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5 Best Drawing Pads For Mac To Buy in 2022

Mac is one of the best choices out there for creative professionals. It is the obvious choice for them because of the reliability, performance, power, versatility, and results. It has an extensive range of peripherals to go with it. 

The Mac OS keeps things plain and easy to use. It’s just a turn-on and get-to-work procedure. Macs are optimized to provide the best performance out of their hardware. On paper, Macs may look far slower than their Windows counterparts, but in reality, Macs crush them in concert.

MacBooks are known for their amazing battery life too. It is a go-to option for professionals who work while they travel. Mac devices are far less power-hungry as compared to their Windows counterparts.

The build quality of the Macs is robust too. They use military-grade aluminum to make the chassis of their devices. The MacBooks are made out of a single block of aluminum—no wonder why they last decades without any physical damages. 

The prices of Mac devices may seem to be on the higher side compared to their Windows counterparts, but it is worth it. Mac delivers proper value for what you pay.

Macs have forever been known as imaginative machines for inventive individuals. Macs offer a wide assortment of chances to put yourself out there, whether building applications, composing a composition, or drawing.

Having a decent drawing pad for Mac is precious. Retina screens, exact touchpads, and local help for an assortment of data sources make drawing on Mac a delight.

But by looking at the vast sea of drawing pads available in the market, are you confused about which one suits you the best? Worry not, creators! We are here to provide you with the best choices of drawing pads out there. Hold tight are read on our list of the best drawing pads for Macs.

Here are the detailed reviews of the best drawing pads for Mac.

Best Drawing Pads For Mac – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. Wacom Cintiq 22

The Wacom Cintiq 22 is one of the best drawing pads for Mac and the newest addition in the alliance’s drive to make this famous computerized craftsmanship brand, more sensible.

Inside Wacom’s overall thing presenting of electronic drawing helpers, a total number of which can be seen as in our gather of the best drawing pads, the Cintiq is a level screen show for your PC, which you can draw on with the given pointer.

Best Drawing Pads For Mac
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The undertaking is impeccably disconnected into two: Cintiq offers routinely principal grandstands at lower costs, while Cintiq Pro gives a significant experience – particularly a 4K show in more noticeable models – with expenses to organize. 

The Cintiq 22 is equipped with a full HD screen. That rapidly proposes there’s a huge trade-off between the two: the Cintiq 22 gives you a more conspicuous drawing area for genuinely fulfilling, expressive arm progress while drawing, yet the screen picture is of lower resolution than Cintiq 16.

The display quality of the Cintiq 22 is not that vibrant as the pixel density is not that much but it is a delight to use the Cintiq and in any excess respects, the drawing experience is astounding.

The more unmistakable size isolated and the Cintiq 16 really matters when you’re in a somewhat long drawing meeting: it lets free you to make more sweeping pen strokes.

This drawing pad gives you a truly more unmistakable drawing region. Yet the image is less sharp than on the Cintiq 16

Near impartial, the other expected weight of this show isolated and the Cintiq Proline is the masking reach – how many tones the screen is valuable for appearing. The referred to go for the Cintiq 22 is 72% NTSC, which places it fundamentally unclear from a monetary arrangement screen.

Cintiq Pro shows have a concealing presentation of 94% NTSC. While that particular capacity sounds censuring, review that the Cintiq 22 can present 96% of the level of shades stayed aware of by the sRGB covering profile, which various makers and talented specialists apply to their photos obviously.

The Cintiq 22’s screen surface is all around considered. The counter glare glass surface is overlaid to give it a slight surface.

The drawing area is covered in glass and the other part displays the image you are drawing. Too outstanding an opening between the two prompts an upsetting draw out between the spot of your pointer and where your pen mark appears on-screen.

The Cintiq 22’s opening is absolutely OK, regardless of the way that you don’t get the taking everything into account, phenomenal impression of partnership the basic level optical holding improvement of a Cintiq Pro gives you.

The given pointer, the Pro Pen 2, is adequately fit for getting your imaginative turns of events: it offers 8,192 levels of strain affectability, relatively as inclination affectability, where you hold the pen impacts the stroke.

5 Best Drawing Pads For Mac To Buy in 2022

The pointer doesn’t need a battery as it uses electromagnetic waves to receive power through the screen. The vague is genuine for the pen that goes with the enemy Huion Kamvas Pro 22, yet the more sensible XP-Pen Artist Display 22E Pro’s pen requires discontinuous recharging.

While there are other Wacom pens open, barely any skilled workers should have any grumblings with the solace of the Pro Pen 2. The Cintiq Pro line supports a wireless pen, but the Pro’s wide drawing surface allows the utilization of fragile felt nibs.

