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9 Of The Best Freelance Writing Websites To Try in 2022

As a freelance writer, you often find yourself in a dilemma on the best freelance writing websites. When you do a search online, you can find thousands of freelance writing sites that claim to be the best, offering high-paying writing gigs.  

While some of them may be genuine writing sites offering you decent work and rates, most sites are not, and that is why we decided to research and come up with a list of the best freelance writing sites just for you.  

You do not want to play the waiting game and waste your precious time. You see, in the world of freelance writing, time is more valuable than money. That is because it is a first-come, first-serve basis of you ending up with the top layer of work.  

Sadly, that is how it mostly works. However, the clients who prefer hiring the best in the field have deadlines for their projects that have to be met. Hence, they hire whoever comes in their way.  

How to choose the best freelance writing websites? 

Why do you want to let go of high-paying, genuine, and long-term projects? The most suitable way to find them would be to go through the highest-paying best freelance writing websites.

Here, you can find thousands of writing gigs that range from several topics like food, health, technology, personal life, and so on.  

You can find work based on any category you prefer. Besides, the WFH concept has gained immense popularity because of the pandemic that does not seem to go away, at least for now. You would want to cash in working from home and earning handsomely.  

Today, several firms and companies are outsourcing their work as it works cost-effectively for them. The pay for the writing and content creation tasks is quite good. The best way to ensure that the site is genuine is to go through the terms and conditions. 

A reliable writing site has its own policies to ensure fair play. Besides, they have strict terms for freelancers and clients. Usually, when you come across the sites, they come with two options: work or hiring.  

Apart from freelance writers, this post would be helpful for clients who are looking to hire top-notch writers who can perform their projects with enthusiasm. That is why we have compiled some of the best freelance writing websites on the internet for all of you. 

Apart from the terms & conditions, the payment and customer support also needs to be looked into. When you sign up for freelancing writing sites, you must ensure the above criteria. You can also go through their review on job sites to find out more about them.  

Best Freelance Writing Websites👌👌

Your writing profession and experience do not matter at all because these writing sites are beneficial for you in finding decent projects. You could be a blog writer, email writer, video scriptwriter, sportswriter, or even a seasoned editor searching for a part-time job. 

1. Contena 

We begin our quest for the best freelance writing websites with a fantastic find, Contena. Though it is a premium website that requires you to pay a small fee, the features, tools, and capabilities offered are genuinely one of a kind.  

Best Freelance Writing WebsitesThey don’t aim to be your ordinary job portal but want to push barriers and other stereotypes to ensure that they produce amazing gigs for freelance writers. The main feature of the site is the writing job finder.  

The writing job finder is able to collect the freelance writing jobs present around the world and provide them to you. Most of them include writing a small project or working on a multi-thousand deal eBook project.  

It also offers you several decent projects based on the kind of niche you are looking for. It could be technology or sports. Any topic that you want under the sun can be found using the freelance writing site.  

We noticed that you could save a lot of time because it is incredibly user-friendly. You do not have to spend a lot of time searching for the jobs that you want.

Using the alerts emails feature, you receive them to your email regularly so that you do not miss out on anything.  

You do not even have to go to the portal when searching for a job. That is because similar kinds of jobs are sent to your email, and you can choose the one that suits your needs, performance, and, most importantly, your budget.  

Whether you are a beginner or professional writer, you might be interested in some of the services that they offer to you. It includes courses where you are taught some nuances of writing better.  

They also coach you and provide pro rates that help you choose better-paying gigs. A notable feature on the site is published, where you can make your own portfolio using the tools. As you can see, it is a premium portal, but the benefits are immense for any freelance writer.  


  • The writing site is exceptionally user-friendly.  
  • The portal offers you the highest-paying writing gigs in the world.  
  • It has a wide range of tools that can help you out.  
  • It comes with several courses that enable new freelance writers to learn the niche.  
  • There is an affiliate program too that pays decently.  


  • Unfortunately, it is a paid service. 

Contena is one of the best freelance writing sites because it provides you with everything that you could possibly want to have. With the help of the barrage of site job search services and tools, you can find what is suitable for your requirement. 

2. Upwork 

Upwork is one of the finest freelance writing websites in the market today. It is highly suitable for new writers, freelancers, and even professional writers. Upwork is the result of two goliaths coming together in the name of oDesk and Elance.  

best freelance writing websites 1Today, you can find more than 15 million freelancers registered on the site, close to 8 million clients, and more than 4 million freelance jobs found annually. It really cannot get better than this.  

