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9 Best Hiking Watches To Buy in 2022 – Reviewed and Rated

The best hiking watches do not just show dates and times but even provide the users with important data like location, altitude, air pressure, sunset or sunrise times, etc.

These are in no way typical fitness bands designed for individuals who are in love with exercising. Instead, they closely resemble smartwatches in their appearance and are specifically designed to be used outdoors.

They can help users with weather prediction, planning, and navigation. They come with hiking-specific attributes and are built to deal with all kinds of elements.

Most have altimeters for measuring elevation, barometers for weather changes, and digital compasses to keep users in the right direction.

With new models and designs of hiking watches being introduced in the market regularly, we aim to constantly update our selection so that you choose only the best products.

Best hiking watches have recently gained huge popularity, and their manufacturing companies are also making good progress with the combination of useful technology and design.

The hiking watch list below includes models that are indeed an exclusive breed.

Best Hiking Watches – Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire

The Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire will help you add music, mapping, planning, and intelligent pace to your workout sessions. This multisport GPS watch is designed to offer comfortable wearability throughout the day.

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This rugged device puts advanced training, environmentally adjusted Vo2 Max estimates, and cycling or running dynamics at your fingertips.

The information and data provided by this watch are in close estimation with the metrics and activities tracked by the users. It even offers smart notifications when paired with any compatible smartphone.

Other important features of the Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire include pulse ox and customizable power management modes for maximizing on-wrist usage time.

The users can make effective use of these features for seeing and controlling how different sensors and settings have an impact on the battery life of the device.


  • The first-of-its-kind Pacepro attribute of the Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire helps keep the users’ pacing strategies on track. This further offers grade-adjusted advice while running a course.
  • It will give you the scope of navigating the exteriors with pre-loaded ski maps and topo maps available for over 2 000 ski resorts worldwide.
  • Sapphire trekking watches add toughness and quality of scratch-resistant sapphire lenses and other top-quality materials.
  • The users also get several universal navigation satellite system support, in-built sensors for gyroscope, barometric altimeter, and 3-axis compass. 
  • It is ideal for performance with a sophisticated and rugged design featuring an always-on 1.3 inches display that is even visible in sunlight.
  • The bezels display comes in titanium, diamond-like, and stainless steel coating.
  • Enhanced Pulse ox and wrist heart rate support altitude acclimation and sleep monitoring at the highest elevations.


  • The Pulse Ox and HR features of the watch do not work properly. They are not perfect for high-altitude training and hiking.
  • The default digital face of the F6 features minutes that are not in perfect line with the hour.
  • Reading the face of the watch is difficult because of the absence of brightness and contrast.
  • Colors seem to get washed out very easily.

At $709.99, the Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire is the perfect buy for hiking enthusiasts looking for watches with the best features.

The watch comes with more attributes that any hiker can use. The only thing you need to do is play with this device.

The learning curve to start using the watch might be longer or shorter, depending on how good a user is at grabbing the features of this device. For now, it would be a safe buy.

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2. Garmin Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch with GPS

The Garmin Instinct outdoor watch with GPS has been designed to ensure. This is a reliable and rugged watch built per the United States’ military standards.

It boasts 810G water, shock, and thermal resistance. Its fiber-reinforced polymer packing or case offers durability and strength to the product.

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This watch’s scratch-resistant chemically strengthened display is sufficiently high-contrast for reading in bright sunlight. Hence, it is perfect to be used in the extremes that hikers face today.


  • The Garmin Instinct is a rugged GPS device built to serve in the toughest environments.
  • In-built barometric altimeter and 3-axis compass, and several global navigation satellite systems are backing to help track challenging environments.
  • You can use this watch for monitoring estimated stress, activity, and heart rate while indulging in training with its pre-loaded activity profiles.
  • It will help you stay connected with its smart notifications when paired with any compatible smartphone and automated data uploads on the Garmin Connect fitness community online.
  • The TracBack feature of this device is helpful for users when it comes to tracking the same path on which they had started.
  • Users can also use the Garmin Explore application and site to plan their hiking expeditions in advance.
  • The watch comes with a battery life of around 14 days when used in a smartwatch style and 16 hours when used in GPS.
  • Using the watch in UltraTrac battery saver mode will offer the users up to 40 hours of battery life.


