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9 Best Gundam Games Of All Times – Reviewed

Gaming is one of the fastest genres picking up people’s interest. You can search on YouTube, and you will find a bunch of people playing games. Well, this certainly generates interest in many people to try gaming.

There is a long list of categories of games you will find. There are online games like PUBG and Fortnite, then you have indie games that are all about the story and are pretty interesting.

If you are trying your hands on multiple gaming, then Gundam is something you should include. The games in this genre are pretty action-packed and thrilling. If you love weapons and ammunition and want to play games that have war, then Gundam games will be your favorite.

Here we have a list of the best Gundam games that you should try. They have excellent thrilling stories with powerful villains and bosses that will give you tough challenges to tackle. We can bet that it can get difficult to put down the remote back once you start playing this.

Gundam is a significant genre and usually has different stories. Graphics are no doubt an important part. Here we are listing these gun dam games that will make your gaming session more enjoyable.

Some games have some unique and interesting twists to them. Try one or try whatever fits you.

Best Gundam Games – Our Top List👌👌

1. Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise from Ashes

Gundam side story 0079 has to top the list because of its thrilling storylines and game design. The users of the game are astonished by the game and how enjoyable it is.

If you like wars and weapons, then this is a paradise. This video game was designed by Bandai and released by Dreamcast, and we can truly see the genius work they have done with the graphics.

Best Gundam Games

So the whole game is based on the war between the zeons and the white dingo squad often called RGM-79 GMs. The game has a total of nine levels which are set in Australia. So you will be the main character, Lt. Rayer, who his team members will support to clear these stages. 

So throughout the game, as a protector of the earth, you have to fight against the zeons planning to Astaroth. This biological weapon will accelerate the growth of plants and turn earth into a deadly dense forest that will remove mankind. 

Throughout the game, you are in charge and direct your team through various missions. Collect guns and weapons and strategies on how to fight against the enemy. One of the key highlights of the game is the mobile suits. These are the primary source from which you will derive the power to kill your enemy.

In different stages, you will be provided with different mobile suits. At starting, you have to make a choice between the standard RGM 79 GM, which has the basic weapons and functions, or you can go for a heavier mobile suit that has a cannon attached to it, which is called the RGC-80 GM cannon.

Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise from the Ashes ... (Dreamcast) 60fps Gameplay

After a few missions, as the enemies start growing stronger, you will be given a third suit that is more powerful which has dual cannons on the shoulder and deadly machine guns.

There are a number of customizable cheats which you can use to get a more powerful weapon and defeat the zeons in their target.

It is undoubtedly one of the famous games as it is challenging and will get you hooked on it. We can bet that you will enjoy your time and would not like to stop playing till you have cleared all nine levels.

2. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Battle Assault

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED battle assault, well, just like its name, is filled with powerpack action and weapons. There is a popular anime by the same name, and the game is excellent.

There are great characters and a good storyline, which will peak your interest in what is next. The challenges and troubles in the game will keep you on your toes, looking out for enemies as they could attack from anywhere.

Best Gundam Games 1

The game is published by one of the pros in this industry, Bandai games. This has some amazing graphics, and you will feel immersed in the game in no time.

The design of the game is pretty much simple as the previous types of Gundam battle games. If you have played some of those, you will find this game easy to start.

At first, you will be asked to select a character out of male or female. A friend will accompany you.

Both of you will become a part of the events named 71 C.E. and 73 C.E. you can choose to be natural, that is, a normal born human being or a coordinator developed from genetic enhancements. You would be grouped in either ZAFT or EAF faction based on your selection.

But these factions are just for the beginning; as you clear levels, you will be given options. Coming to the weapons to find ammunition, there are orange supply containers that you need to find out with the help of the map.

(Gameboy Advance) Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Battle Assault Part 1 (Strike Gundam)

Along with it, if you are lucky enough, you will find a drop or a destroyed warship. So the weapons have nothing to do with the points you earned.

As you finish the missions successfully, you will be provided with new missions. You will be given an option to shift to a third faction at a point in time. The mission of each faction is separate and unique. You will unlock various challenges and weapons and rise above them in stages. 

3. Gundam Assault survive

Gundam Assault Survival is third on the list, but that does not mean that it is any lesser than the above Gundam games. You get a lot of things to try on, and you will not get bored of the game because it has so many options.