A stand joined into the Cintiq 22 enables you to move the showcase to your truly leaned toward drawing point. It’s the best methodology over in the Cintiq 16, which uses foldable legs that incline the show to a good point.

While standard drawing pads without a component, like Wacom’s Intuos line, are helpful for working over a far away Bluetooth interface, that isn’t yet sensible for a brought-together pad and show. The Cintiq 22 uses USB-A so you need a connector to connect it to your Mac.

The most striking piece of the Cintiq 22 winds up being obvious when you contrast it and the model it replaces in Wacom’s strategy, the Cintiq 22HD. It’s a sensible piece more sensible, It’s sure that Wacom is responding to the danger familiar with its market-administrator status.

The more settled Cintiq 22HD has a stand that turns in essentially similar way as inclinations, in any case, ExpressKey substitute way keys to help you with getting to the most cherished sales in your picked programming. 

The Cintiq 22 has an unparalleled pen and a matte screen rather than a smooth screen surface. In like manner as the worth drop, you further cultivate drawing experience. You can also buy Wacom’s proprietary ExpressKey Remote.

The Cintiq 22 genuinely has an unrivaled in ordinary feel, in any case, with administering development quality in both the showcase and the pen.

You want to weigh up the brief augmentation of lower costs against the more broadened term benefits of the Cintiq 22 simply inclination to some degree more satisfying to work with.

A capacity may not wash with the Cintiq 22’s pivotal vested party of understudies, sharp non-well-informed authorities, and jobbing arranged specialists.


  1. Anti-glare screen.
  2. Supports Bluetooth.
  3. Reasonable price.
  4. Big screen space.
  5. Can also be used as a side display.


  1. No wireless connectivity.

Final verdict

The lightweight simplifies it to set up and use wherever and is genuinely easy to convey with you, even in a standard backpack or folder case.

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2. Huion H610

Huion H610 has the perfect screen for drawing with a semi-matte finish. You’ll imagine that it is easy to work rapidly and make long, smooth strokes. It doesn’t seem to catch or squeak, yet it makes a respectable parcel of upheaval.

The drawing feels typical and unnecessary, with 10 x 5.25 inches of working space. That is to some degree more prominent than an A5 paper. You’ll believe that it is easy to use with screens up to around 20 inches.

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You get eight express keys as an untimely idea. There’s no ring or contact scroll. It’s at this point great to have the choice to zoom, fix, and change brush sizes with a fast press.

The buttons are very tactile. They have the logo decorated. They’re responsive and easy to use. You won’t press them inadvertently, disregarding how they have flimsier energy appeared differently about even more great quality drawing pads.

You can demonstrate your inclination toward each key in the driver settings, expecting you to stay away from the stock settings.

The 16 fragile keys let you give out your treasured control center substitute ways and custom macros for a very fast work process.

Especially if you truly need a somewhat advantageous drawing game plan, It sure beats the “Wacom Bamboo and a PC console” combo. Moreover, if you attempt to stay away from sensitive keys on your drawing area using any and all means, you can basically impede them.

By and by for the real pen. It’s a solid pen with a lovely shape and weight, 2048 strain levels, and 2 simple course fastens. The nib can adjust to draw smoothing fixed lines.

If we compare it with a Wacom pen, it is not that good. It’s thinner and lighter with less padding. This is a more concerning tendency; you may even favor it better. There’s no eraser end. In any case, taking everything into account, there’s a charging port where it would be.

It uses a built-in battery which eliminates the hassle of changing batteries.

There are various drawbacks. The first is the shortfall of nib choices. In the event that you like to work with an extent of different nibs, on the other hand, expect you want to use a sensitive or hard one, you may be pretty baffled.

Then, there’s the battery movement. Like most non-Wacom pad pens, it runs on a battery-controlled battery. Luckily, you can work while charging the pen, and it holds a charge well, yet it’s at this point not exactly so favorable as a sans battery pointer.

It moreover goes with an essential, round, and empty pen holder. You can store the additional nibs inside. The holder is simple with a screw.

There’s no item included, other than the drivers. Presenting the drivers is quick and quick. So is tweaking the simple courses, affectability, and usable surface district.

Accepting you like to use an assortment of programming with your drawing pad, you’ll be happy to understand that the Huion H610 star is reasonable with the most notable plans programming. Models fuse the Adobe Suite, Zbrush, etc.

You can change the powerful area to all the more probable fit the size and condition of your screen. Changing the pen affectability twist is moreover basic. It permits a smooth and responsive drawing experience for the most part, with no striking leeway or jitter.


