.

This is a clear case of misconceptions and misunderstandings. As a result, Chrome OS has not gained that much popularity among people. And you should not be in the disillusion.

Certain apps work on Chromebooks, although it supports Linux apps, Android apps, and web apps. Gradually, the number of apps is increasing, but many of them lack quality. There are two types of Chromebooks.

The first one is the traditional PC with a mouse and a trackpad. And the second one is a comparatively new touch screen model that comes with a stylus. You can draw, paint, edit, and do creative works with both models.

However, touchscreen displays & stylus are handy and easy to use. Hence more preferable. Chrome books are manufactured by many big companies such as Acer, HP, Asus, Dell, Samsung.

And we all know they are famous brands in the field of technology and electronic gadgets. And they are making Chromebooks mean they are not making any mistakes. Asus Chromebook Flip C432 and HP Chromebook 14 x360 are some popular models.

Apart from that, we have seen Pixelbook Go and Pixelbook by Google itself. It is all about the apps we use. Choosing the best apps among the ocean of apps is difficult. Thats why we are here to help you choose the best drawing apps for Chromebook.

Best Drawing Apps For Chromebook

These drawing apps give you all the controls with a vast range of features and tools. They work flawlessly with any of the devices discussed earlier. We have selected the apps after trying by ourselves.

They offer a minimum amount of latency during your work on the Chromebook. And another best feature is they have offline support.

Let us discuss some apps that let you show your creativity on your Chromebook. It has features of using the Chrome browser as well as the Google Play store.

Best Drawing Apps for Chromebook: Our Pick

1. Sumo Paint

Though we all know Sumo Paint (Download Here) as an online image editor, it can do many more things. Without making any makeshifts, users can easily use this app as a painting tool, aside from just being a photo editing tool.

Best Drawing Apps for Chromebook

The application gives its users everything. You would get everything that a person needs for creating professional art by utilizing his/her creative skills. You will get more than 300 brushes to create your painting canvas.

As a beginner, you can start with the basic painting and editing tools. Still, if you are a professional, you can explore auto-orientation, animated brushes, 360-degree rotation, gravity, etc.

You will be surprised to know that the application can control your paintings adjustments by the amount of pressure you apply to your drawing pen. If you have any experience with Photoshop, then you can do wonders.

We are talking about working on different layers. Yes, you heard it right. If you are comfortable with the usage of illustrator, then this is the app you need.

It can be used for image manipulation as well. Additionally, you can try options like gradient, fill, clone, line tools, smudge, etc. If you are an occasional editor or a professional graphics designer, this app is an excellent tool for you.

Some key features of this app are discussed as follows:-

  • 3D rotation, animated brush, auto-orientation facilities
  • Can be used by a graphic designer or a photo editing beginner
  • More than 300 brushes are available
  • Facilities like clone, fill, smudge, and gradient
  • Complete control over your creation

2. Sketch Pad

The second item (Download Here) in the list of drawing apps for Chromebook is extraordinary. It is a similar app like other PWA apps, but the USP is you dont need a play store to run this app. As few people dont have play store support, its an excellent tool for them.

11 Of The Best Drawing Apps For Chromebook

It can satisfy all your drawing needs with its straightforward UI. You will get features like different brushes, color modes, texture stamps, presents.

But it doesnt have shadowing effect, path creation, layer-wise edit, color picker, select through pen tool, presets for shapes. You can install the PWA app directly.

Additionally, it has offline features as well in which you can use all the features without using data and changing any settings. Sketch Pad can work with both images and vectors based on HTML5.

You will get a plethora of brushes with various stamps and fonts. Sketchpad has more than 5000 clipart. You can import an image and start drawing on that too.

You can also add notes, paint on the imported images, and overlay texta clutter-free free tool that can be used for primary and complex image editing. You can go for Sketchpad if your quest is to find out the best drawing apps for Chromebook.

The salient features of the app are as follows:-

  • Many stamps are available.
  • More than 5000 cliparts.
  • Offline features with an online platform.
  • Multiple brushes with clipart specifications
  • Image and vector editing options

3. Infinite Painter

You wont find a better app than an Infinite painter (Download Here) if you are a sophisticated painter. This drawing app has low latency, and its canvas adjusting is very efficient due to its free panning option.

You wont miss anything with the variety of tools it offers if you are an intermediate-level painter. It brings you more than 160 types of natural brushes. Moreover, you can also create new brushes.

Advanced layer support, geometric tools like circle, rectangle, ellipse, protractor, and line make it an easy option for beginners. If you are not convinced, the application supports features like liquify, gradient fill, transform, pattern fill, and many more.

Infinite Painter on Google Play

It supports different file formats such as PNG, JPG, PSD, and ZIP. With the help of PSD, you can work on photoshop and infinite painter simultaneously.

For that, your Chromebook must support android apps. It is our onus to let you know that the application is not free totally. If you want to use its premium features, you have to invest some dollars. This app is a one-stop solution for sketching, painting, or drawing on Chromebook.

