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7 Of The Best Fountain Pen Under 50 $ in 2019 – Reviewed & Rated


Do you have the curiosity to know about the best fountain pen under 50 $ to buy in 2019? You can easily Find out now in this definitive list with our detailed review.

Without any further delay let’s find out. 🙂

Fountain pens are the best gift to mankind and if you love smooth calligraphy; then having one is a priority. However, they are so expensive and only the “big boy” had them for signing checks and important documents. As beautiful as these pens are, do you know how they came about.

The fountain pen is a piece of the scientific masterpiece that combines gravity and capillary action to create eye-catching calligraphy; it’s just amazing in the right hands. Some fountain pens need to be refilled while others are well when the ink runs out. However, most of these pens have exquisitely designed nibs that well you can keep as a treasure. The history is pretty amazing so you can read it on Google.

Since the seventeen century when these pens made their way into the writing scene, they were so expensive that only the rich and affluent could afford it. However, over the years and availability of materials and simpler ways of designing them; these sophisticated pens are now on the market for 50 dollars or less.

If you are used to writing with fountain pens, you will notice that the one distinct feature these pays have is the unmatched smoothness when writing and hence why most people go for them.

Before we go in-depth to the refined fountain pens we see now, let’s remember that they are linked to the days of the quill. The quill or quill pen is a writing instrument in the days of old that was made from the feather of a flying bird.

The cartilaginous part of the feather is treated and sharpened to make it pointed to achieve that smooth cursive handwriting as the ink flowed from the hollow lining of the quill pen.

Since the days of turkey and goose feathers, we have reinvented and refined this eloquent piece of writing tools.

So whether you are looking to sharpen your writing skills or just join the bandwagon of classy people, you definitely don’t need to break the bank.  In this review, we are looking at some of the best fountain pens under 50 dollars that will deliver excellence always.

Here is The List of Best Fountain Pen Under 50 $ in 2019 

1. Lamy Safari Charcoal Black ABS Fountain Pen

best fountain pen under 50
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At 20 dollars, Lamy is first on our list, and if you worry more about performance than look, then this is your pen. With over 50 years in the pen manufacturing industry, Lamy Safari employs the best technology and excellent material for a durable and timeless piece in any writing arsenal.

Aside from being the best calligraphy pen, it is great value for money with functional design to create smooth writings.


The Nib: the Lamy Safari nib is a smoothly polished steel nib which makes the pen standout in two ways. It gives the pens a shiny contrast to the all-black body of the pen. Secondly, polished steel is sturdy, durable, and not prone to corrosion or degradation by elements

The body: the Lamy Safari’ body is made with ABS plastic; a very sturdy and durable material that is sustainable and less likely to cracks or dryness. The smoothness of the body also enhances your writing too.

Chrome Clip: this is at the side of the pen is a shiny and flexible clip that gives you a great sense of control when in use.

The Cartridge: the Lamy comes with a T10 cartridge that can also be used with an external cartridge like the Z24 converter.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Lamy Safari Charcoal Black ABS Fountain Pen.


  • Does not bleed or run so you can hang it in your pocket and let the world see it.
  • Firm nib point for smooth, high-quality writings
  • Compact and lightweight
  • The ink flow is just right and will never overflow
  • Sleek body for a peaceful grip and smooth writing style
  • Made to last a lifetime
  • The ink color is blue


  • Needs mastery to get it right
  • The converter is not included in the pack

Final Verdict:-

Even though you need a converter for external accessories, the Lamy Safari is elegant, and the perfect gentleman’s pen that confers style and prestige. With excellent features and design, you can be sure that this pen will last a long time producing wonderful calligraphic letters for you which makes it to perfectly fit in our best fountain pen under 50 $ 2019 list.

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2. Pilot Gold Barrel Metropolitan Fountain Pen

best fountain pen under 50
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This elegant fountain pen is certainly too cheap for the price, at just 15 dollars, Pilot is built for hands that love good writing like scholars and writers. The exclusive design gives the Pilot a sleek and excellent grip function for some high-quality calligraphy.  Some features we love are:


The body: the Pilot barrel is made with durable brass metal with a brushed matte finish for increased grip and firmness when writing. It is a durable and scratch resistant material that comes in different shades of black, gold and silver.

The Nib: the Pilot nib is of stainless steel which radiates to complement the sheen on the body. However, the nib is a reliable piece of construction giving great control and ink flow for beautiful cursive calligraphy.

