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15 Best Guitar Learning Apps For Android and iOS


We all can agree that Music is one of the best stress management that for sure can catch up to your feelings. Even Psychology describes music as a source that can relax the mind and fuel our body and not only all these but it can also help you to survive the pain you are suffering.

In this hectic life as well as busy schedule, we don’t have time to attend Music classes but why fretting about it when the best guitar learning apps can help you find the tutor you require. 

One of the instruments that can be all-rounder is Guitar, If you want a sweet calming tune then what’s best than the acoustic guitar, you can play bassy, warm, melodious, harmonious, driving, hollow, jazzy, uplifting tunes in just one instrument, Guitar.

Best Guitar Learning Apps: Our Top Pick đź‘Śđź‘Ś

In the market, there are more than countable guitar learning apps that can help you to learn a musical instrument, Guitar, one of the instruments that can be economical or expensive. To save your extra amount from spending on tutoring then these apps can surely help you in saving it.

Well here is some pretty good, best guitar learning apps that can help you to learn Guitar in no to less time than any other apps that can tutor you.

1. Yousician – Your Music Teacher

Well, we are all sitting idle in this time of pandemic but now you can continue your hobby in this time that you could not when you were so busy your lifetime.

Yousician is one of the easiest apps among other guitar learning apps that can let you learn it without having to spend a huge amount.

Yousician on Google Play Store

It not only teaches you but also gives you feedback that will let you have a full class experience which you will never get in any other app.

It let you have the feel of sitting in the class even though you are relaxing on your favorite couch, it is a place where you can learn different musical chord in fewer expenses than what we actually have to spend.

When we look through the best guitar learning apps then Yousician is one such app that lets you have the option to choose your package where you can select a free subscription package or you can select a premium package. 

The premium package allows you to experience guitar classes without any obstacle in your path of learning as there will be no add to close your learning path.

Not only guitar but there are other instruments and lessons which you can choose if you don’t want to learn guitar, these instruments and lessons include vocals, bass, piano as well as a ukelele. It is the best guitar learning app that android and iOs users can easily access on their gadgets.

Each and every person with different song types can find the song they desire and not just a limited number of songs. Music lovers should once check this best guitar learning app as not checking it would be a waste of such resources.

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2. Guitar Tuna

Spending a lot on buying, tuning, and then spending a lot more on gaining the knowledge to finally playing it would be too much, thus let’s save a penny and use the Guitar Tuna app.

It is one of the best Guitar learning app that not only will help you to learn the guitar but also let you save the money you will spend on tuning.

GuitarTuna - The #1 multi-instrument tuning app in the world!

Now we don’t have to spend a huge amount on chromatic tuners due to the newly developed technology as we already have microphones and processors in our appliances and Guitar Tuna is one of the best guitar learning app that does not need any chromatic tuner to tune out our instrument, the hardest part in any guitarist courier.

It is very intuitive as well as simple to use when we talk about its infrastructure and like every android user’s habit to get the free thing, the free version is capable enough to satisfy your basic guitar needs. 

If what you are looking for is not available in the basic version then you can choose from other options available also, there are other 3 pack options from where you can choose and get the more exotic tune.

As well as another instrument also and the best thing you can get in Guitar Tuna, is that it only asks you to pay for those instruments that you are using and not for all the instruments.

One of the packages of Guitar Tuna allows its users to tune every known guitar and many other strings instruments such as banjos, ukeleles, Hawaiian guitar, etc. It also provides you with the fretboard that not all app provides you. 

In all these apps present in the market for guitar learning, not all apps can let you learn metronome but Guitar Tuna let you learn efficiently. It has a huge library where you can have basic chords.

Developers of Guitar Tuna are trying to make their app better for their users so it is developing and modifying its apps and its best creation is also on our list so no worry if you don’t like our one of the best guitar learning apps then maybe it will help you.

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3. Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs

Just like the app’s name, Ultimate Guitar, their services are also unlimited and did not stop users from reaching their goals because of limited resources.

It lets you select from a docket of chords, lyrics, songs, and tabs related to any string gadget that no other app can guarantee you.

Best Guitar Learning Apps 3

There are few apps in the market that will give you a tuner along with guitar learning classes, it helps you to learn and master your classes and at the same time, will their customers to spend less money while doing so.

Not just string instruments but metronome is also available for you to learn. The best thing we can see in Ultimate Guitar is that we can connect our music services with the app and play along with it. You can keep tabs on your favorite musician due to some special videos that show them playing some parts of the tab. 

