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15 Best Gaming Podcasts on The Internet

Nowadays, the gaming industry is full of pundits and content creators who want to make a living by simply talking about games—likewise, some talk about games for fun as a passion.

As the industry has developed and the entertainment factor of games has become more prominent, people from across the industry have started to record podcasts.

The industry used to be solely editorial-based, with the gaming industry slowly moving towards video-based production and podcasting.

Many large gaming platforms such as IGN and Gamespot have gradually expanded their media presence within podcasting. The industry has seen huge market value with podcasting, allowing websites and companies to reach their respective audiences in a new and effective way podcasting.

It is also lucrative to a podcast about games with many people jumping on the Podcasting bandwagon, earning a few bucks on the side. It is no wonder people want to podcast about games; the podcast industry, in general, is worth around $1 billion.

Fans and corporations have seen the podcast industry as lucrative, thus seeing the proliferation of the medium. As a result, there are many gaming podcasts on the market, some bad and some good.

This article will outline the 15 best gaming podcasts on the Internet.

Best Gaming Podcasts – Our Top Pick👌👌

  • Kinda Funny Games Daily Podcast
  • Podcast Beyond 
  • Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast 
  • Kinda Funny X Cast
  • Nintendo Voice Chat 
  • Kinda Funny Gamescast 
  • Game Scoop 
  • Podcast Unlocked
  • PS I Love You XOXO
  • What’s Good Games Podcast
  • Spawn on Me 
  • Gamertag Radio 
  • The Giant Bomb Podcast
  • Defining Duke: An Xbox Podcast
  • Pixel Politics The Podcast

1. Kinda Funny Games Daily Podcast

The Kinda Funny Games Podcast is unique because it is a daily gaming podcast covering everything in gaming daily.

The podcast is run by Kinda Funny, an entertainment company that found fame after its co-owners, Greg Miller, Colin Moriarty, Tim Gettys, and Nick Scarpino, left IGN, the biggest gaming website globally, to create the company.

Over the years, Kinda Funny has gradually expanded, with new staff and new shows.

Best Gaming Podcasts

The company also expanded to create Kinda Funny Games, a separate Youtube and entertainment channel focused on games but under the same umbrella as Kinda Funny.

Kinda Funny Games is a game-focused channel, with its pilot show Kinda Funny Games Daily taking prominence as a flagship show. As highlighted, the show is a daily gaming show and podcast, covering all the latest gaming news.

The show is one of a kind and equivalent to a daily news show on TV. Kinda Funny Games Daily is an excellent podcast, full of laughs, humor, and genuine authenticity.

The show has tongue-cheek segments, rotating guests, and expert coverage of the latest gaming news. If you love video games and want to keep updated with all the newest gaming announcements, this show is for you.

The Kinda Funny guys offer expert gaming coverage engaging and fun way. You can check out their content on Youtube and all popular streaming services such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Overall, Kina Funny Games Daily is one of the top gaming podcasts and among the most top-rated podcasts on the Internet. You can check out the show on Youtube here, where you can also find links to their podcasts.

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2. Podcast Beyond 

Podcast Beyond is a legendary podcast that any fan of PlayStation will remember. Podcast Beyond is IGN’s PlayStation-orientated podcast; the podcast was first released in the 2000s, offering a fresh new take on PlayStation gaming.

At its conception, podcasting within the gaming industry and in general was in its infancy. Podcast Beyond helped set the stage for future PlayStation podcasts in the industry and paved the way for gaming podcasts of similar nature.

In effect, PlayStation Beyond can be argued to be one of the seminal gaming podcasts, helping to increase podcasting within the industry. Many gamers and fans of Podcast Beyond have set up their podcasts due to being inspired by Beyond.

To this day, Podcast Beyond is still running, with the latest episode in the series being number 721. In total, the show has been running for over ten years and is, therefore, one of the best gaming podcasts.

Podcast Beyond has also seen famous hosts hosting the show, including Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty and other regulars such as Brian Altano and Jonathon Dornbush. Podcast Beyond is Podcasting royalty and one of the very best podcasts in the industry.

For any fan of PlayStation and gaming in general, you have to check out this show; it is fantastic. You can check out Podcast Beyond here.

