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9 Of The Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 $

You are all over the place when you plan to spend USD 600 on a product. You do not know where to begin and eventually end.

Things tend to become slightly complicated. It is the same when you have decided to upgrade your current laptop or get the best gaming laptop under 600 $. 

You have no reason to sweat because we have covered you on this one. We have done the research and the hard work just for you. We will focus on some of the best gaming laptops priced under USD 600.

This will help you make up your mind quickly. Purchasing a gaming laptop can be strenuous sometimes. You do not quite know what component or feature to focus on. It could be the display, the resolutions, and the RAM. 

There are other factors, too, like the processor and the SSD hard drive. With so many things to take care of, where do you go for the best gaming laptop priced under $600? We would suggest you keep an eye on the price under normal circumstances.

But you have made up your mind already on that. For example, if you are a professional gamer, you must focus on the GPU, processor, CPU, and SSD hard drive.

Later, other priorities, including the weight, video display, battery, and audio quality, are aspects to grab in.

When your expectations are higher, you will want to think hard and open your mind to better options. We have offered you laptops ideal for gaming and other typical tasks like photo editions. 

We also encourage you to take your time and research, just in case you did not find what you are looking for.

After all, it is your hard-earned money on the line. More importantly, personal choices can vary from person to person to get complete satisfaction.

Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 $ – Our Picks 👌

1. Asus TUF FX505DT 

The Asus TUF FX505DT is ranked first on our list and is our top pick for obvious reasons. Asus is a Taiwan-based laptop manufacturer.

Though they started slowly, they have picked up the pace and are giving top PC makers like Apple and Dell stiff competition. 

Best Gaming Laptop Under 600
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We felt the Asus TUF is the ideal gaming laptop priced under $600. Let us find out why. Asus has designed the FX models for gaming purposes. They are known and famous all over the world. 

The predecessor, the Asus FX504, was simply magnificent, and this one is no downer either. The laptop can give some of the best gaming laptops fierce competition. The main reason for that would probably be its GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card, which is the latest version. 

This enables you to play some of the latest games.  It also comes with the Quad-core AMD Ryzen 5 R5-3550h processor. This is a specially designed processor, especially for video games. The high performance ensures that your gaming experience is not dampened. 

9 Of The Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 $

Hold on to your breath because it has massive 256GB SSD storage. You may not find this in laptops priced in the segment. It comes with 8GB DDR4, which enables you to work at decent speeds without crashing. 

The monitor is 15.6” HD with IPS panels. Its resolution comes at 1920 x 1080 pixels, and the latest NanoEdge design offers you an excellent visual experience. There is also an RGB backlit enabled keyboard for a full-fledged gaming experience. 


  • The construction of the gaming laptop is functional and robust. 
  • The cooling technology is just fantastic, with dual fans also anti-dust. 
  • The graphics card is the latest on-the-line GTX 1650.
  • The NanoEdge design provides you with a thinner bezel.
  • The specifications come power-packed and enable you to play top-end games. 


  • Few users have felt that the performance is sometimes inconsistent, which is somewhat of a surprise considering the specifications of the gaming laptop. 

The Asus TUF FX505DT is the best in our list and comes with various features that help your gaming cause. It also comes with a cooling system and high-performance features is durable and is a hands-down option for you.

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2. Lenovo Ideapad L340 

The Lenovo Ideapad L340 is ranked second on our list of gaming laptops under 600 $. How can you have gaming laptops and not Lenovo on the list? Well, we were not surprised one bit. Lenovo has always managed to make little noise in the market. 

Best Gaming Laptop Under 600
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The laptop has the best specifications for your requirements. If you are a professional gamer, who plays those high-end video games, then this is the right choice. It comes with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650. 

The graphics card is in demand because of its high visual capacity. There is also a 9th-generation Intel Core i5 processor that offers you high-performance gaming abilities. 

You can only play those ridiculous top-end video games when you have the ideal processor on your laptop. It gives you a new gaming dimension. Apart from that, it also comes with 8GB DDR4 RAM and 512GB SSD.

