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7 Best Gaming Browsers – A Lot Faster Than Chrome

If you are a passionate gamer, you will have an idea how much of a nuisance it is when your browser lags behind and eventually leads your game to an unexpected loss. Gaming is meant to be experienced effortlessly and smoothly.

For operating your gaming experience with utmost ease, choosing the right browser for yourself is a mandatory custom. 

To end your worries about choosing the right browser for your gaming journey, we will list down some of the best browsers available, so that you can face no turbulences while you’re the king at the play.

Check out these amazing gaming browsers and their even more attractive features to let the gamer in you make the best choice for you.

Best Gaming Browsers – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. Opera GX

One of the best Gaming browsers that one could think about when it comes to gaming is definitely Opera GX. From the moment you get your hands on this software, you will already feel like a part of their gaming world.

Opera GX, luckily enough, still uses similar Chromium-based internals which is packed with marvelous, exciting features for its users. Its easy UI makes the software way much more appealing than one could think of.

This browser makes sure its users do not go through any sort of performance bumps while surfing through their application on their device. You could get your hands on this device on some of the well-known operating systems, viz. Windows and macOS. 

Opera GX makes use of its innovative features, like, RAM, CPU, and network limiters to deliver a refined user experience to anyone possible.

7 Best Gaming Browsers - A Lot Faster Than Chrome

It is an ideal browser for all gamers with a red-black background and interfaces all throughout, that are undoubtedly open to customization by its users. You will get access to a handful of themes from which you can enhance the platform in your own way.  

People often misjudge interface with only visualization being involved in it but often miss out on how much sound effects, too, can create a difference in the user experience on a website.

Don’t worry, Opera GX has not forgotten about the sound effects and hence, has in store for you a bunch of built-in sound effects that could make your experience even more thrilling and amusing.

The sound quality of the same can be expected to be quite impressive as all the sound effects have been composed by industry-leading artists, who have bagged marvelous awards at the BAFTA Games Awards. You will, in no way, miss out on anything when it comes to experiencing the quality of the various effects that you are going to encounter.

You will face a real breakthrough if you are a Razer Chroma user when it comes to handling the RGB on your PC. Opera has integration with Razer Chroma and thus gives you the power to effortlessly take a charge of the accessories you own and tune the RGB lighting on your PC as well.

Opera GX lets you come easily in touch through the quick access bar with platforms like Twitch, Messengers, Discord, Players, and many more so that you can chat, stream, get updates, or perform any task that might seem necessary while gaming.

As aforementioned, the GX Control lets you have access to the CPU and Ram limiter. So, in case your typical browsers fail to come up with refined results, you can get the way out to alter the RAM usage and CPU usage of the browser of the concerned tabs that are in use of the FX Control. 

Best Gaming Browsers

Opera GX comes with a quite potent feature named ‘Hot Tab Killer’. Through this option, the resource-thirsty tabs get eliminated that could have been harmful to your device. However, always be sure of keeping a check on the important tabs as they might get killed/eliminated too with the dangerous ones.

With Opera GX, you could get your hands on an in-built ad blocker facility, thus removing the hassle of getting an ad-blocker extension that you might have needed in some other browser.

This platform puts users’ privacy over all other issues and thus has come up with its individual VPN to conceal identities. By connecting to familiar servers like America, Asia, and Europe, you can bring in the possibility of having to have lesser ads than usual in other browsers. 

With the help of the GX Cleaner feature, you can clean up Cookies, Cache, and also the Tab data and make your gaming experience better and faster.

Introducing Opera GX - first GAMING BROWSER!

2. Brave Browser

If you are looking for one of the best gaming browsers to ensure privacy at its utmost level possible while you are gaming or doing any random activity on the net, then Brave Browser (Download Here ) might be the right call for you.

The Brave Browser comes with impressive efficiency and a very light framework that will require the bare minimum resources to function, thus, leaving behind a bag of resources to run your games on.

You also get access to its in-built ad blocker, cookies blocker, malware, and phishing protection, cross-site tracking blocker, and comes with an absolute anonymous network routing.

Best Gaming Browsers 1

Importing bookmarks, extensions, and saved passwords has never been easier. Lesser ads indicate lesser distractions and other engagements while you are at a crucial point in gaming, and thus, you tend to give in your best performance at it. The increased efficiency on this platform lets the gamers go lag-free and experience the smoothest game possible.

The Brave Browser keeps itself updated at the top of the trends and hence, also supports various games that are based on NFT such as Axie Infinity. This is bound to attract a lot of users because of the cryptocurrency concept involved.

You could even have a safe and secure crypto-based wallet to easily buy, send, swap, and store the crypto assets you possess. Earning crypto tokens has also been made feasible by opting into the first-party ads, which are quite trustworthy in privacy concerns. 

