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5 Of The Best Gaming Monitor Under 300 $ in 2022

This is the ultimate Buyer’s guide to Best Gaming Monitor Under 300 $ in 2022.

And let me be clear about something:

We bought the 11 Gaming Monitor Under 300 $ in the current market and reviewed all the products based on Screen Resolution, Response Rate, Screen Size, Connectivity, Adaptive Sync, used Panel Technology, and Response Time.

And, finally, we came to 5 Of The Best Gaming Monitor Under 300 $ for our readers. 📗

So without further ado, Let’s dive right in. 🎭

Since the inception of gaming, monitors have played an important role in the display of gaming content. From the Arcade halls to the personal gaming rooms, monitors have always been important.

Nowadays monitors that do not give out certain specifications are being ignored by the gaming world, as we have output hardware that beats resolution boundaries.

Every gamer knows how important the refresh rate is to their gaming experience and how motion blur may be a deciding factor on the battlefield of FPS games.

So basically, a gaming monitor is just a display designed to make the gaming experience all the more interesting. All monitors obviously do not have the same quality and functionality but getting an average monitor may be all you need to play those favorite video games of yours.

With that being said, there are quite a lot of factors to consider when deciding on which gaming system you would want to get. Things such a refresh rate, color quality, resolution, and frame speed play a major role in the capability of those monitors.

In this article, a whole lot of debriefing and assistance would be rendered on what monitor you should get and things to look out for while getting a gaming monitor under $300.

Best Gaming Monitor Under 300 $: Our Picks 👌

1. Lenovo L27q 27- inch monitor

The Lenovo L27q QHD monitor is an HD gaming monitor, that comes with so much specification to power that video game of yours.

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This widescreen monitor of 27 inches comes with a great screen resolution that brings out the best in any gaming application.

Its Full QHD resolution of 2560×1440 and excellent color chrome, leaves users shocked and enthralled at the clarity of the images.

Most video games being tested on this monitor came out with the best color accuracy as they could max due to its refined IPS panel. The screen runs at 60Hz which allows the gaming monitor to max out its resolution capabilities.

The screen is almost completely beveled which is now the new fad for most devices. This feature which the company calls the Near-Edgeless infinity screen gives you an unobstructed view of the whole screen from any angle.

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The stylish look comes at quite an affordable price of around $259. The Lenovo L27q QHD monitor has just a few input allowances with just the HDMI 1.4, Headphone jack, Power plug, and Display Port being its only allowed ports.  Overall, this monitor serves its purpose as a mid-range display medium.

The monitor’s overall look is not assuming and it would pass well in a list of mid-range monitors. Lenovo decided to minimize the use of buttons, not that there are no buttons, but this model infuses a minimal button usage when compared to other conventional or gaming monitors.

Now, to consider the appearance of the monitor, you would have to get used to a sturdy look. This is due to the type of casing being used, and then as it encased in a coated aluminum plastic casing.

This sort of design is not common among most monitors so it gives the users a sort of privileged feeling.

Below are some of the features of The Lenovo L27q 27- inch monitor that earned it a spot in our list of Best Gaming Monitor Under 300 $ to get in 2022.


Near-Edgeless infinity screen:-

The Lenovo L27q QHD monitor comes with a new patented technology known as the Near-Edgeless Infinity screen. This feature allows for the 27 inch Monitor to have a bezeless feel and look.

As these new innovations are getting rampant on devices due to the fact that it gives it sleek design and an endless viewing experience, the Near-Edgeless Infinity features let the monitor maximize the screen to give out its high definition capability.

This feature is accentuated with the color enhancement ability this monitor dishes out. So when you get the Lenovo L27q QHD monitor, you can be assured of getting the best gaming experience.

TUV Eye Comfort Certification:-

The amount of time we spend behind our computer systems is so high as compared to other generations. This prolonged use has adverse effects on our eye health as it can cause all sorts of ailments to our eyes.

This is a result of one or all reasons for discomfort such as screen flickering, high reflection, and excessive exposure to the blue light being radiated from the screen.