  • It offers absurd and irrelevant hike reports, and it also does not matter whether the user goes in GPS or no GPS mode.
  • The display of this watch is black & white, which can be a matter of great concern for some users who like going for colorful displays.
  • Weighing just 53 grams, this is a lightweight watch, but its design is not in fashion.
  • One of the hilarious dysfunctional flaws of this watch is its buttons extending beyond the edge of its housing. This means that if you indulge in any kind of activity like lifting or running, you will be pressing the buttons accidentally.

Garmin Instinct would be a perfect choice for those who like to follow the beaten path. It helps you take the guesswork out of your travel by helping you navigate the same path back to where you started.

Its smart notifications will help you track all your activities while your phone is still in your pocket.

So, if you want to plan the best hiking adventures, the Garmin Instinct at $169.99 would be the perfect buy for you.

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3. Timex Unisex Expedition Classic Digital Chrono Alarm Timer Mid-Size Watch

This is probably one of the best hiking watches designed for the outdoors. It will enable you to leave your home, get outside, and take the exclusive path leading to conquering the highest mountain peaks.

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It will give you a chance to explore the freedom of discovery. This rugged hiking watch is a true adventure friend, built to withstand whatever comes its way easily.


  • The chronograph feature of the Timex Unisex Expedition Classic Digital Watch allows users to track their personal bests.
  • Its revolutionary Indiglo backlight technology will help users track time in the dark.
  • The nylon fast-wrap strap of this watch can be adjusted very easily. It is 16 millimeters in length and features a hook & look closure.
  • The strap fits up to 8-inches of wrist circumference. 
  • It even features a month, data, and day calendar along with a 24-hour countdown timer.
  • There are three regular weekend or weekday alarms with a backup of five minutes, along with two time zones and 24-hour military timing modes.
  • The casing of this watch is made of black resin and measures 33 millimeters. It even features an acrylic lens.
  • The device’s digital display is gray and boasts an Indiglo backlight watch dial.
  • This watch can resist water up to 100 meters.


  • The watch size is too small, and thus it might be difficult for users to go through the readings and the data.
  • The band can be a bit tight-fitting for the average size wrist of a woman.
  • The battery life of the device is not good.
  • Velcro band unfastens in deep water, and thus it is not perfect for surfing.

The Timex Unisex Expedition Classic Digital Watch is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. But it might not be the right option for diving.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a hiking watch with features that can help you with your hiking expedition, then the Timex Unisex Expedition Classic Digital Watch would be the right buy.

Available for $33.80, this hiking watch would add several stars to the experience you grab from hiking and other adventures.

4. Timex Expedition Vibration Alarm Full-Size Watch

For tactical sportsmen and hikers who do not want to be heard or seen, the Timex Expedition Vibration Alarm Full-Size Watch can be the best buy.

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This lightweight hiking device weighs just 2 oz, so it will not feel heavy on your wrist. It is probably one of the best hiking watches with vibration alarm features and mediocre construction quality.  