Brave browser owns around 50 million users worldwide and is a free-to-download browser for your Android system, desktop, or even iOS. This Browser can be a good option to keep under consideration and head towards a better gaming experience all the way long.

3. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a quite renowned and efficient browser that has been in the market for a really long time now. The upgrades have made the software way more durable and efficient to deliver a refined user experience. 

Well, on not being one of the Chromium-based browsers like Chrome, Edge, and the other well-known browsers, this software lets you avoid the memory-clogging nature of your default browser.

The Chromium-based browsers are the ones that add on as many processes or even more as the number of tabs that are opened on the browser. For instance, if you have opened 10 tabs, then the browser adds 10 or more processes to your system. Each of these tabs and extensions functions as an independent program that escalates the amount of pressure on the resources that run the system. 

On the other hand, Firefox uses only 4 processes, no matter how many tabs or extensions are in use. This lets your browser be more efficient and brings in an enhanced experience. 

7 Best Gaming Browsers - A Lot Faster Than Chrome

Mozilla Firefox says a “NO” when privacy concerns are being discussed at the table. With Firefox, you need not worry about the various scams that you might get trapped in because of visiting the wide range of websites. 

Such gaming browsers provide an in-built blocking feature that will block any sort of threatening piece of code it might encounter.

Customization is also possible regarding privacy concerns that you could get resolved by using Firefox. When you get your hands on Firefox, you can ensure getting access to the Extension Library, which might otherwise be a tough game to find on other browsers. 

These extensions provide you with a wide range of facilities that help you tackle real-life challenges. A very common example that we could cite for you is the Multi-Account Container feature that enables its users to work on many accounts on the same platform.

With the help of this software, you could avoid the hectic conversion from a normal browser to going incognito for signing in to a new account.

One of the most fascinating features that help Firefox attract a lot of users is its open-source nature. This open-source feature of Firefox inspires a bunch of developers from all around the globe to make the Chromium project even better and make it a distinguished one of its kind.

Well, to bring it to your notice, Google Chrome, Opera GX, Microsoft Edge, and many other renowned browsers do use the same project as well. Being an open-source platform is a huge added advantage to all the users as well as the developers.

As a result of this feature, the software is expected to be showered with updates and upgrades to make the platform head towards betterment even more.

Mozilla Firefox could be easily downloaded on your Desktop, Android, or iOS operating systems for free, and get ready to dive into a world of real gaming and adventure.

3. Avast Security Browser

As you could already make a guess from the name, Avast Security Browser is a well-known browser from the very familiar and popular antivirus maker, Avast.

Users who have had a previous experience with Avast, have an exact idea about the excellent privacy concerns that surround this software. Even if you haven’t used it, its fame could probably predict the same as well.

7 Best Gaming Browsers - A Lot Faster Than Chrome

Once you use this software, you are going to come across a lot of features that might resemble Google Chrome. But, the difference between the two software lies in the fact that Avast Secure Browser has got all the minus points of Google Chrome removed from it.

This software eliminates all online ads and delivers a refined experience without any distractions or interruptions to its users. You could use Avast for a wide range of niches such as for home, business, or even lets you partner with Avast to accelerate the promotion of your business.

If you have got an Avast Anti-virus pre-installed on your device, the browser automatically integrates with it and delivers a remarkable performance to all its gamers and users. Hence, gaming becomes more efficient and better experienced.

With Avast Secure Browser, you could access your Bank websites with absolute ease. This prevents one person to steer clear of the leaks of important data. Tracking of online fingerprinting is prevented by the browser itself with the Anti-fingerprint feature, which also helps significantly in blocking personalized ads because of their inability to track you down.

This software comes with a really effective anti-phishing feature that helps one get rid of the Phishing websites and harmful content from being in a phishing email.

Through this feature, Avast immediately shuts down the connection that was about to be established between you and the website whose link you might have created, which is malevolent in nature.

The software comes with a Hard Check feature that displays a warning when you happen to log in through your email id on some malicious website.

With the aid of the Hard Check feature, you get a manual checking of all the emails. The moment you enter any email on the search bar, a crowd of all such places gets enlisted which could have been threatening to your necessary information. 

In case your email might be prone to any suspicious activity, you should definitely try making an alternate email address as soon as possible.

Avast Secure Browser is an excellent choice in the case of gaming browsers, which happens to come with a number of handful features. You can download it for free on your Windows, Android, and iOS systems and get a hold of the ultimate gaming experience right away. 

4. Vivaldi

Vivaldi happens to be one of the best gaming browsers that one could be in search of. You get to personalize your browser exactly the way you would wish it to be. Hence, the personalization of well-functioned browsers lets you work at your comfort level with the utmost facilities available. 

