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Best Features to look for While buying Wi-Fi routers

Are you planning to buy a new Wi-Fi router for your personal or business requirements? If yes is your answer, then you should consider several factors before proceeding further. You should be aware of the vital features to consider while buying Wi-Fi routers for sure. Here you would come to know about the 5 features to look for while buying Wi-Fi routers for the first time. Let’s go through those features right now!

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Processor and RAM

Yes, the buyers need to check the hardware, processor and RAM quantity inside the routers before taking any vital decision. You should always go for a multi-core processor Wi-Fi router as it can help in managing more data easily without any hassle and RAM should be at least 128MB. 

Router life

You should remember that a router can be used by thousands of employees in any firm for sure. Several people prefer using Wi-Fi connection for many tasks such as playing games, watching movies, songs and downloading big size files. Also, the router is connected with several devices at one time. Make sure you are considering a router life while choosing it. The heavy load on your router will surely impact its speed. If your chosen router is delivering very slow connectivity, then it is the right to look for another one. 

USB Connectivity

It is vital to have a USB port in offices as well as homes. You can do thousands of things by having a fast and reliable superboost Wi-Fi connection. You can play your favorite videos, listen to songs, check files, and many other tasks. Nowadays, every office has different devices which include hard disks and printers. You can connect these devices with your router for better performance for sure. While purchasing a Wi-Fi router, you should check that it has one suitable USB port. 


Yes, you need to check the actual speed of the router before buying it. If you are taking lightly and ignoring it, then you would end up facing several problems for sure. Make sure you are going through the customer’s reviews for knowing the exact speed of your router. It will be better to read the user reviews as the manufacturers may mention the testing speed of the router on the boxes. By doing this way, you are just getting a fast and trustworthy Wi-Fi router for your overall requirements. 

Router Standard

While purchasing a new Wi-Fi router, you should go through its standard for a better understanding. You should buy the router with the normal standard 802.11ac. It is faster and better than the routers with standard 802.11n. With the help of 802.11ac, you would be able to transfer your videos, files, images quickly without any hassle for sure. 

Router location

You should note that the location of your Wi-Fi router also plays an important role. Most people prefer going to higher places to keep their Wi-Fi router. By doing this, you would get the best coverage of the network from the top place. It would be better for you to purchase power-line adapters along with the router to enhance your network coverage. You would be able to connect to Wi-Fi even from the corners of your workplace or home. 


Bandwidth is one of the most important features you need to consider while looking for a Wi-Fi router for your needs.  The routers will be available in several bandwidths which include AC5400, AC1200, and AC900. Make sure you are choosing a bandwidth of AC1200 for the best connection. If you are going for the other bandwidth, then you would end up getting frustrated due to slow speed and late response. 


Of late, many people prefer purchasing routers from Internet Service Providers (ISP) for their overall requirements because they are free of cost and no need to pay anything at all. But it is not a better idea to purchase a Wi-Fi router from ISP and you should avoid contacting them without any second thought. By contacting these Internet Service Providers, you would get the slow standard 802.11n routers with less speed for sure. These routers would have several connectivity issues results in poor performance in the corners of your home and workplace. It would be better for you to contact only a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer after going through some vital factors like range and processors. 


At last, it is your primary duty to consider all the above-mentioned features before buying a Wi-Fi router for your needs. Also, never throw your old router by getting a new one. It will better to purchase a powerline adapter and connect it to your old router for the network extension. Wi-Fi connection is vital for daily life and so is the good router. 

So, what are you waiting for? Buy a better one!