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5 Of The Best Freediving Mask To Buy in 2022 – Reviewed

Do you have the curiosity to know about the Best Freediving Mask To Buy in 2022? 🤔

We got you covered in this buyer’s guide.

So without further ado, Let’s dive right into this Best Freediving Mask buyer’s guide. 🎭

Picture this, a lush location overlooking pristine waters and a beautiful horizon; it doesn’t get any better, do it? Well, it does! 👀

How about taking a Freedive into those pristine, beautiful blue waters and exploring the deep blue or shallow waters for some reef eureka? Well, that sums up Utopia.

Freediving is an amazing way to blow off some steam and connect with mother nature’s watery goo. In the depths of waterbeds lie reefs bursting with goodness and aquatic life that stimulate your senses and leave you orgasmic.

As mind-blowing as this sounds, you can’t possibly achieve this mind state without a Freediving mask. A Freediving mask allows you to explore the depths of reef-infested waters and makes the experience even more exhilarating.

This is why we have created this review to explore the best Freediving Masks for your fun-filled adventure, and it doesn’t get better than this.

So without further ado, let’s Freedive right in!

Best Freediving Mask – Our Top Picks 👌👌

1. Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling Kit

Are you a scuba diving enthusiast, or you’re looking for the greatest snorkeling package for you to go free diving with? 👀

If you desire all this plus more, you need to look at the Cressi scuba diving and snorkel kit. 😊

Best Freediving Mask
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You will get the best value for your money when you buy this kit. The way this kit is built, the ergonomic design, and the way it nestles on your face when you wear the mask make it an essential Snorkeling gadget for every scuba diver’s adventure.

The manufacturer of this kit dived into the unknown with this scuba diving kit’s design. This design is something out of a sci-fi movie with some classical interpretation of master craftsmanship that is properly detailed for diving into blue waters.

The design is perfectly strewn to make your exploration journey the best.

The frameless mask is one important detail that sticks out of the Cressi Freediving kit.

The frameless mask is an ideal feature for scuba divers who love a mask with low notoriety and an easy carry-on that can fit anywhere when exploring.

5 Of The Best Freediving Mask To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed

Another great thing about the Cressi design is the presence of a twin feathered edge silicone skirt, which sits side by side with the tempered high-definition glass lens.

The internal weight of the mask is super low, and this feature is very good for clearing. And there is an adjustable buckle strap that is fitted into the skirt for easy flexibility and drag reduction.

Below are some of the features of the Cressi Scuba Kit that earned it a spot in our list of Best Freediving Masks.


  • Dynamic mask design eclipsing a single tempered glass lens system
  • The lens system produces crystal clear colors that allow the user to grasp the scenery vividly
  • The lens system provides the user with a wide-angle view
  • The wearable mask is Lightweight and luxurious
  • You can easily adjust the buckle strap through the push of a button
  • It has a strong valve system that prevents water from seeping into the snorkel when the freediver is submerged
  • The top of the snorkel is splash-proof
  • The lower tube has a smooth corrugated bore mechanism
  • An integrated mechanism that allows the user to undo the snorkel for easy storage quickly
  • It has a purge valve that allows the user to drain water from the snorkel


  • Low internal volume
  • Presence of a Buckle strap
  • Anti-splash top
  • Wide-angle lens
  • Smooth corrugated bore mechanism
  • Manufactured with elite materials


  • No visible cons with this unit

The rich history of Cressi’s manufacturing prowess makes this scuba diving gear a comfortable list topper.

Cressi has been making Scuba diving gear since 1946, so if you’re looking to purchase a trusted Freediving mask, you should consider looking at this model.

2. Kraken Aquatics Snorkel Freediving Mask

Okay, “spoiler alert,”  do not be scared of the name “Kraken,” it’s not a Greek mythology monster creeping up from the deep, on a course to spoil your scuba diving adventure. The Kraken! 🐱‍🐉

Although this Freediving mask borrows its name from the Greek mythology monster “Kraken,” this unique Freediving mask comes in at second spot in our review.

The manufacturer “Kraken Aquatics” took some time to create this deep blue sea masterpiece.

Have you ever seen a Freediving mask that has the best skirt and ensures that it prevents water from seeping into the unit? We have!

The first impression we got from looking at this beauty stirred some wet emotions. So, we decided to test this Freediving mask out and were amazed by how well it could handle itself in water.