PlayStation All-Stars 2: Our Dream Roster List - Beyond Episode 721

3. Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast

Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast is a fairly new podcast created by Colin Moriarty, the former host of Podcast Beyond and co-owner of Kinda Funny.

Sacred Symbols is a purely PlayStation-centric podcast and, much like Podcast Beyond, covers the biggest news in PlayStation every week.

The show is hugely popular amongst the PlayStation fan base, ranking high on podcast services as one of the best-ranking PlayStation shows. Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast is hosted by Colin Moriarty and Chris and Dustin, who cover all of the latest PlayStation news expertly.

The show offers unique insights into the world of PlayStation, offering fresh takes on games, announcements, and gaming in general. Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast is part of Last Stand Media, which consists of other podcasts and entertainment properties.

You can check out Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast here on Youtube and podcast services.

If you want an expert analysis of the world of PlayStation or want to learn more about the brand, you have to check out Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast. 

Exploring The Light in the Darkness, A Game About the Holocaust | Sacred Symbols+ Episode 126

4. Kinda Funny X Cast

Kinda Funny X Cast is yet another podcast from the guys at Kinda Funny, and more specifically, Kinda Funny games. Kinda Funny X Cast is an Xbox-centric podcast hosted by Mike Howard, otherwise known as Snowbikemike.

The show has two other hosts, Paris Lily and Gary Whitta, with occasional rotating guests. The show covers the biggest weekly news from Xbox and is one of the best gaming podcasts.

The Kinda Funny X Cast is the perfect blend of genuine Xbox fandom and expertise, with the show’s hosts being experts about Xbox and pure fans of the brand.

The podcast rivals even the longest-running Xbox shows such as podcast Unlocked and is a real treat to listen to. Kinda Funny X Cast features comical recurring segments, special guests such as Microsoft employees, and even developers.

Kinda Funny X Cast was an original pilot show for Kinda Funny games, quickly growing a large following after its initial first episode. The show became a fully-fledged Xbox show filled with expertise and knowledge.

If you are a fan of Xbox, you have to listen to the Kinda Funny X Cast. It is full of Xbox energy and a real laugh.

You can check out the Kinda Funny X Cast here on Youtube and the usual podcast services.

How Xbox Should Improve Achievements - Kinda Funny Xcast Ep. 62

5. Nintendo Voice Chat 

Nintendo Voice Chat (NVC) is the premium Nintendo podcast on the Internet. The popular Nintendo podcast is IGNs main Nintendo podcast covering everything Nintendo weekly.

Numerous people have hosted the show, including former IGN employee Zach Ryan, IGN executive Peer Snieder, and Joes Otero. Nintendo Voice Chat provides expert coverage of Nintendo, with its hosts adding charm and humor to the podcast.

The show is weekly and provides some of the best Nintendo coverage found on the Internet. Nintendo Voice Chat has great segments such as question block and others and currently consists of 582 shows, making it one of the longest-running Nintendo Podcasts ever.

Like Podcast Beyond, Nintendo Voice Chat helped lay the foundations of podcasting in the gaming industry, showing how well-produced podcasts can reach millions of people, becoming lucrative for businesses such as IGN. Like Beyond, NVC is a great IGN podcast and one of the granddaddies of podcasting.

If you love Mario and The Legend of Zelda or Nintendo in general, Nintendo Voice Chat will be right up your alley. It is one of the best Nintendo gaming podcasts.

You can check out NVC here.

NVC Reacts to Nintendo's New Online Tier Pricing and Animal Crossing's Updates - NVC 582
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6. Kinda Funny Gamescast 

The Kinda Funny Gamescast is Kinda Funny’s leading gaming podcast covering all the latest weekly gaming news.

Much like Podcast Beyond, NVC, and the Kinda Funny X Cast, Kinda Funny Gamescast is a weekly podcast and one of the best podcasts on Kinda Funny. Kinda Funny Gamescast is hosted by Kinda Funny co-owner Tim Gettys and features rotating co-hosts and guests.

The show focuses on the biggest news in gaming, offers interesting takes, and asks big questions about gaming every week, making for interesting discussions. Kinda Funny Gamescast also features occasional game reviews, including in-depth spoiler casts and special guests such as Xbox head Phil Spencer.

Kinda Funny Gamescast is well worth a listen, filled with in-depth video game discussion, interesting segments, and great guests from sheer variety alone.

