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9 Of The Best Food in Minecraft – Reviewed

Food is essential not just for humans but also for our characters in various games that we play. 

There are so many games where players need to look out for food to keep their character safe. Minecraft is a game where players can grow, aka craft food items like apples, bread, chicken, and much more.

Each food item in Minecraft provides nourishment to the character and keeps it going. Just like energy levels in real life, food items in Minecraft also come with Nourishment Value and Saturation Value.

Healthy things like Golden apples have the highest value, and players need to know in detail about the best food in Minecraft. 

However hard to find, high-value foods can keep characters energetic and active for longer than the expected duration. Despite the healthiest food, one wouldn’t want to miss foods with lower values because they fill the empty food bars. Each food item is useful in some way or the other, and you would undoubtedly benefit from them all. 

Searching for food is the biggest hunt amongst players, and, honestly, a food hunt makes the game quite more engaging. Since the character keeps losing his energy after explosions from creepers and taking the skeleton arrows, food helps a lot.

One would lose their character if they are short on food, and that’s why food hunting is so engaging. 

I bet nobody likes it when their character passes away in Minecraft due to lack of food. Sometimes, it may get annoying to find some great quality source of nutrition. But, it’s not impossible if you know the right tactics to keep the food coming back to you.

Well, yes, you read it right. Each food item in Minecraft has a tendency. Some foods appear frequently, and for some, the player has to wait for long periods to re-appear.

Best Food in Minecraft: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Apple

Apple is amongst one of the everyday food items available in Minecraft. However, this red fruit cannot be ignored for all the right things it does to the character. Apples can help players make golden apples, a much better Apple with a higher nutritional value.

Best Food in Minecraft

Apples in various places; however, collecting and carrying them isn’t an easy task. Apples need a lot more efforts to be carried around, and these may be hard to cultivate as well. Players may also find apples in igloo basement chests. 

To cultivate apples, one needs to cut down an oak tree with an ax. Sounds simple, right? Well, not every time a tree is chopped, an apple will fall. 

The best way to find an apple is to chop the wood of the oak tree and then cut its leaves.

Players may not find an apple in a short tree as the probability to find apples is higher in tall trees. 

Apples can increase food points significantly. 

Best Food in Minecraft 1

Pros of Apple in Minecraft:-

  • Apple is amongst the best food in Minecraft as they can fill up to four food points.
  • One may find apples in places like chests and the leaves of trees. The apple is readily available and can save the character from dying. 
  • Players may use apples to create golden apples. Golden apples are a rich source of saturation points. They can help the character stay without any food for a long time.
  • Apples can also help horses grow faster. Feeding apples to baby horses can speed up their growth process and make things better for the player.
  • Apples work magically on animals and can fasten the growth of horses and donkeys. 

Cons of Apple:-

  • Apples don’t provide much energy. Other foods are a better source of nutrition. 
  • Collecting apples from trees may be a frustrating process. One may not always find apples in trees or leaves.
  • Despite being a common food item, apples aren’t easy to collect in Minecraft. 
  • Apples are great for animals like horses in Minecraft. The main character only gets four energy points after consuming an apple. 
MINECRAFT GOLDEN APPLE IN REAL LIFE! Minecraft vs Real Life animation

2. Carrot 

Carrot is another food item that players should use wisely in Minecraft. Finding the first carrot may be tricky but, once found, players can farm many more carrots from one.

Though carrots aren’t high on nutrition value in the game, they still do a lot to help the character going. 

Best Food in Minecraft 2

One may find carrots in a garden in a village, or the other way to find carrots is by killing zombies. A zombie dropped some potatoes or carrots when they died in the game, and these dropped items can be used to restore energy. The other places where Carrot, the best food in Minecraft, can be found are shipwrecks. 

One carrot can help players create another five, making up to 25 carrots, and that’s a lot of food. Additional stocks of carrots can be used to attract rabbits and improve the player’s overall experience. One may also find carrots helpful for breeding animals like pigs and rabbits. 

9 Of The Best Food in Minecraft - Reviewed

Pros of Carrots in Minecraft:-

  • One carrot can be used to grow five carrots and fulfill the need for food. Extra carrots in inventory can also be used to breed animals.
  • Players can also make golden carrots using the regular ones. A golden carrot is rich in nutrition, and its saturation level is too high.
  • Carrots on a Redstone farm can be great for breeding. Since rabbits love carrots, additional carrots can lure rabbits for breeding and increase their number. 
  • One may also use carrots to make rabbit stew. Rabbit stew can be a portion of great food for the player’s character.
  • One may also use a carrot with a stick to catch animals in the game and cook better food. 

Cons of Carrot in Minecraft:-

  • Carrots aren’t rich in nutritional value and may not help the character survive for long. Other foods can provide better health for the character.
  • The ways to find a carrot include killing a zombie. The catch is, one doesn’t always find a carrot after killing the zombie.
  • Protecting carrots from rabbits may be a challenge itself.

3. Cooked Cod

Cooked Cod is the best food in Minecraft because it provides five food points and six saturation points. Higher saturation and nutrition points mean the character stays healthy without food for a longer duration.

