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9 Of The Best Electric Skateboard Under 1000 $ To Buy in 2019


Do you have the curiosity to know about the Best Electric Skateboard Under 1000 USD in 2019? You can easily Find out now in this definitive list with our detailed review.

Without any further delay let’s find out. 🙂

Whether you are planning to beat the morning or noon traffic or wanting to feel the breeze on your face, or perhaps understand what freedom feels like, there’s no better way to do it than on the skateboard.

And not just any kind of skateboard, an electric skateboard. Since its invention and the addition of motors and batteries to boost it, the skateboard has become the wheel of choice in transporting us to the places we need to go and be.

The best part is there are no age specifics when it comes to riding the longboard. It really does matter how old you are; if you have good balance and know how to steer, the skateboard is your number one companion of movements on wheels.

Here is the list of Best Electric Skateboard Under 1000 $ in 2019

1. The Blitzart Huracane Electric Skateboard

Best Electric Skateboard Under 1000
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Just below the 300 dollars mark, the Blitzart Huracane is our first choice on the list. A very strong and well-constructed board will give you great maneuverability and stability as you skate down the road.

The Longboard cruiser design gives this board and edge over most board with even weight distribution with strong PU tires and angular grip for good traction and making shape bends with utmost comfort.


  • A 38 inches board constructed with 6 layers of maple wood sandwiched between to bamboo wood with extra grip tape on the deck
  • Gets up to 17 miles per hour in the perfect weather condition and a perfect cruising speed of 12 to 14 miles per hour
  • A range of 6 to 8 miles with a full battery charge
  • Battery capacity is 36 volts, 4.4 amperes and 2 hours charge max
  • A 350 watts hub brushless motors and regenerative brake.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Blitzart Huracane Electric Skateboard.


  • A powerful electric skateboard for the price
  • Can be ridden manually when the battery is flat
  • Comes in multi colors and fully assembled
  • Weighs in at 18 pounds and can accommodate a 250 pounds weight comfortably
  • A wireless remote control system that controls the acceleration and deceleration with ease
  • Easy to ride and durable


  • None for now

Note:- The Blitzart meets the requirement of a standard electric skateboard and with all the features it possesses including excellent speed and range; the skateboard is definitely a good buy for the cost on the market.

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2. Skatebolt Electric Skateboard

best electric skateboard under 1000
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A great skateboard for beginners and professionals alike, we assure you that you won’t be unhappy with this board with its powerful features and qualities that will make you a pro in no time.


  • High-performance skateboard with speeds reaching 15 miles per hour
  • 2 easy to switch modes – high and low with a reserve feature too
  • Coverage distance of 25 miles
  • Motor power of 1000 watts, LG Lithium battery of 36 volts and 6600 mA
  • Battery charge duration 2 to 4 hours
  • Maple wood deck
  • Weighs in at 19.5 and carries a body weight of 280 pounds
  • Dual brushless motors with ABS and a regenerative brake system that can stop the skateboard even when coming downhill.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Skatebolt Electric Skateboard.


  • Inbuilt LED lighting for night riders and safety
  • It is durable, flexible and sturdy
  • Great steering and maneuverability
  • Tough 53 mm polyurethane wheels for heavy-duty off-road riding
  • Long battery life for the distance


  • The construction is more plastic which is
  • The mileage doesn’t get to 15 miles as stated by the company
  • Not a great off-road bike

Note:- although a high-performance electric skateboard, basic features like the wheels, deck, and speed are not up to par, the board certainly has some good quality for skateboarders who love speed and distance which makes it fit in our The best electric skateboard under 1000 USD 2019 list.

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3. Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

Best Electric Skateboard Under 1000
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If you had the choice to pick on a very powerful electric skateboard under 1000 $ on the market in 2019, it will be the Boosted mini X electric skateboard. What’s not to love about it? Amazing features and reliability, this longboard will make you a pro like yesterday and all for below 1000 dollars.


  • 1000 watts dual motor for great performance
  • A 20-degree inclination for hill climbs
  • Skateboard comes with three models – with acceleration, reverse and Bluetooth functions
  • A distance of 12 to 14 miles
  • Top speeds of 20 miles per hour with a 7 miles range on a full battery charge
  • Giant 80mm wheels for a great bounce on the off-road and smooth surface
  • Deck made out of 100 percent composite with reinforced fiberglass
  • Battery charge duration is one hour and 15 minutes.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard.


  • Comfortable and precise definition when steering
  • Flexible strong and durable electric board
  • Very lightweight skateboard for great maneuvering and steering


  • No built for wet areas

Note: You can’t go wrong with this electric skateboard; it’s powerful, durable, built for the road and will definitely be worth every penny spent.

