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7 Of The Best Guitars Under 500 $ in 2022 – Reviewed

This is a complete buyer’s guide to Best Guitars Under 500 $ in 2022. 🤴

The best part?

We bought the 13 Guitars Under 500 $ available in the current market and reviewed them based on the Body format of the guitar, guitar’s neck design, guitar’s component tonewoods, and pick-up types.

And, finally came to 7 Of The Best Guitars Under 500 $ to our readers. đź“—

So without further ado, Let’s dive right in. 🎭

Guitars are one of the loveliest musical instruments of all time. In fact, they are the most popular stringed instrument on the market, and you would find a greater percentage of stringed instrumentalists learning how to play the guitar, before any other instrument in the category.

Asides from this, guitars have become the favorite for musicians, because the instruments are largely able to produce top melodies alone, without a necessary need for a complementing instrument.

Hence, they allow the user to produce great music all by themselves, and which listeners can listen to and appreciate.

You may hear music makers say guitarists are never going to be out of vogue, as far as contemporary music is concerned. So, you too should probably go on to take that step on attending the guitar training classes, closest to you.

Now, guitar enthusiasts may sometimes come up with excuses for how expensive it is to own a guitar. This has been the reason why a number of intending learners, have failed to proceed with their guitar tutorials.

After all, it is said that the best way to practice and hone your playing skills, is to practice always- and on your own. Nowadays, many stringed instrument producers have come up with different models and types of guitars.

Hence, making more people have access to their choice of guitars, and depending on what specifications they require. This advantage does not only apply to first-time guitar beginners, but also to intermediate and professional users.

Thus, there are now almost no reasons why a guitarist should not ideally have their own instrument that would make provision for easy access, whenever they need to practice.

There is a reasonable array of different best guitars under $500, which would provide you with at least the basic functions that anyone would need in a guitar instrument.

However, it is important to pay attention to the product reviews and specifications, so as to make the best choice from quite a vast range of guitar options.

Asides from the quality and specification aspects, you should remember that guitars work on different function designs, thus these are the things that need to be carefully considered in every product that an intending user wants to buy.

Below, is a review of some of the best guitars under $500- together with their individual product specifications and traits, as well as the pros and cons.

The reviewed products have been listed in no particular order of market choice or relevance, but what’s certain is that they all qualify to be on this list.

Best Guitars Under 500 $: Our Top Pick đź‘Śđź‘Ś

1. ESP LTD EC256FM Electric Guitar

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The ESP EC256FM guitar is one guitar that comes with the best features that you’ll like. It is a full-function top-notch electric guitar, with apt functions that qualify it as one of the best guitars that you’ll find in the market.

In fact, this guitar is particularly an important one because it provides major performance functions- just like the ones anyone would expect to find on the pricier models.

In fact, a lot of users who have had to compare this product with other supposed higher models, have seemingly made remarks favoring the EC256FM, over the others.

Firstly, the product’s classic but solid shape, makes it prove just suitable for whatever convenience you’re looking for. The body is made of high-quality processed mahogany wood, as well as some input of rosewood on the fingerboard.

Enjoy the music as you play, courtesy of the guitar’s three pieces thin neck- that has an appropriate facilitating U shape. With the guitar’s 24.75 inches scale length, there are no worries for you- as you strum through the frets.

Note that this guitar comes with 22 extra-jumbo frets, and this is part of what contributes to its seeming bulky weight.

Also, the product has a flamed maple head, while the mahogany wooded body is pivotal to the high-quality sounds that you’ll get on the guitar. The total dimension of the EC256FM measures 9 × 20 × 47 inches, while the regular color is cobalt black.

When anyone mentions the best guitars under $500, then the ESP EC256FM electric guitar should be one of the honorable mentions. At a price of about $430, the buyer also gets full accompanying accessories on the product, as well as a quality structured conveyor bag.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the ESP LTD EC256FM Electric Guitar that earned it a spot in our list of Best Guitars Under 500 $ to get in 2022.


  • The thin sleek neck structure makes the guitar easy to handle and strum
  • Electric guitar with great overall performance; fit to compete with higher-priced products
  • Mahogany and rosewoods are perfect materials to facilitate the durability of the guitar
  • The guitar is built to come with a flamed maple head component.
  • Great electric guitar option for all categories of possible users- whether beginner, intermediate or professional users.
  • Comes with a carefully added body contour that facilitates easy use


  • If you’re particularly concerned about owning a lightweight product, then you may not have necessarily found that in the EC256FM.
  • The guitar has a bit of inconsistency with the pickup and bridge sounds.
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2. Donner DAG-1C Beginner Acoustic Guitar

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This is another quality stringed instrument selling for a price way below $500. The Donner DAG 1C acoustic guitar comes with features that suggest its significance for the guitar beginner.

