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11 Of The Best Gacha Games Ruling The Mobile Games World

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Mobile games have reached the stage where it is more than just having a fun time! Gacha is one of those genres in the gaming industry. They originated from East Asia, i.e., Japan, to be precise.

The term gacha is derived from the Japanese word – Gashapon, in which a person can win a random prize from a blind box or a capsule. Also known as Gacha, or Gasha, today, you will discover many best gacha games widespread in the mobile app world.

Primarily, the gacha mechanic offers new characters, skills, and progression. A player has to spend plenty of time creating offbeat teams to undertake particular challenges. 

These games usually have short missions that one can quickly complete in a few minutes. However, you will also discover certain impossible tasks that demand a robust setup of synergistic techniques and upgrades to beat them.

The general format of most of the Gacha games is as follows:

  • Mobile-friendly play levels or missions to complete promptly
  • Earning coins
  • Spending coins to get Gacha rewards
  • Utilizing the rewards to gain more power
  • Playing more difficult missions

Best Gacha Games To Play – Our Top Pick 👌

1. Dragalia Lost 

Video game industry rulers Nintendo and Cygames co-developed and launched this action RPG called Dragalia Lost in September 2018.

The captivating story and astounding graphics of Dragalia Lost have won the hearts of several mobile gamers. Within a few months, it has been a commercial hit.

Best Gacha Games To Play

This Gacha game has a fantasy theme: humans fight with dragons to infuse an astounding battleground. The gameplay of Dragalia Lost boasts vibrant display, a phenomenal storyline, and other perks you earn while playing this game. Hallelujah!

This game is verily gaining popularity with every passing year and offering a lot to entice gamers. Load it now and cherish its features along with its amazing graphics display.

The game also collaborated with another famous mobile game – Fire Emblem Heroes, to rejoice in its success.


  • The top-notch character designs are eye-catching.
  • Also, the action is sleek and smooth bound together with a delightful J-pop soundtrack.
  • You can use items accumulated in battles to upgrade your characters, boosting their base HP, Might, Strength, and level. 
  • One can download and play this game for free.


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180802 Dragalialost store ENG

2. Final Fantasy VI

Another hit in our list of best Gacha games is Final Fantasy. It’s a gaming franchise with no introduction needed to fans of the role-playing game niche.

If you are a JRPG fan and love the traditional turn-based game format from the classical gaming generations, you can’t miss it! The game is presented by Square Enix publishers and developers Alim.


The key feature of this fantastic mobile game is unlocking the characters from old Final Fantasy games. Brave Exivus clocked plays on rotation that you can use to update your existing characters and unlock other characters.

The Android version of this game even covers all of its series ranging from OG Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy IX, ARPG Gacha Game Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and Final Fantasy Dimensions and Tactics. This Gacha game is pretty worth it! Thus, we highly recommend installing it up on your mobile. 


  • It is one of the best Gacha games hailed by many users.
  • Video game lovers will get to revive the old-world charm by playing almost all of the OG Final Fantasy games on their Android smartphones.
  • Final Fantasy weaves an unusual story with Gacha mechanics and exploration mechanics.
  • This gacha game is available on both Android and iOS devices.


  • Some of the ported games do not port properly.
  • It is not a free game; the versions range from $2 to $19.99. 

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3. Fire Emblem Heroes 

Nintendo ventured into the gacha games world with Fire Emblem Heroes, and as usual, it did a pretty good job too. The gameplay is composed so players have to splurge cash to unlock new characters or play longer.

Best Gacha Games To Play

You will find a wide range of soldiers to use in your combat, such as ranged archers, ax-wielding knights, and mages with healing spells.

You will even see many characters to summon from the Fire Emblem game. Also, there are distinct maps that need different tactics.

It is a relatively rock-solid game loaded with plenty of exciting stuff. The colorful and fun graphics keep the players involved and attract many new gamers. Similar to console games, you will be utilizing RPG mechanics in this video game. 