This portal would be the best freelance writing website if it weren’t for the average website design. You can find what you are looking for. It contains blogging writing gigs, copywriting jobs mentioned in there, and even technical document writing.  

These jobs require some experience for applying. So, please make sure to have at least 6 months of writing experience before applying for the jobs. The jobs are genuine, reliable, and the clients pay upfront for the tasks that they have assigned to you.  

The tasks are categorized into short-term gigs, long-term gigs, even hourly basis, if you may. It is incredibly user-friendly, and you can find what you are looking for instantly. The need to spend hours searching for what is suitable for your niche is not there.  

However, we did feel that the design could have been improved, but it is manageable. This site is an ideal platform for designing your portfolio when you have decided to become a freelancer for life.  

However, it can be a strenuous process because you have to learn the art of trade very quickly. Seasoned writers tend to enhance the existing portfolio by adding some items in there. This can prove costly for you.  

However, you can always find job listings on the site, and it is a matter of time before you get started. There is no reason to get overwhelmed because of anything. Everything takes its own time.  

Sadly, you will have to pay the site a fee of 20% of the payment for the first $500 you make through them. In some cases, you may have to pay close to $1 per job listing when you have not been invited.  


  • The design of the site is quite stunning and easy to browse.  
  • There is a wide range of job gigs found on them.  
  • It offers you several services and tools for working effortlessly.  
  • Its payment management is astonishing.  
  • The job listings are one of the highest in the world.  


  • Sadly, they charge you the highest fee for writing gigs.  

Upwork is a fantastic freelance writing platform that is ideal for beginners and professional writers to make a decent living.

As we have mentioned, they provide you with some of the highest job listings on them, and you can be assured of jobs throughout the year. 

3. Craigslist 

We know, many of you might not have expected Craigslist to be placed so high on a list of the best freelance writing websites. However, you will be surprised to know that it comes with tremendous potential to enable you to find the right kind of gigs.  

Though it may not help you find the best writing gigs, you never know what you could land up with. At times, you might want to use your instinct and dig up the hidden gold that was there right in front of you all the time.  

The user interface is quite simple and easy to move around on. You have two kinds of categories present on the website; they are jobs and gigs. You can browse through each of them if you like.  

In the jobs segment, you have the option for writing & editing. You might want to click on that and spend some time in research.

Now for those of you who are quite certain that you will waste your time, they might want to know that it comes with an extensive audience base.  

That is what got us going. You never know how many people will end up reading your article or post after you have published it. Freelance writers who have used this site say the same thing; they have made a good amount of cash.  

However, it took them some patience and dedication. You need to do some filtering and work smartly to find that you are not signing up with a scammer. Seasoned writers and internet users know how to find the red flags instantly.  

If you are a newcomer or a beginner in this field, don’t lose heart, you can do it with some research. Every day you must learn something.

That should be your objective. When you are residing in large cities in America like New York, Boston, Houston, and the like, you can rest assured that plenty of opportunities are lying around on the site, just for you.  


  • The website is easy to find and apply for writing gigs.  
  • The user interface is quite simple to use.  
  • It is helpful for multi-linguistic writers.  
  • It comes with a wide range of simple features for freelancers.  
  • The site is quite genuine and provides you with a massive audience.  


  • But you have to search based on the city.  

Craigslist may not be the best freelance writing website, period, but it can get you going, whether you are a new or a professional writer.

You need to spend some time on it to understand how things work around. Besides, you can find just about anything you are looking for; consider this as a bonus.  

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4. Contently 

When you are in search of a high-paying freelance writing site, then look no further. Contently would be your best freelance writing website in the market. Though it is an agency kind of firm, they can help you build your connection with corporations.  

best freelance writing websites 2 

Usually, corporations do not provide any sort of freelancing work as they are keen on the design, format, and style of the work to be done for them. Not to mention, they are also particular that the deadlines are met under any circumstances.  

However, it is possible to connect with the big boys like Microsoft and the like for small projects that pay handsomely on this site. There are a few things that you might want to know before jumping on the ship.  

Your portfolio needs to be top-notch, and you need to be a pro at this. Unless they feel so, you may not be able to search for gigs on their site.

You would be delighted to know that their pay rates are the highest globally, ranging from $.75-$1 per word.  

Some small projects can fetch you $500 minimum at least. When a particular client is keen on working with you, they communicate through email. You will want to design a solid portfolio for your work.  