The Cartridge: the Pilot Metropolitan comes with a single ink cartridge and a converter for a third-party accessory.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Pilot Gold Barrel Metropolitan Fountain Pen.


  • Strong and resilient build to withstand wear and tear
  • Great feel and grip for some great writing
  • Great contoured body for a well-balanced writing
  • The ink delivery is well-controlled without the risk of overflowing either on your paper or in your pocket
  • The cap fits well on the pen
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning
  • Comes with a detailed manual for users
  • The nib is so smooth, you won’t experience any break in ink flow or scratches on the paper


  • The nib is very delicate and fragile
  • Needs constant care to maintain its performance and quality?
  • The brass body makes it heavy that ABS build

Final Verdict:-

The Pilot 91112 is built for durability and precision writing with a blend of style and sophistication, this is one pen that will refine your style with the excellent features that it possesses. You can’t get it wrong with the Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen.

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3. Dryden Luxury Red Luxury Modern Classic Fountain Pen

best fountain pen under 50
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Some pens are good, the Dryden fountain pen makes you feel the power the movement your hands as your fingers encircle it, and as you glide smoothly across the paper, you are sure you have the best fountain pen in your grip enhancing your creativity, calligraphy, and precision giving you writing at its best.

The lightweight and delicate ergo-comfort technology in this bend ensure that you can write for ages without straining your fingers or wrist and even better it is ambidextrous.


The color: the beautiful striking bold red certainly catches your eyes when you walk up to the store for a fountain pen, just make sure its Dryden.

The red adds a touch of freshness, elegance, and pizzazz that evokes class, style, and maturity to any gentleman’s suit or purse. It also comes in purples, green, shiny black, sexy pink, ocean blue and metallic silver

The technology: Dryden employs excellent innovation to create a smooth and sleek aesthetic functional with balance for both left and right-handed individual.

The body: Dryden is made with a smooth metallic finish with different sheen that gives it a pop. The hand-assembled property gives Dryden that comfortable feel when held.

The Nib:  Dryden nibs are handcrafted and thrice checkpoints. It comes with a medium nib designed to poetically glide over the paper without bleeding, blotching or drying out. The nib also enhances and makes your writing smooth and neat with every stroke.

The Cartridge: aside from the cartridge that comes with the pen, Dryden also packs extra 24 ink cartridges for you to ensure you never run out of ink.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Dryden Luxury Red Luxury Modern Classic Fountain Pen.


  • The extra 24 cartridges come with an ink refill converter
  • Well-designed and affordable
  • Doesn’t bleed or blotch when in use
  • Produces smooth cursive high-quality calligraphy
  • Ambidextrous with a comfortable grip
  • Doesn’t scratch on paper due to the smooth and well-rounded nib
  • Comes with a lifetime and money back warranty in an attractive pouch which makes an excellent gift set
  • Ink fluidity is excellent and controlled


  • The barrel closure needs some more work done
  • The surface is slippery

Final Verdict:-

For style, sophistication, and class, this modern classic vintage pen is worth the price and made for hands that love to write beautifully.

Furthermore, the color, design, comfort, and elegant make it one of the pens of our list and for fountain pen lovers, this is one that you need today without a doubt which makes it to perfectly fit in our best fountain pen under 50 $ 2019 list.

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4. Nemosine Fission Gunmetal Fountain Pen

best fountain pen under 50
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 This pen is a charm, and the German background certainly ensured that it came well crafted with the highest quality materials to make it a contender among fountain pens. Obviously heavier than most pens, it makes up for it in elegance, great finish, and durability.


The body: the Nemosine is heavily weighted, stainless steel Gunmetal Chrome look made in Germany where quality mixes with performance to create a stylish lengthy pen that falls gently into your hands to create excellent and elegant calligraphy with every stroke. It also comes with a twist knob on the barrel for ease and comfort.

The Cartridge: it can be used with a cartridge or a converter and to ensure you never run out of ink, the Nemosine comes with 6 sets of disposable ink cartridges, a converter, and an empty ink bottle with an instruction manual to help you on your journey with the Nemosine.

The Nib: it is a six millimeter and 22mm long broad nib with rounded point tips for great writing. The best thing is for people that don’t fancy medium tips can easy swap or replace for different writing styles.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Nemosine Fission Gunmetal Fountain Pen.