  1. Has a large drawing area.
  2. Great value for its price.
  3. Very well built.
  4. Plug and play configuration.


  1. Hard to rest the palm.
  2. Rough pen tip.
  3. No wireless option.

Final verdict

The touch capacity it has makes a big difference as compared to its rivals. Very well built, and good pen support makes it a desirable product.

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3. Wacom Intuos M CTL-6100

Unlike Wacom’s flashier Cintiq line of pads, the Intuos isn’t itself a screen.

Most of the pad is taken up by that work surface, which measures 8.5 by 5.3 downers on the more prominent model and 6 by 3.7 deadheads on the really unassuming. It has Express Keys, which are recessed into the pad. There you can keep your pen. The center button controls the pad on and off and maintains setting up Bluetooth.

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The pen feels like a regular pen and it looks like one too. In any case, it besides has two buttons as a thought everything considered which, similar to those on the pad, can be patched up.

It is made using smooth faint plastic. Four adaptable pads under giving a handle to hold the pad are unsurprising while you work. 

Setting up Bluetooth is simple — coming about to opening the Bluetooth settings and controlling up the pad, the Intuos related to the fundamental undertaking.

Right when the Bluetooth is locked in, the main concern the USB rope is required for is charging. As might be self-evident, battery life was according to Wacom’s 15-hour detail. (The most practical Intuos needs Bluetooth and depends without a doubt upon USB).

Pressure affectability gives Intuos its most vital benefit over a mouse.

While setting up the pad is clear, arranging the custom settings and seeing a strategy that crosses fragments with your word association takes time and experimentation. The Express Keys on the pad can be used to perform various functions. 

The two buttons on the pen feature a range of functions. The snap and method settings award you to utilize the pen a ton of like a mouse, with both right snap and material accommodation. You can change the affectability of the pen tip according to your convenience.

The Intuos’ customization choices approach by in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. In Lightroom. Figuring out some method for utilizing the Intuos feels like whenever you initially attempted to type without checking out your hands—watching the screen rather than your hand. In contrast, drawing feels fantastic from the beginning. 

However, that odd inclination step by step dissipates the more you utilize the pad framework until it feels similarly as essential as shaping.

Indeed, utilizing a substitute pad and screen — rather than drawing straightforwardly on a screen — may even be a benefit, as your hand doesn’t debilitate your perspective on your modernized material.

The Intuos will be the best capable device for anybody that does an immense heap of dazing brushwork as well one of our favorites among the best drawing pads for mac.

In view of that part, the Intuos will be the best little-known technique for anybody that does a tremendous heap of tangled brushwork, as it lessens the forward and in reverse time in exchanging between various brushes and simple settings. 

While Intuos is the most time-skilled while utilizing the tension affectability, the pad-based changing feels more normal for various different jobs. Utilizing the pen to tap out surrenders with the fixing device was quicker than using the mouse.

The Wacom Intuos is one of the best drawing pads for Mac that features a pen and pad-set up photograph changing and chart with respect to a financial plan. 

Wacom is to plans pads as Adobe is to photograph altering — its things are the business-standard. While there are consistent level brands, with a cost somewhere in the extent of $80 and $200 on the Intuos, there’s no diversion to wander from the top brand. 

Towards the value degree of the more noteworthy model, you can observe more pre-arranged spending plan choices that utilization a specific screen at any rate with an enormous piece of the strain affectability levels and without Bluetooth association.

Inside the Intuos line, Wacom offers two sizes, the more unassuming of which will require more zooming on the screen for overseeing better subtleties. Clients who utilize the pad just at a work area and wouldn’t stress over string wreck can save a few bucks on the little, without Bluetooth choice. 

While the Intuos is important and a great time for different undertakings, for instance, utilizing the clone or fixing brush, the time saved may not recuperate for the expense of the contraption.


  1. Anti-glare screen.
  2. Supports the Pro Pen 2 that uses magnetic resonance to draw.
  3. Reasonable price.
  4. Big screen space.
  5. Can also be used as a side display.


  1. No-touch input.
  2. The screen is a bit dim. 

Final verdict

The Wacom Intuos is a clear decision for creatives that do a ton of brushwork — purchase the Wacom Intuos expecting you shouldn’t look for even a second wreck around with the other things of the consistent of level design yet you’re a critical piece of the time utilizing the paintbrush, pen, eraser, avoid, or eat up instruments.

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4. Huion H420

The initial setup of the Huion H420 doesn’t need any external drivers. At first, the installation will demand that you select your kind of OS, then pick the H20 from the once-over of models, and the foundation will begin.

The Huion H420 USB incorporates an objective of 4000 lines for each inch and a standard report speed of 200 RPS. All of the lines look clear, paying little heed to how you push on the pen. This pad needs to draw on some terrible paper with charming info.

