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Top 5 Best Free Home Surveillance Software

If you’ve got an old webcam, IP camera or even a phone that you no longer use, you can combine them with clever, free software to create a security system for monitoring your home. here in this Best Free Home Surveillance Software article, we will cover out Top 5 Best Free Home Surveillance Software and their features.

Best Free Home Surveillance Software

1. Ivideon  

Ivideon uses a server and client system. You install the server software on a PC that either already has a camera connected or is able to access one over your home network.

Top 5 Best Free Home Surveillance Software

This PC has to be switched on for the surveillance software to operate. You then install client software on the other computers (there are apps for mobile devices) to access the live streams and any footage saved by your server.

The system works really well if you already have a webcam built into a laptop that you’re planning to use as the server. Install the software on it, leave the laptop switched on and the webcam will monitor all movement that goes on around it.

Top 5 Best Free Home Surveillance Software

It’s very easy to connect another camera, whether it’s a webcam attached to another device or a more sophisticated standalone network security camera, as long as it hasn’t
been locked to a particular service by its manufacturer.

The software is free for up to two cameras, accessible from two other devices, and includes the option to store camera footage on Ivideon’s cloud service for 24 hours. If you don’t need remote access, you can install more cameras for free–otherwise, it costs
$4 per month (around £3) per camera to add more.

The server uploads data from your PC to Ivideon’s website, so it’s very straightforward to set up because you don’t need to get embroiled in port forwarding to bypass your router’s
security. This means there’saslight delay on live video streams, but it’s only a second or two.


If you’re happy to keep things small – monitoring one or two cameras and keeping on top of the limits for storing footage online – Ivideon is a wonderful system that’s simple to
set up and use. However, adding extra cameras and increasing your online storage will push up costs.

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2. AtHome Camera

If you’ve got a lot of old webcams, network cameras or camera-equipped mobile devices
kicking around, AtHome Camera provides an efficient way to turn them into a home security system. As with Ivideon, you download either the server software to stream the footage to the internet; or the camera software to view the footage on another device.

Top 5 Best Free Home Surveillance Software

The standout bonus is that the camera software can manage lots of cameras at the same time, so your only limit on the number of locations you can monitor is the number of cameras that you have available. This only applies to live streams, though.

Saving footage online so you can view it later costs $4.99 per month (around £3.69), though you can buy time in bulk and pay slightly less (around £2.84 per month for 12 months).


AtHome Camera excels at live streaming, so you can check in on a location when you need to, and you can set up as many cameras as you like. However, you’ll have to pay if
you want to store footage online for replay at a later date.

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3. ContaCam

ContaCam is a purely functional piece of software and very little thought has been put into its aesthetic design. That said, it’s really easy to set up because, when you first launch it, instructions appear that allow the software to recognize any available cameras, including webcams and network devices.

Top 5 Best Free Home Surveillance Software

Once you’ve added a camera, you’re taken straight to its settings so you can make sure
everything is set up just right before you start monitoring.Once the camera is running, the footage is recorded straight to your hard drive.

It also creates a web page, hosted on your PC, with animated thumbnails of detected movement. Again, it’s not the most beautifully designed tool but it does the job with an admirable lack of hassle – you don’t have to get to grips with any tricky processes.

Because it doesn’t rely on external servers, there’s no online service to pay for, making this the only software in our round-up that’s completely free.


ContaCam is completely free and self-contained, but its interface looks dated compared to its rivals and you need to fiddle with your router settings to view your footage away from your home network.

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iSpy is open-source software that’s free to use and install. Similar to Ivideon, it monitors cameras over a home network for free, but if you want to view footage remotely and benefit from any extra features such as email and text message alerts, you’ll need to subscribe. Plans start at $7.95 per month (around £5.89), which is a bit more expensive than its rivals. Its interface isn’t as good looking, either.


Yawcam is general webcam software, so it’s not a match for the other programs we’ve featured, though you can set it to live-stream footage to the web and it includes motion detection, so it could be used for a single-camera setup.

Top 5 Best Free Home Surveillance Software

However, it’s starting to look dated and requires Java to run, which a lot of people are reluctant to install because of previous security problems.

  1. IP Camera Viewer

If you’re happy to sit and watch streaming footage on one or more security cameras (webcams and IP cameras are its specialities), then this is ideal. It can support up to four
cameras and will happily let you focus on a single camera or divide your screen into quarters to show them all. What you can’t do with the free version is record anything,
so this is only useful if you want to monitor what’s going on right now.

As far as DVRs and cameras go, there are many different options for home security purposes.