However, it would also serve as a good option for intermediate players, while professionals could make do with it- one way or the other.

The product has had a number of good reviews on trader stores, with most users feeling satisfied with the product’s overall sound performance. Another thing that users think is great about this product, is its beautiful shiny wooden structure, which is also appropriately light-weighted.

One of the features of the component on this product that helps in optimizing sound output is the guitar’s smooth satin finishing on all sides.

Now, it may interest you to know that this guitar is a 41 inches full-size cutaway guitar, hewn basically out of topmost quality African mahogany wood. Asides from the mahogany main body, however, the top parts are differently made from spruce.

On the Donner DAG 1C, you’ll have access to a guitar with 20 frets made of brass, with tuning knobs made out of quality die-cast steel. Note that the neck is C-shaped, while the instrument comes with dot position inlays.

One advantage of buying and using this guitar is the fact that every one of its components is built to last- with undeniably durable and quality materials which makes it perfectly fit in our best guitars under 500 $ list.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Donner DAG-1C Beginner Acoustic Guitar that earned it a spot in our list of Best Guitars Under 500 $ to get in 2022.


  • A great acoustic guitar with the best sound quality and pitch
  • Mahogany and spruce built structure facilitates the top-notch sounds, as well as the tendency of the guitar to last for years
  • The neck is aptly built to aid easy user grip and strumming activities.
  • Suitable for playing all music genres without the least playing hitch
  • The accompanying satin finish facilitates proper resonance, which directly impacts whatever sound output is obtained.


  • The features on the guitar are quite simple, making it suitable mostly for the beginner
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3. Yamaha Revstar RS420 FRD Electric Guitar

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If you’ve been a music fan for many years, then you’ll remember that the Yamaha company is not just one of the best makers of bikes, but also a top-notch musical instrument maker. Consequently, you can rely on the company’s products to provide the best in whatever they’ve made.

The Revstar RS420 does not hold back on this antecedent trademark quality, as it comes with carefully implemented designs and functions that suggest the manufacturer’s level of dexterity.

Firstly, you’ll be fascinated by the guitar’s aesthetic appeal- which is quite typical of the higher-priced products. In fact, if you’ve not been told that the product was just some $500, you’ll have had reason to assume that it was sold for prices starting from a thousand bucks.

Features of the guitar include its 24.75 inches scale body, which has been made from a combination of nato and maple wood, at a different part. While the mainframe body is basically composed of nato wood, the top parts are carved out of maple wood.

The neck, on the other hand, is one of the slimmest that you’ll find on the list of the best guitars under $500. This type of structure makes strumming the easiest, while also conferring the product with some appropriate sophisticated looks.

The fretboard- which is made of rosewood, is nicely divided into easy-to-use 22 frets. Although the product is most closer to $500, it is still a comparatively inexpensive product on the general market- primarily considering its features and functions.

Other impressive features on the guitar, are its V magnetic alnico hum breakers, and their unprecedented effects on facilitating the best of guitar sounds.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Yamaha Revstar RS420 FRD Electric Guitar that earned it a spot in our list of Best Guitars Under 500 $ to get in 2022.


  • Top-notch design and aesthetic appeal; this guitar is definitely pukka in terms of these
  • The sound outputs are one of the best that you can get for a product in the best guitars under $500 category
  • Slim neck structure with an easy to use fretboard division
  • The product has a careful customer body structure that facilitates easy carriage and use
  • The coil splitting is implemented via a dry switch
  • The overall product design is aptly stylish and appealing


  • It is relatively heavier than some other products
Yamaha Revstar RS420 Electric Guitar


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4. Gretsch G5022CE Rancher Electric Guitar

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This is another guitar that sells for below $500, which you wouldn’t just resist without putting it into some consideration. The red-colored guitar comes with a hero design, which makes it the pride of every owner.

You’ll joyfully want to take your G5022CE rancher anywhere, because it depicts a good class, and presents you as a guitarist with the right choice sense.

The makers obviously had put in so much carefulness, in churning out a product that is relatively inexpensive and simple, yet sophisticated in functional capabilities.

If you’re buying this product, then you’re definitely in for a superb guitar strumming experience- the like of which you’ll only get on a few other products.

