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9 Best Golf Apps To Improve Your Game

Are you a person that loves golf? Or more than that, someone that lives and breathes this sport? If that is the case, then you would probably have a few specialist apps on your phone to help you.

There are many apps in the market that can help amateur and professional golfers alike to improve their swings and also help in enhancing their training. What’s more, is that these apps are not just available on the phone, but many can be used from smartwatches too.

It’s no surprise that so many people are using these apps since they have become a hot commodity. If you’re someone that loves golf but hasn’t tried these apps yet, this article just might be able to convince you to start. We have for you a list of the best golf apps that can really help you improve your game.

Best Golf Apps To Improve Your Game 👌👌

Your smartphone can do a whole lot more than just help you find directions to a golf course to book a tee time. There’s GPS technology in the smartphones that can help you with these golf apps to get a bird’s eye view of the course, each hole, and also help you pick a club for the very best shot.

A golf GPS app will help you have all the knowledge and data necessary to excel on the course without needing newer gear.

Our list of golf apps will show you the map of each hole marked with hazards and doglegs along with the location while telling you the distance to the middle, back, and the front of the green. Many of these apps also have digital score boarding along with accurate statistics.

Some of these apps will also give you access to golfers and instructors worldwide, along with AI coaches to help you improve your game. The app ratings have also been given to help you choose and for you to also know if an app works better on Android or IOS based on whatever device you have. 

Some of them can even be used on smartwatches for greater ease of usage. The prices for their premium upgraded versions are also given in the list below so you can very easily compare to find something suitable. 

Let’s get on with our list of the top golf apps out there!

1. Golf GPS & Scorecard by SwingU

SwingU is one of the best golf apps and has 4.7 stars and 4.5 stars on the AppStore and the Play Store respectively. It is an app that has about 6 million users across the globe and is free for life.

The app is completely battery-efficient, reliable, and accurate, and they state that they can rival any golf GPS  app, handheld, or synced on a watch that you can find on the market.

SwingU - Top Rated GPS, Scorecard & Game Improvement App

The app is extremely easy and reliable in its usage. They are constantly improving with new technology and new functionality. There is also a commitment to user satisfaction which means that their customer service is reliable and quick. They also have a database that is community-built so that it works on any course in the world.

While the app is free, there is also a premium version that can be found, which has a $42 yearly subscription and a $3.49 fee if you want a monthly subscription. There are many valuable and additional features that you can find as compared to the free version. 

The premium version has an instruction platform and a digital caddie that is AI-powered. The additional functionality and technology that you get on course can help you really own the game with the analysis system called SwingU Versus that is integrated strokes gained system. 

SwingU will analyze and track each facet of the game, and you can compare the game against a tour pro, scratch golfer, or a target handicap.

You can see how you stack up along the five different categories that can be had on the course, like putting and bunker play, pitching and chipping, approach slots, and driving. 

Every facet of the game will have a relative handicap to help you accurately and very easily identify those areas of the game that require the most improvement and attention.

Their AI-driven algorithm can assign you a prescriptive drill that can help you focus on the priority of game improvement that can lower the scores and handicaps very quickly. 


  • Golf instruction tips daily from their team of expert instructors.
  • Games that are on-the-course including those like skins and stroke play.
  • After scores are posted for three rounds, there is a free handicap.
  • The digital scorecard automatically advances from hole to hole and also tracks the putts and scores very easily.
  • Their GPS rangefinder works on any course in the world with distances to greens and also with any obstacle that you would get on the course. 

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2. Golf GPS Rangefinder: Golf Pad

Golf Pad is a rangefinder app that is intuitive and super-fast, making it one of the best golf apps. It has 4.6 stars and 4.7 stars on the PlayStore and the AppStore, respectively.

They have more than 40,000 courses, and registration is not needed beforehand. The app conforms to all the new rules and regulations that should be followed in the tournament.

Golf Pad GPS: Free Range Finder and Scoring App

This app works for android, apple, and also for Samsung and Apple watches. The app is optimized to save on battery life, and the downloads are completely free with no limitation.

The free version does have great options when compared to other apps, but you will get better statistics and smartwatch features with the premium that is $19.99.


  • The golf GPS rangefinder is free and helps you get the instant distance to the back/middle/front of the green or of any point that you want on the course.
  • The PGA-quality scorecard is free and is for 1-4 golfers. There are fairways, sand, penalties, putts, and track strokes for every player.
  • The shot tracker is one-tap, and it will easily record the clubs and positions and will also measure the shot’s lengths. You can use it for every shot from tee to green or for drives. The shots can be reviewed on the app and shared with any other friends.
  • The aerial map is also free, and to measure the distance to water, bunkers, or any other point on the course, all you need to do is tap.
  • The rangefinder distances can be seen on your screen without you having to unlock the phone.
  • The app will also keep the entire playing history so you can go back and edit or review scores and even add notes for any of the past rounds if you’d like.
  • The progress is tracked with statistics that are detailed and include distance walked GIR, sand, fairways, penalties, accuracy, putts, and scoring.
  • You can play group rounds with friends and online leader boards.
  • The rangefinder supports both yards and meters.
  • You can also improve the game with the shot-by-shot analysis you get from Strokes Gained.