You will also love this game as it is relatively F2P friendly and pleasant to play throughout the gameplay. The further you advance, the game gets pretty tricky. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Fire Emblem Heroes that earned it a spot in our list of best gacha games on mobile To Play.


  • This Gacha game incorporates a wide range of modes.
  • Players can also play the game through each story mission at various difficulty levels.
  • You will find creating a variety of teams with distinct tactical pursuits. 
  • Fire Emblem Heroes is available to download for free.


  • The game has expensive in-app purchases.
  • Fire Emblem Heroes require a more reliable grinding system.

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Fire Emblem Heroes - Book IV Movie

4. Another Eden – The Cat Beyond Time And Space

It is the latest game in the mobile Gacha gaming world. Legendary Masato Kato developed this game, which revolutionized the mobile gaming genre.

11 Of The Best Gacha Games Ruling The Mobile Games World

This gacha game features a 2D side-scrolling design that seamlessly flows from one location to another. Further, the game’s artwork is gorgeous and vibrant with colors. The epic store of this game seems extraordinary and unique as well.

"Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space" Launch Trailer

Another Eden has similar events as you will see in Chrono Trigger (if you had played that one), such as design elements, time travel, other stories, etc.

These 26 chapters of the video game have a map for the gamer to handle and explore the gameplay. Also, you can interlock in story levels, such as early console JRPGs, rather than the traditional and regular mission-style game.

Hence, Another Eden Gacha game boasts everything that any RPG fan desires to play.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of Another Eden that earned it a spot in our list of best gacha games on android To Play.


  • Another Eden has an engaging storyline, fabulous graphics, and a generous Gacha system. 
  • The gameplay seldom ceases to load screens, and moving from one location to the next is seamless and provides a real-time experience.
  • The game does not attempt to force players to spend money to progress to further missions.
  • You can download this game for free.


  • This game requires manual saving, as auto-saves can be frustrating.
  • The game requires updates and more developments on the Gacha elements. 

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5. BattleChasers – NightWar

By downloading this mobile game, you get a chance to enjoy an award-winning JRPG that gives a comprehensive mobile RPG experience.

The level of intricate details throughout the game will keep you motivated to explore, waiting to encounter other gorgeous characters or landscapes right around the gameplay.

It has perfectly polished and complete gameplay that starts with a strong overworld charged with hidden cells to traverse, classic bosses to defeat, and various surprises down the lane.

All the favorites from the JRPG genre are the inspiration behind this turn-based combat. The gameplay has a sprawling and dense world to explore that swarms with enemies to do battle with.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar - Mobile Edition // Official Trailer

Besides, you can upgrade your team’s weapons, armor, and magical jewelry with its deep crafting elements. The Nightwear game also consists of many exciting activities, such as specialized hunts and fishing minigames.

The RPG, story, and characters are all of top-notch quality. The Nightwear game possesses wholly developed characters and a compelling narrative based on a graphic novel having the same title.

This gacha game is a real treat, even for a casual gaming fan.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The BattleChasers – NightWar that earned it a spot in our list of best gacha mobile games.


  • Genuinely, this game is ideal for all those hunting for a game that has a modern twist to the classic ARPG formula.
  • Dungeons in the game are flourishing with soft-focus background and foreground elements. 
  • The different 3D-modeled objects are bizarre and visually distinct. 
  • You will get a unique gacha gaming experience with possible attacks, abilities, status effects, and perks in this game.
  • This game doesn’t require in-app purchases or paid DLC from users.


  • The game starts crashing sometimes.
  • You have to purchase this mobile game app.

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6. Epic Seven

Epic Seven offers different vibes and excitement while completing the missions. Several players have acknowledged the engagement rate they experienced from this game. 

It is a hybrid type, appealing, and catchy game and has an integration of Mecha with CGI and anime stuff. There are a variety of funny stories that will keep you occupied. Further, the Gacha system is great and fun too. 

[Epic Seven Re:Birth] Play the new Epic Seven now!_30S

All the heroes in this game will level up independently and possess their own gear slots and stats.