The gaming laptop has a 15.6” monitor powered by 1920 x 1080 resolution. You would appreciate the audio quality on this one, the Dolby audio advanced technology. As you can see, it comes with almost all the features you need. 


  • The processor is one of the most powerful in the market. 
  • Its audio quality is one of a kind with Dolby audio advanced technology. 
  • The GPU, RAM, and storage space combine to offer excellent specifications, especially for gaming. 
  • The gaming laptop has the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card. 
  • The gaming laptop is robust. 


  • A few users complained that the display sometimes does not highlight the colors well. 

The Lenovo Ideapad L340 gives you a new dimension in gaming. To feel the thrill of those games, you may want to be ready to get this product for smooth disruption-free gaming sessions. 

Lenovo IdeaPad L340 Gaming Laptop Review
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3. Acer Nitro 5: Best Acer Gaming Laptop Under 600 $

The Acer Nitro 5 is ranked third on our list. However, you may not want to be taken off track by that. This gaming laptop priced under 600 $ is as good as some of the top-end models you can currently find in the market. 

Best Gaming Laptop Under 600
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The laptop has a powerful AMD Radeon RX 560x graphics card. Not to mention, it also comes with a 4GB video memory. It can provide excellent gaming performance with this kind of specification. 

Apart from that, the processor is a beast coming at AMD Ryzen 5 2500U quad-core. This gaming laptop also comes with a RAM of 8GB, which is good enough for mid-level gaming. You can upgrade the RAM whenever you want. 

So, that is not an issue. You also have a massive 1TB 7200 Rpm SATA hard drive. Using it, you can store as much data as you want. The 1TB is sufficient to store a lifetime of data. Acer has offered a 15.6” HD display having IPS panels. 

It also comes with an anti-glare coating and a wide viewing angle for a better visual experience that ultimately helps you to have better gaming sessions. It offers you transparent colors and a fantastic consistent viewing experience.


  • The visual appearance of the Acer gaming laptop is just out of this world. 
  • Its battery is good enough and can last a long. 
  • For professional gamers, the laptop design is impressive and sleek. 
  • The processor and storage space is too good, enabling you to perform other high-performance tasks. 
  • You have provision to increase the 8GB RAM, which is suitable for gamers. 


  • Unfortunately, the audio quality could have been improved. 

The Acer Nitro 5 comes with an enhanced gaming experience for users. The Nitro Sense monitoring system is patented and has a cooling system that allows you to play for long hours. You want to get your hands on a gaming laptop. 

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4. HP Pavilion 15t 

The HP Pavilion 15t is a product of HP. They have made a decent name for themselves by manufacturing high-performance laptops. As you all know, their Pavilion series was specially created for the budget laptop category. 

9 Of The Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 $
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The gaming laptop is known for its design and durability. Not to mention, their customer support is excellent and reliable. You are laying your hands on the best brands in the laptop segment. 

For the last few years, HP has worked hard on its design and appearance. The Pavilion 15t is a lovely gaming laptop. It comes with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 and the ideal 8GB DDR4 RAM.

These combine to offer you excellent and high-quality performance. In some cases, they can even exceed your gaming expectations. It is not sluggish or lags, no matter the games you decide to play. 

This gaming laptop also comes with Intel Quad-Core i5-9300H, that is one of the quickest processors in the market. It has a 15.6” monitor that is good and bright enough for your gaming requirements. 

The display, too, is good at 15.6 FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS. Your image viewing and visuals are clear, enabling you to see what you want to. Whether you are playing high-range games or mid-range games, the view quality is superb. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The HP Pavilion 15t  that earned it a spot in our list of Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 $ in 2022.


  • The graphics card comes at GTX 1050 Ti, the best in the segment. 
  • The design of the gaming laptop is sleek and slim. 
  • It has a cooling system that ensures the laptop does not overheat during an intense gaming session. 
  • The processor and the RAM are suitable for high-end games too. 
  • The resolution is good at 1920 x 1080) IPS. 


