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13 Of The Best Escape Games For Android and iOS


Looking for the Best Escape Games apps to download on your Phone? we collected 13 of the best ones for you in this post.

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Escape games are also known as escape rooms. These are adventure games where the players need to solve riddles and puzzles to escape. These games come with a convincing storyline as well. 

Furthermore, the most common themes in this category include science laboratories, haunted houses, zombies, treasure hunts, and prisons. There are games available for multiplayer, and these can be enjoyed with friends and even family members. 

Such games help in building a sense of companionship and even help in boosting the cognitive potential of the players.

They serve as brainteasers sharpening the logical abilities of the players. Playing these games can be quite challenging as the players need to make their way through different difficult activities. 

The majority of gamers fail to escape, but this does not mean they cannot solve the puzzles and make their way out. Failure to escape means the gamers need to review their strategies and try to make them more effective.

The best escape games are the sub-genre of the maze or puzzle games. The games have the players in a certain situation or space, and their objective is to escape the same. Both simple and complex escape games can be fun to play. 

At times, the players are locked in prisons or rooms, and they need to find lock keys for escaping the mystery prisons or rooms. There are different levels in these games, and as the levels go up, the difficulty level of finding the lock keys gets more difficult.

Players need to solve puzzles, save themselves from traps, and repair objects, which make these games more interesting. The modern-day escape games boast of interesting storylines and great graphics. So, if you love solving problems, then you must try your hands at mystery games detailed below:

Best Escape Games For Android & iOS: Our Pick

1. Adventure Escape Mysteries

It is free to play escape-games coming from the house of Haiku Games. The game series involves a protagonist solving a particular mystery. All the games in this series have the players solving mysteries, which ultimately helps them come out of dangerous situations.

Best Escape Games For Android

The series features simple mechanics, decent graphics, and a great storyline. There are a total of nine games. In-app purchases are available, but they are mainly for things like hints.

The game will help you experience critically acclaimed stories and exclusive puzzles. You get into investigating cryptic cues, solving puzzles, and unraveling mysteries in beautifully demonstrated adventures. 

Below is the summary of features of the Adventure Escape Series that makes it add to the Best Escape Games list.

  • Players get to learn magical spells like the ability to see through super-sized walls or plants.
  • They make decisions influencing the result of their quest story.
  • They can interrogate suspects and even use their intelligence to discover secrets.
  • Use your deductive reasoning, cunning, and observation skills for solving puzzles. Gather tools and treasures, find clues, and have a great escape room experience right from the comforts of your smartphone.
  • The game is entirely free.
  • The game has got a 4.5 rating by expert reviewers and critics.
  • Most ingenious escape gameplay.
  • Save progress so you can easily play on several devices.
  • Discover more than 100 beautifully demonstrated landscapes.

Adventure Escape Series is one gem of an escape game you should not miss out on!

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2. Faraway 3: Arctic Escape

It is the latest game in the well-known Faraway franchise. In this game, the players need to solve puzzles for escaping different areas. All the games within this series have a specific theme.

Best Escape Games

This is the third game in the Faraway series that comes with an arctic theme. A lot of puzzles, affordable prices, and simple mechanics have helped this game grab huge popularity among the masses.

A free version of this game is also available, consisting of only the first nine levels. If you are looking to play the other levels, you will have to pay $2.99 each.

Even the other two escape games in the same series are interesting and fun-filled. Features worth noting about Faraway 3: 

Below is the summary of features of the Faraway 3: Arctic Escape that makes it add to the Best Escape Games list.

  • New and exciting locations for the players to explore, along with some of the most mind-bending puzzles. The game challenges the puzzle-solving potential of the players.
  • The game challenges your mind, offers several hours of wonderful mobile gaming entertainment, and captivates the players completely.
  • The storyline of this game is fascinating.
  • Players get to observe the arctic environment, manipulate devices, collect objects, and solve some of the most perplexing mazes for escaping cool temple labyrinths.
  • There are a total of 18 temples filled with puzzles. Players get to discover a 3-dimensional world while solving some of the most difficult contraptions.
  • The in-game camera helps players in taking photos and saving them.
  • This beautiful puzzle game can easily be played on wide screens and even on tablets. Super wide screens will help the players in enjoying astoundingly detailed and stunning graphics.