If you are still not sure about using Ultimate Guitar as the best guitar learning app then you can have a 7-day trial without spending a penny which will make your mind and then for complete access to the features present in the app, users have to subscribe to an annual package.

Ultimate Guitar is one of the best guitar learning apps that any android user can have it considering the wide range of songs as well as the availability of tuners.

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4. All Chords Guitar 

When we talk about guitar then learning basic knowledge is a must and chord is one such basic topic in music and the best guitar learning app suitable for the task is All Chords Guitar.

It provides you a library full of chords that is available for you in any situation, whether planning for a gig or rehearsal.

Best Guitar Learning Apps

When you want to search any chord then the Chord dictionary immediately tells you about the chords as well as their variations. It does not take time to instruct the user about hard chords such as the chords in the same key. 

All Chords Guitar is the best place for tenderfoots to visit as it can provide you with primary subject as proper finger position, can most likely make your fingers work faster.

Keeping a miny guitar is possible due to such best guitar learning apps that can allow you to play your instrument from anywhere. All Chords Guitar is one of the intuitive apps that let you save the song for later by putting it in the favorite list.

Marking the cord is pretty simple as you only have to click the favorite option. The best thing we can see is that it does not discriminate or left the needs of a left-handed person.

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5. Songsterr

When talking about Android the first thing that comes to my mind is the free apps that will never leave you bored. But the best learning guitar app, Songsterr has a little twist in it because yes it does not give you a free service but spending the money was worth it.

Best Guitar Learning Apps 1

It must be gut-wrenching for users who are used to free services but giving it a chance is a must even though you have to spend your fortune on a subscription fee.

If you want an app with an easy and simple infrastructure that will not cause any problem in saving, searching, and finding the song, then Songsterr is the best guitar learning app that you can ask for. 

Marking any song is pretty easy in Songsterr as you only have to tap the star, not all apps allow you to control the song playback but guess who can, Songsterr does. 

When we attend classes for anything we are always in a rush but it let us continue at our own pace rather than rushing us. One of the best advantages, Songsterr’s customers can take advantage of is its fast speed that can save you time but the downfall we can see is the limited number in the song selection.

Aside from this one downfall, we can consider Songster in the list of the best guitar learning app that can provide you with affordable guitar tutoring sitting in your comfy bedsheets. A rookie with less to no knowledge can easily access this app easily because of its simple interface.

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6. Gibson: Learning experience made for beginner guitarists 

The Gibson App is a gamified learning experience. With interactive lessons and instant feedback it feels like a game, but with professional education to it.

It’s made specifically for beginners, taking them to the next level without making them feel the traditional struggle of learning the guitar. Beginner guitarists can connect with their guitar from the very first time they play it.

15 Best Guitar Learning Apps For Android and iOS

They feel that they can play, and they leave the app wanting to play more. Simply, they learn while having a good playing experience. So in short, beginners can learn guitar without ever feeling like beginners. 

Users get:-

  • Step-by-step learning course, from basic to intermediate
  • Multiple genres
  • Video tutorials combined with interactive lessons
  • Instant feedback on playing  
  • 100s of famous songs taught by some of the world’s best guitarists
  • And much more such as tuner, metronome, Gibson TV, guitar tech support, training calendar 

Learning songs and skills from some of the world’s best guitarists:-

Famous songs are divided into different parts like the intro, verse, solo and chorus. You learn each part by first watching a video tutorial showing you how to play it and giving you all the hints and tricks to nail it.

And after the video tutorial you get to practice and play the part in an interactive and immersive lesson that gives you real time feedback on your playing. 

Richie Faulkner from Judas Priest – teaching Judas Priest songs and also giving a crash course to metal guitar 

Ryan Roxie from Alice Cooper – teaching 5 Alice Cooper songs 

Tommy Thayer from KISS – teaching 5 iconic KISS solos 

Jared James Nichols – teaching his own songs and giving a crash course to blues guitar 

– Lovisa Sjöberg Nordahl from Zara Larsson – Teaching Ruin my life 

And many more…. 

Song catalogue include Deep Purple, Tom Petty, Pixies, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Killers, Zara Larson, Bob Dylan, Alice Cooper,The Beatles, BB King, Freddie King, Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest, Oasis and more. 

If you don’t want to subscribe, there’s a free version that lets you play a few lessons a day. 

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7. Guitar Toolkit

Looking for the best iOs apps that can help you to learn guitar in an economical amount then Guitar Toolkit is the best option that users and musicians can opt to learn instruments.