7 Best Gaming Browsers - A Lot Faster Than Chrome

Vivaldi comes with a bag full of features that prevent you from switching over to multiple apps for various tasks. Hence, Vivaldi brings you various tools like Notes, Screen Capture, Image Properties, etc., and lessens your burden to a great extent. With this facility, limited apps need to be downloaded on your device and you can thus save up on space on your device. 

Hence, now you can install some other applications that might seem essential. You can customize the features that you would like to experience and eliminate the ones that seem unnecessary for your purpose. Tab grouping, split-screen viewability, notes manager, mouse gestures, etc. do make up some of the features that cannot be ignored on Vivaldi. 

Some integrated privacy features on this app include an ad blocker and a customized and private search engine. You need not worry about your data being collected or you getting tracked in any manner.

Being a pro gaming browser, Vivaldi provides its users with the ability to run 10+ apps at the exact same time. For adding up more to your gaming experience, you can select any of the gaming themes that might be available on Vivaldi.

For making the platform usable by a wide range of audiences, the software has come up with a number of schemes namely, ‘Essentials’, ‘Classic’, and “Fully Loaded’. Each of the have distinguished features, the best one with the utmost features being the ‘Fully Loaded’.  

Vivaldi is an amazing app that you could keep your eye on and download for free on your devices right now

5. Microsoft Edge

Another browser that you could possibly check out for enhancing your gaming experience is Microsoft Edge. Well, if you are a Windows OS user, you will get the browser as a native one on your operating system.

Edge comes with powerful ad-blocking and tracker blocking facilities, which shall be a boon in avoiding the interruptions caused by the ads while you are at gaming. This also provides a shield against the users’ privacy concerns and delivers a splendid experience all throughout.

7 Best Gaming Browsers - A Lot Faster Than Chrome
A home page built for gamers

If you are a Windows OS user, Edge will work seamlessly on your system and give you a real efficient and smooth browsing experience all along. One of the most remarkable features of Edge that we should not miss out on is that it supports 4K projections in it.

These projects do function for both streaming videos/movies. Besides, the ‘game mode’ is available with the spatial sound that will come in helping you to cut off as many distractions as possible. With this, you can have a superior gaming experience.

In case you are not a Windows OS user, you need not worry much as Edge is now available on systems like macOS, iOS, and Android as well. To add to it, it is now available on Linux too. 

Microsoft Edge comes with a handful of extensions to ease your journey on the web. You can get thousands of extensions to customize other extensions and personalize your browser just the way you like it.

Visual upgrades and themes are also available to add spice to your gaming. With the Welcome Guide that Edge already comes with, you could push up your gaming journey right now.

Is NOW the Time to Switch to Microsoft Edge?

6. Safari

If you are an Apple user, we are sure that you are quite familiar with this browser as it happens to be the default browser for Apple devices. 

With Safari, you could get an absolutely amazing experience all along. It has been in the internet world for quite a long time now and you can come across its magnificent speed, no lags on the web, the least possible crashes, and get one of the smoothest gaming environments ever.

If you use Safari, you will notice that by consuming the minimal battery required, you can get a lot of work done on the browser. It is a power-saving option that comes in really handy to the users.

7 Best Gaming Browsers - A Lot Faster Than Chrome

Safari also supports in-built 4K HDR video playback that could be useful in making YouTube, Netflix, and Apple TV+ run effortlessly. It also doesn’t consume much of your battery life, unlike other browsers.

For ensuring the utmost privacy of its users, Safari comes with Intelligent Tracking Prevention that helps in recognizing trackers and prevents them from getting their hands on your information.

Well, if you upgrade to iCloud+, you could sign up for various websites and services across the web, without going through the option of sharing your personal email id with them.

Safari makes the user experience more efficient by letting you organize your tabs into Tab Groups. Thus, shifting from one tab to another is easier with this feature. Customization of the same is always possible and right at your hands. Third-party extensions are also available on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

You could even translate your entire web page into right various languages and make work even simpler. The Quick Note feature lets you get access to notes right on the web, without having to switch apps for the purpose.

Safari is undoubtedly a great choice and you could get your hands on many more features once you use the platform. Gaming can be experienced at its best, right here!


Though it is quite a tough task to choose the gaming browsers to serve your need as only a handful of browsers are designed for gaming only, we are hopeful that you could still get a slight clarity on the best browsers out there.

Well, Opera GX is a quite renowned platform by the Opera browser itself to make gaming easier for the population. However, it might be that Opera GX can’t serve all the needs. So, in that case, you could check out the other browsers above-mentioned as they are going to give you a wonderful experience as well.