Most monitors have these effects on the human eyes and the same applies to game monitors, most gamers spend a lot of time behind gaming systems and it can be very harmful to their eyes.

The Lenovo L27q QHD gaming monitor is TUV Eye comfort certified which means that the discomfort most monitors have been eradicated on the  L27q. This is good news for you as this means that you can spend more time behind your gaming rigs

Full-Color Gamut:-

The Lenovo L27q QHD has a high color spectrum that gives the screen color and high-resolution images. Most monitors also have this feature but on different levels, the addictive color is a result of so many images t give it pictures of high quality.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Lenovo L27q 27- inch monitor that earned it a spot in our list of Best Gaming Monitor Under 300 $ to get in 2022.


  • QHD screen resolution to give high-quality images
  • Highly comforting to the eye
  • High color spectrum


  • It does not well on its stand

Overall, the Lenovo L27q QHD is an excellent monitor for the best gaming monitor under 300 $ list. Altogether this is one system you would readily use for your gaming escapades with the right resolution and response rate.

The design is quite sleek with its aluminum coating and minimal buttons which tend to make it the right monitor to get.

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2. LG 24GM79G 24′ Display Monitor

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The LG 24GM79G gaming monitor is a top-quality machine that produces top-notch detailing. This monitor is of the mid-range pricing and is built for competitive gaming with a refresh rate so high that it gets to about 144Hz.

The features of this monitor include AMD FreeSync which allows for game boosting, just to give you an awesome gaming experience.

To consider this system, you must realize the company that produces this piece is known for dishing out innovative devices out of their wide range of devices. The monitor’s display was built on a panel constructed by AU Optronics.

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The TN panel is considered the best panel for gaming by most professional gamers due to the fact that it eradicates motion blur which is caused by slow response time. The Full HD feature gives you clear and high-resolution pictures.

You would not really get to alter the monitor’s display as it has been set by the manufacturers. Color enhancing programs give the monitor vivid colors and a colorful experience on its 24-inch monitor.

Below are some of the features of The LG 24GM79G 24′ Display Monitor that earned it a spot in our list of Best Gaming Monitor Under 300 $ to get in 2022.


Motion Blur Reduction:-

Most gamers have been faced with the challenge of having to strain to see some components of gaming mechanics due to the level of low light being delivered by their monitors. This can be quite annoying, especially when you have to play fast-paced games.

Introducing the Motion Blur technology into the build of their system gave LG a certain appeal by gamers who would rather enjoy their games at the highest quality. The  LG 24GM79G can be used alongside any graphics card to optimize the gaming experience.

This technology operates by flashing the backlight of the screen thereby leading to clearer pictures and the removal of motion blur from your gaming sessions.

This backlight flashing or strobing would be more effective if the refresh rate was set at 100Hz. This technology works best for gaming alone, do not try to use it during conventional usage of the monitors.

AMD FreeSync Technology:-

This 24-inch monitor also supports the use of  AMD FreeSync technology. This technology allows for the smooth running of a gaming session without having to interfere.

This technology actually reduces the distortion that happens between the frame rate of the graphics card and the refresh rate of the monitor. Fixing this makes the gaming experience more enjoyable without having to go through the pain of buying or upgrading your graphics card.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The LG 24GM79G 24′ Display Monitor that earned it a spot in our list of Best Gaming Monitor Under 300 $ to get in 2022.


  • It comes with a motion blur technology
  • It is a high resolution
  • Stylish design
  • AMD FreeSync technology


  • Plain design

The LG 24GM79G is quite an excellent overall gaming system with a very nice and comfortable all-around design. This is the kind of monitor you would want to get if you were planning on spending an average amount of money on it.

Its component is quite of good quality and features most of the latest technology in town. Most gamers already know that you have to keep making changes to the monitor as you transcend between gaming and all other uses.

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BenQ has numbered down some compelling models that we hope to see in the coming months. Everything will be released from an economical wide gamut model to a “32” “4k” model with an unseen panel.

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This product has been arranged for different kinds of tasks such as photo editing, animation, etc.