Fans of Kinda Funny and games, in general, should listen to this podcast.

Check it out here.

Xbox's Phil Spencer Joins Us! - Kinda Funny Gamescast Ep. 81

7. Game Scoop 

Game Scoop is probably the longest-running podcast on the Internet. Game Scoop is yet another IGN podcast hosted by Dameon Hatfield. The show has over 640 episodes and covers all the latest news in gaming every week.

The show includes fun and interesting segments and games focused on gaming, such as 20 questions but video game style, whereby guests have to guess a particular video game as quickly as possible from several hints and clues. Game Scoop is one of the best gaming podcasts from a sheer entertainment standpoint.

The show features rotating guests alongside other more regular guests such as Justin Davis. Likewise, the show has seen guests such as Greg Miller, Colin Moriarty alongside others. Game Scoop is a premium gaming podcast and one of the first to make gaming podcasts mainstream.

Although the show has become more infrequent in recent years, the show is still very popular, seeing thousands of listeners weekly. Game Scoop is a fantastic gaming podcast and one of the all-time great gaming podcasts.

You can listen to and watch the podcast here on Youtube, where you can also find links to it on other podcast services. If you want a laugh and want to learn about games, make sure to give it a listen.

Game Scoop! 647: Favorite Game of All Time - That Isn’t a Sequel?

8. Podcast Unlocked

Much like the other IGN podcasts, podcast Unlocked helped to start the podcasting scene in the video game industry. Podcast Unlocked is IGN’s equivalent Xbox podcast to Kinda Funny’s Xbox Games Cast.

Podcast Unlocked is hosted by IGN legend and veteran Ryan McCaffery and features over 500 episodes; the show is a fantastic Xbox show and covers all the latest Xbox news weekly.

Podcast Unlocked includes interesting segments, expert analysis of Xbox, and in-depth reviews of games. Podcast Unlocked is the premium Xbox podcast on the market.

The show has included industry legends such as Peter Moore and Phil Spencer alongside developers and other famous industry personalities; Podcast Unlocked mirrors IGN’s other podcasts such as Podcast Beyond and Nintendo Voice Chat and has appealed to fans for decades.

No one comes close to podcast Unlocked in terms of viewership and fan appeal; within Xbox. The show is the living embodiment of how successful a gaming podcast can be.

Overall, Podcast Unlocked is a brilliant Xbox Podcast and should be listened to by any brand fan.

You can check out the podcast here on Youtube and all the classic podcast services. 

Phil Spencer Interview: 20 Years of Xbox - Unlocked 500

9. PS I Love You XOXO

PS I Love You XOXO is another podcast from the guys at Kinda Funny Games. The show is their PlayStation flagship podcast, regularly hosted by industry legend Greg Miller and newcomer Blessing Adyoe Jr. PS I Love you XOXO is a great podcast filled with industry knowledge, fun segments, and occasional shenanigans.

Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty created the show covering PlayStation news every week. PS I Love You XOXO took a temporary break due to Moriaties departure from the company and thus the podcast. After its temporary suspension, the show was later relaunched, hosted by Miller and Blessing Adyoe Jr. 

Although it is not linked to IGN PS I Love You XOXO can be considered the spiritual successor to Podcast Beyond due to similar segments keeping much of the podcast’s classic DNA.

PS I Love you XOXO has a popular listening and is one of the more popular PlayStation podcasts, partly due to the show’s relaxed nature and host Greg Miller’s pedigree regarding PlayStation.

As a result, the show is one of the most popular gaming podcasts in the world. If you love PlayStation or love Kinda Funny, this podcast is well worth your listen.

PlayStation Games That Deserve a Remake - PS I Love You XOXO Ep. 91
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10. What’s Good Games Podcast

What’s Good Games Podcast is one of the best gaming podcasts on the Internet. The What’s Good Games Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by industry veterans Andrea Rene, Kristine Steimer, and Britteny Brombacher.

The show is full of laughs and interesting takes on the gaming industry. The What’s Good Games Podcast is a great entry-level gaming podcast that allows those not used to gaming or podcasts to get involved.

The podcast is great and provides expert analysis, news, and commentary on all things video games. The show is also very comical, with greater raillery between guests.

The What’s Good Games Podcast is a fantastic gaming podcast for any gaming fan or those who want to jump into gaming for the first time.