  • The adjustable 22-millimeter black resin strap of this device fits the average wrist circumference of 8-inches.
  • The watch features a dual-mode alarm along with audible alerts and vibrating.
  • The Timex Expedition Vibration Alarm Watch in full size also comes with a 24-hour countdown time and 100-hour chronograph featuring split and lap options.
  • This device’s hydration alarm will help you monitor your liquid intake throughout the day.
  • It comes with 15 pre-set occasions for setting reminders for meetings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other important events.
  • Experience great ease while traveling and hiking with the three time-zone settings and alarms in this hiking watch from Timex.
  • The buckle clasp closing feature of this watch is highly beneficial.
  • Its battery lifetime is approximately two years


  • The loop on the watch band might break very easily, resulting in the band flaring out at times. This can get a bit uncomfortable for the users, especially outdoors.
  • Vibrating alarm watches are perfect for the disabled, especially deaf individuals. But the Timex Expedition Vibration Alarm Full-Size Watch features are not up-to-the-mark.
  • Its operating instructions seem deficient, making it very difficult for the users to set different functions.
  • The vibration alarm feature of this watch does not work for heavy sleepers and is only useful for daytime sleepers.
  • The compass pointer of the device does not serve any function other than collecting grime and dust.

It is high time that more and more hiking watch manufacturers aim at bringing in vibration alarm features in their products, just like the Timex Expedition Vibration Alarm watch. The vibrating timer of this device works as a valuable reminder tool for the users.

Several time zones also come as one of the best features for double-checking time when closing or activating flight routes. Available at $32.00, you will love almost everything about the Timex Expedition Vibration Alarm Full-Size Watch.

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5. Naturehike M1 with Heart Rate and Sleep Monitor

Smart Watch for Android Phones Naturehike M1 with Heart Rate and Sleep Monitor is all you require to stay inspired throughout the day.

It will help you in regulating your breath and in calming your temperament.

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It will also help you record different activities throughout the day, which include distance, steps, miles walked, sleep status, calories burned, and active minutes. The smartwatch boasts a high-quality LCD screen with bright intensity.

It will enable you to receive calls, SMS, SNS, and calendar notifications on display. It even vibrates, which means the users are notified about incoming messages and calls. This way, you will not be missing out on the messages that matter.


  • The Naturehike Smart Watch for Android is IP67 water-resistant. Users can wear it while washing their hands or hiking in the rain.
  • Its 1.3-inch screen helps users view their health information clearly and on a brighter platform. They can even customize the clock face to suit their preference.
  • Users can set reminders for time durations when they are inactive.
  • Even silent alarms can be set on the tracker to wake up without disturbing the partner.
  • Operations on the smartwatch screen can control photography shooting remotely.
  • The screen of this device lightened up automatically when users turned their wrists. This wrist technology makes it one of the best hiking watches available in the market.
  • The five modes activity tracker of the device lets users choose and control modes from the app.
  • Users can even connect the GPS on their smartphones to show routes on their phone apps.
  • This smartwatch works perfectly when used for tracking fitness as it comes loaded with features like heart rate and GPS tracking.
  • Several sports modes choices make it the perfect fit for individuals who like to live a healthy life.
  • This device supports countdown and stopwatch timer functionalities to help you optimize your training and workout.
  • It even supports breathing guide functionality.
  • The sedentary reminder setting in this smartwatch starts flickering if the users stay at their place or rest for a very long time.
  • Compass, altitude, and pressure features make it the perfect hiking companion.


  • The Naturehike Smart Watch for Android needs iOS 8.0 and Android 6 and above, which means it is suitable only for smartphones. It might not be the best hiking device to be used in compatibility with tablets, computers, and iPads.
  • Even though it is water-resistant, the device cannot be worn while driving, swimming, and showering.
  • Set up is not easy and comes loaded with several problems.
  • The watch band is uncomfortable. It is not easy and quick to put on the wrist.

At $68.90, the Naturehike Smart Watch for Android serves as one of the most beautiful and simplest gifts for special occasions. It has a detachable strap, an awesome design, and is comfortable to wear.

The users get several languages to make their choice from, and it even boasts a color HD touchscreen. You will surely enjoy using this hiking device and fitness tracker.