The tempered glass lens puts some wind in this monster’s sail. The uncrackable Kraken, like we like to call it, is a true scuba diver’s companion.

Best Freediving Mask

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The seamless glass design makes it a perfect scuba diving gear that doesn’t obscure its user’s vision at the bottom of the sea.

Kraken Aquatics ensured that this diving gear is scratch-resistant and shatterproof, so scuba divers can conveniently pack this unit and travel long or short distances with their Scuba diving mask gear without worries.

Did we mention that this monster has fog resistance too? Yes! It does; you don’t need to worry about coming up with blurry vision midway into your dive, which can be a bit of a bummer.

Did we also mention that this scuba diving gear has an amazing adjustable buckle?

Well, it does! The setup is pretty simple; you need to tug the strap to position and slip in the buckle to lock it in, or in reverse, you can press the button to release the strap instantly.

There are many masks out there that are pretty nice, but what sets this Freediving mask apart from its competition is its versatility. You can take it along with you on Scuba Diving trips across the world, it is super strong, and its durability is out of the world, a befitting personification of the Kraken.


1. It has a protective silicone that prevents water from leaking into the unit when the scuba diver wears it

2. The ergonomic design of the strap and skirt allows it to lock into your face’s orientation, thus providing you with comfort and a strong watertight bond that prevents water from seeping in. With this unit, you’re sure of an absence of leakages when you plunge into the deep blue

3. Presence of a tempered glass lens designed to protect you against the elements. Some Freediving masks use plastic lenses, and this can be a bummer when it comes to protection from scratching and breakage

4. Presence of an adjustable buckle that is super easy to manipulate and orientate. How to do this? Pretty simple; it’s just like knotting shoelaces; all you need to do is tug the strap to your desired grip, then secure it with the buckle

5. Built to withstand nature’s subtlety and fury. With this scuba diving gear, you can plunge to the deepest sea floors and explore the richest reef variety the deep blue has to offer, as well as engage in some shallow water snorkeling

6. A single-lens piece is embedded in this mask. Its function is to provide the scuba diver with a better and clearer vision. With this very important feature, the scuba diver can see the bottom of the deep blue or shallow pool much clearer.


  • Presence of an anti-fog, shatterproof, and scratch lens
  • This mask is super versatile and can take on a broad range of tasks
  • The durability score eclipses other brands


  • It’s a high-end unit, during testing we found no cons

The Kraken Aquatics Snorkel Freediving Mask is a great versatile scuba diving gear that can withstand the pressure of diving into the ocean’s depths.

The anti-fog, shatterproof, and scratch-resistant feature means that you won’t have to worry about blurry vision and the product’s longevity.

If you’re looking to explore the depths of the ocean, then we recommend this scuba diving gear. 👍

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At the time of our research on “Best Freediving Mask”, we found a video about “7 Swimming Rules That Will Save Your Life,” which is worth watching. 🤴📗🏆

7 Swimming Rules That Will Save Your Life

3. SeaDive Oceanways Superview – Best freediving mask for beard

The SeaDive Oceanways Superview Freediving Mask manufacturers came all out with this scuba diving gear, and we can assure you that they’re not out to play.

The dynamic design of this gear implores the use of a single glass lens system; this system facility is tailored to give the scuba diver a modified bright field of view.

5 Of The Best Freediving Mask To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed
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With this modified brightness, your vision will be clearer, wider, more vivid, and more colorful. If you’re a nighttime Scuba diver, take our word for it, this is the best Scuba diving gear for you.

When you Freedive at night, be sure that you won’t get those snarky night vision blurriness; you’ll get a colorful rendition of the Oceanways.

This scuba diving gear also incorporates a high-grade silicone skirt system that grasps the eccentric features of your face to prevent leakages into the mask when you plunge into the depths of the sea for exploration.

With this unique silicone skirt, you’re guaranteed a longer period of use since it doesn’t come off your face while you’re busy probing the sea bed.

So what makes this a great Scuba Diving gear? You know how sometimes you dive into the ocean, and the color gradient gets distorted, and you’re unable to get the true colorful depiction of the Coral reefs at the bottom?

Well, the manufacturers of this scuba diving gear took this into account and laced the lens with a membrane coat.