  • The pricing of the laptop enables you to get average specifications. 

The HP Pavilion 15t comes with excellent screen resolution, a powerful processor, and a functional GPU. At this price range, it is one of the cheapest gaming laptops on our list. If you are okay with average performance, you can purchase it. 

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5. Asus Vivobook 15

The Asus Vivobook 15 is another model from a Taiwan-based manufacturer. Gaming laptops are their fortitude. Don’t be surprised if you find a gaming laptop list priced under $1000 with several of these on it. 

Best Gaming Laptop Under 600
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They have included just about everything on their laptop. With a new cooling system technology that ensures the laptop does not overheat, decent CPU, GPU, and processor. These provide users with ample gaming sessions. 

Likewise, this gaming laptop does not disappoint you. The Vivobook has a dedicated graphics card, a powerful processor, good RAM, and a decent SSD section. It falls entirely on the gaming laptop’s criteria. 

The processor is the powerful AMD Quad-Core R5-3500U CPU, which can easily manage complex and cumbersome processing. This complements the graphics card of the AMD Radeon RX Vega 8.

As if that was insufficient, it comes with a massive 1TB HDD with 128GB SSD storage space. This kind of storage space and speed are suitable for gaming laptops. Not to mention, the laptop is lightweight. 

The gaming laptop weighs 3.5 pounds, making it portable. You can take it around you anywhere. This is a useful feature for professional gamers. It also comes with a slim bezel and frameless Nano edge display for a different gaming dimension. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Asus Vivobook 15  that earned it a spot in our list of Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 $ in 2022.


  • The gaming laptop is lightweight and slim in design, enabling you to carry it around wherever you want. 
  • The design of the laptop is attractive and elegant. 
  • The built quality is robust and durable. 
  • The gaming laptop comes with an accurate fingerprint scanner.


  • The keyboard is not backlit, which can prove its undoing of an otherwise excellent gaming laptop. 

The Asus Vivobook 15 comes with an ergo lift design for effortless keyboard usage, and excellent gaming performance and enables you to have ultimate levels of gaming. 

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6. Dell G3: Best Dell Gaming Laptop Under 600 $

The Dell G3 is ranked sixth on our list of gaming laptops under USD 600. From the manufacturer, Dell, you know you are laying your hands on the best makes in the world. Dell has been long enough in this segment to understand what its consumers expect from them. 

Best Gaming Laptop Under 600
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Let us take a look at the specifications of the gaming laptop. The gaming laptop comes with a reliable and robust design. Dell is known for designing sturdy laptops that are durable. It comes with a gorgeous finish in black matte.

The processor is the 8th generation i5-8300H CPU that could have been bettered. However, the quad-core processor, having4.0 GHz turbo boost 8MB cache, makes up for it. The RAM is 8GB, which is just good enough. 

It also comes with 256GB SSD storage powered by the Windows 10 operating system. The visuals of the gaming laptop are worth mentioning because it is an NVidia GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card with 4GB video memory. 

This is ideal for those top-end games with high-powered graphics required. It comes with a 15.6” monitor that provides clear visuals thanks to anti-glare LED-backlit and IPS panels, with 1920 x 1080 IPS. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Dell G3  that earned it a spot in our list of Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 $ in 2022.


  • The gaming laptop comes with a good processor that is suitable for gaming. 
  • The dedicated graphics card is bright enough to offer clear visuals.  
  • The built quality is excellent and can last you 8 years. 
  • This gaming laptop comes from a reputed maker.
  • The RAM and storage space is sufficient for gaming purposes. 


  • Some users have felt that the laptop can get too noisy at times, which is quite reminiscent of most Dell laptops.  

The Dell G3 is an ideal gaming laptop with decent features. If you want a product from a reputed maker, backlit keyboard, suitable processor, speed, and RAM, then this is the one for your gaming sessions.