Although What’s Good Games is one of the newer gaming podcasts on this list, it is one of the best due to its freshness and accessibility.

You can check out the What’s Good Games Podcast here.

Back 4 Blood Hands-On With Riana Manuel and Danny Peña! – Ep. 245

11. Spawn on Me 

The Spawn on Me podcast is one of the top gaming podcasts. The podcast is hosted by video game veteran Kahlief Adams and spotlights gamers of color.

The show also features gamers of color. The show not only brings insightful commentary on all things gaming, with the latest news roundups, expert opinions, and gaming coverage but deep dives into serious issues within the gaming industry.

Spawn on Me looks at how games shape the world and how gaming can change people’s lives for the better. The podcast also features a ton of humor, making it easy to listen to.

Spawn on me is a great podcast in many ways, but it’s the perfect mix of insightful gaming news and inductive global approach and mindest that makes this podcast stand out as one of the very best.

Spawn on Me’s spotlighting of people of color and its mission to improve diversity within the industry makes this podcast special.

If you are intrigued by the Spawn on Me podcast and want to listen, you can find it here.

Want to be a better gamer? Victrix's new gear might be the key!

12. Gamertag Radio 

Gamertag Radio is the father of all gaming podcasts and one of the industry’s oldest. Originally conceptualized and released in 2005, Gamertag radio quickly became one of the most listened-to gaming podcasts on the planet, with a huge listenership.

Gamertag Radio is hosted by industry experts Danny Pena Parris Lily and Peter Toledo and covers all the latest gaming news every month.

The show provides expert insight into the happenings of the video game industry and quickly became of the industry’s most respected gaming channels. Gamer Tag Radio has huge listener numbers, with the show seeing millions of listeners.

Gamertag Radio has also been nominated for many awards, with Danny Pena being inaugurated into the Podcasters Hall of Fame. Gamertag radio is an excellent show about games, consisting of industry leaders who know what they are talking about.

From a longevity standpoint, Gamertag Radio is one of the greatest video game podcasts of all time.

The fact that Gamertag Radio has stood the test of time against companies such as IGN with their podcast proves that Gamertag Radio is a cut above the rest in terms of gaming coverage.

Any gaming fan should check out Gamertag Radio. It is a blast to listen to and is in the upper echelons of the best gaming podcasts.

You can check out Gamertag Radio here.

Gamertag Radio: A Podcast Story #documentary #videogames #podcast

13. The Giant Bomb Podcast

The Giant Bomb Podcast or the Giant Bombcast is one of the best gaming podcasts, from just a pure fun standpoint alone.

The Giant Bomb Podcast not only features expert weekly insight into video game news and announcements but a whole load of fun shenanigans and topics. The show quite frequently goes off-topic and is hilarious.

The Giant Bomb Podcast is just a lot of fun, and a breath of fresh air to an industry saturated with serious gaming podcasts.

The Giant Bomb Podcast should be listened to by anyone who wants a laugh or loves video games. More podcasts should be as entertaining as the Giant Bombcast. It is a treat to listen.

You can find new episodes of The Giant Bomb Podcast here.

Giant Bombcast 707: Lou Bega NFT

14. Defining Duke: An Xbox Podcast 

Defining Duke: An Xbox Podcast is another Podcast from Colin Moriarty as part of this Last Stand Media company. Defining Duke: An Xbox Podcast is a weekly Xbox podcast covering all the latest Xbox games, announcements, and weekly news.

The show is hosted by Youtuber MrMattyPlays and hosts from the Iron Lords Podcast. The podcast is unique in that it doesn’t feature any industry veterans and is a fairly new podcast.

Nevertheless, it is a great podcast covering everything about Xbox and adding unique insights into the inner workings of the Xbox brand.

Defining Duke: An Xbox Podcast is yet another Xbox podcast and an up-and-comer, offering considerable rivalry to other Xbox podcasts such as the Kinda Funny X cast.

You can catch Defining Duke: An Xbox Podcast on Youtube here and on other podcast services.

Xbox Makes Big Announcements In Japan | Defining Duke Episode 40
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15. Pixel Politics The Podcast

Pixel Politics The Podcast is a relatively new gaming podcast, that takes a unique perspective on the gaming industry.