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3. GolfNow

When talking about the best golf apps for tee times, GolfNow is an app that people love. It has 4.5 stars and 4.7 stars on the PlayStore and the AppStore, respectively. They have more than 7000 courses along with weather protection, incredible savings, and other tools that you can get. 

Best Golf Apps

The reason why people love this app is the fact that it is the best for booking tee times as it books 24×7 and instantly, too, without having to wait.

There are also thousands of reviews from golfers to help you find the best course. Your credit card information that is saved is also secured so you can book easily and safely.


  • You can find tee times are more than 6,000 golf courses that are located across the globe.
  • You can search Hot Deal tee times to get discounts and savings that are available on the tee time process. This also includes weather protection. 
  • There are also GolfNow Rewards and also earn points on each round.
  • They also have GOLFPASS+ membership offers that have waived convenience fees, savings, and benefits.
  • Booking for the next round is extremely easy, and there is no need to call or wait.
  • To help you choose the golf course that is the best for you, you get detailed information on the courses available.
  • The GPS device can help you search the area to get a course near you.
  • The app has enhanced filters and searches capabilities to help you find tee times whenever you want.

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4. Hole 19: Golf GPS App, Rangefinder & Scorecard

This is an app that has 4.4 stars and 4.3 on the PlayStore and the AppStore, respectively. It is one of the best golf apps when you consider rangefinder apps.

It has great solutions for free queries and is an app that is loaded with tools like a statistics tracker, shot, digital scorecard, and a GPS rangefinder. It is considered to be an all-in-one app that helps for all your needs while also lowering the handicap in the game too.

Best Golf Apps 1

There are very few chances to go wrong with this app as it will measure the shot distance regardless of where you hit it and has over 40,000 courses worldwide.

You can upgrade to the premium version for additional statistics and features by paying $5 monthly. But most people say that the free version is enough to enjoy the game.


  • Match Play: You can very easily challenge your friends to match play and also easily track all your scores.
  • Distance Tracker: You can very easily and quickly measure the distance of the last shot with their easy-to-use and accurate tracker.
  • Overall Statistics: You can get statistics on your performance on putting, short gaming, greens in regulation, and driving accuracy.
  • Shot-by-Shot Tracking: Every shot that is made in the round gets tracked.
  • Enhanced Performance Statistics: You get better insight for the game as time passes with the trendline graphs that you can get that show vital statistics like driving accuracy, scoring, and a lot more.
  • Auto-change Hole: You won’t need to change the holes on the app manually as the app will do it automatically as you walk from green to tee.
  • Premium Maps: The premium golf course maps have improved resolution so that you can see the course and the shots better.
  • Highlights: The highlights of the entire golf career can be seen in one place. So you can see Most Played Course, Best Score, Best Hole, etc.
  • Watch Scoring: On your wrist, you can see the entire score input.

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5. GolfShot: Golf GPS + Caddie

GolfShot is another one of the best golf apps out there, and it has 4.5 stars and 4.7 stars in PlayStore and AppStore, respectively. It is an app that is a combination of a tee time app and a rangefinder app, and it is an app that has a free and a premium version.

You can get more than 45,000 courses with real-time distances to the green. You can get recommendations for the clubs, flyover previous, statistics, and shot tracking. 

In the premium paid version, you can get more tools that are up-to-date and the luxury of getting a free trial of seven days to get a feel of the features before you decide to purchase it.

It is also an excellent app for apple watches and has world-class coaching tips, and has more than 400 videos that are personalized that can help you up to your game. The premium version is $6.99 for a month and $39.99 annually after you finish the trial period of seven days with the app.


  • If you want to find the distance to the center of the green, this app can do it very easily.
  • The scorecard is easy to use for you or a group of four.
  • The Voice Hole and Auto-Advance information so you can do it hands-free.
  • It also gives statistics that are insightful for the game, and it covers putts per hole, greens in regulation (GIR), and fairways for in-depth analysis.
  • You can stop guessing and get statistics that are powerful and accurate based on the playing history.
  • You can also get 3D video previews of the entire course so you can visualize the round before you start playing.

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6. Golf GPS 18Birdies Scorecard & Yardage Rangefinder

This is an app that has 4.7 stars and 4.9 stars on the PlayStore and the AppStore, respectively. It is one of the best golf apps, and millions can attest to using this app to up their game.

You can shoot better with the help of their improvement tools. You can also track performance with their scorecard that is digital, and there are also a lot of statistics and side games.

Best Golf Apps 2

You can also play in tournaments with a diverse community of golfers across the globe and even get swing tips if you’d like. The app gives you a GPS rangefinder and a tour-level caddy in your pocket. You can play every hole with distances that are accurate and are based on temperature, rain, wind, elevation change, and a lot more.

You can also upload a video of the swings to the AI Coach that you find and get feedback instantly on what to focus on and how you can improve. You can get custom video tips, and it is like having an experienced coach right in your pocket.

While the free version is enough for you to be able to enjoy the game, you can always upgrade to the premium version for better features. You can choose to go for $5 a month or $45 annually. Additionally, there is also the option to pay for the subscription weekly too if you’d like.


