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21 Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times

Pokemon has become one of the most loved and sought after gaming franchises in the world. Everyone who has been alive for the past 2 decades knows the popularity of Pokemon, and it has only shown to increase over time.

Pokemon was originally conceptualized and applied to tv shows, games, movies, etc. by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori. The games were released through the popular media outlet Super Smash Bros and the Pokemon video game series.

Furthermore, the entire Pokemon brand is owned by Nintendo, Creatures, Game Freak, and The Pokemon Company. Pikachu, the unofficial ambassador of the Pokemon brand, is an electric type pokemon.

Therefore, naturally one can assume that there will be just that much emphasis on electric type pokemon. Thus, read the following list of the 10 best electric pokemon found in the Pokemon games and Anime Shows. 

Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times 👌👌

1. Jolteon 

Jolteon is an evolution form accessible to only Evee. Using the electric stone, you can evolve a young Eve into Jolteon, one of the fastest if not the fastest electric pokemon in the games and the franchise. This is also why so many pokemon enthusiasts like Jolteon.

Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times

Its high voltage damage, coupled with its speed, increases the overall effectiveness of the pokemon in battle. Aside from its famous speed, Jolteon has an extremely high Special Attack of 130.

It can also learn moves aside from the type which it has a natural affinity to, for example, shadow ball. Another special aspect of Jolteon is its Volt Absorb, which makes it very hard for Jolteon to lose in a battle. 

Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times

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2. Vikavolt 

This pokemon is one of the slower pokemon, however, it does not mean that Vikavolt is a weak electric pokemon. In fact, its speed stat is worse than any other electric pokemon.

Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times 1

However, what its speed stat does not reflect, it makes up for it in its 145 Special Attack. As you would know, Special Attacks are what fuel the power and damage-causing capabilities of electric pokemon.

145 is a very high statistic to have, even as an electric type pokemon. Moreover, Vikavolt’s base HP of 500, and defense of 90, make it a tanker capable of withstanding a myriad of attacks. Last but not least, Vikavolt has a dual nature of electric/bug. 

21 Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times

3. Alolan Golem

Might be unexpected, but aolan golem is one of the strongest pokemon in the Pokemon universe. Its Ground and Electric nature counter-effect the weaknesses that electric pokemon usually are susceptible to.

While grass type attacks will be super effective against this pokemon, because both ground type and electric type pokemon are weaker than grass, it still makes it to the top of this list because of the high Defense it has.

Normally when someone says electric pokemon, the Aolan Golem does not come into mind. But make no mistake, this versatile pokemon knows how to effectively use its duality – proving to be an extremely difficult pokemon to fight against. 

4. Raikou

Another legendary species in the pokemon games, this pokemon has been said to be as fast as lightning itself. The speed and attack stats of this pokemon are off the charts, which makes it one of the top 5 pokemon to exist.

21 Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times

Imagine having the ability to avoid attacks multiple numbers of times, all the while dishing out electric type attacks which serve to further slow down and stun the opposing party.

This makes Raikou a very formidable opponent that many have to be wary of when fighting against. As a player in the game, you will encounter Raikou only once.

Ensure you manage to capture this pokemon because it will help you conquer gym battles and will definitely be a great asset in the pokemon champion matches. Thunder is Raikou’s signature move, but it is not the strongest move this pokemon is capable of learning. 

Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times 2

5. Zekrom 

Zekrom, another very powerful electric type pokemon that is revered as a legendary pokemon in the Unova region. This is the primary legendary pokemon in Pokemon Black.

21 Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times

It has a unique characteristic, which is that it is a dragon/electric type pokemon, and it has a separate move-set which no other pokemon can learn.

Its signature move is called Bolt Strike, which is boosted by Zekrom’s especially high Special Attack and Attack stats.

This move is a two-step move that takes time to prepare mid-battle. Being a legendary pokemon with signature moves, Zekrom is one of the best electric type pokemon to exist.

21 Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times 

6. Luxray 

A pokemon with cat-like features, Luxray has been introduced in the pokemon tv-series as well as the games. It is arguably one of the most sought-after pokemon because of its move, ‘crunch’ which it learns very early on in the game.

Best Cat Pokemon Of All Time 13

On several occasions, this particular move has effectively managed to KO pokemon. It also boasts of a high attack stat, making non-electric type moves deadly.