While healthy food keeps the character going, it also provides players time to find or make more nutritious food items.

9 Of The Best Food in Minecraft - Reviewed

Since Cod has replaced fish in Minecraft, cod or cooked cod is available easily in the game. Players can find cod across the game in various chests or treasure boxes. Since cod is available raw, players need to cook it to benefit from the food. 

Raw cod isn’t rich in nutrients as compared to cooked cod. One can use the furnace, fire it, and cook their cod and transfer the cooked cod to inventory. One may consume the Cod immediately or store it for later use.

Cod is a lot better than carrots or apples if we compare the saturation value of all these food items. However, cod may not be beneficial for other elements in the Player’s Minecraft world. But despite all that, players should be careful and wise while using Cooked Cod.

Pros of Cooked Cod in Minecraft:-

  • Cooked Cod is rich in nutrients and provides a higher saturation level. It keeps the character healthy and prevents it from dying. 
  • Cooked Cod can be stored as a reserve food for better use later when players cannot find anything else.
  • Players can find cooked cod from lakes using their rods. An alternative to fish, cod are caught the same way. 
  • Chests are also a great source to find Cooked Cod. One may find it in various chests across the game.
  • Cod restores up to five health points. It’s great to fix damages from skeleton arrows. 

Cons of Cooked Cod in Minecraft:-

  • Cooked Cod cannot directly benefit any other thing in the game. 
  • It may be challenging and time-consuming to cook raw cod in the furnace to prepare cooked cod.
  • Cooked Cod is only good for fixing the health of the character.
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4. Bread 

Bread is yet another best food in Minecraft as it can instantly take control of the rising hunger level of the character. Moreover, bread can be obtained easily and with very little effort from the player.

9 Of The Best Food in Minecraft - Reviewed

The players need to have wheat in their inventory, and they can anytime produce bread through the crafting menu.

If a user doesn’t want to manage farmland in the game, they can rely on bread as the source of nutrition. However, bread can’t help in the faster growth of other animals in the game, and it won’t let the character die quickly. Villagers can also trade bread for various other things like an emerald in the game.

The players can use bread to increase their willingness. Increased willingness allows players to breed; for better breeding, loaves of bread can be vital. One wouldn’t want to waste away the bread loaves when looking to breed in the game.

Pros of Bread in Minecraft:-

  • Players can trade bread for emeralds. Emeralds are precious and can enhance a player’s experience significantly. 
  • Bread is available in various chests across the game. The extra bread can allow users to breed and level up in the game faster.
  • Bread is a great food to control the hunger of the character in the game. Moreover, players don’t need to manage farmland to produce bread. Bread can be created by combining wheat stacks. 
  • Beginners can depend on bread to level up in the game and keep their hunger in control. 
  • Bread is readily available to players by visiting their seed farms from where they can collect wheat. 

Cons of Bread in Minecraft:-

  • Bread cannot help the character heal the health after getting injured. To heal from injuries, players need to look for something better than bread.
  • Bread provides less nutrition than other foods like cooked Cod. 
  • Horses won’t eat the bread loaves anymore. To ensure better and faster growth of the horses, players need to feed them other food items like an apple.
  • Bread is a modern food that animals won’t benefit from in Minecraft.
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5. Baked Potato

The next food on the list of the best food in Minecraft is Baked Potato. It’s not easy to find baked potatoes as they aren’t available in all the places in Minecraft. A player needs to search for a village where potatoes are readily available. 

9 Of The Best Food in Minecraft - Reviewed

Other than villages, one may also find baked potatoes in dungeons but to find them, one has to find potatoes. Once a player finds potatoes, they can then turn them into baked potatoes using a furnace. Yes, you cannot make baked potatoes with the crafting table.

Finding the initial potato might be tricky. Once a player sets up a farm to grow potatoes, making baked potatoes gets a lot easier. With a farm of potatoes, one can make and stock baked potatoes for future use.

Potatoes can control the alarming hunger levels effortlessly. All the character has to do is consume a baked potato, and the hunger level will come under control. 

Pros of Baked Potato in Minecraft:-

  • Baked Potatoes are a great source of energy. Players can restore a lot of hunger points by consuming baked potatoes.
  • Potatoes don’t take much time to cook. A baked potato can be prepared in about 30 minutes and restore a lot of hunger points.
  • Potatoes grow faster near water bodies. Stocking them up shouldn’t be tricky.
  • Baked Potatoes are also rich in their saturation level, making them pretty important to fix hunger issues.

Cons of Baked Potato in Minecraft:-

  • Potatoes are hard to find, and they aren’t available across the Minecraft world but in specific locations. 
  • Potatoes can’t fix the lost health after facing attacks from skeleton arrows and blasts. They can only control the rising hunger levels.
  • One needs to maintain their farmland to keep growing potatoes and make a baked potatoes. There aren’t any alternative methods to grow potatoes. And it’s rare to find them in chests.

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Animation vs. Minecraft (original)

6. Suspicious Stew 

Suspicious Stew is another best food in Minecraft. Easy to make, Suspicious Stew is great for restoring up to six hunger points and keep the character going. Players can make Suspicious Stew using a bunch of mushrooms and some flowers.