Best Gundam Games 2

Gundam assault survival is pretty different from the other usual Gundam games as it does not belong to the universal century timeline. one of the highlights of this game is that you can make it super personalized.

While choosing a character, you can select facial features, dress, abilities, gender, and many more. The game also has a set of a questionnaire whose answers will decide what your character will be like.

There are multiple options for a character such as natural, new type, coordinator, cyber new-type, Gundam Meister, or you can even become a special technician.

As you improve with the levels, you will be allowed to play by the side of any factions. You can complete the missions and gain more power. Some units in the game can be used by specific types only.

Operators here can be toggled per permission rather than timeline as they are faction free.

Mission areas can be assessed by special lock-on command. Your squad can help the other forces in their missions. You need to be their backup in a particular mission as all the things around are real. If you miss the chance of helping them to get out of trouble, they all might vanish.

[PSP] Gundam Assault Survive - 00 Mission Gameplay

As a squad leader, you get a lot of power. You can give orders to your team members and inspect the various aspects of your team. You can even review a sight or a particular mission and strategies accordingly.

For the resupply, you will get a drop or a particular sight to guard. If left unguarded, the armor could be destroyed by the enemies. You can strategies with your team and command them to protect the resupply.

You will get points that will turn into currencies. You can use these currencies to buy various stuff such as development plans, newly developed sublight systems, character pilots, etc.

If you want to develop a new plan, you might get certain conditions to fulfill, such as playing specific missions or meeting the condition of a development plan.

4. Gundam: True Odyssey

Gundam True Odyssey is one of the great Gundam games with an excellent story and overall engagement. This game is pretty popular amongst people and has impressive striking graphics.

Just like the above, this game has strong weapons and armor. As you start playing it, we can bet that you will like the game.

Best Gundam Games 3

The game’s story is that after the great fall, which was an apocalypse that destroyed human civilization, humans began to rebuild society in its best way. Humans are trying their best to once again give a foundation to humanity.

There are two orphans, Tristan and frizzy, who are best friends, and who share the same orphanage. But to end all the happiness, enemies plant mobile suits which blast and kill people living In the orphanage. Bot, the best friend Tristan, and frizzy are now full of rage and seek revenge for their loss.

Tristan and frizzy will start their journey by collecting weapons and the support of their allies. There is a secret conspiracy that will be revealed later in the game. The whole blast was a deed of the main villain, Vlardi earth, whose dream is to rule over the world.

MS Saga: A New Dawn Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 No Commentary (PS2) [Gundam RPG]

The key highlight of the game is that you can create your own powerful customized mobile suits. You can use Mecha designs for the same, which will give you several options to create a tough mobile suit. You have to finish the game for which you need to sort out which part and pilot combination will work great together.

You can keep your weapons held in hand or mounted. Moreover, there are chances to swap the design or components of your mobile suit. You can change the color and add more functions to it.

5. SD Gundam G Generation Wars 

SD Gundam G Generation war is for the gamers that love winning a battle. It is one of the most loved Gundam games because it is simple yet challenging. You will never get bored because you get thousands of options to select from.

The game is filled with thrill, and sure you will get an adrenaline rush while surviving in-game that is filled with strong enemies and deadly weapons.

Best Gundam Games 4

The game is designed to be played from a 2.5D point of view. There are 50 battles, and you can select from a wide choice of 700 mobile suits and units to vanish your enemies. As you level up, the enemies become more powerful, and you will be needed to choose your weapons and mobile suits accordingly.

One of the best things about the mobile suits in this game is that you can easily swap them with others. You can choose one or create a powerful mobile suit for yourself. Undoubtedly the game will keep you hooked to the screen.

Killing the enemies and protecting the world is the game’s main objective, but it is not as easy as how it sounds. You will be needed to improve your skills for big bosses continuously. 

6. Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs Gundam next

Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs Gundam Next is a sequel to Gundam vs series. The series has been superhit due to its amazing performance amongst the players. The features and the ammunition were solid.

You can do many exciting things, and there were lots of challenges as well. This is one of the Gundam games appreciated mainly for its dramatic background music and visuals. It gives a whole immersive feeling to the player.

Like the previous one, this Gundam game has some great mobile suits and units that you can customize as per your needs. But one of the different features of this game from previous games of this series is the background.

Best Gundam Games 5

While the previous series was placed in a general universe such as the cosmic era or universal century, this one is taking part in the 2030 world.