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6. Casio Men’s FT500WVB-5BV – Best analog watches for hiking

9 Best Hiking Watches To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed and Rated
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This hiking device from the Forester selection of Casio features an EL backlight along with afterglow; a fast-wrap band; a three-hand analog display; accuracy of up to 20 seconds; water resistance of up to 100 meters, a 3-year battery lifespan, and a date display.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Casio FT500WVB-5BV that earned it a spot in our list of the Best Hiking Watches.


  • The Casio Men’s FT500WVB-5BV is a rugged hiking watch featuring a round watch dial.
  • The dial features hour markers in Arabic. There is a date window at 3’oclock and a 24-hour time on the internal dial.
  • The watch comes with a Velcro fastener and Quartz movement.
  • The Nylon wrap band of the watch features hook and loop closure.
  • The watch can be read very easily, and the time settings can even be changed conveniently when traveling.
  • The backlight of the dial is very bright, making it easier for the users to see everything, even at night.


  • It can break very easily because of its soft structure.
  • It is waterproof, meaning you can wear it while running in the rain or showering. But the band takes a bit of time to dry out completely.
  • The watch does not have extra features, such as an alarm or stopwatch. It is just a very basic hiking watch.

For the ones who are on the lookout for super-durable hiking watches, the Casio Men’s FT500WVB-5BV might not be the right watch.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a somewhat affordable, durable, and water-resistant hiking watch, this might be the product you should buy.

Though it is not a very dressy kind of watch, it is durable enough to offer you several years of undisturbed service. At $22.49, this superbly affordable hiking watch is a bit classically understated.

7. Timex Women’s Expedition Metal Field Mini Watch

While the Timex Women’s Expedition Metal Field Mini Watch appears in the form of a casual watch, it adds great style to a woman’s appearance and serves as a rugged complement to her everyday wear.

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Its round case is made of brass in silver tone and features a brushed, flattened bezel framing the perfect dial background featuring Arabic numerals, luminous stick hands, and 24-hour notations.

The battery life span of this device is 8 years, and it is water-resistant up to 165 feet or 50 meters in water.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Timex Metal Watch that earned it a spot in our list of the Best Hiking Watches.


  • The highly durable strap of this watch mixes nylon and leather and is thus quite strong and comfortable.
  • Indiglo night-life uniformity brightens the surface of the dial of the watch by making use of authentic and proprietary electroluminescent lighting technology.
  • The watch uses less power enabling the battery to provide service for a very long time.
  • It comes with a green nylon strap 12 mm in length and is also easily adjustable. The strap features a trim made of original leather and fits an average wrist circumference of 7.5 inches.
  • Tested to withstand all kinds of harsh elements easily, the Timex Women’s Expedition Metal Field Mini Watch is a rugged hiking tool designed to serve as one of the most trusted adventure companions.
  • The easy reader design of this watch makes it perfect for every individual, either with glasses or without them.


  • The face dial of the watch is very small though it is simpler and cleaner than the face dials of the other hiking watches available in the market. The dial is only 20 mm in diameter, which is too small a size for easy readings.
  • Manufacturers boast eight years of battery life, but users have found the battery dying out only after two months of use.

Available within an affordable range of $45.46, the Timex Women’s Expedition Metal Field Mini Watch is a gem of a hiking device. Though it comes with a couple of drawbacks, its exclusive features cannot be ignored for the cons it presents.

If you are looking for a hiking watch that comes loaded with features and is available within an affordable range, then the Timex Women’s Expedition Metal Field Mini Watch would be the right purchase.

8. Casio Men’s Twin Sensor Multi-Function Digital Sport Watch

This is one watch that has been created with the objective or the dream of manufacturing a device that never breaks.

This is a G-Shock category watch that has the potential to resist impact and centrifugal forces along with the highest water pressures.

9 Best Hiking Watches To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed and Rated
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It is a durable hiking watch trusted by law enforcement officers, military personnel, outdoor enthusiasts, and surfers. It is highly touted across the world of fashion and is even recommended by icons in design, sports, and hip-hop culture.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Casio Men’s Twin Sensor Digital Sport Watch that earned it a spot in our list of the Best Hiking Watches To get in 2022.