For example, one of Luxray’s moves, giga impact, decreases the HP of opponents rapidly with just one hit. Talk about a powerhouse! Additionally, its design is pleasing to the eyes, and its attacks make it one of the deadliest pokemon to be on this list.

Moreover, its strong attacks are not the only advantage it has, it’s speed helps it reduce the effectiveness of other attacks. It has a high Defense and Special Defense, a characteristic not shared by many pokemon.

Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times 4

7. Pikachu 

One of the most popular, if not the most popular pokemon is Pikachu. Children especially know pokemon because of Pikachu, the pokemon which aids Ash Ketchum, the protagonist, in his journey of traversing throughout the entirety of the pokemon universe.

Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times 4

Pikachu stores additional amounts of electricity in its cheeks, which act as supercharged conductors during battles. The impressive speed stats of Pikachu make it very versatile and dangerous to face.

Even in Pokemon Red, the Kanto region’s pokemon master used this pokemon. Pikachu is one of the first electric pokemon to have been conceptualized by the creators of Pokemon.

That is why it can learn most electric type moves. It is especially strong against flying and water type pokemon

21 Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times

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8. Zapdos

This pokemon is a legendary pokemon, not to be confused with mythical pokemon, which are pokemon rarely seen in the wild. A legendary pokemon is one, thus, there is only one Zapdos in the entire pokemon universe.

21 Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times

Zapdos is one of the best electric Pokemon and is known as the owner of electricity in the Kanto and Jhoto regions of Pokemon. Ash encounters this pokemon on his journey to becoming the ultimate pokemon master.

But all this is not a real measure of the true power of Zapdos. This legendary pokemon is capable of learning almost any and all-electric type moves. It is also capable of generating devastatingly large amounts of electricity.

A water or flying type pokemon against this legendary pokemon will be guaranteed to face defeat. Moreover, both the Special Attack stats and the Attack stats of this pokemon are very high, part of the reason why it is revered to be a pokemon worth catching.

In the games, many players reportedly said that they had to use the master ball, the strongest Pokeball used to catch pokemon, to capture Zapdos.

It only has two weaknesses, Rock and Ice. Furthermore, it is so rare to fight and actually win against this pokemon that many trainers choose to avoid encountering it before their pokemon reaches a high enough level. 

21 Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times

9.  Ampharos

Ampharos is one of the first pokemon gamers and enthusiasts to get introduced to. It is an Electric-type introduced in Generation II, because of which it is one of those pokemon most people are very used to seeing.

Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times 6

While its speed stats are lower than most electric pokemon, it is highly regarded as powerful and armored with an extreme defense mechanism – it is capable of stunning opponents who touch its lightning.

Unlike other pokemon in this list, this pokemon’s attack stats and defense stats are much higher than most electric pokemon. Moreover, it is popular as a pokemon due to the massive amounts of electricity it is capable of generating when fighting an opponent.

As an evolved pokemon, it goes without saying that it is stronger than its previous forms. Beginning at level 30, it evolves from Flaaffy. It is Mareep’s final form.

Once one uses  Ampharosite, Ampharos takes a new form, because of which it becomes an Electric/Dragon-type, it can Mega Evolve into Mega Ampharos. Do you see it? This is the reason why so many pokemon gamers choose to train and catch this pokemon. 

21 Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times

10. Electivire

Speaking of electric type pokemon, one that has to be mentioned in this top ten list is Electivire. This pokemon resembles a gorilla, except it’s yellow and discharges huge amounts of electricity.

21 Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times

A lot of the household generators in the pokemon universe are backed by the electricity this pokemon is capable of providing.

That being said, a myriad of pokemon champions in the games use this pokemon because of its speed and ability to learn almost all electric type moves, save for those ones unique to certain legendary pokemon.

Look out for trainers who use this pokemon because its attack stats increase the effectiveness of each of its attacks, making it a difficult pokemon to overcome. 

Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times 8

11. Magnezone

Magnezone is one of those pokemon that does not resemble an animal. Instead, it looks like pairs of magnets stuck together, with eyes – a combination that displays the true creative headspace of the designers in pokemon.

21 Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times

Aside from its aesthetics, this pokemon has a very high defense. The defense of this pokemon, along with its Special Defense, comes from the dual nature of electric/steel that it possesses.

The reason why it is so special is that Electric/Steel is a mixture of forms belonging to no other Pokemon other than the Magnemite, Magneton, and Magnezone trio.