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4. Swagtron Spectra Advanced Electric Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Best Electric Skateboard Under 1000
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You want a good skateboard that will bring your reality to life; then purchase the Swagtron mini electric skateboard.

At first glance, this skateboard looks like an innovative slipper on wheels, really beautiful. The best feature about this electric skateboard is that it employs the AI technology to ensure that your riding style is second to known by adjusting the speed and movement in relation to your weight, height, and style. You can’t go wrong with the Swagtron.


  • Sensitive deck made out of fiberglass
  • Charge duration is 1 to 1.5 hours
  • Weighs 11 to 12 pounds and accommodates a weight of 187 pounds
  • 19 inches board length
  • Top speeds of 15.5 miles per hour and a range of 12 miles with a single battery charge.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Swagtron Spectra Advanced Electric Mini Cruiser Skateboard.


  • Great skateboard for commuters, students, everyday activity, etc.
  • 3 speed choice with 15 degrees incline rate
  • Regenerative hub motor and brake system
  • Connects to your mobile device through an app
  • AI algorithm for excellent ride and body sensory
  • Battery indicator color change to alert you about the level in the battery change


  • Fun rides only and not for pro skateboarders

Note:- Technology and electric skateboard mix perfectly well with this board and if you love both, enjoy this skateboard with the best from both worlds.

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5. Acton Blink Lite Electric skateboard

Best electric skateboard under 500
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You have kids that love skateboarding but afraid it weights too much, you might want to get this for Christmas. This super light skateboard will have you breezing through school, shopping malls and the streets without a bother in the world.


  • Weighs almost 8 pounds and strong enough for a 130-pound child
  • Powered by a single 450 watts hub motor for smoother rides
  • Battery charge duration is 2 hours
  • The deck is made with pure Canadian maple wood with good grip tape
  • An 8-degree incline rate
  • A speed of 10 miles per hour and a distance of 5 miles on a single charge.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Acton Blink Lite Electric skateboard.


  • Super lightweight and flexible
  • Flexible and sturdy skateboard
  • Easy to maintain electric skateboard with great durability
  • LED lightings for night rides and safety alert to oncoming traffic and pedestrians


  • The torque is not very powerful for higher inclines

Note: the perfect size electric skateboard for kids and teenagers with a heart for the open road. The perfect size and weight for a child with improved safety additions too.

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6. Inboard M1 premium Electric Skateboard

best electric skateboard under 1000
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A powerful, durable, affordable electric skateboard for all terrain- the inboard premium is a beautifully crafted skateboard with a high level of stability that makes maneuvering so easy. Not your regular first choice for an electric skateboard, but it is worth the purchase.


  • The deck is made out of a composite wood core
  • 79mm tires for stability
  • The board length is 92.25 cm
  • 17 degrees incline
  • Weighs in at 14 pounds and carries a load of 250 pounds
  • Top speeds of 24 miles per hour and a 7-mile range on a full battery charge
  • Battery charge duration of 90 minutes
  • 1600 watts motor for high speeds.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Inboard M1 premium Electric Skateboard.


  • Highly durable and reliable electric skateboard
  • Extra portable and lightweight
  • Water resistant
  • A skateboard for all terrains
  • Very balance board even at top speeds due to the stiff flex deck
  • LED lights for extra safety and security at night


  • Clients have problems with connecting the built-in app to their mobile devices

Note: The Inboard electric skateboard will provide the rider with a one-of-a-kind skating experience with massive tires to take the bump away from your feet for a smooth ride every time.

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7. MotoTec MT-SKT Big Wheel Electric Skateboard

Best Off-road Electric Skateboards
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Are you are off-road skateboarder looking for a unique skateboard and stable skateboard with enough power to propel you to greater distances; you have got to try the MotoTec big wheel electric skateboard. Overall, it is a well-balanced skateboard with features that will certainly differentiate you from the crowd which makes this one to put in our best electric skateboard under 1000 usd 2019 list.


  • A dual motor of 800 watts each to deliver high power for excellent performance on the track or on a smooth surface
  • Battery charge time 3 to 5 hours
  • 100 percent maple wood deck
  • Easy to use remote control system
  • Can go top speeds of 22 miles per hours and a range of 10 miles with a full battery charge
  • 10 inches inflatable tires.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of MotoTec MT-SKT Big Wheel Electric Skateboard.


  • Powerful electric skateboard with excellent steering and stability
  • A very strong board that can carry a weight of 260 pounds
  • Double belt drives from the rear wheel
  • Comes with an anti-lock braking system


  • Very heavy skateboard at a weight of 77 pounds

Note: it might be heavy, but it will serve you both off and on road with amazing control and reliability for the rider.