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7. Asus Vivobook S15

The Asus Vivobook S15 is ranked seventh on our list and is the third product from Asus. Now, we do not have an affinity for the maker.

However, our research feels that their laptops are suitable for gaming and priced under USD 600. 

9 Of The Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 $
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The Vivobook S15 is a quality product with decent design and features. The gaming laptop has vibrant colors, bold accents, and excellent specifications. It comes with a high-powered Intel Core i5-8265u processor.

Not to mention, it has a 6M cache that can work at 3.9Ghz speed. This is perfect for your extended gaming sessions. Apart from that, you can also perform tasks like photo editing.

The RAM is good for performing several tasks simultaneously and comes with 8GB DDR4 and 256GB SSD storage space. 

When you want to upgrade your RAM for gaming purposes, you can always use the extra slot available. The gaming laptop comes at a 15.6” HD display along with IPS panels. You will be glad to work using a NanoEdge bezel that is slim. 

It gives you an 86% screen-to-body ratio for ultimate visuals for gaming and other tasks. The gaming laptop has a backlit keyboard and a 15.6” monitor with a 1920 x 1080 IPS resolution. 

You can work on the keyboard even during poor light conditions or in the dark without hassle. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Asus Vivobook S15  that earned it a spot in our list of Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 $ in 2022.


  • It comes with a fast keyboard typing ability and is backlit.
  • The gaming laptops come in a barrage of vibrant colors for your choice. 
  • It is ideal for professional gamers. 
  • The engro lift design is suitable for gaming and photo editing as well. 
  • The display is bright and comes with a NanoEdge bezel.


  • Users feel that the gaming laptop is not designed for high-ended gaming purposes. 

The Asus Vivobook S15 has decent features that make it perfect for your gaming requirements. The keyboard is backlit, smooth, and ideal for gaming and photo editing. You might not want to pass the gaming beast.

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8. Acer Aspire E 15

The Acer Aspire E 15 is ranked eighth on our list and is the second model of Acer on gaming laptops under 600 $. You do not want to be put off by the ranking of the gaming laptop because it is one of the highest-sold laptops on Amazon.

9 Of The Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 $
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As you can see, these makers are targeting budget users. Assuming you are one, you may want to read the features carefully. The Aspire E 15 has a dedicated graphics card that probably makes a huge difference from most gaming laptops. 

You can see that they have upgraded most of the features on the gaming laptop. The GPU has been changed and altered, the IPS technology, and the like. The previous model has GeForce GTX950M.

It has the NVIDIA MX150 and a RAM of 8GB DDR4. The processor is also good enough at 8th gen Intel Core i5-8250U. You will find that playing top-end games is a breeze. Many users feel that the hard disk at 256GB is slightly low, but it makes it up with the SSD hard. 

Your gaming session just got a shot in the arm. The gaming laptop offers you a graphics card of 2GB NVIDIA GeForce MX150. Apart from that, it also has an incredible 15 hours battery life. The video and audio quality of the gaming laptop are excellent. 

It comes with 15.6” HD at 1920 x 1080 IPS resolution. With this kind of visuals, your gaming experience is truly enhanced and splendid. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Acer Aspire E 15  that earned it a spot in our list of Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 $ in 2022.


  • It comes with the quickest CPU for gaming laptops, priced at USD 600. 
  • The RAM of 8GB can manage to multitask effectively. 
  • It also has a dedicated graphics card that enables you to play AA series games efficiently. 
  • The screen has embedded IPS technology.
  • The battery is very good, with a backup of up to 15 hours.


  • The hard drive of 256GB is a dampener for an otherwise excellent gaming laptop. 

The Acer Aspire E 15 is meant for those who want a high-end gaming laptop. This comes with excellent specifications and is the cheapest machine on this list. If you are alright with the low specification of the hard drive, then this is your best option. 

What features do you expect from a USD 600 gaming laptop?

When discussing the USD 600 gaming laptops, expecting high specifications can be too much.