The body and neck are one of the best structures you can find, with an almost 100% quality output in terms of hardware, sound output richness, as well as overall prestige and value.

Now, the G5022CE rancher is basically a spruce wooded guitar, with some maple wood inputs here and there- on the sides. However- just like many other products in the best guitars under 500 $ category, the neck is made of rosewood.

Another reason why some people would naturally flock to the guitar is that of its obvious classic build structure. All of the components such as the pickguard, soundhole, and other essentials, have an input touch of the classical, but in a modern tuned standard.

Note that the product comes with a 21 fret division on the rosewood fretboard, while some of the hardware has been gold colored.

This is one product that does not slack in terms of its sound outputs, and if you know that a high-sounding electric guitar is essential for your functions, then you may look the way of the Gretsch G5022CE rancher.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Gretsch G5022CE Rancher Electric Guitar that earned it a spot in our list of Best Guitars Under 500 $ to get in 2022.


  • Great classic designs, with a solid wooden build
  • A combination of wood types at different parts of the guitar facilitates the quality sound outputs.
  • Relatively lighter electric guitar, as compared to other products of the same category.
  • Comes with an apt 21 frets on the rosewood fingerboard
  • The pickup is impressively active enough


  • Some users may consider this product too broad on the body, and hence uneasy to handle
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5. Washburn Festival EA15 Mini Cutaway Acoustic Guitar

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This basic spruce-made acoustic guitar, has everything you need in a guitar. Whether you wish to use it at an open-air music show or within a small gathering of your friends and faithful, the Washburn Festival EA15 would do just fine to bring you the required output deliveries.

The product is quite simple, with no unnecessary features or components, that could add to its weight or make it look less attractive. The 48 Ă— 8 Ă— 19 inches product comes with about three wood inputs, to form a high-sounding acoustic material.

The top is made of quality maple, with the sides and back being made of catalpa wood, while there are bracing of spruce on the other edges and ends. This guitar is one of the few products that go well for use by all categories of users.

Hence, it is a good guitar to start your guitar lessons for the very first time, as well as a valid option for intermediate guitarists who need to hone their skills fast.

Professional guitarists on another hand, would out that the guitar structure is an advantage for them- since it is appropriately carved to enable a user to use it conveniently for several hours.

Specifications on the guitar show a product that aims at meeting the needs and requirements of users with modest budgets- and without making them lose out on basic relevant features.

The Washburn Festival EA15 guitar comes with a 25.5 scale body, and a two-way truss mahogany neck. The product has its tuners made of chrome die-cast, while the weight is just a little over 6.5 pounds.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Washburn Festival EA15 Mini Cutaway Acoustic Guitar that earned it a spot in our list of Best Guitars Under 500 $ to get in 2022.


  • This product is very light, as compared to other products. Its portability makes it a good product choice for users on the good, or travelers who’ll love to play whether they are.
  • The sounds are substantially good, giving you a good run for your money
  • Suitable for use by all categories of users. Hence, you may buy the guitar when you’re just a beginner, and still, make good use of it when you become a professional
  • The strings are made of light phosphorus bronze materials
  • The guitar comes with durable components and hardware, all around.


  • The guitar is too simple in design and function.
Washburn EA15ATB Festival Series Guitar Demo


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6. Squier Contemporary Lefty HH Guitar

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When considering the best guitars under $500- that comes with a combination of both top component infrastructures and functions, the Squier Lefty HH definitely finds a place within the list.

This guitar is well accepted- not because of its beauty looks alone, but because of its ability to produce music of all genres, as well as high sound outputs.

This is one of the guitars that has been able to provide useful features that make us believe that you don’t necessarily need to budget up to a thousand bucks before you can get something quality and of top standards, in a guitar.

The Lefty HH is a combination of good-sounding vibes, via an impressive stylish structure. There are no reasons to doubt that this product would remain one of the best guitars under 500 $ list.

The C-shape necked guitar has a relatively sleek structure that makes it the easiest thing to handle, while the main body is not unnecessarily too large. The fretboard has an average radius of about 12 inches, as well as jumbo-sized frets. Now, the bridge of this guitar is actually a two-point tremolo that is synchronized at distinct block saddles.

This product is adequate but not too sophisticated, to serve the needs of its users. Although beginners would find it useful for their beginner practices, the guitar would most likely be of the highest importance to professionals.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Squier Contemporary Lefty HH Guitar that earned it a spot in our list of Best Guitars Under 500 $ to get in 2022.