  • This is a round watch featuring a digital dial and screw-down bezel.
  • It comes with a countdown timer, five alarms, an altimeter, a thermometer, and a barometer.
  • The textured band of this watch is made of good-quality resin, and it features a buckle closure.
  • The 50mm case is made of black resin and features a mineral dial window.
  • Digital display with quartz movement.
  • The watch is water-resistant up to 330 feet and is perfect for snorkeling and swimming.
  • The twin sensor technology of the watch enables it to measure air or altitude pressure and temperature.
  • The large LCD screen of the device shows readouts of information at one glance.
  • The high-performance pressure sensor of the device offers altitude interpretations of up to 10 000 meters, along with automated pressure analyses every couple of hours. Results are portrayed graphically and can be used for predicting weather most accurately.
  • Big-size function buttons make way for one-push use of altitude and illumination measurement.
  • Low-temperature opposition of up to 10C/14F makes such prototypes perfect to be worn around water, in the rain, and almost anywhere.
  • Other functionalities include a stopwatch and World Time.


  • The side buttons on this watch stop working randomly.
  • The battery life span is very short.
  • This big, bulky hiking watch might not be suitable for workplaces and other occasions. You can just use it for your outdoor expeditions.
  • The altitude readings of the watch are not constant and take a few seconds to display after every push of the altitude button.

One of the best things about the Casio Men’s Twin Sensor Multi-Function Digital Sport Watch is that it does not cost much, especially compared to other watches with the same features. You can get it at an affordable $49.95 and use it as your sole companion for hiking the mountains.

📗 Frequently Asked Questions about Best Hiking Watches

Below are a few queries on Best Hiking Watches that everyone is expecting to answer, and I did include the same for my readers.

1. What does it mean to get the best hiking watch?

To be very specific, the best hiking watch comes with several technological and physical features for users’ ease of use and convenience. However, it must have a comfortable design, robust structure, superior features, and GPS.

2. What features to look out for in the best hiking watch?

The hiking watch you choose should be a multi-functional and compact outdoor device with features that are geared towards making all kinds of hiking expeditions and outdoor excursions more enjoyable and easier for the users.

Look for basic features like location indicators, direction indicators, time settings, altitude measurements, and distance covered. Also, look out for functionality and robustness.

3. Why choose the best hiking watches?

As is evident from the name, the best hiking watches are designed for the outdoors. They are not the same as ordinary watches. They boast of strong designs and several safety-enhancing attributes.

The latest models in this category come with built-in weather-tracking equipment like altimeters, thermometers, and barometers. These tools can warn hiking enthusiasts about adverse weather conditions.

4. Is it possible to use hiking watches offline?

Of course, all hiking devices can easily be used offline for counting steps and navigation. You will not be able to use a mobile syncing feature that allows users to transfer their fitness information on their phones to keep the same safety.

Also, you might be unable to receive notifications, download weather updates, and use similar features that need an online connection.

5. Why is the GPS tracking feature important in a hiking watch?

GPS tracking is significant for individuals who like to hike off the beaten paths. GPS, or Global Positioning System, uses satellites to provide real-time position information.

It is only for these reasons that hiking watches come equipped with GPS tracking. The hikers who dislike being tracked while on their expeditions might go for hiking watches without GPS tracking features. 


The best hiking watches are a blend of the majority of the features that we have enumerated in the sections mentioned above. They should serve as timepieces that are much more than accessories. They are more like companions to their users.

Generally speaking, hiking watches must have all the special features that hikers and adventurers require to enjoy and stay safe during their expeditions. Choosing the perfect and most fairly-priced hiking watch might be a bit challenging.

Nevertheless, the watches detailed above list are quality-oriented, highly reliable, and efficient. Going for any of these products will offer a completely different kind of experience to your hiking adventure. 

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