The Huion H420 pen has a battery inside and supports 2048 levels of strain. It works with the help of one AAA battery that lasts 2-3 days. The on/off button is arranged on its genuine top. You can scroll records and pages on the pad’s working locale.

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Two attaches can be re-adjusted for express limits by using the middle button of the pen. The pen is furnished with an electromagnetic digitizer to give you a reliable and profitable drawing experience. It can override the remote mouse, suitable for both the left-and right-gave customers.

The H420 is cab be used with software like Corel Painter, Illustrator, Fireworks, etc.

The Huion H420 USB outlines drawing pad board pack is astounding. It fuses a 10-inch faint liner load with an unbelievable space for a phone and various things. It’s made of downy felt and microfibre calfskin. They are made with lycra fiber, an additional four pen tips for replacement, killing mechanical assembly, and a cleaning pack.

The drawing space of the Huion H420 is  4 x 2.23 inches. The pad is incredibly lightweight, weighing simply 4.6 ounces. In this manner, it won’t take a massive load of room on the workspace or be dealt with and can be quickly passed on with you wherever.

Three express keys are arranged on the correct 50% of the pad. From the outset, they fill such jobs as close, save, and back anyway can be changed for various necessities if you need to.

The Huion H420 drawing pad is an exceptional area-level contraption for getting your first contribution with working with cutting-edge plans pads. It radiates an impression of being sensible for drawing, playing OSU, making diagrams, modifying records, and that is only the start.

Its most unique advantages are conveyed ability and tremendous unit of additional items. Regardless, it can’t offer general features like PDA likeness or remote organization, which may be an issue for specific customers. In addition, the shortfall of the drawing-room makes it longer to draw something with exactness.


  1. Ultra-portable.
  2. Very good for rookies.
  3. Supports a wide range of accessories


  1. Doesn’t support a wireless connection.

Final verdict

The Huion H420 is a good choice for the ones who are looking for the best Drawing Pads for Mac to get started with graphics and gain some level of experience. It supports a good amount of external accessories, which makes it convenient to use. Its portability is also a thumbs-up.

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5. XP-Pen Deco Pro

The XP-Pen is all over planned for creators on a tight spending plan. The pad is solid, drawing surface feels smooth, not actually as grating as a Wacom, yet more than practical. 

The drawing space of the XP-Pen is 16:9 and around a comparable size as an additionally estimated Wacom, be that as it may, the Deco Pro feels more restricted and more humble. The metallic finish of the Deco Pro seems to be more elegant than it is. The plastics used are durable too.

The Deco Pro tries to look like a Wacom device. The conveyance drivers are more settled and don’t offer the features.

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The driver writing computer programs is awkward and doesn’t feel well-optimized. In Mac, the XP-Pen programming runs as an application rather than a panel, unlike a Wacom device. 

The writing feeling of the pen itself is not so great but it provides a lot of functionalities. As per a particular perspective, the XP-Pen organizes the Wacom pads with 8,192 levels of strain affectability. Regardless, the item isn’t benefiting as much as expected from it.

Skilled artists on a tight budget want to use a pad all of the time. The XP-Pen is all over planned for creators on a tight spending plan. The pad is solid. The drawing surface feels smooth. But it is not as good as a Wacom, yet more than practical.

While I don’t love the state of the Pen of the Deco Pro, I was especially astonished by the gear. The conveyance drivers are more settled and don’t offer the features. The not-so-good software indicates the field where the cost-cutting has been done.

Three Deco pens can be purchased at the cost of one Wacom pen. The value state of pads has been toppled with more affordable things like the Deco Pro.

The arrangement and logo feel like a pantomime of Wacom. The cost speculation subsidizes what the XP-Pen Deco Pro offers. While pantomime is the sincerest kind of praise, the XP-Pen travels exceptionally close to the edge of hard and fast forging.

The Wacom device has better software and a wide range of additional gears and is itself is better to write Wacom pen itself is more charming. In this way, better materials and involvement with a more prominent cost.

You should only go for the Deco if you don’t have the budget for the Wacom Intuos Medium Pro. While more outrageous and more humble than the Deco Pro, the Wacom Intuos Medium offers a couple of components that the more affordable pad doesn’t have, Bluetooth accessibility being the boss.


  1. Excellent bang for the buck.
  2. USB Type-C connectivity.
  3. Has a scroll wheel.


  1. The mousepad is too sensitive.
  2. The software is not well optimized.
Final Verdict

For any person who has never endeavored a pad, starting with an XP-Pen Deco Pro is hard to fight with. The item issues will, in a perfect world, be tended to with driver invigorates and when joined with the extraordinary structure quality judgments and features.

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I hope these detailed reviews have helped you choose the best drawing pads for Mac according to your requirements and budget.