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Best Growth Marketers To Follow

Growth marketing or digital marketing consultants are people who have an in-depth understanding of the digital space and help derive innovative strategies for brands.

They cover all limbs of marketing like social media, search engine optimization, email marketing, website advertising, paid promotions, and much more.

They do not just hold all the information; they can also elaborate on changing trends and always have the inside story. Some of the world’s best marketers also have an innate ability to predict trends and capitalize on them wisely.

Following even one of the many stalwarts we mention below will help you in many ways.

Why Follow Growth Marketers?

The benefits of keeping updated with the best in the game are always helpful for budding business owners and marketers. It gives them space to learn on many levels.

Being at the top of the ladder, they often share insights that are hard to find in another source. They also talk from experience, account for real-time situations, and help create a community for like-minded followers.

7 Best Growth Marketers to Follow

If you are unsure where to start, this list would be a helpful tool. Every growth expert in this list is an industry leader and provides some very unique insights.

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1. Bruno Estrella

Bruno Estrella is one of the leading growth marketers in the industry. His user acquisition strategies are a reference for growth marketers worldwide.

Bruno currently leads growth initiatives at Webflow, a SaaS company that was recently valued at $2.1 billion. He oversees projects across paid acquisition, demand generation, organic growth, and CRO.

He is part of Reforge community — a distinguished group designed to top-level growth professionals.

If you want to learn more about sustainable growth practices, make sure to follow Bruno Estrella on LinkedIn.

2. Josh Fechter.

Josh Fechter was named the best Product Marketer by the Product School back in 2018. Besides, he also made it as the top writer in the years 2017-18.

Fehler has many years of working as a digital marketing consultant. His success stems from the experience he brings to the table, followed by his ability to produce exceptional results for any brand.

He has spent most of his years helping SaaS companies refine their place in the market and determine the right strategies to flourish in the online domain. He has a keen eye and in-depth knowledge of brand awareness, acquisitions, revenue mapping, and much more.

His website remains flooded with case studies highlighting his achievements and helping users make an informed choice.

3. Hailey Fridman

Hailey Fridman is renowned worldwide as the person behind ‘Growth Marketing Pro,’ a platform with the most exciting content, cheatsheets, and educational-articles for other marketing constants.

Fridman has also established a name for herself in the fields of affiliate revenue marketing, search engine optimization, and digital strategy planning.

Her work with Improvado, an educational data SaaS company, is proof of her excellence. She is always on the lookout for new trends and tricks that can bring her clients a better following and give them a competitive edge.

She is one person who has backed her work with results time and again.

4. JonathanPogat

With over ten years of digital marketing experience under his belt and many awards and accolades to his credit — Pogat is one of the most skillful and admired growth marketers to follow.

His work with email marking, mobile marketing, and automation strategies is unparalleled to his industry peers. He serves as the VP of marketing at Drips, a company that focuses on giving better user-engagement.

The balanced combination of experience and trendy ideas makes Pogat a definite marketing guru to look out for.

5. Faith Storey

Faith has built a name for herself in the Saas marketing work as one of the most trusted marketers. She has helped companies test paid to advertise and scale their userbase to new nights.

Her ability to take an existing problem and find innovative solutions has made her the go-to choice for many brands to follow. All her work is backed by deep research and careful analytics.

She has proven to raise the engagements and conversations for a brand by 205% and helps to build a strong and loyal following for her clients.

6. Summit Shah

As the founder of Risemetric, he is known in the industry for his experience and high-level expertise in the field. His company has statists to back their achievements and helped over seven companies create a seven-figure valuation.

His work in the field of unlike anyone else, and he holds the ideal concoction of in-depth knowledge and flawless execution.

He also founded Rankz, which is one of the swiftly-growing digital markings platforms. They help companies to generate flawless content and manage better SEO operations.

7. Melanie Balke

One person who brings a ton of diversity to her work in marketing is Melanie Balke. She has worked with every type of brand under the sun; from beverages, skincare, retail, and even automotive.

Her claim-to-fame was her work as the Director of Growth for BAMF media. She has worked with many e-com companies and helped them with rebranding, drive sales, and better targeting practices.

8. Dhaval Bhatt

Dhaval is one such legend in the field who has been showing results for over 10 years. He has been a favorite to many brands and continues to blow the minds of new ones.

He took up various marketing roles in LikeLock and has said to bring in a $3M in incremental value. All this from data science and his experience in managing products.

He also founded Resonate AI. This is a connect marketing tool that can help gauge the emotions of a content piece and help optimize it.

Final Thoughts,

When you follow another marketer for information or inspiration — ensure they are in the same, or close niche as you. While there is some learning from everyone; those in your niche will give you a clearer image of reality.

Additionally, do not spend all your time consuming or repeating trends. Use this as inspiration to carve your own path.