This membrane is designed to minimize glare and shield the Scuba diver from the Sun’s harmful Ultraviolet rays. Also, the coat ensures that deep into the water body, at approximately 10 feet, red color distortion is corrected, and at 20 feet, yellow color distortion is also corrected.

This color correction feature enables the Scuba diver to get an amazing colorful rendition of the Coral reefs on the sea bed.


  • High definition lens that blocks sun rays
  • Presence of a color coating membrane on the single lens
  • Rayblocker Lens corrects red and yellow color distortion at 10 to 20 feet, respectively
  • Presence of a standard glass lens
  • The silicone skirt is extremely subtle
  • The design provides the scuba diver with a wide field of view
  • The frame is super rigid in a teardrop shape


  • It has a single glass lens system, which means this model is lightweight.
  • The Lens will protect you against UV rays and the sun’s glare.
  • The lens corrects color at certain depths


  • It’s much more expensive than the other Scuba diving gear mentioned in the first and second spots.

One word for The SeaDive Oceanways Superview Freediving Mask, a masterpiece.

A classical standard feature of this scuba diving gear is its ability to give the scuba diver a colorful rendition of the Coral reef at the sea bed.

It is a powerful scuba diving gear that can effectively prevent the sun’s glare and protect the scuba diver from the UV rays they will encounter while diving into the ocean floor.

So, this is great gear for amateurs and professionals to use, and it is highly recommended for people who want to protect their eyes. Also, this is the best scuba diving gear for scuba divers who want to see colors in deep waters.

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4. Cressi NANO Expert Adult Mask – Best freediving mask with GoPro mount

Cressi again? Yes, Cressi, all the way! Their rich history of making high-end Freediving masks has produced top scuba diving gear since 1946.

This amazing run of experience in the production of Scuba diving equipment is why Cressi NANO Expert Adult Freediving Mask made it to the fourth spot in this review.

Like the Cressi Scuba diving gear we mentioned at the top of the Best Freediving Mask 2022 list, the Cressi Nano is built with raw materials of the best quality Italian scuba diving gear.

5 Of The Best Freediving Mask To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed
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We are pretty sure that this Freediving gear is a cult classic among freedivers; this is why it’s a favorite for us too, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to review it.

So what sticks out about this review? Cressi understands that its consumers desire a Freediving mask with a streamlined internal volume. So, in all their products, they consistently produce unique low internal volume Freediving face masks.

The Cressi Nano has a dual window design system so scuba divers can conveniently engage in spearfishing and Freediving. Another stand-out feature of the gear’s build is that the buckle system is sturdy and nearly unbreakable.

So if you’re looking for Freediving gear with a strong buckle, this is your plug. You can easily adjust the buckle through the carefully calibrated steps embedded into the strap.

You possibly can’t miss the comfort this bad boy provides and the flexibility? Oh, it’s a wee bit of a Scuba diver’s eureka.

Also, did we mention that the Italian Scuba Diving giant Cressi has two patents for this Cressi Nano? Yes, the Cressi Nano has 2 patents, talk about a bold step in the open sea.


  • The mask is hydrodynamic and innovative, providing the scuba diver with compact-shaped Scuba diving gear.
  • It has a low internal volume of “12.86 in2 | 83 cm2”
  • The buckle system is flexible, super strong, and indestructible. Cressi patented this buckle system, and the patent code is Cressi US 8281471 B2
  • It sports a dual-frame design that combines 2 frames that essentially reduces the volume of the unit Cressi patented this dual-frame system, and the patent code is Cressi US 20140013494 A1
  • An inverted teardrop lens design that is built for enhanced downward vision. Cressi patented this buckle system, and the patent code is Cressi US 6272693


  • The buckle system is unbreakable
  • Cressi filed 2 patents for this Freediving mask
  • Internal volume is super low


  • If you’re on a budget, this might not be the perfect fit since it comes at a pretty expensive price tag.

The Cressi Nano is an amazing unit for scuba divers that seek good Freediving gear that enhances downward vision. This improved visibility feature comes in handy when you’re in the water. You need a complete view of the aquatic environment without having to move your neck a lot for visibility.

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5. Zionor Freediving Mask – Best freediving mask for small face

We dug around to sample some consumer opinions about the Zionor Freediving Mask and discovered that the manufacturer (Zionor) is not too popular in the scuba diving community.

5 Of The Best Freediving Mask To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed

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However, this didn’t affect our review of their Scuba Diving gear, as the build and design made an instant impression on us. Hence facilitating its entry to the fifth spot on our list.