The show focuses on the politics within the gaming industry, inviting special guests from within gaming and politics to sit down and talk about all things political about the gaming industry.

Guests have included academics such as Alfie Bown and Vanessa Haddad alongside charity workers within gaming, such as Samantha Robertell from Gamers Outreach.

Likewise, the podcast has featured UK politicians like Alex Sobel, who sits on the UK parliamentary committee for video games.

Furthermore, the podcast has featured game activists such as Marijam Didžgalvytė. Pixel Politics The Podcast is a fairly new podcast and focuses on the issues at hand within the gaming industry.

It believes that although politics can be perceived as a bad thing, it can enrich games for the better. Thus, due to its unique take on podcasting within the gaming space, it is one of the best gaming podcasts.

You can check out the podcast here on podcast services. If you enjoy politics and gaming, check it out.

How Politicians are Improving the Games Industry w/ MP Alex Sobel- Pixel Politics The Podcast (EP1)


What is a gaming podcast?

Gaming Podcast is simply based on all the gaming-related podcasts that you might have come across. It is a specific category of podcasts focusing on video games and other gaming topics such as reviews, comments, live plays, and much more.

Multiple Gaming podcasts are very popular and discuss different video games, latest releases, and other topics. 

Is there a Fortnite podcast?

Yes, there are multiple Fornite Podcasts available on the web. If you are an avid Fortnite enthusiast, you need to listen to The Fornite Podcast, which has thousands of viewers on each of its episodes that are covered weekly.

You can even check out Daily Fortnite, which features a daily episode and talks about Fornite, such as tips, tricks, guides, etc., creating a community. 

How do you start a gaming podcast? 

The first thing you need to get started with a gaming podcast is an idea or game you are highly interested in discussing. Make sure you choose a topic you can talk about for hours and have just enough knowledge.

Then, decide on the content you will deliver, such as reviews, tips & tricks, funny bits, etc. Next, you will need proper equipment and software to record your podcast. 

What are Good Games podcast hosts?

One of the most popular gaming podcasts available on Apple Podcasts is hosted by Join Andrea Rene, Brittney Brombacher, and Kristine Steimer. They speak about everything related to the gaming world.

From Fornite to Last Of Us, you can listen to them for ours. On this Podcast, you will hear the week’s video game news, upcoming titles, and much more. 

How much money can you make from a podcast?

It depends entirely on the content you deliver and how many uploads you get from your viewers.

Many famous podcasters earn millions of dollars, while beginners can easily earn from $200-$1000 once they have posted multiple episodes or have gained enough traffic on their podcasts. 

Can you monetize podcasts on YouTube?

Yes, a lot of Podcasters have been adding their podcasts on YouTube itself and monetizing it. You can simply record yourself gaming a particular game and keep talking about a particular topic or that game itself to create a Podcast with a video to post on YouTube. In this manner, you can earn money based on the views and ads on this massive platform. 

Final Thoughts

Overall this podcast has highlighted the 15 best gaming podcasts on the Internet. As shown, many great podcasts cover the length and breadth of the video game industry.

From big multimedia corporations such as IGN entertainment to smaller organizations like Kinda Funny and Gamer Tag Radio, podcasting is at the heart of what they do.

Thus, it shows the flexibility and diversity of podcasting in fitting within various companies and business models and how effective it can reach audiences, which are often hard to get.

Podcasting is a great medium and has allowed the gaming industry to develop the way it has. Without podcasting, the industry would be very different.

It has not only allowed big companies to thrive but smaller ones, giving them a space on the Internet where they can talk about games.

Podcasting has helped build Youtube businesses such as Kinda Funny or Last Stand Media, alongside helping to fill the pockets of individuals who are podcasting.

In effect, podcasting has allowed many people within the gaming industry to earn a living from talking about something they love. Thus, podcasting has helped grow not only the industry but also enrich people’s lives.

The podcasting industry is only starting to get bigger. As the industry continues to grow, the gaming industry will likely become even more competitive, with more podcasts being released and likely to become more saturated.

Nevertheless, podcasting is shaping the gaming industry and wouldn’t be the same without it. It is not too late to get involved with podcasting in the industry.

For ideas, make sure to listen to the 15 best gaming podcasts in 2022 listed in this article. You might be the next big thing in the industry.