  • The guitar has an ingenious design with ease of use tendencies
  • Thin-sized neck for facilitating user ease of handling and strumming along the fretboard.
  • Powerful function ceramic pickups for enhanced sound outputs.
  • Two-point tremolo bridged synchronized with saddle blocks
  • Durable and highly functional hardware components


  • Sound inconsistencies may occur occasionally.
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7. Ovation CE48-RR Celebrity Elite Acoustic

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The ovation CE48 elite acoustic/electric guitar really deserves all the accolades, for its stylish design and performance. This 18 Ă— 6 Ă— 44 inches guitar has all it takes to compete with products selling for up to $1000.

One thing that particularly impresses on users, is the guitar’s caped top- which confers some cool style on the product build. You would also love to handle this guitar, because of its ease of use and good responses.

The product comes with a multi-soundhole, which prompts optimum sound quality for all time. The body back is made of record, while the top part is carved out of spruce. The fretboard is well pruned to size, such that it fits the preference for the everyday user.

Other pronounced features on the guitar are its shallow cutaway body, as well as the scalloped quartersawn X bracing pattern.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Ovation CE48-RR Celebrity Elite Acoustic that earned it a spot in our list of Best Guitars Under 500 $ to get in 2022.


  • The great aesthetic presentation of the product- especially on the mainframe guitar.
  • Good enough sound presentation- thanks to the inputs from the natural-sounding material wood components.
  • Plays every music type well, hence making it suitable for all-purpose
  • Useful for all categories of guitar users
  • Aptly designed fretboard to facilitate easy use for professionals, as well as quick learning for beginners.


  • May require real maintenance in order to ensure its durability.
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Best Guitars Under 500 $: What To Consider

Before buying a guitar that sells for less than $500, it is important to determine some factors, and understand how they should affect your individual specific choice of product.

Following these factors as a guide is the ideal way to go about sourcing products. The advantage of this is that the user is most likely to finally pick the product that has the greatest amount of features that fits the intending user’s own specifications.

Below are some of the factors that you should essentially consider, before buying from the best guitars under $500:

  • Body format of the guitar of your choice

Not all the guitars you see, essentially have the same body format types. While it is common to find acoustic guitars with a hollow body type, most electric guitars would come with a solid filled body type. However, there are still other guitars- which may be acoustic or electric non-acoustic, that would come in semi-solid body formats.

Your choice of guitar body type should be determined by your type of playing activities- especially such factors as your adopted music genres.

While hollow guitars produce the right sounds, resonance, and effects for some genres, they would not be the best option for another genre that for instance- does not need a resonating guitar output.

  • The guitar’s neck design

The neck design on any guitar model is one important feature that mustn’t be undermined. In fact, this is where the bulk of the guitar use activities take place.

For instance, you make the chords and determine the sounds that emanate, from the guitar neck. It is also the neck that extends on to the headstock- where the tone tuners are located.

Now, the shape of the neck has an impact on the user’s ability to maneuver the tones, from the fretboard. The neck of any product you’re adopting for your use should be that which provides the essential convenience that you need for using the guitar.

Usually, most people require a guitar with a smaller neck size, but basically, this factor depends on the size of your own hands. If you have a larger hand size, then you’ll need to buy a guitar with a broader neck.

  • The guitar’s component tonewoods

The woods out of which each guitar has been made have an impact on the sounds or tones that are being produced each time the guitar is been strummed.

Hence, if you’re buying any product, It must be that which has been made from the best wood combinations- to produce the best tones.

The woods on a guitar affect the sounds via the resonance that plays on them, especially how long they allow these characteristics to last on them. Some of the best wood types are mahogany, maple, rosewood, nato, amongst others.

However, you’re likely to find each of the best guitars under $50o, coming with a combination of wood types and not just one wood throughout.

For instance, you may find a product having maple on the body, and mahogany on the back and side, etcetera. The purpose of this is to find that wood combination that would give out the best of sounds on the product.

  • The guitar’s pick up types

As far as sound output type on a guitar is concerned, this is about the most important influencer of it. The pickups on a guitar consists of coiled wires, wound around magnetic structures.

These same provisions produce sounds by following on the signals from the strummed strings, as well as based on the sounds that are consequently produced in its attached coils.

For instance, the humbucker is one of the best choices to choose from, while a number of single coiled pickups too would do just right.

The best guitars under $500 are a great solution to the quality guitar sound and performance utilization. However, we lay emphasis on the fact that the intending user must be able to carefully decide what the best products truly are, and what peculiar features should be present before they go for that product.