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8. Dakott Electric Skateboard

For skateboards that have never ridden an electric skateboard, the Dakott is the best way to start. It’s very easy to master and builds up your skill with great stability and steer to keep you on your feet throughout the length of the journey.

The unique shape of the Dakott electric skateboard makes it a good board for commuting, and especially a great skateboard for students with safe cruising speed.


  • Made with 9-ply Canadian maple wood
  • The skateboard measures 9 by 23 and weighs 15.8 pounds and a rider weight of 250 pounds
  • Great for all terrains due to the solid aluminum alloys use as part of the construction
  • Operated with a radio remote control
  • Top speeds of 20 miles per hours with a 17 miles range
  • Battery charge rate id 2-3 hours
  • A 1200 watts motor with an 8.8-ampere battery

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Dakott Electric Skateboard.


  • Reliable and strong skateboard
  • Provides great stability and steering capacity
  • Small portable size
  • Excellent beginner skateboard


  • Not really suitable for lovers of large electric skateboard

Note: with a cruising speed of 17 miles per hours, the Dakott electric skateboards are meant to give the rider a fun experience and it delivers on that. The skateboard doesn’t choose the terrain as it does well in anyone.

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9. Acton Blink S2 Electric Skateboards

Best electric skateboard under 500
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There are electric skateboards and then there are skateboards by Acton Blink. If at some point of your skating life you are yet to get the Action Blink S2 skateboard, then this might be a reason to.

These boards are designed for skating and with so many features to wow at the track, there is more than one reason to add the S2 to your collection of skateboards in the future.


  • 1000 watts power and wheel driven skateboard
  • Can travel 18 miles per hour with 14 miles coverage on a full battery charge
  • Completely Bluetooth remote controlled for the acceleration, reverse, of/on and even the speed control
  • Weights in at 11 pounds and carry a weight of 250 pounds through cruising speed
  • Reinforce aluminum with Canadian maple wood for extra strength and flexibility
  • Lithium-ion battery with charge duration of 90 minutes
  • Extra balance and stability from the 83mm PU tires

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Acton Blink S2 Electric Skateboards.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Stable weight and cruise speed with heavier weight on it
  • Double motor for excellent speed control
  • Incline rate of 20 percent making hill rides a breeze


  • The flex on the deck is a bit stiff
  • The vibrations from off-road terrains are felt on the feet which is uncomfortable

Note: For a board this powerful, every negative can be ruled out, and with the excellent high-grade performance that the Acton Blink S produces off-road and at cruising speed.

Check Price on Amazon

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A Brief History of the Skateboard (longboard)

Whatever you decide to call it, skateboards are man’s creativity at its best. Transforming a piece of wood into a masterpiece on wheels is definitely an ingenious idea, but how did it all begin and by whom.

Skateboards didn’t always start out as the marvel they are now until Louie Finkle came along and created and patented the first electronic skateboards towards the late 1990s. The boards were fully handmade and 100 percent authentic brush motor to be the world’s first torsion truck.

Back then, Louie changed the way we view wheels and how they can be used.  The skateboards were called the X24 and cost 1200 dollars, but it was the coolest thing to have and kids with the skateboard were the `it` kids back in the day.

Fast forward to 2004, the electric motor, and battery are available and the skateboards became more revolutionized and boosted to be a powerful piece or wooden pieces of machinery of the modern age.

The boosted boards of today are the brainchild of three masters namely Sanjay Dastoor, John Ulmen and Mathew Tran in 2012 which kick-started the life cycle of the electric skateboard.

Buying Guides for a Skateboard under 1000 Dollars in 2019

As a motorized skateboard, there are certain guides to follow when choosing your own electric powered skateboard.

The Size

This includes the length and weight of the skateboard. The standard look for a skateboard is 36 inches and above. They have the same feel and look like a longboard except they are powered by a motor and battery.

The Capacity

An electric skateboard won’t be able to perform all the function it does without the aid of a source of power to get it moving. The capacity of the motor and battery together will enhance the performance and give it the power to produce speeds and climb up and down hills.

The Motor

Most skateboard function either by a brush or brushless motors. The brush motors were the old type of motors; they were heavier and made noise until the invention of the brushless motor. The model with brushless motors was more durable, energy efficient, high-performance, and less noisy. They also come in smaller, lighter weight and powerful batteries than the older skateboards

The Single or Double Wheel Drive

A skateboard can either be a single drive or dual drive; this signifies that the power produced either drives and control the front or rear wheel for a single wheel drive and if it controlled all four wheels of the skateboard; it is known as a double wheel drive.