Don’t forget to keep an eye on your other sites’ gigs as well. That is because it is going to take a very long time to begin work. However, you might not want to depend on a single client for getting work, be flexible.  

Not to mention, their writers are exceptional, and you find yourself improving on your work. However, the revisions, and corrections at times, can be highly annoying to do. We don’t mean to discourage newcomers. 

You may want to have a few years of experience in this field before applying. However, seasoned writers with over 5-10 years can consider applying because your chances of landing up with a gig are quite high on this site.  


  • The user interface is good.  
  • The pay for the writing gigs is the best in the industry, coming at $1/word.  
  • You get to work for Microsoft and others.  
  • This immensely strengthens your portfolio on other sites.  
  • Your writing steadily improves if you work with top writers.  


  • The site needs you to have a solid portfolio to get started. 

Contently is a good writing site for experienced writers who are ready to take the next jump. When you feel that you want to get on the hard mode, this agency is one of the best freelance writing sites as you get to work with top companies and writers. 

5. Freelancer.com 

Freelancer.com has been going on relatively strong for more than a decade. That itself speaks volumes about the writing site. It is similar to Upwork that we read above. That means it is quite easy to start getting work through the site.  

GET IT DONE on Freelancer.com

You need to design your own profile, apply for jobs, and then get hired. As writers, you can get paid for it. We found the main benefit of this site is that it comes with thousands of freelance jobs.  

You have an abundance of jobs that can lead to confusion at times. Some writers have claimed that they are unable to keep track of their bids for the writing tasks and hence end up losing few projects. 

The jobs are based on hourly and fixed dates. We suggest that you go for the fixed date kind of projects as they are simple to work on and the pay is good. Besides, you can make use of the additional time, ensuring that you do a decent job that requires no revision from the client.  

It is one of the best freelance writing websites for newcomers and beginners. We are not surprised to notice that it has the highest number of registered users. The registration is free, of course. This would be the ideal site for getting started and paid too.  

Once you are given a project to work on, you are charged with 5% and 10% as commission. Sadly, you can apply for 8 bids for free of cost in a month. After that, you have to pay 10% of the project fees when you land up with gigs from them.  


  • The registration is free.  
  • The portal offers several thousand job gigs.  
  • You have a wide range of writing niches on it.  
  • It comes with contests where you stand to design a solid portfolio.  
  • The site is most suitable for newcomers and beginners who want to earn a living through freelancing.  


  • Users have to pay fees through the projects.  

Freelancer.com is an excellent site to find some reliable work for a newcomer. If you are alright with the endless bidding and the commissions that you have to end up paying them, then there is no reason why not to start up today itself.  

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6. ProBlogger 

ProBlogger is a legitimate site that provides you with sufficient writing tasks and projects. Of course, you will want to ensure that you do your own research before delving into the work. You will be delighted to know that the blog was begun by a popular blogger, Darren Rowse. 

Darren is a popular individual among bloggers in the world, and he has been successfully running this blog for more than a decade. You know that the site is genuine and offers you writing gigs that actually pay.  

The user interface and registration process are quite simple. That is a good thing because it is straightforward. You can instantly browse for the jobs and then apply for them if you want. The best way to use these best freelance writing sites would be to act immediately.  

The writing gigs get wrapped within 24 hours. You may want to put up an attractive application because that is the key to get your client’s attention. Consider it more of a resume application to your clients.  

You can mention how you can help the client with the projects. Another exciting feature on the site is that they provide you with the website needed for content writers. Writers who tend to do these small things can succeed on a site like ProBlogger.  

There are a ton of writing gigs possible on the site. If you look at it, you can get lost with the flow of it. Hence, the manner in which you plan for sites like this one, Freelancer, and Upwork will have a big say on your success rate.  


  • It is free to use.  
  • There is no signup needed, and you can directly apply for the writing gigs.  
  • Its user interface is free and suitable to use for you. 
  • The site has a good reputation in the market.  
  • You can find some steady clients who offer decent pay rates. 


  • We are not sure about beginners, but seasoned writers can definitely succeed here.  

ProBlogger is a good site that is the ideal stop for seasoned and experienced writers. When you want to succeed, you will want to ensure that you use the portal. If you look closely and apply with intent, there are plenty of jobs to apply and work on.  

7. Freelance Writing Jobs 

Freelance Writing Jobs is also known as FWJ. It was called Freelance Writing Gigs FWG, and that is why they came up with the website. They keep updating their site throughout the week, and you can find a barrage of writing gigs in there.  