We can see many such apps that can provide you with learning facilities but no other app allows you to show all the chords you want. 

15 Best Guitar Learning Apps For Android and iOS

Guitar Toolkit is one such best Guitar learning iOs apps that can provide you with whatever chord your heart desires. It can not only give you all the known chords in the music industry but it comes with the fretboard.

Users can also have many new awesome ideas of tune by just typing the name and it will do its magic. When we talk about multi-tasking things then not considering Guitar Toolkit’s name would be a crime, as it offers other features along with guitar learning such as a super-fast tuner with a wide range of scale your mind can make up. 

If you don’t want to only learn Guitar in this best guitar learning app, then metronome and any other string instruments are also there for you to master it. You can also learn different drum patterns along with creating them. 

A user is just required to spend 10$ to learn all these things rather than spending a huge amount on getting tutoring lessons.

The best deal any music lover can get is that you not only get all the known chords for guitar but you can also get the same offer for other instruments as well. 

From every existing scale to chords, you can find and it does not matter if you are learning guitar, banjo, mandolin, or ukelele. Looking through all these facilities makes Guitar Toolkit one of the best guitar learning apps.

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8. Fender Play

The creator of the most iconic guitar itself created the app for its customers so that they not only get the instrument but the right education to play it too. Fender Play is the best guitar learning app that we can consider for learning our favorite instrument.

What Is Fender Play? | Fender - :30

Just like Yuisiscian, Fender Play also provides you with a wide range of tutorial videos that you can look up to, and last but not least, these videos are updated regularly and contain content according to the latest techniques that musicians can try.

Fender Play gives you tutorial videos at the same time it also lets you choose from the umpteenth number of popular songs. By selecting Fender Play, you are taking guitar lessons from your home with a wide range of choices to select from, it is the best guitar learning app.

Fender Play gives you a free trial to its users and if anyone wants to have all the features then they just have to spend 10$ a month for the monthly subscription.

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9. Function Ear Trainer

To make your performance better, ear training is a must as you will get used to the sound and its meaning. Function Ear Training is one such app that allows you to become better and perfect your ears so that you won’t have problems remembering the chords and their connection.

15 Best Guitar Learning Apps For Android and iOS

It let you play the tune better and faster than anyone. Distinguishing between different tones as per the context is a different task that sometimes even master and teachers get confused but Function Ear Trainer is the best guitar learning app that you should not let the deal go.

Using the app for a couple of minutes a day will surely help you in finding the tunes in not even a second. It will help you to know the notes used in any song as you would already know what each tune in the musical key means.

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10. Guitar Pro

Guitar Pro is one of the most used apps that many music lovers already had on their desktops. Guitar Pro is one of the exclusive apps that not only allow you to learn the tab but also to create it.

To make your own tablature, then you only have to download the software on the desktop, and rest assured you can easily create your own tabs.

Guitar Pro for Android

There are some consequences when we talk about Guitar Pro as all the users know that the piracy level is very high in the said app as well as many Android users (including I) would not digest the price spend on it. 

The main purpose behind creating the Guitar Pro app was to create tabs but many just want to read them so it is a win-win solution for both providers and customers.

You can have all these resources in just a few dollars so don’t let the deal move away from your hands. We can consider it as one of the best guitar learning apps due to its facilities.

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11. FourChords

FourChords has the biggest catalog of songs from where you can surely find a song of your taste. It is the best app for Android and iOs users who want to learn all the chords present in the music. It simply divides the song into 4 parts that anyone can easily understand and remember.

FourChords preview video

Just like Justin Guitar, users also get all the tutorial videos and it let you select the key and tempo. FourChords allow you to see your learning process as well as give you audible feedback thus not at all snatching your experience as a class.

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12. Justin Guitar

Justin Sandercoe, a notable Australian person in the music industry discovered this very compatible app for both iOs and Android users called Justing Guitar. From the perfect finger position to the primary knowledge, Justin Guitar provides to its customers. 

Justin Guitar’s customer can learn their lesson at their pace, with no rush, and at a snail’s pace so that they will get each and every knowledge memorized in their heart so that they can play whenever without seeing it. 

Its users get 50 special tutorial video of Sandercoe himself in the app that user can access whenever they want to thus glorifying it and creating it a better competition for other apps. It also allows you to check your level of knowledge from what you learned as well as grant you various numbers of tracks to select from. 