  • Has a double screw cap to ensure that the cap stays on due to its weight
  • The ink flow is great and well-control as the tip is impressed on the paper
  • Come with an ink converter
  • Has a three-year warranty
  • Made in Germany but imported from the USA
  • Detailed manual on how to fill the ink container
  • Comfortable and sits well on the fingers for beautiful and elegance on paper
  • Round nib ensures that it glides over the paper without scratching it


  • It is weighty

Final Verdict:-

Yes, Nemosine made it on this list for very great reasons including its value for money. And even though it’s weighty; its finish and construction make up for it. The pen is slightly larger than others on the market but has good balance great for both men and women.

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5. Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen

best fountain pen under 50
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This is another product from the Pilot collection for people that love and appreciate a good pen and fine handwriting.

If you are looking for the perfect pen, then you might have a lockdown on one that will change your writing experience forever. The Pilot Metropolitan 911008 is an ideal companion, so get ready to see why we love it too.


The Cartridge: it comes with black ink and 12 packs of ink refill that can be filled either by buying a prefilled cartridge or a converter with your favorite ink brand.

We do also recommend the Iroshizuku Bottled fountain pen ink for an unbelievable writing experience you will be telling the story in words.

The Body: you are looking at some sleek and ergonomic design with curve and cuts that fit into your finger to enhance every move you make with your wrist. All the components are of premium material for some durability and sturdiness

The Nib: well the pen won’t be here if its performance, reliability and great feel when writing. Just as with other parts of the body, the medium nib is made with high-quality metal, well-polished stainless steel to produce great glide on paper without scratches or breaks.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen.


  • They are built strong and resilient to wear and tear to last long
  • High performance and comfort
  • Ink delivery to the nib is well controlled and great
  • Comes with a pre-filled cartridge and 12 extras in the pack
  • The nib is well-rounded for elegant and smooth calligraphy
  • Cap secures well when opened or closed
  • A sturdy pocket clip with smooth edges
  • The plastic casing adds to its lightweight and durability


  • Too slender for people that are used to thick build
  • The nib is too fragile

Final Verdict:-

The Pilot 911008 fountain pen is one that is meant to be in your purse or suit pocket. The intensity of the ink and the variety of hues makes this pen among the best.

Furthermore, if writing is your thing, then we have helped you narrow it down to one that will write a masterpiece for ages to come.

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6. Duke Ruby Business Signature and Collection Fountain Pen

best fountain pen under 50
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Overall this pen is elegant with an intricate silver embossed impression on the cap enhancing the black color on the surface of it. You must be wondering if the black and silver colors are why we love it.

Where is the ruby? The ruby is at the topmost part of the cap, but the price is unbelievable that you think nothing good comes out of this pen, but no. This pen is so great, it’s unbelievable.


The design and construction: not really a lightweight pen but certainly delivers on appearance with the beautiful detailing on the cap and nib.

The barrel screws away when opening but the cap locks in perfectly with a securing click lock. The metal surface used in the design and nib is well polished and really elegant to up your style and class.

The Nib: a stainless steel polished nib with intricate patterns on it; Duke Ruby is a medium nib pen with incredibly smooth calligraphy with not bleeding or blotches

The Cartridge: although it comes with a removable converter it does have a filling mechanism known as a piston fill that allows you to suck in ink through the nib.


  • It is a sleek pen with great writing styles and calligraphy
  • The converter is well seated in the pen
  • It has little indentations on the surface that increases the grip strength
  • Very smooth when writing and doesn’t skip with no dry start like other fountain pens
  • It is very affordable and its great value for money
  • Very comfortable size and good for scribbling and writing
  • The pen comes with a beautiful clam shape gift box


  • The screw is a bit wobbling

Final Verdict:-

With an expensive look, nobody will believe that this pen cost as cheap as it does on the market. If you are looking for a pen that will wow you and keeps your writing smooth and elegant on paper, then the Duke Ruby fountain pen will deliver.

It exception design and smoothness makes this not only the best calligraphy pen but also the greatest gift for writing or one that loves pens which makes it to put in our best fountain pen under 50 $ 2019 list.

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7. Luxun Handcrafted Rosewood Fountain Writing Pen

best fountain pen under 50
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The 100 percent rosewood vintage fountain pen comes with a rosewood case and the perfect pen for a business person, journalist or calligraphy person.

This pen not only produces excellent performance but will serve as the best most appreciated gift for anyone.


The Body:- the elegance and functionality on this pen certainly make for the gentleman or lady of class and style. The finish and beauty of this pen is a sophisticated pen with gold plated detailing to evoke a feeling of wealth and luxury.