However, as we read in the above list, they are not bad for pricing. Some gaming laptops are on par with expensive laptops priced at USD 1000. 

The GPU or graphics card is one of the most crucial components in a gaming laptop. The CPU, RAM, storage space, and resolution come next. If these elements are present on the gaming laptop, you can consider yourself lucky. 

Here are some features you must consider in a gaming laptop priced at USD 600. 

  • GPU
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Storage space 
  • Monitor resolution
  • Portability
  • Battery life

📗FAQ’s on Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 $

Below are a few queries on Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 $ that everyone is expecting to answer, and I did include the same for my readers.

(Q) Why should you buy a gaming laptop?

A traditional laptop and a gaming laptop are not the same. Of course, the design, build, and hardware is similar, but the performance of the gaming laptops is better and quicker than the traditional laptops. 

While traditional laptops are mainly used for official tasks, gaming laptops are used for playing games with high configurations. Hence, the RAM, storage space, and graphics card must be higher. 

They cost more than traditional laptops due to their high-performance components. 

(Q) What games can you play on a laptop under USD 600?

First off, USD 600 is not a small amount by any means. Not everybody can afford that kind of money. That is why we decided to do this write-up in the first place. You may not be able to play games meant for professional gamers. 

The hardware and configuration on those laptops are higher and cost more. Some of the gaming laptops are priced at $2000 and higher. But you can play decent games that give you the thrills and spills with low configuration. 

(Q) What is the RAM required for gaming?

As we have mentioned above, games that come with low configuration can be performed only. Most of the laptops that come with 8GB are suitable for these kinds of games. However, you might have to compromise on your graphics card and storage space. 

You can upgrade your laptop to 16GB if you want to without hassle. It helps you play some of those mid-range games with ease of excellent performance. 

(Q) What is the duration of the gaming laptop?

The lifespan of a gaming laptop entirely depends on your usage. If you are a heavy gamer, we suggest you purchase the more expensive ones priced at $1000 and above. These laptops are good, but they can wear out when you add pressure on them. 

Likewise, when you are happy and content playing those low-setting games, the laptop should run for eight years. However, most gamers have said that their laptop breaks down within 5 years of use and they replace it. 

(Q) Are high-end gaming laptops worth purchasing?

Yes. We are not telling you to purchase those ridiculously priced ones at $1500 and higher. But we encourage you to try them if you intend to become a professional gamer. Not to mention, it is definitely worth the try when you are a gaming enthusiast. 

These laptops give you an excellent gaming experience with their visuals and sound effects that must be heard and seen to believe. 

(Q) What brand to buy when choosing a budget gaming laptop?

Yes, we have concentrated only on budget gaming laptops in this review. Some users are particular about the brand and model. If you are one of them, then we have provided you with enough choices to choose from. 

You must ensure that your gaming laptop has suitable performance and the specification matches your requirements and preferences. If you are unsure about it, follow the rule of thumb by selecting branded ones like Acer, Lenovo, and ASUS. 


We have reached the end of reading about the best gaming laptop under USD 600. You may want to do justice to this review by ensuring that you purchase the ideal gaming laptop. As we said earlier in this review, taste and preference differ from user to user. 

Hence, you may not want to pick up the first name or make that you lay your eyes on. Though these are budget laptops, USD 600 is not a small amount. The laptop makers price their laptops based on the features and configuration provided in them. 

Take your time and effort before you make up your mind. Whether you buy a gaming laptop for yourself, your loved one, or your friend, you cannot go wrong with the models we discussed. 

Our picks would be the Asus TUF FX505DT and the Lenovo Ideapad L340. They come with the right amount of performance for the price range.

They are the ones for this price segment. However, we encourage you to try higher-priced ones if your expectations are more significant and your budget allows you. 

That is because your make and options increase tremendously under USD 1000. A laptop priced under USD 600 is not bad by any means. 

So, why the delay? 

Go ahead, and order it from a reliable online seller and have fun gaming!