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11 Best Fairy Type Pokemon Of All Time

The pokemon world is filled with interesting enigmatic surprises that are super fun yet mysteriously adventurous at the same time. The pokemon kingdom offers a whopping 893 different types of pokemon which have their own unique features and characteristics.

The entire kingdom of these species has been divided into various interesting types based on their looks, powers, characteristics, and features.

Some of these types are grass, water, dragon, poison, rock, psychic, electric, bug, dark, fire, fighting, flying, ghost, ground, ice, steel among a few others. One of the most interesting types of pokemon that exists is the fairy type.

Fairy type pokemon are considered to be one of the best and most in-demand for their imperiously good physical looks and attributes, strengths and powers, and uniquely distinguishing features.  

One of the most attractive attributes of these kinds of fairy type pokemon is their looks and physical features.  These pokemon are extremely cute, adorable, and beautiful looking creatures.

Most of these pokemon are designed in soothing pastel shades which makes their overall look very calm, soothing, and subtle. Colors like green, white, grey, pink, purple, brown, and yellow have been used to add a touch of fairy gleam to these beautiful creatures.

Most of them have big, puffy round eyes which are very expressive and often successfully connect to the audience. Such cute and adorable looks are a big reason for the growing pokemon craze amongst modern youth.

Some of the best-looking fairy type pokemon are Xerneas, Sylveon, Gradevoir, Diance, Alolan Ninetails, and Tapu Koko among others. 

The first introduction of these unique and interesting fairy type pokemon was made in the sixth generation of pokemon.

In this particular generation, twenty-two new fairy type pokemon were introduced along with three new moves which were re-established to be fairy type moves.

Most of these fairy type pokemon have extremely well balanced and stable statistical averages which give the type a very appealing effect overall. This particular type is known to have the highest average in terms of special defence among all other types.

One very interesting feature of fairy type pokemon is that they are immune to any sort of dragon type damage. On average, fairy type pokemon have the lowest physical attack among all other types of pokemon. 

Below mentioned is a list of ten best, most powerful, and interesting fairy type pokemon of all times. 

Best Fairy Type Pokemon Of All Time 👌👌


Xerneas or Zeruneasu is a sixth-generation fairy type pokemon that resembles a quadrupedal stag looking, creature. This particular pokemon has no gender and its most unique ability is ‘Fairy Aura’.

Best Fairy Type Pokemon Of All Time

This pokemon made its debut in The Legend of X,Y, and Z! It has also made its appearances in Pokemon the series: XY and XYZ. Xerneas is a remarkable and legendary pokemon that has also been the mascot of Pokemon X.

It is also known to be a counterpart of Yveltal and is a proud member of ‘Aura Trio’ along with Yveltal and Zygarde. 

Xerneas is also known to be one of the best-looking fairy type pokemon who wears a blue and black cover. On its back, Xerneas has spots in multiple colors that beautiful glow when Xerneas takes part in any form of battle.

Another attractive physical feature is its long, splendid, and shimmery yellow antlers. It often shines bright with all the colors of a spectrum which makes Xerneas look incredibly beautiful and attractive. These yellow shimmery antlers resemble the roots of a tree.

It has distinctive yellow-lined hooves that are pointed-like in appearance and has a long, beautiful blue-black tail. In moments of rest and inactivity, Xerneas’s multicolored beaming antlers stop glowing and change their color into cyan blue.

One of the most interesting features is the letter “X” which appears in the flash of Xerneas’s eyes and through its body structure when it is in standing position, hence comes the title of the game. 

Best Fairy Type Pokemon Of All Time

Xerneas’s Positives:-

  • It is a myth that Xerneas can live an eternal life. It was in a sleeping state for thousands of years in the form of a tree before it revived and took its elegant form. 
  • Xerneas’s horns shine in seven colors of the spectrum symbolically sharing everlasting eternal life. 
  • Xerneas’s height is 3m and its weight is 215 kg which makes it extremely bold and powerful as a fairy type pokemon. 
  • Xerneas’s superpower is ‘Fairy Aura’ which gives power to all of its fairy moves making it extremely strong and powerful. 
  • Xerneas has an extremely balanced and excellent overall statistical display which definitely makes it one of the most wanted pokemon of all time. 
  • Although Xerneas does not have any real-life mythology connection, it is still one of the best fairy type pokemon that has been in existence in all these years. 
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Sylveon is one of the cutest looking quadruped mammalian sixth-generation pokemon who belongs to the fairy type list. It is said that Sylveon is one of the eight possible evolutions of Eevee.