9 Of The Best Food in Minecraft - Reviewed

Stew also provides a lot of saturation points to support the character for longer than the expected duration. The interesting part about suspicious stew is, it differs depending on the flowers used while making the stew. Along with this, suspicious stew also provides players a status effect for a short duration. 

Depending on the type of flower used, the status it provides differs based on the flower. For instance, mushrooms combined with a red flower would lead to night vision for about four to five seconds. Similarly, different colored flowers provide different effects.

Pros of Suspicious Stew in Minecraft:-

  • Suspicious Stew in Minecraft provides status to players for a short duration that gives them a special ability. 
  • Players can prepare Suspicious Stew easily without much effort. All it takes to make suspicious stew is some mushrooms and flowers.
  • Suspicious Stew can be great to restore hunger levels as it provides six hunger points. Once consumed, Stew can keep the character going for long hours.
  • Suspicious Stew doesn’t require players to have and maintain farmland. Mushrooms can be found in various chests. And flowers are also available across the Minecraft world.
  • The effect that comes after consuming suspicious stew varies from flower to flower. Some flowers may also lead to blindness for about six seconds.

Cons of Suspicious Stew in Minecraft:-

  • Suspicious Stew can’t be traded for other items in the game. The players need to consume the stew themselves.
  • Suspicious Stew cannot help in the faster growth of animals in Minecraft. It only restores the hunger points of the character.
  • Suspicious Stew isn’t effective in restoring the health of the character.

7. Beetroot Soup

A liquid food, Beetroot Soup is also amongst the best food in Minecraft. The player needs six beetroots and a bowl to complete the process of making Beetroot Soup. Once a player gets both the items to make the soup, they can put the items in the crafting menu. 

9 Of The Best Food in Minecraft - Reviewed

Beetroot Soup is an excellent source of energy to fix the health of the character after it gets attacked in Minecraft. The character gets back a whopping four health points after consuming the beetroot soup. However, players can’t store the soup for using it later to fix health in an emergency.

Beetroot is readily available across the Minecraft world and it’s easy to make soup. One would easily fight depleting health with a bowl of beetroot soup. 

Pros of Beetroot Soup in Minecraft:-

  • Beetroot Soup is a common liquid food in Minecraft that can be produced using six beetroots. One wouldn’t need a furnace to cook the beetroot soup. It can be prepared using the crafting menu.
  • After an injury due to attacks from skeleton arrows or bombings in Minecraft, players can instantly prepare beetroot soup. 
  • One may get their four health points restored after consuming reliable liquid food. When it comes to restoring health, it’s better than other foods like bread and suspicious stew that only restore hunger.
  • Beetroots can also be consumed raw, but the soup also restores some of the hunger points. 

Cons of Beetroot Soup in Minecraft:-

  • Players must have a bowl to prepare the beetroot soup. If a player doesn’t have a bowl, they won’t be able to prepare beetroot soup.
  • Beetroot Soup restores very few hunger points of the character. It’s only strongly effective in restoring health. 
  • The character requires six beetroots to prepare the soup. Sometimes, beetroots aren’t available easily, and that makes the soup-making process a bit tricky. 
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8. Cake 

Cake, a created food form, is also amongst the best food in Minecraft. Players need three wheat, one egg, three buckets of milk, and two sugars. 

There’s no need to hunt for fuel as cake can be easily made using the crafting menu. 

9 Of The Best Food in Minecraft - Reviewed

While the instinct about the cake is, it’ll help with hunger points and help the character to survive. Surprisingly, it does not fix hunger issues, but instead, it takes care of health. However, players can’t eat the cake if their food level is full. 

Moreover, the cake should be eaten only after placing it on a surface. There’s no other way to consume cake in the game, and players need to put it on the ground before consuming it. The cake is excellent food if the players need to restore their hunger bars immediately. 

Pros of Cake in Minecraft:-

  • The cake is a great food item to restore the depleting hunger levels of the character. Moreover, it may also help the character restore some health points. 
  • One doesn’t need to maintain farmland to make cakes. Milk, Wheat, and Sugar all the three components to make the cake are available across the Minecraft world.
  • If the character’s hunger level is alarmingly high, the cake can restore it and keep the character alive. 
  • The cake can be prepared without a furnace, which means players don’t need to use fuel to make the cake.
  • The cake doesn’t have to be stored for emergency use because it’s made for instant consumption.

Cons of Cake in Minecraft:-

  • The cake may not fix a lot of health points. It’s most effective to fix hunger points.
  • Making the cake may get frustrating because items like sugar aren’t always available and easy to attain.
  • The cake can’t be stored for future use. Moreover, the animals in Minecraft can’t benefit from the cake. 

Each food item or dish serves some purpose in Minecraft. But what makes them the best food in Minecraft is their ability to help the players stay healthy and less hungry. 

One may choose to maintain farmlands or not, and depending on that, they can choose their ideal food. Some foods are great for hunger, while some are helpful in restoring health. A combination of both foods may help players to gain experience in the game faster.