Faraway 3: Arctic Escape is your chance of entering the fascinating and all-new world of puzzles and escape games!

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3. Rusty Lake Series

It is one of the most interesting Android escape games that will surely make you experience nostalgia. The series contains 9 Cube Escape games and is thus considered one of the longest-running game series.

The games within this series are available for free play. However, three premium games can be availed for $2.99 each. These are Rusty Lake Hotel, Rusty Lake: Paradise, and Rusty Lake: Roots that will extend your excitement and fun.

All the games have identical gaming procedures. Players need to look for different things, solve puzzles, and escape situations. They come across. 

Below is the summary of features of the Rusty Lake Series that makes it add to the Best Escape Games list.

  • Available for free.
  • Premium games are more exciting.
  • Players get to polish their learning and problem-solving skills.

All in all, the Rusty Lake series is a game you must try out if you love solving puzzles and finding some of the most challenging escape routes.

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4. All That Remains: Part 1 Bunker Room Escape Game

The main character of this new and exciting escape game is trapped in a chest, along with his sister. As a player, you need to aim at escaping the bunker.

This game is available for $1.99 and comes included with camera functions for taking pictures of different hints and clues.

The game even includes different puzzles, auto-save functionalities, and a great soundtrack. Since there is the term Part 1 in the game title, it means that more titles will be offered within the series. 

Below is the summary of features of the All That Remains: Part 1 Bunker Room Escape Game that makes it add to the Best Escape Games list.

  • The in-game camera allows players to take pictures of the clues they find. So, there is less backtracking.
  • A lot of puzzles are available for the players to solve.
  • Several objects to get hold of and use.
  • Several rooms for easy escape.
  • Many hints are there for unraveling the puzzles.
  • Players can play this game in French, English, German, Spanish, and Italian.
  • The auto-save feature enables players not to lose their progress.
  • Classic gameplay.

This point and click escape room game is bloated with mind-blowing puzzles, rational riddles, fantastic graphics, beautiful music, stimulating storyline, and great voice acting.

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5. The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout

These are a kind of different escape games where the players are not required to escape puzzle boxes or rooms, but they need to escape a prison. The base mechanics of both games are similar.

Best Escape Games

The player acts as the upstanding prisoner who collects and crafts objects for escaping eventually. Escapist 2 features more objects, more activities, larger prisons, and more of almost everything.

There is an optional DLC available so the players can get more content. Both the games are hilariously thrilling, offering players a sandbox planning experience. So, at $6.99 each, these are the two most amazing and the best escape games that work perfectly fine for Android users. 

Below is the summary of features of The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout that makes it add to the Best Escape Games list.

  • Players get to create their very own cons using different customization options. They can either go all alone or collaborate with more than three friends for creating the ultimate prison escape plan with local multiplayer.
  • A total of 13 prisons are packed with sandbox madness.
  • Revamped combat mechanism helps players in blocking and chaining attacks for delivering epic breakouts.

If you do not play this highly addictive game that comes loaded with some of the greatest features, you will be committing a crime!

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6. Prison Escape Stealth Survival Mission

It is yet another popular escape game for Android. The game is all about an intimate effort to break out of prison.

It is also one of the oldest Android escape games intensifying the feelings of thrill and excitement because of their heart-pounding gameplay and top quality graphics.

The protagonist in this game has spent ten long years in prison for a crime he has not committed. That is why he is looking for ways to escape confinement. You need to escape the prison smartly and smoothly without the K9 and the warden spotting you.