To crown, the elegance of the pen is an equally handcrafted rosewood case with a soft interior that cradles this beauty.

The Nib:- whether you are a beginner or a pro in using fountain pens, you need on that writes and functions elegantly on paper or any medium of choice.

The gold plated stainless steel medium nib will produce smooth, consistent and effortless writing as the pen controls your hand to flawlessly glide softly creating a beautiful writing experience every time.

The Cartridge:- it comes with a free converter in the pack and very easy to replace when your ink runs out

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Luxun Handcrafted Rosewood Fountain Writing Pen.


  • Smooth, elegant, soft and beautiful pen
  • Doesn’t bleed, botch or break when writing
  • It comes with a money back guarantee and a year warranty
  • Simple to assemble and use
  • Works with a black or blue cartridge
  • Well-proportioned and balance pen
  • Barrels locks in place with a click
  • Very sturdy and durable feel good in the hand pen
  • When switching ink color, use water to rinse out the cartridge unit


  • None for now

Final Verdict:-

The eco-friendly pen is so beautifully crafted and made to sweep the buyer off their feet – certainly achieved it. The pen and box are so smooth in appearance and delivers same when used.

The slender look and feel allow for any size of fingers to make writing as a beginner or professional a breeze.

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Buying Guide for The Best Fountain Pen Under 50 $ in 2019

Like any product on the market, you need a guide to help you pick out the best products that will write great, but is also durable.

We have come up with some guides to help you out tomorrow. We will normally start with the cost, but at fewer than 50 dollars, these pens are quite affordable and will deliver the same excellent result with the top and expensive brands on the market.

The Size of your Hands:-

if you are thinking that your hand can accommodate any size pen, think again. Aside from the fact that it is partially true; comfort is the biggest factor when buying a fountain pen. If your fingers are slender and small, a pen in that direction is in order and vice versa.

The Size of the Cartridge Unit:

if you write a lot, then it will be devastating to have to change your cartridge every time. So when purchasing one, consider the quantity and how many extra ink cartridges come with the pack

The Brand:-

this had to be here. However, the brands listed are some of the best that cost fewer than 50 dollars. They are efficient and deliver as equal as the top brand on the market.

The Nibs:-

this is the writing part that spreads the ink and it comes in three different sizes – fine, medium, and broad. The size also greatly varies with the types of calligraphy ranging from italics to bold fonts. So depending on what you write or are writing, remember to choose accordingly.

Wet or Dry Nibs:-

what is the difference? A wet nib allows for enhanced and smooth calligraphy, but the problem is that you can’t write behind the same paper as the ink seeps through the paper. The dry nib has a more controlled ink flow and dries up faster, but the writers suffer from a lack of smoothness and elegance in their writing.

The Flexibility of the Nib:-

flexibility depends on the type of nib. The flexibility also determines the control you have over your writing. Reduced flexibility equals a more firm and elegant writing style while you have to master the flexibility angle to truly get writing with a softer nib

The Ease of Filling:-

converter and cartridges are two ways to fill up the ink case; to ensure that you don’t bang your pen on the floor due to difficulty filling the ink, and then choose one that is simple.

The Make:-

whether they are made of stainless steel, ABS plastic, platinum, titanium or gold plated alloys; it is paramount to choose one that is anti-corrosive and can withstand the elements.

How to clean a Fountain Pen?

  • To ensure your pen last longer, you have to ensure you can clean it properly. Below are some cleaning tips.
  • Separate the pen into the different components – the nib, ink case, the outer covering, the barrel, and the cap.
  • Soak the nib in warm to touch water to loosen any dirt trapped in the nib. Avoid using hot water as this will damage the nib. This should take over an hour or more to get it well-cleaned. If any dry dirt is present, use a clean cloth or soft bristle brush to gently swipe.
  • Remove the nib from the water after the soaking period, rinse in warm water and dry off. Use a clean cloth to absorb excess water, then leave out to dry properly
  • Put the pen together for another round of writing.

In conclusion, the availability of construction and design has made fountain pens accessible for all, especially for writer, calligraphist, and scholars. The use of it has also made writing cleaner due to the nibs that are now rounded producing smoother and finer handwritings.

The functional mechanism allows the ink to flow  under control allow the user to write flawlessly spreading the ink across the paper with little effort to create beautiful markings that can be appreciated for years and with their stylish and  intricate designs, they have come to do more than just writing but adding a touch of swag to our style.


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