We felt that it is exceptionally ideal for beginners and newcomers who want to make a living. Besides, you may use the filters present on the website to help you choose the kind of niche you want to find work for.  

Yes, it can be a time-consuming process, but that is quite common in this industry. It is all about landing that first gig to get things started. But, if you are a seasoned player, then you can find things relatively smooth and quick.  

Please do note that it is not similar to that of Upwork and others. Hence, you need to be on your toes to ensure that the writing gig you are applying for is genuine and you get paid for it. That is because it depends on the opportunity that you are applying to.  

Besides, they have some outstanding services and tools that beginners might find helpful, like the archive and tips. Overall, it is a good site that you can search for to find the best freelance writing gigs in the market.  


  • The user interface is massive.  
  • Most of the gigs are based on writing.  
  • It is an ideal platform to start for beginner writers. 
  • The clients are genuine, and the scammers are significantly lesser.  
  • You can find writing gigs from around the world. 


  • Sadly, the writing gigs are slightly lesser when compared to other writing sites. 

Freelance Writing Jobs is one of the best freelance writing sites suitable for beginners and professionals. You can find a wide range of writing gigs that pay quite handsomely, and most of the clients are genuine. 

8. Textbroker 

Textbroker is an agency that has been in business since 2005. You know that they are a legitimate firm who have more than 10000 freelancers working for them throughout America. It is highly suitable for new writers who are looking to begin their writing careers.  

best freelance writing websites 3The agency first conducts a test or makes you write a sample for them. Once their team of editors is satisfied with your work, they hire you, and writing gigs are assigned for you. You can browse through content like press releases, blogs, product descriptions, web copy, white paper, etc.  

You will be astounded to know that they deliver close to 100,000 orders in a month. That is remarkable indeed. Besides, they provide you with authorship too, enabling you to make money for your work.  

Would you please do realize that their own team of editors gives your content a rating? So, you may want to ensure that your work is top-notch so that your ratings are between 4-5 stars. This helps you to gain popularity among the clients.  

That is why you might want to keep an eye on the ratings provided to you by their editors. You can sign up on the site for free and verify your citizenship. This feature is mandatory. Then you will need to provide them with your samples for them to rate. 

Whether you are a beginner or a professional writer, you will find their “Expert Tips” quite handy. It includes Hire Freelance Writers, Blog Writing Services, Buy SEO Articles, and so on. There is also a “Resources” option that provides for Client Blog, Client Tutorials, Client FAQs, and the like.  

They provide you with the option of working with their team. The clients send you the work, and you can completely concentrate on the work. They handle the payment and workflow. This aspect of it is better for serious and professional writers.  

This site offers you a sublime mode of WFH. You do not have to worry about the payment as they make it weeks through PayPal. All in all, it is a fantastic place to begin for beginners and professionals as well.  

Initially, you are paid less, and most of the writing gigs do not pay high, either. But there is an abundance of work, meaning that you will not lose out any time and can work as long as you can.   


  • The user interface is quite intuitive and pleasant.  
  • You will find it simple to begin your work.  
  • The site is most suitable for those wanting to design a portfolio.  
  • It comes with a barrage of services and tools for writers.  
  • The wiring gigs are genuine and well-paid.  


  • Sadly, it requires you to write samples that are not payable.  

Textbroker is a one-of-a-kind freelance writing site where you can find what you are looking for. The site comes with exceptional features, services, and other elements that are quite helpful for any budding writer waiting to start their career.  

9. FreelanceWriting.com 

FreelanceWriting.com has been in the writing business since 1997. That is a long time and more than 2 decades. You can just imagine how good the best freelance writing sites should be today.  

It comes with gigs that include content, copywriting, journalism, and blogging from several clients globally. You can find projects from sites like Craigslist and BloggingPro. You can straight away go in and check it out. 

It does not require any signup. You can make use of the services provided on the site and find what you are looking for. You will be delighted to know that the site comes with a barrage of writing contests for writers worldwide.  

It lets you know where you stand and how good your skills are with the current market. That immensely helps with your writing talent. The site is ideal for beginner writers who want to make a mark in this competitive industry.  

Sadly, once you browse through their website, you will find that things are not streamlined. This is a common issue with most of the freelance writing sites found today. There is a proper method to submit your application for the project and then be paid for it.  


  • It comes with an excellent user interface. 
  • It is free to use.  
  • You do not have to sign up.  
  • There is an abundance of jobs to find on the portal. 
  • The site saves you time as you can find tons of jobs on it. 