Justin Guitar contains videos that cover nothing to everything and do not leave any small detail therefore is a source that can teach even a rookie with its information.

To be a master in a guitar then Justin Guitar is the best guitar learning app that can make you one such master. 

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13. Guitar Jam Tracks

The third best guitar learning app is Guitar Jam Track created by Ninebuzz. It has a simple and easy infrastructure that allows you to easily change the keys and has more than 740 tracks of different genres from where you can select your type of song selection. 

Best Guitar Learning Apps 5

Trying to find the best learning guitar app that can make you master a guitar then Guitar Jam Track is the best guitar learning app that can allow you to access more songs than other present guitar learning apps.

It let you practice and improve your improvisation and at the same time practice solo songs that can let you have confidence in your solo performances. It makes everything easy which we will find difficult such as jamming and learning scales. 

Learning anything is very hard but it makes learning fun. You are a rookie who does not know any basic, no worry scale chart present in Guitar Jam Tracks will surely help you in learning it by heart. 

It does not leave its users unsatisfied as it is the best guitar learning app that not only provides you a huge range of choices but it also shows you how to place your finger when playing guitar.  

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14. Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks works passionately for people who are searching for an easy, fast, economical, and fun way to learn and produce beautiful melodies.

Creating your own melody is the best and relaxing thing but the process may not make it relaxing therefore Guitar Tricks comes to the rescue.

Guitar Tricks is the best guitar learning app that provides you with an award-winning online guitar lesson and a chance to learn the umpteenth number of songs and melodies.

Learn Guitar On The Go with Guitar Lessons by Tricks the app!

Its database contains known melodies like Cocaine by Eric Clapton, Satisfaction by Rolling Stones, Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Poison, Imagine by John Lennon, Let it be by The Beatles, Bad Moon Rising, etc.

If you are a new person to guitar then the core learning system of Guitar Tricks will make your learning experience the easiest. Apart from its easy step-by-step curriculum, it raises your confidence in guitar.

Many customers who used this best guitar learning app consider it as a fun way to learn guitar, like a patient teacher, or true to their word service and you can easily look at the services provided as it has free trails. It has everything that you are looking for in the best guitar learning app.

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15. Guitar Lessons by JamPlay

One of the best guitar learning apps for beginners is Jam Play. Its main aim is to help thousands of struggling guitarists to reach their goals. It is not only for beginners but an advanced skilled person can also use Jam Play to reach their aim.

Its database contains more than 6000 lessons from the basic to advance learning techniques. Jam Play has professional guitarists that teach you all the lessons and the best thing you can see in it is live courses that are broadcasted every week.

It has many different features which consist of tools, Jam Tracks, educational libraries, and many more.

When you are looking for the best guitar learning app then Jam Play has more than 100 tutors, it has plus 450 courses and more than 20 genres from which you can select any you want, along with this it broadcasts live courses and provide you with useful libraries and apps galore.

Download on Google Play Store

16. Chord Bank

Another app we can present to you is ChordBank, the ultimate reference for guitarists. ChordBank is an all-in-one app that has many features to offer to its customers.

It has more than 1000 chords, along with it, it has all-inclusive scales, tools for practice, and many interactive lessons that will help you to learn to play guitar without any obstacles.

It is helping millions of guitarists every day to play guitar better than anyone for nearly a decade. ChordBank is the best free app for ios users. It has thousands of chords, majors, minor and pentatonic scales, has professional musicians, and allows you to learn metronome along with the guitar.

ChordBank allows you to spend less money on chromatic tuner as it itself provides you with Tuner, and it also lets its users find new chords with the reverse chord finger as well as jamming the tune of a slow or a fast pace.

It also allows you to save the chord for later purposes and organize it therefore checking it once is a must.

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We all know how hectic tutoring classes sometimes become that we could not focus on the sole purpose of going there and spend a lot on these tutoring classes.

In the end, we remain the same, yokel-like, so to save your money and time, then these apps are one of the best options in guitar learning app that can help you.

You don’t have a physical tuner worry not, Ultimate Guitar and Guitar Tuna is there to rescue you from being bankrupt. No time for sitting between a group of people to learn then Yousician, Guitar Tricks, Fender play, Ultimate guitar is there for saving your time.

 If you are looking for live broadcast classes then Jam Play is there for you to cater live classes and if you want a feedback-giving app then Yousician and FourChords are there to give you a full experience of an actual class.

Apart from these apps, you can also select Amped Guitar, Amplitube, GarageBand for iOs users, BandLab, etc.