The key features of an infinite painter are as follows:-

  • It follows a freemium model
  • It supports files like JPG, PSD, PNG, and ZIP file
  • More than 160+ brushes
  • Gradient and pattern fill option
  • Geometric tools, advanced layer support

4. Artflow

Though it comes 4th in the list of drawing apps for Chromebook, it is unarguably one of the best drawing tools available. If you are an android user, then Artflow (Download Here) can be the best sketching and painting app for you.

You can enjoy more than a hundred brushes with ArtFlow and other tools like gradient fill and smudge. You will be surprised to know that you can also create your brushes.

For brightness, color curves, and saturation adjustment, you can apply different filters and select masks. The tool wont distract you with irritating ads like other apps. Everyone prefers a large area for the canvas, but few apps deliver.

ArtFlow Studio Promo

Artflow gives you a large screen by including a chrome dock. It works in the way that all the controls are hidden in the top right corner situated dot. In case you need something, you can click on this and use all the features.

And once you start drawing, the controls will be automatically hidden. Another wonder of this app is that one can create 50 layers of canvases and resolutions up to 61446144.

Artflow supports formats like PNG, JPG, and PSD. Now let us discuss some advanced features. Layer clipping mask, palm rejection, and pen pressure support are some notable mentions.

It is available in play stores. But here also you have to make in-app purchases to enjoy the additional features. With the free tool, you will get basic features like shapes, opaque, color pickers, and brushes.

Another important thing that needs to be discussed is it has almost zero latency. In light of all the points discussed above, we can conclude that this app is an excellent drawing and sketching app for beginners in digital paint.

If you like the features, you can download them. But before that, we should highlight some points about Artflow

  • Less distraction
  • It can be easily downloaded and used
  • 100+ brushes and other tools like color picker and opacity slider.
  • It supports file formats such as PNG, JPG, and PSD.
  • A perfect tool for a beginner

5. Sketchbook by Autodesk

This digital drawing platforms name must be known to the maximum number due to its popularity. It doesnt matter if you are a pro or a beginner.

We can recommend it to anyone. Due to its android supportable quality, the software is available in Chromebook now. You can actively use a stylus. Palm rejection can be enabled for an individuals convenience. Sketchbooks (Download Here) performance is splendid.

Autodesk SketchBook: Google Play Tablet Preview

It has a full-screen mode that gives you a large canvas. Apart from that, it gives you multiple layers and tools. Another key feature that needs to be covered is zero latency. It is essential to iterate that this plays a vital role in a beautiful creation.

It works perfectly well without any crashing and freezing issues in devices like HP, DELL, etc. Sketchbook by Autodesk doesnt need any introduction as a drawing tool and, undoubtedly, the best sketching app for everyone.

Dont follow any false instructions or any tech hacks to install Sketchbook on Chromebook. As we mentioned earlier, it supports Android apps, which gives you complete offline support.

Salient features of this app are:-

  • Offline support
  • Both for beginners and experts
  • Easy installation
  • Full-screen mode
  • Different tools

6. Adobe Illustrator Draw / Adobe Photoshop Sketch

We know Adobe for PDF openers or PDF scanners majorly. But Adobe Illustrator (Download Here) is a robust painting software that was initially available in macOS and windows. But now you will get it in Chromebook as well.

You can easily get this app in the play store. It works in full-screen mode with normal keyboard controls, mouse, and touchpads. Anyone who has a basic idea about computers and drawing can use this app. It is probably the best drawing apps for Chromebook.

If you are up to vector drawing, then this app is for you. If you try drawing on a large canvas, you will get to see features like layers, brushes, and tools.

If you are in a dilemma and cant decide which among the two is for you, then we would recommend going with the Adobe Illustrator Draw first. As you know, it is a vector drawing application; free hands are welcomed. Its up to you how you draw.

Use your free hands on the canvas with the features it has in it. And you can try Adobe Photoshop Sketch only if you have to deal with raster drawing or bitmap. Gradually, you will get to know where to use which app depending on your needs.

Both apps have the potential to work well on Chromebooks. They support the tilt mode, which can be used for rotation purposes. You wont feel any latency with the apps.

Both apps serve different purposes and have already been used and appreciated by many satisfied users. We dont hesitate to recommend this app.

A few key features of this app are:-

  • Zero-latency
  • Serves different purposes
  • Easily function on Chromebook
  • Supportable in both Windows and Microsoft
  • Easy features like layer and brushes
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7. Concepts

It is unfair to discuss drawing apps for Chromebook without mentioning Concepts. (Download Here) This drawing app is available on AiPadOS, Android, iOS apps. You can also get it in your Chromebook. through play store.

The infinite canvas gives you enough space to create designs, sketches, and illustrations. The latency here is close to zero. Apart from that, Concepts supports pressure modes and tilt, thus helping you create a beautiful sketch with high precision and intricate details.