  • As it is quite popular, you will face stiff competition for jobs. 

FreelanceWriting.com probably is one of the best freelance writing sites where you can find gigs. The site comes with exceptionally outstanding tasks to work and earn some money. You will be glad to know that the site needs no signup, but you will face intense competition from around. 

What does a freelance writer do?  

A freelance writer is somebody who wants to work legitimately and earn a decent living. Freelancing has been gaining immense popularity since the pandemic struck the world. Today, you can find even the most seasoned players wanting to WFH.  

It enables them to stay at home and take care of elderly parents, pets, and, most importantly, young kids. No longer do you have to pay fat fees to your nanny when you can do everything yourself.  

It does not get any better. You can take pride in the fact that you are self-employed and earning your own living through clients. You can sell your services or talents to do their work according to their satisfaction.  

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How to Make More Money as an SEO Consultant or Freelancer
What are the kinds of freelance writing?  

There is a wide range of freelance writing that you can do with the help of the best freelance writing sites. You can, for example, do blog writing that is the easiest and pays well too. You basically design content for businesses, personal blogs, and others.  

There is also copywriting, content writing, and also email writing. In email writing, you specialize in creating content for a business, as in a business proposal. SEO writing deals with designing content for a website that wants to rank better on search engines. 

You have website content that is designing content for the websites. Usually, clients pay writers well for coming up with unique content for their websites. A website is the main connection between the visitor and the business. So, the content must be immersive.  

Lastly, you have social media writing that deals with writing content for social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. It includes coming up with content for YouTube.  

How to find the best freelance writing websites? 

The ultimate way to find the best freelance writing websites would be to spend plenty of time researching on the internet. As you know, the internet is a vast field that has the ability to provide you with tons of ways to earn a decent living.  

You can find genuine, reliable, and legitimate jobs and plenty of scammers too. That is why you might want to be on your guard always. This enables you to ensure that you find the right kind of clients who pay you on time.  

The best way to find genuine clients who actually pay would be to make use of the above sites. These sites are approved by millions of users who have earned, and some make a handsome living off them.  

It just takes some practice to get started. Please do not get disheartened or frustrated when things do not go your way. Great writers started small before hitting the million-dollar mark. Be patient with yourself; you can do it in no time.  

What is the ideal way to start your freelance writing career?  

If you are yet to begin your career in freelance writing, then there is no need to worry about it. Besides using the best freelance writing sites, you may want to make use of some smart ideas that can set the dice rolling.  

These ideas can help you to make massive inroads.  

Testimonials are a keep for a lifetime:- Always make sure to place your testimonials safe with you. Client feedback is probably the only thing that can help connect a potential client with you. It does not matter whether the feedback is positive or negative. Your true working capabilities are expressed there.  

A little bit of marketing goes a long way:- You may want to be active on social media. Tons of jobs are posted on Facebook and Twitter as well. You would be astounded to know that several major gigs are found on social media. Though a few of them might be scams, most of them are reliable.  

Begin with blogs:- You can perhaps start by writing a personal blog or post about yourself. That would be the best sample that you can provide to your potential clients. You can post it on the best freelance writing websites.

Most of the clients tend to prefer the true identity of the writer. Be true to yourself. There is nothing wrong with getting bashed initially; consider it as a learning process.  

Do not lose hope:- Never lose hope in a field that pays well. Now, you do not want to focus on the monetary gains initially. The richest men on earth took several years of hard work, perseverance, and pain in their aspect of work. So, you might want to do the same with freelance writing.  

Final, Insights 

There you go; we have ended our discussion on the best freelance writing websites. We sincerely wish that you were able to find the best sites to find suitable writing jigs. With some perseverance & dedication, you can definitely find them.  

When you have decided to freelance your writing skills, then you can make a handsome living out of these writing sites. On the bright side, you don’t have to give answers to your manager or boss anymore.  

You run things, and you are in charge of your work. Henceforth, you get to choose your timings, writing projects, the rate for your work, and so on. With a little planning and effort, you can make these things happen in no time.  

From a writing firm perspective, they can find a writer who offers their writing services at affordable quotes. As you can see, this is a win-win situation for everybody. If you have felt that this post was incredibly useful for you, please don’t hesitate to share it with a friend. 

Perhaps a colleague or somebody you know who wants to dive into the deep world of freelance writing. If you feel that we could improve on some aspects of the post or have advice for us, please do communicate with us through the comments.  

Remember to have fun with the best freelance writing websites.