The maker has added an OSD controller coupled into the monitor, making it move between CAD/CAM dynamism, and also it makes it possible for the editor to design the controller settings with just one click automatically eliminating all glare from the screen to scale down eye exhaustion for an extended period of viewing.

Below are some of the features of The BENQ BL2420 PT MONITOR that earned it a spot in our list of Best Gaming Monitor Under 300 $ to get in 2022.


Animation mode:-

BenQ BL2420 PT monitor enhances the brightness of the dark area without overexposing bright regions.

The animation mode ensures that about 10 levels of the display brightness are being provided to bring out every distinction clear enough in any circulatory lighting. Properties are being stored in the animation window by the animation mode that is converted by the animation clip playback.

Video editing:-

BenQ  BL2420 PT monitor makes it easy for a video editor to maneuver and rearrange video shot for a new job.

Editing has have been strongly considered as one part of a post-production procedure. The screen makes the visual clearer enough for the editor to improve on many videos dramatically by simply getting rid of the unwanted sound bits of flaws.

BenQ has been designed to use a collection of tasks such as animation, photo editing, and graphic design. The BenQ BL2420 PT monitor has a screen that is designed to work with high color contrast using special 3D color lines.

The zero-flicker technology was implemented in order to totally clear out flickers which may cause the user’s eye to be uncomfortable after using it for an extended period of time.

The CAD/CAM IPS monitor from the manufacturer exhibits a QHD 2560 X 1440 resolution even with a 16:9 widescreen appearance proportion, a brightness rating of 300 cd/m2, 1000:1 contrast ratio, and a 5 ms feedback time to provide enlarged picture quality along with decreased ghosting whenever movies or videos are being played.

The monitor also comes with D-sub, DV1-dl, HDMI 1.4 input connectors, display port 1.2, and both an audio line-in jack and a headphone jack. It makes perfectly sure that there is a port out a display on your graphics card.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The BENQ BL2420 PT MONITOR that earned it a spot in our list of Best Gaming Monitor Under 300 $ to get in 2022.


  • 5 ms feedback time.
  • 100% s RGB &Rec color coverage.
  • Superb image accuracy as you would forecast from 3840×2160.
  • You might not have to apply screen scaling as you can easily getaway.
  • Fonts are diminutive but are not hard to read


  • No touchscreen
  • The monitor has some erect brightness imbalance.

Finally, you will adore this BenQ BL2420 BT monitor because the quality of the screen resolution is fantastic and at least 3 programs can be easily opened without having to resize the windows when switching between them which makes it perfectly fit in our best gaming monitor under 300 $ list.

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BenQ - MONITOR PARA ANIMACIÓN 3D BL2420PT de 24” con resolución 2K
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4. Acer G257HU

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Over recent years, the quest for higher definition image production has been on the increase, thereby leading to a lot of improvement in the design of a gaming monitor.

Now, talking about one of the best 1440p gaming monitors, the Acer G257 7HU has climb on the bandwagon of the best gaming monitor you can ever think about for its money value.

The Acer G257 7HU has an excellent design that meets up with the requirements when it comes to acute and quality image projection which is the underlying reason for buying this monitor. This monitor has all it takes to give you a real sense of gaming experience you can ever come across.

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This gaming monitor features that make it exquisite including a nice resolution build-up, high-definition image projection which allows for clarity, and a beautiful display of gaming pictures.

In this context, we shall meticulously look through the features of this monitor that make it an exciting piece of a gaming monitor.

Below are some of the features of The Acer G257HU that earned it a spot in our list of Best Gaming Monitor Under 300 $ to get in 2022.



Now, before delving into details on the features that make this monitor the best in its category. It is important to know that purpose and expectation from all gaming monitors Is for high-end, crispy, and crystal clear image/picture projection.

This allows for a real-life expression of any game of your choice. This is because they are perfectly designed to effect this purpose on your desktop computer.

So, knowing that image production quality is an integral feature to consider when categorizing gaming monitors in relation to their performance, the ACER G25 7HU has made sure that it possesses all the requirements for the production of excellent and high-end pictures.