  • GPS Rangefinder: The distance from a point of the course can be found easily and quickly.
  • Stats and Round History: You can get access to your stats and can view all the past rounds with no time limit.
  • Auto Hole Switching: You don’t have to switch manually, and it will do it automatically, so there are fewer taps required.
  • Side Games: The app will keep track of all side bets for you, and you can play nine different games like Points, Dots, Wolf, and Skins for free. 
  • Tee Times: You can very easily book the upcoming round very easily, and there are over 6,000 that are available across America.
  • Sweepstakes: You can enter their monthly one-of-a-kind DreamGames sweeps so you can get amazing prices along with gear from top golf brands and trips to play at bucket-list courses.
  • Social Feed: You can easily talk equipment, celebrate hole-in-ones, swing videos, and a lot more with golfers across the world.

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7. UDisc Disc Golf App

This is one of the best golf apps you can find for disc golfers as it is made by other disc golfers. This app lets you very easily keep score, measure throws, track your stats, find courses, and a lot more. You can join the thousands of disc golfers that use the app to improve their golfing experience. 

Where to next? Let UDisc guide your disc golf journey.

You can keep the score on their course-specific scorecards, of which there are more than 10,000. There are various scoring modes like map-based scoring, full stats, or even strokes. You can have teams of any size, singles, doubles, or anything that you’d like. 

You can see the real-time distance to the basket and photographic hole maps. There are also custom scorecards if you’d prefer that. You can keep the score from your Samsung or Apple watch and even share your completed rounds on social media.

There are more than 10,000 courses in their directory, and you can sort them out by location, rating, distance, and even sort them by courses having bathrooms, being cart-friendly, or dog-friendly. There are also course reviews and course conditions that are up-to-date that you have full access to. 

There are more than 100,00 golf hole maps that are available. You can always add any courses that you would want to play on in the future to your wish list and also easily keep track of where you’ve played in the past. There’s also contact information and driving directions to the courses. 

They also have a UDisc Pro version that is priced at $14.99 a year that you can start paying for after their month-long trial period. With this version, you can make unlimited scorecards, and you can even automatically share them with all players if you’d like.

You can also take part in the friends and global leaderboards that are there and back up all of your data to the UDisc Cloud that you can later have complete access to.


  • The app lets you easily analyze the greens in regulation, driving, putting, and a lot more.
  • You can keep a record of the best rounds, average scores, and your aces.
  • You can also track the weather conditions, distance walked, and the steps walked for each round.
  • There are also comprehensive charts and statistics that you can easily review.
  • There are accurate measurements for all your throws.
  • You can also find disc golf leagues that are in the area around you.
  • The disc golf rule book is easily searchable.
  • There are also practice drills for accuracy and putting.
  • You can get the tee order announcements on each of the tee boxes.

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8. TheGrint | Your Golferhood

As the term ‘Golferhood’ suggests, TheGrint is meant to be a golf society. Their golfers have GPS for more than 37,000 courses across the blogger, games, matches, live scoring, the best performance stats suite, along a USGA-compliant golf handicap.

As this is community-based, you can connect with other golfers, like their golfing pictures, see their scores, and even critique their game.

It is also the best handicap app for golfers, and they are one of the best rangefinder apps on Andriod. They have efficient customer support, performance stats, live scores, and their GPS rangefinder in their free version. 

The new handicap membership on TheGrint is $1.99 monthly and $3.99 monthly if you’d like the pro membership. The annual fee is $19.99 and $39.99 for the new handicap membership and the pro membership, respectively. There are legitimate handicaps calculated and issued by the USGA with free features available on this membership. 

In the paid version, you can have handicaps, as mentioned before, the scorecard picture service allows you to upload the scorecard’s picture and they transcribe the scores for you hole by hole.

There are also advanced performance indicators and statistics that are available. You can also get access that is entirely unlimited to all the previous scores and stats in detail.

The memberships that they offer are auto-renewable, and there is unlimited access to all their features. But please note that your battery life can decrease with the continued use of the GPS in the background.


  • The GPS Rangefinder works like an app and also on smartwatches and can help you find courses from the 37,000+ that are available across the globe.
  • Scoring is live, and you can compete in real-time with other foursomes. 
  • You can also make a Ryder Cup to compete for as many session formats as you’d prefer with two larger teams.
  • They also have incredible customer support and have a quick response time to queries or complaints. 

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We hope that our list of the very best golf apps has helped you find an app that will give you what you need and fit your needs best, even if you’ve never used a golf app before.

There are plenty of reviews on each app, and the star rating given in the article will also be able to help you choose an app. 

There are premium versions of the apps that give you better features, but most of them are great, even with the free version. Using one of these apps can really help you up to your game and do a lot better, as many of them even have coaches to help with tips.

Some of them can only be used on the phone, but a few can also be used on smartwatches giving you even better accessibility and convenience with usage. 

There are also links for the PlayStore and the AppStore that are available so that you can easily go to the page to download the golf app, no matter the phone that you have. What’s left is for you to choose an app that you love and get to golfing!