By using summons, players can acquire new heroes. You get one free daily though you can also spend some real cash on it. (However, spending money is not mandatory.)

Getting a duplicate hero is the highlight of this game that can be a good option for many. This option will enable you to combine them with add XP and give you a chance to unlock a permanent upgrade. Other features of this game are a massive number of events and a highly active community. 

Hence, the exciting gameplay of this Gacha game will make you abandon whatever you have at hand, but just try out this game.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Epic Seven that earned it a spot in our list of best gacha games mobile.


  • This game is of good quality, and it does a great job.
  • The incredible graphical display and funny storylines keep everyone glued to the gameplay.
  • Every hero gets three skill sets in this game.
  • Also, its navigation system is reasonably overly simplified.
  • It will offer various loot and currencies while playing daily quests, milestones, and much more.


  • This game consists of a bewildering amount of currencies.

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7. Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2

This is a well-known RPG series available mostly on PlayStation and Nintendo consoles. However, recently it also got a mobile RPG version. 

This role-playing game revolves around a collection and demons fighting. Besides, the game has a lot of events, simple RPG mechanics, and a variety of other perks that most of the gacha games genre present.

Best Gacha Games To Play

Shin Megami Tensei also incorporates above-average storytelling and decent cut scenes, as the game’s fans must have seen on its console counterparts. 

Lastly, you will also find PvP elements and other typical gacha stuff on this mobile game. The game will catch the eye and attention of avid mobile game lovers!


  • The game boasts more than 160 characters to utilize and summon. 
  • Combat is the core of this game in which demons and monsters fight each other by applying special abilities.
  • Its stylish interface, vertical format, and exceptional attention to audio-visual detail make it a standout Gacha game. 
  • The game comes up with English subtitles.


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8. Marvel Strike Force

Time to revel for Avengers fans! This game by Marvel gives new life to gacha by infusing its famous superheroes and lineup into the game series.

You can enjoy owning this friendly and awesome Marvel Strike Force game for those who want less dose of the anime RPGs. 

You will fight villains with your favorite heroes such as Thor, Iron man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, and many more.

Marvel Strike Force 3.7 App Preview Trailer

Simple yet addictive to play, this Gacha mobile game is ideal for the casual player who wants to spend some RL time but also enjoy a good RPG game. 

So, pump up your Marvel spirits by taking part in actions you always dreamed of while watching Marvel movies!

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Marvel Strike Force game that earned it a spot in our list of Best Gacha Games To Play.


  • A few characters in Marvel Strike Force are not as challenging to achieve as in other games in this article.
  • The game features mild yet fun combat missions with no blood and gore shown.
  • It has cinematic animations with actions based on the weapons and abilities of the characters.
  • This game is available for both iOS and Android users.


  • It is not a hard-core Asian-styled gacha game.
  • The game has some bugs in it.

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9. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius 

It is one of the game versions from the Final Fantasy gacha game series developed by Square Enix. Similar to other games from this series, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is also good enough to attract Gacha game freaks! You will find it one step ahead of other games. 


This game features a long storyline, a myriad of special events, many units to summon, and various other things to have an extraordinary time.

Additionally, this game consists of a lot of crossovers with other Square Enix properties to offer an additional dosage of nostalgia to players.

The combat mode presents quite a depth, and players can even travel into dungeon-like areas and towns to find hidden treasures and casual battles.

Dungeons are not particularly complicated, yet they are surely more than we normally get from this game style. Besides, the dungeons and towns are long enough in this Gacha game that it can take a couple of minutes to explore. 

The game incorporates a stamina meter, tons of ingredients to collect at home, limited inventory space, and random gacha draws. There is also an option to utilize your friend’s character in combat. Besides, a free-play gamer will often get the premium currency.

So, if you are a fan of the Fantasy Games series, you must also try this Gacha game.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Final Fantasy Brave Exvius that earned it a spot in our list of Best Gacha Games To Play.


  • Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a very F2P-friendly game.
  • The game is turn-based jRPG-style combat with the typical pattern of special abilities. 
  • It is dialogue-heavy and fully featured as characters have more choices in battle.
  • This gacha game is available for free on both Google Play Store as well as Apple Store.


  • The GUMI quality control and their update structure are quite frustrating.
  • You will get ads and in-app purchase recommendations in this game.

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10. Honkai Impact 3rd

If you are looking for an excellent Gacha game, do not give it a miss. This game has one-of-a-kind features, just like you will discover in any other Gacha game mentioned in this list. 

The polished graphics are the highlight of this game. This anime role-playing game (RPG) has female heroes involved in perpetual combat. 

It comes up with the main storyline and a metric ton of additional content. The storytelling and character development techniques are fantastic, as many game developers fail to get both rights in one game. 

v3.8 [Dawn of Glory] Trailer - Honkai Impact 3rd

It is a remarkable single-player story with excellent voice-acting performances and open-world exploration. Honkai Impact 3rd game incorporates interpreted action RPG style mechanics, spinning special events, and several other stuff to enhance the gaming experience. Further, you will summon characters, team up, and defeat the evil gang in it.

Lastly, the game allows the players within the app to chat and send text messages to fellow players. You can also share in-game screenshots through your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter handles. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Honkai Impact 3rd  that earned it a spot in our list of Best Gacha Games To Play.


  • The flawless and pleasant graphics of this Gacha game won the hearts of many gamers out there.
  • This gacha game comes with English subtitles to make the storyline easy to understand while playing.
  • There is no blood-shedding even though the characters use guns, swords, and energy weapons, as most action scenes are cartoon-styled. 
  • Honkai Impact 3rd is available on both iOS and Android devices.
  • You can download this game for free.


  • This gacha game sexualizes the female characters, which makes it unsuitable for kids.
  • The game has some in-app purchases.

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Mechanics of gacha Games

gacha games are much more similar to those collectible card games (CCGs). Many times, gamers have to spend a lot of money to win the best types of cards and improve their decks while playing collectible card games. The items a player can get from a spin make a direct impact on the style of your playing. 

The CCGs allow you to purchase a single rare card from other collectors in the game. On the other hand, if we talk about gacha games, there is normally no method to buy individual items in these games.

The spinning process is related to unlocking a loot box in Western titles in the Gacha games format. Hence, in gacha games, loot boxes are usually a primary game mechanic. 

However, the main gameplay mechanics can differ recklessly since this monetization system can fit with any gacha game.

For instance, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a turn-based role-playing game, whereas Puzzles and Dragons is a matching puzzle game. Nevertheless, when it comes to picking up powers and characters, you will find gacha-based mechanics in both of these games.


What is the most popular Gacha game?

There is a range of popular Gacha games with interesting storylines and attractive graphics. You will love to play Final Fantasy VI, Epic Seven, Marvel Strike Force, Fire Emblem Heroes, Dragalia Lost, and Honkai Impact 3rd.

Why are mobile games Gacha?

In mobile Gacha games, you can spend in-game currency to win random in-game items and progress to the next level. You won’t just earn these currencies throughout your gameplay but can also buy some with real money directly from the game publisher.

Is Arknights a Gacha game?

Yes. Arknights is a single-player Gacha game with a set of puzzles on each level. It is available on both Apple Play and Google Play Store.

What was the first ever Gacha game?

Dragon Collection is the first Gacha card battler game. Invented in 2010, this Japanese game is available on GREE’s mobile-first social channel.

Why is it called Gacha?

The term Gacha originated from “gachapon” or “gashapon.” It is a toy capsule vending machine commonly found in shopping malls and convenience stores in Japan. Hence, the name Gacha games came into existence.



Amidst this lockdown period, one thing that can keep you occupied is these gacha games. No doubt, these gaming apps are your best bet in many ways. Take your pick from the above list of best gacha games and enjoy the Japanese action!