With the power and speed at which skateboards are known to be driven these days, having a four-wheel drive (dual wheel drive) is the best as it gives you better power, performance, and control of your skateboard

The Battery Life and Charge Duration

Lithium batteries are the recommended battery for electric skateboards; the size and charge duration varies according to the brand design. When purchasing a skateboard, the charge time is most important as it determines how much distance you can cover on the road. A battery that charges fast and lasts long is a much better battery than one that takes a long time and doesn’t go the distance.

Another guide worth considering is the battery types; a removable battery allows charging it without the weight of the skateboard. When compared to lead batteries, Li-Ion batteries are better and have a long skate life that the heavier lead battery.

The Speed

The average skateboard can travel at top speeds of 20 miles per hour and more depending on the power and battery capacity. Furthermore, with speed come to control and deciding on the speed of the skateboard means choosing one with a remote control and user-friendly.

The Wheels

There is a little science to the wheels on an electric skateboard; the bigger, softer, and smaller the inner radius, the more traction, faster, and high performance the skateboard.

Furthermore, materials used in making the wheel also have a lot to play on how well the skateboard performs. For skateboards that offer both off-road and smooth surface rides, manufacturers use PU (polyurethane) or composite material to impart some toughness to the tire while still retaining the softness for a smooth surface.

The Brakes

The braking system on a skateboard is termed the regenerative brake. This system occurs where the heat generated by the motor as its powers the board into motion is recycled back to the motor and the brake system.

In addition to the forward motion, the boosted skateboard can also go in reserve for more enjoyable rides.

The Weight

With speed, power, range, braking system, the most important thing that ties all this together to boost its performance is the weight of the skateboard. The heavier the board, the less efficient the skateboard will be.

However, the lighter the skateboard, the faster, powerful, and more range it will cover. The average mass is about 17 pounds and strong enough for big loads too.

The Design

Electric skateboards have come a long way from the bulky skateboards of yesteryears. The designs of today’s skateboards are lightweight and the materials for the deck are stronger, more flexible, and durable.

The Price and Product

Skateboards are expensive, but most people find them too pricey to want to spend huge money on them. Low-priced brands will allow you to enjoy the board for a while, but they lack the performance, speed, control, and durability that more upscale brands have to offer.


Skateboards and even more so electric skateboards are not child’s play, and so it will be nice to have the have the necessary safety gears on when out skateboarding such as a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and goggles for dusty terrains.

Frequently Asked Question about Electric Skateboards

Question: What are the top brand names in skateboard that I can buy online?

Answer: The skateboard depends on the make and model, but some brand names worth checking out are ACTON, Swagtron, Boosted, and Yuneec E-go electric skateboards. There are others on the market too, but these brands have got a firm hold on the skateboard market.

Question: Can I use my skateboard to perform tricks while riding?

Answer: No you can’t use your electric skateboard to perform tricks. The boards are built for cruising and enjoy the freedom of the open road. Furthermore, the battery and the motor are located under the skateboard and so performing tricks will damage the skateboard.

Question: How sturdy are electric skateboards?

Answer: They are quite sturdy. In fact, it is built for a bit of roughness and bumps on the road. You can also take them at an incline and down, it will withstand it but not flipping and sliding down stair rails.

Question:  how long should my skateboard last?

Answer: Unlike the previous designs, electric skateboards are really durable and will last a long time.

Question: Are there any law regarding riding a skateboard in a busy area?

Answer: Even though you don’t need a license to ride a skateboard, there are laws regarding how much speed you can enjoy on it while on a street or among pedestrians.

Question: What is the best material for making a skateboard?

Answer: Four materials are commonly used to make a skateboard, but bamboo and Canadian maple wood are the popular material used due to their flexibility and strength that they possess.

Question: Are electric skateboards waterproof?

Answer: Some are water resistant while others are waterproof and some more are neither. So if you will be riding your skateboard under the rain or in wet terrains; you might want to make sure that it’s waterproof or at least resistant to water.

Question: can I ride my electric skateboard off-road?

Answer:  Some electric skateboards are built for the off-road and some aren’t. If you aim to use it for rougher terrains, choose one that does just that with stronger board designs, durability, PU tires, and even weight distribution on the deck.

Longboards are motorized electric boards controlled with a remote. They are very expensive for sure, but with the above list; we have come up with the best skateboards under 1000 dollars for the ride of your life.

Although they are expensive, choosing the right board and brand shouldn’t be that difficult and with proper maintenance and usage; your skateboard will live long enough for you to perfect your skating experience.


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