This is an utterly unique and special mix of forms, making Magnezone the most resistant Pokemon of all time. It has a strong resistance against a total number of 12 pokemon. 

21 Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times

12. Manectric

This pokemon resembles the physical features of a wolf. Manectric portrays the true essence of Pokémon Electric:  It’s quick, it’s got an especially high special attack, but it’s not going to be able to stand up to a lot of pressure mid-battle.

Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times 14

Aside from its frailty, Manectric is shown to be bulkier than other electric pokemon that look like dogs. But the effectiveness of Manectric’s abilities comes from how it is able to squeeze as much strength as possible from the attacks, Thunder and Thunderbolt.

Its long list of attacks is complemented with some handy and surprise moves such as Psychic Fangs, Poisonous, and Flamethrower. Manectric is also susceptible to attacks that are strong against electric types, mainly ground and grass.

The best electric pokemon is the pokemon that can easily withstand attacks from types it is weak against, as well as be capable enough that it can doll out massive damage in a very short span of time – a category that Manectric hardly fits into.

But Manectric is also very popular because it is owned by Ash Ketchum, the protagonist when he traverses across regions in the pokemon universe. 

21 Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times

13. Raichu

Raichu is the evolution of Pikachu and is relatively stronger than its previous form. However, it is not as popular or regarded as strong as Pikachu mainly because the shows have rarely displayed the true capabilities of Raichu as a pokemon.

21 Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times

Just because Pikachu is more popular, make no mistake, Raichu’s thunderbolt is an evolved thunderbolt that is much stronger than Pikachu’s thunder and lightning attacks.

The only reason why Pikachu is ranked higher than this pokemon is that it is the pokemon brand’s unofficial ambassador, and it can learn electric-type moves that Raichu cannot. 

21 Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times

14. Galvantula

Galvantalu is a very strong pokemon and has been featured in many episodes of the Pokemon TV series. It is particularly popular because it is Ash Ketchum’s pokemon, and has proven to be an extremely powerful ally to the protagonist many times.

Galvantula is an electric/bug type pokemon, and a very impressive special attack stat – 97 to be precise. A myriad of pokemon finds it hard to fight against this pokemon because of its special dual nature.

While one can see that Galvantula does not have the same skill set as Electivire, it’s dual typing still makes it one of the strongest electric type pokemon. Additionally,  Galvantula learns new moves that are usually not learned by electric type pokemon.

It also gets an attack bonus of the same kind for moves like Bug Buzz and also X-Scissor, since it is partly bug type. 

It has a plethora of great electrical moves that slow down enemies, including Electroweb. The special attack boost also adds to Galvantula’s ability to stun opponents with its electric attacks. 

15. Rotom 

Rotom is an electric/ghost type pokemon. The dual nature of Rotom allows it to be strong against categories of pokemon which electric types normally are not that strong against.

These types are Ghost and Psychic. This also means that this pokemon is weak against normal and dark type pokemon. Moreover, being a ghost type allows this pokemon to float in the air, a trait that allows it to completely avoid ground or rock type attacks.

Many Pokemon trainers can be seen using this pokemon because of how special it is in the pokemon universe. That and the 95 Special Attack stat adds to Rotom’s ability to perform several high-powered moves such as Thunder and Shadow Ball.

The key essence of Rotom’s impressive list is emulated in its ability to change its shape and form.

You can swap the shape and type of Rotom into the following types regardless of what generation Pokémon game you are playing (as long as Rotom appears in it as a playable pokemon): Electric/Flying, Electric/Fire, Electric/Ice, Electric/Water, and Electric/Grass.

Furthermore, it also gets a strong move corresponding to each form, such as Overheat, Leaf Storm, and Air Slash.

16. Heliolisk

Heliolisk is a very interesting pokemon, which looks like a cross between a lizard and a dragonewt. It is an electric/normal type pokemon, which gives it access to strong normal type attacks as well as electric type attacks.

21 Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times

The benefit of being a part normal type is the resistance Heliolisk has to ground and electric type attacks. In other words, Heliolisk’s duality helps it remove certain disadvantages that most electric type pokemon have.

Moreover, a pokemon’s metal is proved by the number of attacks it can perform – a criteria Heliolisk fits into. This pokemon has immense potential, the only problem it faces is its low defense.