11 Best Fairy Type Pokemon Of All Time

Sylveon has a lean and slender body with beautiful white fur covering all of its body. It has a vibrant ping head with long, cute pink rabbit-like ears that are blue from the inside.

It is also known to have a tiny cat-like muzzle and a cute small black nose. Sylveon has two pink and white bow-like projections, one on its right ear and the other around its neck. These bow-like projections have unique scarf-like appendages.

The tip of these appendages is blue and pink in color. These appendages curl around Sylveon’s body giving it that mesmerizing look. 

Sylveon has four thin and beautiful legs with pink posy paws. Sylveon’s two big blue and white eyes are super cute and can melt all of its audience’s hearts at once.

Sylveon’s fluffy cute pink tail takes a crescent shape which might be a symbolic reference to the moon phase. There is another color variation to Sylveon which usually comes in glossy bright red and white shade.

Sylveon is known to be a gentle Pokemon who is very kind and poised and has been known to use her magical charm to hunt in the wild.

It uses its feelers which are ribbon-like structures, to hold hands with its trainer while walking with them. This might be a portrayal of the science of attachments and feelings. 

Sylveon possesses the unique power to cast a charm due to which an effect of peace and tranquility will prevail causing her opponent to lose the actual spirit of the fight.

Taking advantage of this situation Sylveon could proceed with her own moves and attack. Sylveon’s movements are known to be extremely easy flowing and graceful.

Although sylveon is quite smaller in comparison to other massive Pokemon, it is extremely smart, intelligent, and fearless by nature. Sylveon can commonly be found in urban areas and follows a carnivorous form of diet.

Best Fairy Type Pokemon Of All Time 1

Sylveon’s Positives:-

  • The most unique charm that Sylveon possesses is known as the ‘Cute Charm’. The use of this charm might lead to an infatuated effect on Sylveon’s opponent pokemon.
  • There is also such a possibility wherein the ‘Dream World’, Sylveon might also have the exciting ability to ‘Pixilate’. Through this particular move, all the normal moves used by the Pokemon might immediately turn into fairy type moves. 
  • Sylveon’s feelers which are ribbon-like structures impart a calming aura that might beneficially be used to calm fights and battles.
  • Sylveon might use its ribbon-like fillers as a source of distraction for its opponents. Taking advantage of the right moment Sylveon plants its attack swiftly. These features definitely make Sylveon one of the best fairy type pokemon. 


Tapu bulu is a land spirited grass- fairy type Pokemon whose height is 1.9m and weight is 45.5 kg. This pokemon was introduced in the seventh generation.

It is said that tapu bulu is not a part of any sort of evolution. Tapu bulu is also known to be the guardian deity of Ula’Ula islands.

Best Fairy Type Pokemon Of All Time 2

Tapu bulu resembles a bull-like creature that has a black, thick bulky body with thick arms and no legs. Such a description gives it a very peculiar appearance which is a little contradicting the usual charming looks of other pokemon.

It has peculiar blue eyes with orange and red detailings and a golden color nose that resembles a snout. It has a wavy black tail with golden bells along with curved black horns on its head. 

Tapu bulus’ entire physical shell is made in the color combination of red, yellow, and black which resembles a flower when this shell opens.

Tapu bulu is extremely powerful and fierce by nature yet people say it is one of the laziest Pokemon for its inactive nature. 

11 Best Fairy Type Pokemon Of All Time

Tapu Bulu’s positives:-

  • Tapu Bulu is known to be a peace-loving creature and does not create any unnecessary form of violence. It only rings its bells to make others aware of its presence. 
  • Although Tapu Bulu is known to be very calm by nature, it becomes extremely aggressive and merciless to those who offended it. 
  • Although Tapu Bulu is lightweight, it’s fierce nature makes it quite an interesting, useful, and one of the best fairy type pokemon.


Mimikyu is a ghost/fairy type Pokemon who happens to be 50% male and 50% female. It comes in two different forms namely disguised form and busted form. Its special ability is ‘Disguise’.