It gives you different drawing tools such as pencils, pens, natural brushes. You can also preset papers, select the background of your choice, and use different textures. Stylus also plays a role behind a classic masterpiece.

Concepts Sketching App for Android and Chrome OS

You can use the velocity feature for easy sketching and flexible drawing. It might not be the best drawing app on Chromebook, but it is beyond your imagination.

It focuses on drawing and does it effortlessly. It is more specific about drawing models, house plans, the basic structure of art. But its not easily accessible because you have to pay for the pro version to use basic features like import image, normal adjustments, and editing.

All you need to pay is $9.99 for lifetime accessibility. But still, you dont get all the features. To enjoy all the specifications, you have to pay $4.99 per month.

You will get options like presets, easy import and export of images, a range of brushes, customer support, future updates, interaction with the community, etc. If you are ready to pay a small amount for your passion for drawing, it should be on your list.

To discuss a few important points about Concepts:-

  • Available in iOS, Android, and play store
  • Zero-latency means more power You have to pay for key features
  • Very fewer features in the free version
  • Multiple textures, background, and preset option

8. Krita

Linux is used by working professionals mostly and for drawing options, it is not considered usually. Most people find Windows handy. However, Krita is open-source for all the users of Mac, Linux, and Windows.

Now, it is available in Chromebook through the play store as well. Krita (Download Here) is a perfect sketching and painting app that gives you all the pro features like other drawing apps. Starting from filters, channels, preset brushes, and multiple layers at absolutely free.

Best Drawing Apps for Chromebook

A small caution is its user interface is a little bit complex. Krita on other versions is better than Krita on Chromebook. Its because it is in the beta stage now due to its late entry into this version.

But in the future, you can expect a better experience. With the software, you can create complex illustrations and conceptual art comfortably. Though it is free, you will need to invest some money for Chromebook set up on Linux.

It is very popular for digital painting among the Linux community. This is a professional drawing tool that is a value in the list of drawing apps for Chromebook which works perfectly well without any headache.

Here is a list of key features:-

  • App For Linux
  • Free and Open source
  • Preset brush, filters, layer option
  • Can be used both for personal & professional use
  • Comparatively new in Chromebook

Command to install:-

sudo su
flatpak install flathub org.kde.krita
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9. Inkscape

Inkspace is another efficient app for Linux users. With its features like smart navigation, flyout, and anchor, it is beneficial. You can easily design a logo or any other complex paintings with tools like layers, text tools, and color profiles.

11 Of The Best Drawing Apps For Chromebook

The only drawback with it is it occupies a lot of space. You will need a powerful Chromebook to deal with such heavy software. If you are looking for a perfect Chrome OS or Adobe Illustrator substitute, then Inkspace is for you.

Its advanced features help you to create your masterpiece with ease. The app gives you tools like spiro curves, beizer which are not found in other drawing apps for Chromebook. You have an option to use Inkspace without any hiccups by enabling GPU acceleration.

Key features are:-

  • App for Linux users
  • Beizer and Spiro curves
  • Heavy and needs a strong Chromebook
  • An alternative for Adobe Illustrator
  • Powerful text tool and color profile

Command to install:-

sudo apt-get install inkscape

10. Gravit

Last but not least in the list of drawing apps for Chromebook is Gravit (Download Here). Like most of the apps, it is neither a Linux app nor an Android app. It is a creation of Chrome that allows you to design and draw digital paint.

11 Of The Best Drawing Apps For Chromebook

It is perfect for making vectorized graphics, icons, and logos. Additionally, it gives freedom to create characters using proper animations. If you are in a quest for a drawing application in the Chrome environment, Gravit is a perfect fit.

The key features of Gravit are as follows:-

  • App for professional illustrations and drawing
  • A Chrome feature
  • Vectorized graphics, logos, and icons
  • Use of animation
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In this article, we have discussed different drawing apps for Chromebook. There are numerous drawing apps available. They provide different tools for desktop programs.

Function Wise also performs well. Because they give you new editing options, support different formats of images, low or zero latency, secure insert options, varieties of brushes, simultaneous use along with photoshop, and many more.

It has surpassed the iPad for the range of facilities for drawing and illustrations. Yes, it may sound surprising, but its quality apps are considered a better platform than iOS.

However, many people are satisfied with their ChromeOS devices. Initially, we were not aware of Chromebooks true capability, but after continuously trying and experimenting more, we discovered more about the wonders of Chromebooks.

Chromebooks have touch screen features and a handy stylus that make the gadget extremely helpful for those who want to make drawings digitally. The apps we mentioned work on all Chromebooks.

There are different types of people having different mindsets and preferences. They may find Sketchbook interesting and Artflow boring or vice versa. Now its your time. Let us know which one you liked most. And is there any vital app we have not discussed. Shoot your thoughts in the comment section.