In addition to the aforementioned, being a normal type erases the potential of Heliolisk’s attacks being strong against flying and water type attacks. This is because normal type pokemon cannot effectively fight against flying or water type pokemon. 

21 Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times

17. Pichu

Pichu is one of the cutest pokemon introduced in the Pokemon franchise. It was shown to be part of the Pokedex in Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue, which were the first Pokemon-related games to become popular.

21 Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times

This is also why these pokemon games are considered to be the first generation or ‘Gen I’. Pichu was introduced in Pokemon Red itself, which makes it a Gen I pokemon. Its skillset is the typical one that most electric pokemon can perform.

Its cheeks are said to be conductors, which allow it to perform devastating electric attacks without stopping.  Pichu is the first form, after which this pokemon evolves into Pikachu.

Disregarding its size, Pichu has an impressive speed-stat which allows it to slip past attacks easily. Moreover, its electric attacks have the ability to stun opponents.

However, this pokemon has a very low defense stat, which means its resistance to damage is very low. This is why players have to constantly worry about the HP of Pichu when using it in battle. It is very easy to lose in a battle if Pichu is being used against a ground-type pokemon or a grass-type. 

18. Eelektross

Electross’s shape is reminiscent of an actual eel. As many Pokemon fans would have realized by now, most pokemon resemble real-life animals primarily because they help people relate with the pokemon.

21 Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times

As an example, Elektross is an eel-shaped pokemon that, in the pokemon universe, is known to be attracted to dark places and can live underwater.

It is rarely seen in the pokemon game hiding in the ‘tall-grass’, however, you can find it when ‘surfing’ or diving into seas and lakes found in the generation IV world of pokemon.

As a gen IV pokemon, elektross has access to most electric type moves. The only reason why it is so far down the list is because of its low attack stats and inability to avoid attacks. 

21 Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times

19. Zebstrika

A new pokemon in the pokemon franchise, Zebstrika is one of the most flamboyant-designed pokemon in the universe. Its black and white stripes will remind one of the actual animals, the zebra, which is probably the namesake of Zebstrika.

21 Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times

This electric pokemon’s greatest advantage is its speed and blueish-white lighting, which strikes in accordance with the will of the pokemon. This makes Zebstrika a very formidable opponent, one that many pokemon gamers have a very hard time catching.

It is the evolution of the pokemon Blitzle, which is a strong pokemon in its own right. The reason why many pokemon enthusiasts like this pokemon are because it is very unique in terms of design and the sounds it makes when getting ready for battle.

Moreover, its resemblance to an animal in the human world is uncanny, making it a very relatable pokemon.

Fun fact: It’s weight, according to the pokedex at least, is 175 lbs, the same weight as a zebra or a horse, which means that Zebstrika can tank attacks just as well as it can doll them out.

21 Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times

20. Pachirisu

Pachirisu became a fan favorite electric pokemon primarily because of its electric skillset and cute appearance. Its design is reminiscent of Pikachu’s, however, the sounds it makes are different from Pikachu’s typical “pika – pika” sound.

21 Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times

Pachirisu is a Gen IV pokemon and is relatively newer than most of the pokemon that are on this list. In addition to the previously stated, Pachirisu is one of Ash’s pokemon – Ash Ketchum is the most popular main character of the Pokemon universe.

This electric type of pokemon is popular for its thunderbolt and voltage attacks, which combined with the speed of an electric pokemon, make Pachirisu a cute but frightening pokemon.

The main distinction between usual electric type pokemon and Pachirisu is that Pachirisu is an electric squirrel pokemon and its appearance makes it somewhat unpopular amongst the core pokemon enthusiasts, who want their pokemon to have immense power and imposing stature.

Coincidentally, because it is seen more like a cute pet than a powerful competent pokemon, Pachirisu’s power is often overlooked.

21 Best Electric Pokemon Of All Times

But make no mistake, it is a small but tough package to be on the opposing end of. The only reason why it is ranked this low in the list is that it is not as powerful as the following pokemon. 


The best electric pokemon is very hard to find because each pokemon has its own benefits and additional abilities unique only to it.

Disregarding titles like legendary and mythical, the best electric pokemon should have two traits, very high attack damage, and High Speed. Normally, an electric pokemon has an almost frail constitution, which is why its low defense cannot keep up with the pressure.

Thus this list ranks pokemon based on how strong the pokemon’s attack damage is, regardless of whether it is Attack or Special Attack and its Speed Stats.