Coming in at number 5 on our list, Zionor is a certified scuba diving manufacturer, despite its startling unpopularity. Their trademark is the use of high-end materials in the production line of their Freediving gear. The level of technology implored in the masterful craftsmanship of their design is awe-inspiring.

A tempered glass system is incorporated into their dual window mask design. Like the SeaDive Oceanways Superview Freediving Mask, their mask is designed to fix color distortions at certain depths.

Trust this unique concept; the Freediver will be able to see the true beauty of the ocean. A valid inclusion into this unit! Also, it is shatterproof and scratch-resistant.

So, we listened to some complaints of some Scuba divers, who were disappointed with manufacturers not making Freediving masks that can compensate for their long or short-sighted vision.

If you fall within this category of Scuba divers, then you have struck gold with this scuba diving gadget. Upon contact before purchase, Zionor will make the necessary adjustments for your Scuba Diving gear to compensate for your eyesight.

The design-build has a high-end silicone skirt that is super durable and free of toxicity. Combining the strap with this amazing 100% silicone skirt system results in super watertight scuba diving gear.

The flexibility of the Silicone skirt allows scuba divers to purge their masks while they’re out at sea comfortably.

Have you ever encountered a situation where the sea currents annoyingly throw your mask off your head through slips? If you’re in this murky water, do not fret because Zionor’s strap is designed to hold firmly and prevent any slippages during the strongest sea currents.

How this works is that the current sea pressure is dispersed over both straps, resulting in a firm grip of the contours of your face.


  • This scuba diving gear sports a wide field of view and vivid visibility. The single window lens is designed to give the scuba diver an undistorted and wide vision during snorkel and scuba dive runs.
  • Safety and durability are incorporated into the unit’s design as the presence of the tempered glass lens guards against shattering and shattering
  • 100 % flexible silicone skirt along with a durable strap that automatically adjusts to suit facial contours and hold firm to the scuba diver’s head, respectively
  • It is specifically designed to field a low volume. When the scuba diver is diving, it is super easy to extract water from the unit, and the proximity of the single-lens to eye ratio makes it provide a wider view to the Freediver
  • There is a presence of liquid silicone, and its purpose is to eclipse the glass and provide a highly detailed sealing that prevents water from seeping into the unit

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Zionor Freediving Mask that earned it a spot in our list of Best Freediving Masks.


  • Prescribable lens suitable for people with visual impairment
  • Quality materials incorporated into its build
  • Quality dual technology straps that disperse pressure currents and prevent slippages


  • Not too popular in the Scuba Diving community

Although Zionor is an unpopular scuba diving gear manufacturer, we recommend this model for Scuba divers who want the luxury of scuba diving and Freediving without having to worry about the Freediving mask slipping off their head. 

For an amateur scuba diver, the fear associated with a Freediving mask slippage can be pretty terrifying. This is why this beauty comes in at 5th in our view.

📗 FAQs on Best Freediving Mask

Below are a few queries on Best Freediving Mask that everyone is expecting to answer, and I did include the same for my readers.

Can you freedive with a full face mask?

You cannot freedive wearing a full-face snorkeling mask.

Why do free divers use snorkels?

The main reason freedivers use snorkels is so they can breathe steadily and comfortably from the safety of the surface, while viewing underwater conditions.

Why are freediving fins so long?

Freediving fins are so long because longer blades displace more water per kick.

Are full face snorkeling masks dangerous?

If your snorkel equipment is well-designed and tested, it is safe to use.

Final Verdict

After carefully going through this review guide, we’re sure you’ll be calling your snorkel guide to book a cruise to your favorite snorkel location or scuba diving spot.

The Freediving masks we reviewed are of the highest quality, durable and progressive materials. We took time to review these Freediving masks, and we can confidently guarantee their sturdiness at sea.

There are some very cheap models you can purchase and some expensive ones depending on your budget and design appeal. Whatever your choice, be assured that we have vetted all the Freediving masks in this review. 

So, no need to go running around searching for the right gear to buy at a local scuba diving store when you can easily use the information in this review to search, purchase, and get your gear delivered to your doorstep or marine home.

Would you like to share your experiences or thoughts with us? Please give us a description in the comment section and interact without the Scuba diving community.

Happy holidays. 😎

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