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Best Free Microsoft SharePoint Alternatives


Microsoft SharePoint is a large network, many businesses and individuals use those for the sharing and collaboration of documents, software, and general work communication.

But that SharePoint can cost in the thousands of dollars. That’s no problem because here we’ve listed the best free SharePoint alternatives.

Importance of SharePoint:

1.Better user experience and simplified daily activities:

The benefit is that it makes the user experience neat and more consistent so that we can interact with the data, content and processes. Mainly, the integration with familiar apps makes the activities like document review and issue tracking easier.

2.Manages and controls the entire platform through central administration:

Using the central administration, managers can control the entire administration. We can access app management, observe on sharepoint, security settings, system settings and take the backup etc.

3.Get to use right tools and customize the branding:

The employees working in the company can access all the tools that can help them in quick development, as per the requirements of clients. The team can work on the custom application development effectively.

4.Allows the collaboration of team members throughout the project:

Collaboration among the team members of the organization is important and it improves the decision making. Sharepoint let the team members collaborate so that the information exchange and knowledge flow across the organization becomes easy.

5.Reduces the overall cost incurred by providing site consolidation:

If we slide in all the websites under one platform, it will reduce the overall cost of the organization. Using SharePoint, managers can combine the sites of internet, intranet, and extranet, resulting in the cost savings. It also gives the great way to access all the websites of the organization.

6. Sharepoint provides a high level of security and integrity:

Protecting the data from the unauthorized access and securing our confidential files, SharePoint plays an important role in doing that. We can manage permissions for apps, sites, and documents.

Now that you are aware of the important benefits of SharePoint, we are sure to use it for business.

Best Free Microsoft Sharepoint Alternatives


Best Free Microsoft Sharepoint Alternatives

A foundation is a collaboration of working environment and communication platform, and in years slack has become one of the best.

The slack is both free and paid and keeps a log as long as 10,000 messages in our team, allows us to create unlimited private and public channels, and share files with our colleagues. Admins can track everyone’s login times and ip addresses so we can make sure that people losing off.

2.AlfrescoThe luxury package without paying is definitely alfresco. They offer a premium product without charging anything. They allow us to collaborate on a number of different types of documents while also interacting with different team members through their miniature social environment.

We get the ability to use mobile apps to work on anything from anywhere, with anyone, at any time. Still, if you’re on the bus, out of city, or taking a quick sip at ccd, you’ll always have a way to stay connected with alfresco.

Their enterprise document management platform will cost you a little, but their collaboration suite is free. If we are looking to make some progress in our projects, we should use it.

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If we are trying to make web pages and can’t find anything, then we should use samepage. Their ui allows us to do everything, except that it is more expansive in the types of files we can edit, and it is more professional.

Guaranteed a powerful experience with this suite, we will get a 10 gb account for free to boot.

It first came as kerio workspace branding, its a copy of microsoft share point cloud-based sharing, and then rebranded to samepage, a cloud collaboration that reaches far than other sharepoint imitators.

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Liferay has a simple interface that allows us to interact with team members and sync all our documents. Liferay is a downloadable desktop app, as competed by other cloud solutions. The community edition of liferay is free of cost, but we need to pay for the premium version.

It doesn’t have a lot of neatness with the syncing system, there is a lot to catch up to the social aspects of this wonderful application. Liferay is one of the best on its purpose.

5.Nuxeo open-source cms

We need this great open-source cms, nuxeo is the name to call for. This collaborative content management system provides us with all the important things that we need to build a project. The user interface and setup may be rather unique, but once we familiarize with it, then we can use it easily on our projects.

This is the best way to communicate with our participants, this will not be a big thing but still its good. The advantage we get by using nuxeo is different from all other collaboration platforms.

We can control many things of our project as it categorizes tasks in an organized way without having to use the premium version of the software. Nuxeo works on different platforms no need to be on windows as a desktop application.


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