The different heroes from various Gundam series have defeated the devil Gundam who has merged the game world. Few new features make this new sequel more exciting. You can use the next dash, which cancels out moves instantly and even boosts players.

The features are almost the same as the previous ones, so if you have played them, you will not face much trouble getting the hang of this one. One thing to note is the G-crossover has been removed.

In this sequence, you have to take care of the manual blocking as automatic blocking has been removed. While playing the game’s background music will make your experience much better.

7. Shin Kido Senki Gundam Wing: Endless Duel

People say that one should never judge a book by its cover, but the title of the game is enough to give you an idea about how cool this game is.

Shin Kido Senki Gundam Wing: Endless Duel will provide you with a very classic-style Japanese fighter feeling. And I said classic because the game is the oldest one on the list. But it is no less than any new games out there.

This has been the first Gundam game for many Gundam game players. It has exciting features and moves that make you feel pretty cool. The game is challenging, but you will get addicted to how good it feels after defeating the enemies.

Best Gundam Games 6

The game also provides the feature of playing it with your friends through multiplayer mode. You can do a battle fight and flex your mobile suit pilot.

To break from monotony, the game has three modes; the first one is multiplayer, which is explained above, and the second one is the story mode. Well, we know that the story and background play a crucial role in games.

It helps you connect and get a better insight into what you will be doing. The game’s story mode is primarily appreciated, and we can bet that you will fall in love with this—story mode. You are a participant in a battle. Gradually you have to defeat others to make your way above. 

Coming to the last mode is the trial mode. If you want to win the story mode, you have to improve your skills and sharpen your moves. In trial mode, you can indulge in endless and unlimited battles. You can learn new moves from the opponents you face. The opponents in this mode will be like the one-story mode.

8. Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed: Rengou vs Z.A.F.T.

Just by the name, you can pretty much have the idea of how thrilling the Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed is. The game is filled with action, thrill, and adventure.

You will find it hard to get over the joy of this game. The game gives you a different experience, from graphics to background sounds.

Best Gundam Games 7

In this game, which is a part of the seed branch of the Gundam series, you will be controlling the mobile in third-person POV as there are three groups included in the fighting.

The game has two modes in which you can play. These are arcade and free mode. In the arcade mode, which is also called the main mode, you will face many challenges.

There will be all sorts of enemies with ammunition and weapons that are extremely powerful. You need to defeat them all and play like a devil leaving no enemy. The arcade mode will give you an almost kill or die experience and is ruthless in every way.

Now another mode is the free mode. This mode is a multiplayer mode in which you can join your friends. You can choose either to have a battle with your friend, or you can team up against your enemies to vanish them forever.

The game is undoubtedly one of the entertaining and thrilling options on the list. If you believe you are a pro-Gundam gamer, you should probably check this out because you might doubt your skills after this.

9. Gundam Breaker 3

Gundam Breaker 3 is hands-down one of the best on the list, and you will only agree if you play it and experience it yourself.

It is hard to find a person who has tried this and not loved it. The game is challenging, but if you love to conquer tough things, this will keep you hooked for long hours.

Best Gundam Games 8

You will never get bored of the battles and weapons this game offers. Gundam breaker is a sequel to Gundam breaker 2, largely because of its popularity and demand.

This sequel no doubt does justice to the previous parts of this series. You can play this on your PS4, and you will have goosebumps from the excellent graphics and visuals that are put into it.

This part is almost similar to the previous Gundam breaker 2. Suppose you have played Gundam breaker two, then you will find it easy to understand the game and get used to its gameplay. One thing to note about the feature is that optional equipment has been dropped in this one as people complained about it last.

You will find a new burst type in Gundam breaker, with different abilities. In this part, if your opponent has half stamina or is half torn, with just one blow, you can kill the enemy instantly.

The game has famous missions such as core assault, monolith demolition, and team deathmatch. Along with these, you can also set the difficulty level of your game from casual, standard, or hardcore. 

Once you are done with the story level, you will unlock the extreme difficulty. After which, you will have excess to MG and a few new units. You will also get a new type of difficulty unlocked. There are two new modes: bounty hunter mode and challenger mode. 


So here is our list of the best Gundam games. We have kept in mind to provide you with the maximum variety so that you don’t get bored with similar options.

The games have different stories and gameplay. Each one of them has some great graphics and music. We hope that this list helped you find a Gundam game to try.