One of the notable features is the screen resolution of this monitor. The ACER gaming monitor has a screen resolution of 2560*1440 fitted to a 25″ screen, although the screen size appears smaller as compared to the resolution level, but this monitor has proven itself not to be deterred by this fact and has shown excellent performance in beautiful and detailed image display.

Another exciting feature is the 60Hz refresh speed and swift response time. The ACER gaming monitor is structured in such a way that effects such as screen bleeding, tearing and ghosting effect are removed allowing for clear image projection.

Screen Size:-

With the beautiful features of the Acer monitor which gave rise to excellent image production, the size and technological design of the screen is something that should not be left out. The ACER monitor has a screen size of 25″fits into a nicely designed frame.

The ultra-slim screen design allows for a comfortable and wide angle of view. The IPS design of this monitor screen helps to elaborate on color depth and intensity. The IPS screen technology for LCD monitors helps to increase the viewing angle and high-quality color production.

This is technology helps to arrange and switch the orientation of the molecules of the liquid crystal layer between the glass substrates. This, therefore, leads to a beautiful and in-depth color display.

Contrast ratio:-

This gaming monitor has a dynamic contrast ratio of 1000:1 which helps in striking out the luminance balance in detailed image production. This feature helps to reveal images in their graceful resplendence and showcase intricacy in color display.


The ACER G25 7HU PC display has beautiful connectivity. It has a built-in DVI, HDMI ports, and display port. The only absent thing is the USB port. The display port is quite functional when it comes to multiple displays.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Acer G257HU that earned it a spot in our list of Best Gaming Monitor Under 300 $ to get in 2022.


  • They have a high-resolution panel
  • Wide-angle of view
  • Excellent image display
  • The absence of effects such as screen bleeding and picture stuttering


  • It has a limited stand adjustment
  • It has no USB ports
  • It is not VESA compatible I.e. it can’t be mounted on a wall

After reviewing the Acer G257HU, you would see that it is an excellent monitor that provides beautiful performance for its price tag.

One interesting thing about this gaming monitor is the video quality and excellent image display, which gives you enough reasons why this monitor is placed among the best in its category.

The wider resolution, size of the screen, technological design, which are all put into place to ensure better and clear image display by the monitor, is also some of the wonderful things about this gaming monitor.

Also, the design of this monitor helps to ensure that effects such as ghosting, picture stuttering, screen bleeding are canceled out, leading to the detailed display of your gaming projection.

Looking at these beautiful features of this monitor, you would see that possesses the capability as a very good gaming monitor to satisfy your thirst for a beautiful gaming image display.

Although the monitor is not VESA compatible, which means it can not be mounted on the wall, and also due to the design of the stand it can’t be placed or positioned to touch the wall, in my best reasoning this does not really look like a problem that would deter you from getting this gaming monitor, because, with the acute display of this monitor and other fantastic features, you would know it worth the stress.

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Best Gaming Monitor Under 300 $: What To Consider

As we all know that for the perfect and fantastic functionality of these monitors, certain facts about these monitors have to be taken into consideration, so as to ensure that we derive the most wonderful experience and enjoyment from them.

The beautiful and high-end image display of these monitors did not fall from the blues, but they are present by perfect engineering of wonderful features fitted into one body for excellent image display.

Therefore, here we are going to stream across those important features to look out for when purchasing a gaming monitor.

🤴Screen Resolution:-

Now, have you ever tried to look closely at a different monitor and notice a difference in their visual display? This difference is mainly due to the screen resolution design or build-up of such monitors. This is the reason behind the difference in image projection among monitors.

The screen resolution is basically the pixel counts of the monitor, and this determines the production of clear and detailed images. The screen resolution contributes to the varying degree of visual detailing and image clarity from one monitor to the other.

This means that the higher the pixel count, the better the quality of the image produced. Today, the 3 types of screen resolution are 1080p full HD, 1440p QHD/2k and 2160p UHD/ 4k.

