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Top 5 Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge Browser

With the release of Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft Edge has offered third-party extensions to increase the functionality and customizability of the Edge browser.
I tried to collect the Top 5 extensions that I love to use and it’s really helpful.

Here are the Top 5 Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge Browser

1. Adblock Plus

A privacy-conscious user or just someone who hates being accosted by excessive ads won’t get very far without a solid adblocker. From the beginning, Adblock Plus (Download Now) has been part of Edge’s extensive catalog.

Introducing Adblock Plus

This popular extension behaves here just as it does on other browsers. You install it and the extension starts blocking ads.

If you ever want to stop ABP from working on a certain site, just click on the icon, and then click Enabled on this site from the drop-down menu to undo that action.

2. Microsoft Translator

Chrome has this feature built-in, but if you want to read an article in French, German, or Japanese within Edge, Microsoft Translator ( Download Now)  can make it happen.

When you land on a page in a foreign language, click the Translator icon to the far right of the URL address bar, and in a few seconds, you’ll be reading a rough machine translation of the page. It’srarely ever perfect, but you’ll get the gist of what’s being said.


Top 5 Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge Browser

The browser-based password manager LastPass Download Now has had a tough few months with
security issues, but it’s still a solid and easy-to-use choice for managing your passwords. It can also store secure notes, create personal profiles with credit card information, and even let you attach files to entries if necessary. LastPass offers a free service or you can pay $12 per year to use LastPass across all your devices.


Top 5 Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge Browser

If LastPass isn’t your thing, there’s also RoboForm (Download Now). This password manager has similar features to LastPass: one-click login, a password manager and generator, a web form filler, and encrypted notes.
Like LastPass, there’s a free version of RoboForm or you can use the paid version for $20 for 18 months, which works out to about $13 per year.


best extensions for microsoft edge

Another popular choice for privacy conscious is Ghostery (Download Now). This extension isn’t an ad blocker, per se, but the result is similar since it goes after and stops tracking technologies, many of which are attached to ads. That said, some ads will get through. If that bothers you, use it in conjunction with an ad blocker.

6.Save to Pocket

Top 5 Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge Browser

Popular read-it-later service Pocket (Download Now) uses a browser extension so you can easily save items as you browse with Microsoft Edge. There’s not much to it. Once the extension is installed, click on the icon to sign in. Next, just browse the web as you normally would, and when you come across an article you’d like to save, click the icon to stash it in your read-it-later list. You can then read your collected articles via Pocket’s website or its Android and iOS apps.

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Hope my article best extensions for Microsoft edge” helps you to evaluate edge browser. If you have any query, feel free to comment.