Boasting of more than 10 million downloads, this is probably one of the best escape games available at present. The game can be enjoyed for free. 

Below is the summary of features of the Prison Escape Stealth Survival Mission that makes it add to the Best Escape Games list.

  • Super addictive game action jam-packed with missions.
  • The top-quality 3D landscape and the prison environment are available.
  • Top-quality audio.
  • The difficult gameplay of freedom and prison.
  • 3D comics gameplay.

This game is perfectly suited for people who are fond of playing different prison games.

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7. Prison Break: The Great Escape

Prison Break: The Great Escape is a game based on the well-known TV series called Prison Break. The game has an intriguing storyline where the character is arrested and imprisoned for a crime he is not guilty of.

This situation is used as the main goal, which is breaking out and escaping the fully guarded and secure prison. It is a highly challenging and interesting escape game loaded with excitement and fun.

The players land into situations where they need to clear and solve puzzles for getting to the next game level. You can download it completely free of cost. 

Below is the summary of features of the Prison Break: The Great Escape that makes it add to the Best Escape Games list.

  • Players need to use their skills in solving puzzles, exploring hidden items, manipulating guards and prisoners, and doing almost everything that takes to escape the prison environment.
  • Gorgeous graphics.
  • Several themed escape rooms.
  • Mini puzzles for player fun.

This easy and fun to play escape game should make its way in your list of the best escape games to play during your leisure time.

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8. Prison Escape

With more than 10, 000, 000 installations and a rating of 4.4 by the majority of the players, Prison Escape is one of the best escape games you should not miss out on.

Developed and designed by Words Mobile, this game involves fighting with gangsters, making friends, and gaining respect. The game includes a total of 30 action-packed missions where the players need to perform some of the most wonderful stunts for a successful escape.

The multiplayer functionality of this game enables players to get their friends included in the game playing sessions. 

Below is the summary of features of the Prison Escape that makes it add to the Best Escape Games list.

  • Ragdoll effects in the survival mode, helping players perform some of the most amazing stunts.
  • Free movement, discovery and fights in a 3D prison environment.
  • Intuitive game controls enable the players to play the game the way they want.

If you are in the lookout of escape games where you have several missions to complete and where you get to indulge in different action-packed sequences, Prison Escape is for you.

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9. The House of Da Vinci

This is an old but outstanding escape game available for $4.99. The players of this game end up at Leonardo Da Vincis residence to search for the man himself.

This game comes with different riddles and puzzles, and Da Vinci themed escape rooms, decent graphics, and many more things. Coming to gameplay, it offers the same experience as all the other escape games on this list.

It is filled with dark environments and smooth movements along with perplexing puzzles. Many tiny items can be difficult for the players to get hold of.

The game is quite challenging, but this is the reason why it is considered charming. The game is just one single purchase without any micro-transactions. 

Below is the summary of features of the House of Da Vinci that makes it add to the Best Escape Games list.

  • Baffling riddles and brain-twisters based on Da Vincis inventions.
  • Intuitive game control helps players in navigating Da Vincis workshop. Playing this game could not get more exciting and fun.
  • Complicated lockboxes. Room escapes, mechanical puzzles, and war machines will not just test your potentials but will also offer you the feeling of Renaissance.
  • Players get to master exclusive mechanics. They need to detect hidden items by seeing through surfaces around them.
  • Unusual gauntlet lets the players witness past events to learn more about the storyline.
  • Mysterious locations have been created based on the original artworks of Italy and wonderful Florence.

The House of Da Vinci is a must-try escape adventure game. Here, you need to use all your intelligence and wits for finding out the main reason behind Da Vincis disappearance.

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10. Escape Room: Mystery Word

Escape Room: Mystery Word is an escape game developed by Worzzle Team, and it is one of the most interesting games you can play for training your brain. The game boasts of 1, 000, 000 installs and positive user reviews along with a 4.5 rating by experts.