This feature is an important factor that affects the quality of the image produced by the monitor, although, for the best output experience the GPU power of your computer must go in line with your preferred screen resolution. This is essential for the best performance of these gaming monitors.

However, for the best gaming experience, you can ever get from this monitor, the higher resolution (QHD or UHD) would be the best pick due to their excellent image production.

🎎Response Rate:-

Another feature that also needs our attention is the refresh rate. The refresh rate is simply the number of times the monitor can refresh the displayed image per second and is measured in Hertz (Hz).

It also determines the number of frames per second that can be displayed by the monitor. The refresh rate of monitors comes in different categories and they are 60Hz, 144Hz, 240Hz.

Even though a higher refresh rate leads to beautiful and coherent image production, they are largely dependent on the GPU power to offer you these desired effects.

So, for better performance of your monitor based on their refresh rate, the GPU power has to be compatible with your chosen or preferred refresh rate.

👔Screen Size:-

This simply talks about the dimension of the monitor’s screen and the range of size for the best visual performance is between 21″ to 27″ anything other than this might lead to one or more viewing constraints, which is inevitably the reason why the screen size has to be considered for better visual clarity and viewing comfort. Another important thing about the screen size is that it helps to determine the choice of screen resolution for exceptional image display.


This talks about the prevalent connection ports present on the monitor, that is, the input and output capabilities of such monitors. The present-day gaming monitor input and output capabilities are displayed port1.4, HDMI 1.4/2.0, 5mm audio out.

Apart from these, a monitor may also have a USB port and 3.5mm input. All this works together for better tweaking of the gaming monitor to suit your taste. Although there are other types of connectors, these ones are incredibly the most important.

🎪Adaptive Sync:-

This is also a feature that needs to be taken note of and they come in two kinds. They are FreeSync or G-SYNC and this feature is very important for removing the screen tearing effects when playing games. With either of these two technologies, you can be assured that screen tearing is arguably not a problem when playing games.

✔Panel Technology:-

The panel technology of any monitor basically deals with the color intricacy and detailing of such a monitor. Since the image display has largely affected the color of such images, the panel technology is designed for a better and clear projection of color.

They are two kinds of panel technology for modern-day gaming monitors and they are the twisted nematic panel(TN) and in-panel switching panel(IPS).

This technology is key to the production of bright and accurate colors. Therefore, they help to increase the depth and intensity of the color produced by gaming monitors. It is important to know that the selection of any of the two technology has an effect on the response time of gaming monitors.

🎏Response Time:-

Talking at length on the important feature a good gaming monitor must possess, the response time is also another feature that is noteworthy.

This is simply the time needed for a unit pixel to switch with black and white or between different shades of gray. You may want to ask the importance of this to the game, the answer is just simple.

The response time determines the smoothness of the camera movement and the pixel switching, which means that the lower the response time the smoother the camera movement while the higher response time will result in motion blur because of the time inadequacy for the pixels to switch between colors during rapid camera movement.

The panel technology plays an important role in determining the response time, the TN panel allows for 1ms response time while it panel allows for 4ms.

Tips on How To Maintain Your Gaming Monitor

It might seem like just your everyday gadget that is placed on a shelf or table and used quite often. Gaming monitors are a whole different thing, and this fact can be correlated with pro gamers who spend tens of thousands of dollars setting up a gaming rig.

So either you are a pro gamer or someone who just does it for fun, the fact that this monitor needs to be well maintained is paramount.

In this guide, you will get to know how you can maintain your monitor.

  • Always keep your monitor away from magnets
  • Never clean your monitor with water, rather invest in screen cleaners
  • Keep the screen away from too much sunlight
  • Make sure the monitor or system is plugged into a surge protector to avoid frying the monitor’s power output
  • Always ensure to keep the air vents clean and open

In conclusion, you have been able to go through this list of the best gaming monitor under $300 out there. Gaming monitors of all prices are on the rampage and getting one you can afford, is the best choice you can make.

The factors which have been given are a requirement that at least should be met if you plan on enjoying those video games. Make sure you do not compromise on the integrity of these monitors except you are a professional.