11 Best Fairy Type Pokemon Of All Time

Mimikyu is an extremely lightweight Pokemon in comparison to the other beasts. It weighs only 0.7 kg and has a height of 0.2 m.

Mimikyu was introduced in the seventh generation. Mimikyu is known to change its appearance when hit by an attack. Mimikyu’s entire body is hidden under an old rag.

It is often said that mimikyu resembles a ghost-like Pikachu. Mimikyu’s color is yellow but not as bright and appealing as Pikachu’s, it is rather dull and ghost-like. Mimikyu’s head is hollow. It is often said that Mimikyu’s hollow head can be used to store objects.

Mimikyu also has a tail similar to Pikachu’s. Mimikyu is known to be a sad and lonely Pokemon who is weakened by the effect of the light of the sun. That is the reason why Mimikyu’s body is most of the time covered with a veil.

It is a myth that if ever anybody looks at Mimikyu’s original true form, he will experience a very painful and mysterious death.

11 Best Fairy Type Pokemon Of All Time

Mimikyu’s Positives:-

  • Mimikyu prefers grabbing its prey rather than jumping or bouncing on it. Once the target gives up, Mimikyu leaves. 
  • Mimikyu has been voted to be one of the most popular and best fairy type pokemon that belongs to the seventh generation. 


Galarian Rapidash is a unicorn-like looking Psychic-fairy type pokemon who is extremely beautiful and ravishing by appearance.

A Galarian Rapidash weighs up to 95 kg and has a height of 1.7m. A Galarian Rapidash comes in two forms namely regular and shiny. A Galarian Rapidash may prove to be extremely weak when put in battle with ghost, poison, and steel type pokemon.

A Galarian Rapidash has a white body with blue and purple unicorn hair all over its head, tail, and paws. It has a beautiful purple horn with a swirl-like design and pointy purple ears.

The best-known status for a Galarian Rapidash is ‘Hasty’. This status is known to increase the speed of this creature and might create a decrease in its defense stats. 

Galarian Rapidash’s Positives:-

  • A Galarian Rapidash is known to have very sharp and distinctive intuitions and can sense the moves of its opponents. 
  • It can protect it all other fellow pokemon from being poisoned. 
  • A Galarian Rapidash is very smart, strong, powerful, and fierce by nature and has a prideful nature. This certainly makes it one of the best-known fairy type pokemon.


Togekiss is a fourth-generation flying-fairy type pokemon who belongs to the ‘Jubilee’ pokemon species. Generation four has marked its evolution as a new flying-fairy type.

List of the Best Flying Type Pokemon

Before this, it was a normal flying type pokemon. Togekiss has multiple special abilities which are ‘Hustle’ and ‘Serene Grace’. One of its special abilities which are hidden is ‘Super Luck’. Togekiss looks like a cute and chubby white bird.

It has tiny blue-red feathers that look like small triangles on its chest with two very tiny feet that are very close to each other. It also has three layered cute white wings that protrude at the end of its roundish body. 

Togekiss is known to be a very gentle creature who is very subtle and kind and always looks after the welfare of others.

Togekiss is peaceful by nature and does not like to take part in any sort of conflict. They can be called a symbol of ‘blessing’ and ‘care’. Togekiss often gracefully flies in the sky performing beautiful aerial acts and actions. 

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Togekiss’s Positives:-

  • Togekiss usually are very attached to their offspring who are called ‘Togepi’. They are possessive parents and take care of their children with great care and concern. 
  • Togekiss is extremely peace-loving and does not appear where there are conflicts. 
  • Togekiss have big hearts and often share blessings with good people who maintain peace and tranquility. 
  • Togekiss has very fast learning capabilities and can pick up moves and teachings very swiftly which makes it one of the best fairy type pokemon.

7. Mr. MIME

Mr. Mime is a psychic/ice/fairy type Pokemon who is also known as a barrier Pokemon or a dancing Pokemon. Mr. Mime is 50% male and 50% female with a height of 1.3m and a weight of 54.5kg.

Best Fairy Type Pokemon Of All Time 4

The first introduction of Mr. mime had happened in generation one when it used to be a pure psychic type Pokemon. Later in generation six, it became a psychic fairy type Pokemon. Mr. Mime is known to be a psychic bipedal humanoid pokemon. 