It features basic graphics and puzzles. The game is both adventure and drama and is perfectly suited to adults and kids.

There are 240+ levels in this game without any repetition of the levels. The protagonist is locked up in a very strange room, and the players need to observe, guess, and constantly think to make an easy escape. 

Below is the summary of features of the Escape Room: Mystery Word that makes it add to the Best Escape Games list.

  • All the 240+ levels are free for the users.
  • Easy and simple rules. Players just need to type the right words for winning the game.
  • This is a word escape game and is thus interesting for the word gamers.
  • This game can even be played offline.
  • There are no time restrictions, and the players get to adjust their pace at varied levels.
  • Three hints are available to the players when they seem to get stuck somewhere while playing the game.

If you are in the lookout of an escape game that offers you a thrilling experience, then the highly innovative Escape Room: Mystery Word is for you. It is filled with adventures and drama, along with a great puzzle experience. So, you should not miss out on this escape game.

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11. Monument Valley 2

Mobile gamers cannot think of experiencing a more iconic game series than Monument Valley. Monument Valley 1 and 2 are in no way escape games by definition and genre, but the levels in these games place players in situations where they need to come out of.

Varying levels of these games twist, flip, turn, and do various other stuff. Illusion imagery of the games is phenomenal.

Players need to direct a mother along with her kid while they embark on an expedition through magical structures, exploring illusionary tracks and some of the most delightful puzzles. The first part of the game is available for $3.99 along with in-app purchases, while the second part costs $4.99. 

Below is the summary of features of the Monument Valley that makes it add to the Best Escape Games list.

  • Sophisticated gameplay
  • It is a standalone adventure game with an exclusive storyline. There is no need for the players to understand and play Monument Valley 1 for playing the second part.
  • Puzzles in these games have been crafted individually. Players get to enjoy some of the most beautiful levels packed with meditative and illusory puzzles.
  • The game boasts of contemporary visuals. Artwork in this game is an eclectic blend of artistic movements, personal influences, and architectural styles. Different artworks within the game have been translated into super geometric structures.
  • Players can even immerse themselves in exclusively melodious and interactive soundtracks, finely customized to the journey of the protagonist.

This brand new and exciting adventure game has a beautiful setting in an impossible world. It is an escape game you should try your hands at if you are fond of games filled with magical landscapes and good scopes of adventure.

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12. The Room Series

There is no other escape game that will strike your brain and your senses as hard as The Room. This game is a series of different puzzle games developed and designed by Fireproof Games.

The games within this series are considered the most amazing escape games ever developed. With each game, you move on to a beautifully crafted space packed with many objects.

As a player, you need to unravel puzzles while escaping through rooms, dollhouses, and puzzle bunkers. The series contains a total of 4 games available within $10.

The newer installments of the series include features like cloud saves and several endings. Each game in the series comes with its very own exclusive set of mechanics but follows the same arcane, core storyline. 

Below is the summary of features of The Room that makes it add to the Best Escape Games list.

  • Exquisite and truly intriguing graphics.
  • It offers well-hidden, detailed, and fairly intricate puzzles.
  • Spine-tingling music.
  • Excellently produced game series.
  • Visuals look natural, even on mobile devices.
  • Single finger controls are natural and help players in playing with just a single digit. The touch controls will help you navigate this stunningly beautiful 3D gaming environment.
  • Amazing pick-up-and-play game design.
  • Compelling mystery layers.

Fireproof Games takes pride in bringing its players one of its greatest creations- The Room. The game is a bending journey packed with peril, mystery, and beauty in equal measures.

It will transport you into an exclusive space that combines intriguing issues to solve with spellbinding visuals. This physical puzzler is a game you should not miss out on.

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The list above contains some of the best escape games amongst the many more of them that you can easily find on Google. Remember, the best escape games are ones that are truly fantastic in their graphics, gameplay, levels, and difficulty levels. So, pick your game accordingly. After all, it is the best gaming experience you are looking for!