Mr. Mime has a mute pinkish head with blue hair giving him a clown-like appearance. The body structure of Mr. Mime is round with pink arms and legs. Mr. Mime has funny looking pink circular structures all over its body with blue feet and blue horns.

It has white hands with pink fingertips on all fingers. Mr. Mime has this unique feature through which it can change air molecules into solids using its fingertips.

It can use this ability to create invisible elements by just using gestures. Mr. Mime doesn’t like an interruption and punishes people who interrupt him. Mr. Mime is usually found in suburban areas.

11 Best Fairy Type Pokemon Of All Time

Mr. Mime’s Positives:-

  • Mr. Mime has this unique ability to change air molecules into solids. Using this ability he can create any element using just gestures. 
  • Mr. Mime also has this unique feature through which it creates unique auras using just its fingertips to protect itself and others. Such powers make it one of the most powerful and best fairy type pokemon in existence. 


Alolan Ninetales is ice-fairy type Pokemon that resembles a snow fox. It has a height of 1.1m and a weight of 19.9 kg and is known to be medium-fast. This type of Pokemon was introduced in generation one.

This Pokemon is covered in bushy, luxurious pale blue fur. It has beautiful slender legs and nine long bushy tails. It has pointed ears and blue eyes. These nine tails are known to be very intelligent as well as vengeful pokemon.

It is said that these nine tails can live up to a thousand years using the mystical magical powers stored in its nine tails. These Alolan Ninetales are found in the Alola region of Mt. Lanakila which is known to be a pious place. 

Alolan Ninetales Positives:-

  • It is known that Alolan Ninetales are very gentle and have a calm and kind temperament. It is known to help humans who are lost in distress. 
  • Although these creatures are calm they can be extremely fierce and can punish offenders.
  • It is said that these creatures can produce crystals made of ice using its fur. These creatures use these crystals to protect and defend themselves and make it to the list of some of the best fairy type pokemon. 


Gardevor is a psychic-fairy type pokemon who happens to be fifty percent male and fifty percent female. Usually, a gardevoir has a height of 1.6 m and a weight of 48.4 kg.

Best Fairy Type Pokemon Of All Time 5

This type of pokemon was introduced in the third generation. Like Mr.Mine it is a psychic bipedal humanoid pokemon. Gardevoir’s body is covered with a flowing gown that is white in color.

This creature has a green body, curly hair, and red eyes. The superpower of this creature is that it can foresee the future using its psychic powers. 

11 Best Fairy Type Pokemon Of All Time

Gardevoir’s Positives:-

  • Foreseeing the future is one its superpowers and is a gift of the psychic feature that it owns. 
  • Gardevor can also create tiny black holes, destroy dimensions, and can defend itself without experiencing the gravitational pull. 
  • Gardevor is known to be very fond of their trainers and it is said that they can go up to any extent to protect their trainers. Such virtues make it one of the best-known fairy type pokemon.
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Tapu Koko is an electric/fairy type pokemon whose height is 1.8m and weight is 20.5 kg. This type of Pokemon was introduced in generation seven. It is known to be the guardian deity of MeleMele island. Tapu Koko resembles a rooster which is orange in color.

11 Best Fairy Type Pokemon Of All Time

It has big greenish hands with beautiful detailing and a flower-like big orange tail and horn. In simple words, it is a stylized form of a rooster. Tapu Koko is a fierce Pokemon but often is known not to help people who are in need. 

Tapu Koko’s positives:-

  • Tapu Koko has a unique sense of curiosity imbibed in it and comes to play or battle with people who excite it. 
  • Tapu Koko has the unique power of storing electricity within its body. 
  • Although Tapu Koko is very fierce and aggressive by nature and is known to have a bad temperament. One good thing about it is that it immediately forgets the reason for its rage. It definitely makes it to the list of one of the best fairy type pokemon. 

The pokemon kingdom has brilliant species in every individual type. The above-mentioned pokemon is a list of some of the best-known fairy type pokemon.

In this context, it is worth mentioning that all the available fairy type pokemon are unique in their own way. This list is made keeping in mind the uniqueness of the features and powers and there is no mention of competition among them.